People who came over said frankly: Compared with a car and a house, the following types of son-in-law are often more popular with mother-in-law

Someone who came over said frankly: Compared with a car and a house, the following types of son-in-laws are often more popular with mother-in-law.

Some people say that there is only one mother-in-law between the lovers. 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

In many people’s In my impression, the mother-in-law’s choice of son-in-law is to “grab money”, let alone other parts, the garage is the most basic condition for entry. Therefore, many men are under great pressure on marrying a wife, but with the development of the times, this custom has also quietly changed. 

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I racked my brains for the bride price, and the ending was a surprise reversal

Mr. Wang and his girlfriend walked all the way from love at first sight to the mutual affection after wind and rain. Both of them made a decision. Determined to have each other in this life. 

When it came time to discuss marriage matters, Mr. Wang started to be nervous, because the local dowry amount was high, and his family was not rich, and there was a big gap with his girlfriend’s home. Even buying a house was a fight West Minato is enough to pay the down payment. 

Who knows that after the meeting, the girlfriend’s parents never mentioned anything about the bride price, which made Mr. Wang even more confused and perturbed. When he wanted to discuss with his girlfriend, he was cleverly rejected. 

Decided in my heart that I should ask in advance Well, if the bride price is higher, it should be prepared in advance, so during the second meal, Mr. Wang directly asked his mother-in-law about the bride price. 

The other party was silent for a while, and then told him that he didn’t want to embarrass him about the bride price. He wanted too much just to reduce the quality of life of the young couple, but hoped that he could be with himself after marriage. The daughter got along in harmony and made her own request. 

Mr. Wang was deeply moved after listening. He not only thanked his mother-in-law for her generosity and kindness, but also showed that he would do his best to take care of his girlfriend in the future, and he also planted the seeds of hard work in his heart. 

In fact, with Mr. Wang There are a lot of mother-in-laws in similar situations, and they have gradually become a current trend. They are no longer confined to the current economic situation of men, but have more requirements for their development and character. 

Men with “three noes” are more popular with mothers-in-law

▲ Son-in-law without laziness and aggressive thinking

In real life, many men are getting married At that time, they did not have enough financial strength to buy houses and cars, but relied on the help of the native family. Therefore, as far as this aspect is concerned, it is actually a requirement for the native family’s economy. 

If men want to meet this requirement, it is inevitable that they need to nibble on their old age. For people with poor native family conditions, this alone would be too arbitrary. 

So instead of obsessing with the man’s current economic strength, it is better to look at his future development strength. 

Usually aggressive and self-motivated boys, even if they can’t have everything when they get married, they can earn a steady stream of income through hard work, and the lives of both spouses can naturally be improved. Towards a better direction. 

In contrast, some people rely on If a man who eats old and has everything, if he is lazy and not enterprising, he will end up sitting and eating, and it is difficult to assume the responsibilities and future of a family. 

▲A son-in-law who has no bad habits

Marriage is not a child’s play, but a lifetime thing. A short-term relationship with a person may be achieved because of appearance, family, or personality. If you want to get along with a person for a long time, character is very important, and some bad habits must be eliminated. 

For some of our common bad habits, such as gambling, how many families are broken because of it. Once contaminated, it is difficult to get out. In the end, they will only end up in ruins. 

Without these bad habits Most men are of good character. Even if they can’t be rich or wealthy, they will be able to live smoothly and respect each other as guests. This is the greatest expectation of parents. 

▲A son-in-law without complicated family relationships

Marriage is not only a matter for both husband and wife, but also a matter for two families. After a girl has a family, all she needs to face is the “mother-in-law problem” “This alone has made people difficult to deal with. 

If the family has a large population, then there will be more problems to face. “Sister-in-law problems” and “aunt-in-law problems” emerge in endlessly. Under the influence of these problems, it is easy to produce various contradictions. , Affects the feelings of both parties, it is basically impossible to live a stable life. 

So the native family is also the mother-in-law of today An important criterion for choosing a son-in-law is that the more happy and harmonious the family is, the more reassuring it is, because the daughter can avoid all kinds of troubles when married, and the boy who grows up in this environment will be more kind and tolerant. 

Instructions for meeting mother-in-law for the first time

1. Pay attention to your own image

Young people have a lot of pressure in life, and many times they may not have enough time in personal image It doesn’t matter if you organize with your mind, it doesn’t matter if you feel comfortable. 

However, you must not be sloppy when you meet your mother-in-law. After all, people are visual animals, and the first impression is very important. Pay attention to dressing neatly, without beards. The overall image is mainly refreshing and simple, which will make people feel good. It feels comfortable. 

2, courtesy first

The upbringing of a person is reflected in the etiquette and politeness shown on various occasions. You must pay attention to the first time you see a parent. Good etiquette and politeness can make people feel like spring breeze, add points to yourself invisibly, and let the other party see your valuables. 

3. Essential gifts

This is a very common custom. Choosing a suitable gift can not only win the favor of the other party, but also make others feel your intentions and sincerity . 

Of course, when selecting, You can refer to your girlfriend’s opinions more, after all, your parents will definitely know better, and gifts can also be satisfactory, achieving a multiplier effect with half the effort. Three signals suggest that the baby should stop using Diapers, two hazards, one hurts the female treasure even more

If you don’t quit diapers in time, it is actually easy to cause harm to your child’s health. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the child

After the baby is born, because he can’t go to the toilet on his own, and he can’t speak, he will use diapers. Although it is convenient for parents and moms, it’s not long-term. The solution is to give up at the right time, so as not to delay the child’s development and affect his health. 

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How old can the baby be without diapers? 

Actually, there are no clear regulations on this issue. After all, there are differences in the growth and development of each baby. 

Judging from the big data samples, it is ideal to reduce the frequency of diaper use after the age of 2 years, and it is ideal to completely shut down after the age of 2 and a half. 

This is because the baby’s sphincter is not yet mature before one and a half years old, and he can’t control his own urine and bowels. It is necessary to use diapers at this stage. 

After 1 and a half years of age, as the baby’s body continues to grow and develop, the sphincter and the brain nerve center become more mature. Parents can gradually reduce the frequency of diapers and exercise their bladder system to hold back urine. Secondly, it can pave the way for autonomous toileting in the future, so that the baby is better suited to the kindergarten life in the future. 

The baby needs to stop When using a diaper, it actually sends a signal to the mother.

1. Have defecation awareness

When the child wants to pee or defecate, he can use facial expressions, words or other gestures to express it. When it is not direct defecation, it means that the baby’s bladder function has been gradually improved, and she is no longer willing to be constrained by diapers. At this time, Bao Ma can start to help the baby to quit diapers and begin to exercise the ability to use the toilet. 

2, rarely defecate on diapers

When babies become aware of urination, the frequency of defecation on the diaper will gradually decrease, and they will not even defecate on the diaper all night, which shows that they are more aware of voluntary defecation. With the initial awareness, parents can gradually guide their children from wearing diapers to not wearing them. 

3. Interested in going to the toilet

Parents are the children’s first teachers, so when the baby is interested in going to the toilet for mom and dad, or showing interest in objects such as toilets At this time, this is also the signal from the baby to stop using diapers. As long as Bao’s mother conducts careful guidance, I believe they will be able to request to go to the toilet in a short time and completely quit diapers. 

The baby is too late What are the harms of not quitting diapers? 

1. Leave a psychological shadow

Parents always wear diapers to their babies, which will make them feel dependent. Uncontrollable urine and feces can easily lead to bedwetting incidents. 

If parents do not gradually help their children develop the habit of going to the toilet on their own, they will still be able to live without diapers after the baby goes to kindergarten. It is inconvenient to come, and it will even attract ridicule from other children, which will leave a shadow in the heart. 

2. Affect the healthy growth of children

Because there are many brands of diapers on the market, the quality will be uneven, and some materials In order to prevent leakage of urine, poorer diapers have poor air permeability. Long-term use will affect the health of the child, such as eczema and even ulcers on the buttocks. 

In particular, female babies may be more injured and may cause infections in hidden parts. Therefore, parents should not wear diapers all the time to save trouble. 

How parents can help Baby quit diapers? 

1. Let the baby understand the meaning of wearing underwear

Parents need to buy underwear for the baby after the baby has quit diapers. When buying, be sure to choose a soft material and easy to move around. This can greatly reduce their resistance to wearing underwear. 

In addition, some babies are unwilling to wear underwear, so parents can guide them to wear underwear in the correct way. For example, they can tell them that children wear underwear to become adults. Mom and dad are also wearing underwear. , Let the baby realize that wearing underwear is a normal and ordinary thing. 

2, teach the baby how to take off the pants easily

For babies who need to quit diapers, it is very difficult to take off their pants smoothly, so parents can teach them how to take off correctly and easily. For example, you can tell the baby to take off the pants from both sides, it will be easier. In this way, when the baby learns to take off his pants quickly, going to the toilet on the toilet will become much easier. 

3. Prepare a cute little toilet for the baby

The toilet in the family is generally very high and it is difficult for the baby to climb up, so in order to exercise the child to go to the toilet by himself, parents can buy it When a child’s toilet is told that he needs to go to the toilet, he can go there directly. Over time, the baby will gradually develop the good habit of going to the toilet on his own. 

In addition, when purchasing a toilet, parents try to buy the kind of cartoon pattern that the baby likes, so as to increase their love to a certain extent. 

4. Take your baby to read books about going to the toilet

Parents can buy some books or cartoons about going to the toilet, and when they see their favorite cartoon characters doing something, they will also imitate , Parents are guiding, I believe that the baby will give up diapers just around the corner. 

As the baby grows up, parents need to slowly guide the child to quit diapers, otherwise it is likely to bring some harm? 

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