Picky eaters are all “spoiled” to blame? Baby like this, it’s really not a picky eater

Picky eaters are all “spoiled” to blame? The baby is really not picky eaters like this

There is a problem that has plagued many mothers, that is, babies are picky eaters. Many mothers are worried about their babies for picky eaters. Almost all babies now have a “picky eater” label on their heads. Why are so many babies picky eaters? Are all parents spoiled? Have you ever thought about the fact that in many cases, the reason why babies refuse to eat is not because of picky eaters? 

I don’t like certain foods

Many parents actually have a deep misunderstanding about picky eaters. When the baby refuses to eat some foods, especially some very nutritious foods, mothers will think that the baby is picky eaters. But adults also have foods they don’t like to eat. Why is it normal for adults not to eat, and children to be picky eaters if they do not eat? The so-called picky eaters means that the baby does not eat certain foods, but does not eat certain foods, such as not eating broccoli but eating other vegetables. 

I don’t like a certain taste

Baby’s sense of taste is much more sensitive than that of adults. There will be babies who don’t like any pungent taste, such as green pepper, or they don’t like it. Astringent taste, such as spinach. Many smells that adults can’t feel may be unacceptable in a baby’s mouth. 

How to make your baby fall in love with eating

In fact, if the baby just doesn’t eat a certain type of food, mothers don’t need to worry too much, because foods are generally substitutes, so if the baby doesn’t eat, mothers don’t force him Eat, otherwise it is very likely that your baby will hate eating. 

In addition, Bao Ma should not give babies snacks before meals, which will increase their feeling of fullness. Naturally, they will not want to eat if they are not hungry. The child has its own “smart switch”. Parents can make the baby smarter if they touch it too much.

Nowadays, parents take great pains to make their children win at the starting line. They start prenatal education when their children are not born, etc. After the baby is born, he takes the child to and fro in various early education classes. After the child goes to school, the parents will enroll the child in various tutoring classes to broaden the children’s thinking and improve their logical skills. 

In this way, children can’t help but work too hard, but many “chicken baby” parents said that the purpose of putting children in various classes is to make them smarter, even if they have some “IQ tax is also okay”, but you can’t miss the cultivation of children’s intelligence. 

But do you know? Improving the baby’s intelligence is not as complicated as the parents think. The parents themselves can also make the baby smarter in some simple ways. 

For children, they have their own “smart switch”.

As a novice mother, my colleague Xiaoya is very cautious in taking care of the child. Whenever she looks at the crib, it is soft and well-behaved. Even though he was full of joy, he was afraid to touch or hold him. 

Not only that, even if her husband wants to play with the baby for a while, Xiaoya repeatedly warns, for fear that her husband has no importance and can’t grasp the strength in the process of playing with the children. 

For Xiaoya’s “overly cautious” behavior, the cousin was a little bit dumbfounded as someone who came by, so every time she came to visit Xiaoya, she would specifically ask them to touch the child’s hands and feet when she was fine. 

In fact, it is not without the advice of cousin Xiaoya reason. 

A study in the United States shows that when babies are in their infancy, if the skin receives more stimulation, the more information is transmitted to the cerebral cortex. This is conducive to the development of children’s brains. 

That is to say, the child has its own “smart switch”. If the parents usually have nothing to do, they can touch it more. It can also help the baby’s brain development and make the baby smarter. So what exactly does the baby’s “smart switch” refer to? 

The baby’s fingertips hide the signal of whether the brain is developing well.

The baby’s strongest perception of the outside world is the fingers. When the child is not able to speak, his hearing and vision are immature, they rely on To perceive the world with both hands. 

The former Soviet Union psychologist Wa A Sukhomlinski said: Children’s intellectual development is reflected on their fingertips. 

This sentence fully illustrates that the child’s fingertips are a signal of whether the brain is developing well. 

The more flexible your baby’s hands and the more things they touch, it indirectly proves that their IQ has developed better. Therefore, when parents are fine to touch their children’s hands, they can also improve their hand sensitivity and promote The development of fine motor and perception abilities. 

The baby’s little feet are the basis for the development of tactile and grand movements

For children, the feet are the basis for the development of their own grand movements. Whether they are sitting, rolling, climbing, or standing, they all need their feet as support , So the touch and strength of the child’s feet are very important. 

And when the child’s brain is developing rapidly At this stage, touching the child’s feet more is conducive to the transmission of stimuli, can promote the development of the child’s IQ, and also help improve the child’s athletic ability. 

The baby’s back is a way to get comfort

A careful parent will find that when the child is crying, if the parent can tap the child’s back, the baby will stop crying quickly, and when the child is sleeping It also takes the form of slapping the back, and the baby will soon fall asleep. 

In fact, in the baby’s own perception, being gently slapped on the back by the parents is very safe. It will relax them psychologically, and the mind will also relax more. 

Stroking your child’s back can also improve your child’s Sleep quality, parental touch can stimulate the child’s brain nerves, so that the baby can get peace of mind. In this case, the sleep quality will be greatly improved, thereby promoting intellectual development. 

In addition, touching is also an important channel for parents to establish parent-child relationship with their children.

In addition, touching is also an important channel for children to establish parent-child relationship with their parents. More touching children can make children feel the care of their parents. 

Furthermore, stroking the child will let the child decide the parent It is playing with oneself, so that children can interact with their parents more easily and make the relationship between children and parents better. These five types of children are born to be “students”. Parents should nurture them and don’t ruin their children’s future.

In our country, expecting a child or daughter to become a phoenix is ​​almost the greatest wish of all parents, so parents always I wonder, will my child be a schoolmaster? Some parents even start to speculate whether their children will be promising in the future before their children are born, and whether they are reading materials. 

In fact, what kind of person a child can become in the future It can be seen from some of the characteristics of childhood. As the so-called three-year-old sees older and seven-year-old sees old, it can be seen from an early age whether a child is a master student, and parents should pay more attention to it. 

These 5 types of children have their own “Xueba” gene Parents should train well and don’t ruin their children’s future.

1. Independence

In today’s society, parents’ doting on their children is becoming more and more serious. Many children enjoy dressing to reach out and eat since they were young. The feeling of opening the mouth caused the child to lose the ability to live at a young age. 

But there are also some children who like their own Do things yourself, wear your own clothes, fold your own quilt, etc., so that independent children are also better at learning independently, instead of needing parents to urge them to learn every day, so this is also the basic characteristic of schoolmasters, parents do not To control the child deliberately, and to let go of it properly can the child spread its wings and fly high. 

Second, focus on doing things seriously

Some children have been very focused and conscientious in doing things or playing with toys since they were young. These children are actually strong in concentration. You must know that concentration is the basis of all learning and an important factor in the formation of IQ. Therefore, these children tend to be smarter some. 

At the same time, children with strong concentration are learning They will also be more focused and serious. Just like many schoolmasters can basically keep the focus of one lesson, while ordinary students insist on half a lesson or ten minutes, their thinking will fly out of the classroom, and they don’t know where to play, although one lesson The class is only 20 minutes away, but a semester, a year of learning masters will have a qualitative gap with ordinary children. 

So these children tend to be more likely to become school Ba, even if he enters work in the future, he will work hard and earnestly, and those who know how to work hard will never have bad luck. 

3. Strong curiosity, good at learning

Presumably, parents have experienced children chasing after your ass every day like a curious baby and asking questions in the process of educating children. For the scene, one will ask why the sky is blue and the other why the grass is green. One question always makes parents overwhelmed. 

And many problems parents are not very clear. Therefore, it is just a simple prevarication to children, but what parents don’t know is that curiosity is one of the driving forces of children’s learning. Strong curiosity will support active learning of knowledge, like Newton because he is curious about why the apple fell on the ground, so The law of universal gravitation has been studied. 

And many scholars are also because of unknown knowledge Therefore, I work hard to learn about these unknown knowledge. In fact, in many cases, ordinary children and schoolmasters are short of curiosity. Therefore, parents must protect their children’s curiosity and make science popularization for their children as much as possible. Little knowledge, this is of great help to children’s future learning and becoming a schoolmaster. 

Four. Be logical, clear and organized

Learning is a very challenging task for children, especially learning knowledge in textbooks, because most of the textbook knowledge It will give people a sense of disconnection. Although it doesn’t seem to be relevant, it will be a little relevant when used. At this time, children need strong logical thinking to support, keep the logic clear and organized, so that they can be more integrated when learning. . 

Children who are clear and organized are generally Before doing something, we will make a clear plan and implement it in strict accordance with the plan. This kind of child can arrange things reasonably according to his own situation, and even if he is studying in the future, he can arrange and understand by himself. There is no need for parents to worry about it. It is a proper student physique. . 

Five, good memory

< p>The key to learning is to remember knowledge, and good memory is the key to children remembering knowledge. Good memory is what we often call strong memory. Such children can learn like fish in water. 

If you think of the famous host Sa Bening In an interview, he said that it was because of his camera-like memory that he was sent to Peking University. This shows how much memory can help to become a schoolmaster. 

If your child is in the above five categories Congratulations to you for having a child who is in a high school class, but parents should also pay attention to the nurturing of the day after tomorrow, otherwise the child is born with the best abilities, and if he is not trained, he will become an ordinary person, just like hurting Zhongyong. , In the end, it can only be used by everyone.

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