“Pediatric obesity” What are the hazards of obesity to children? How to help children lose weight?

“Pediatric obesity” What are the hazards of obesity to children? How to help children lose weight? 

The elders in the family often regard “heart-bodied and fat” as a sign of enjoying happiness, so that they also think that their children should be blessed to be fat. But is this really the case? Is it a blessing for a child to eat fat when he was a child, exceeding the weight of his age? 

In fact, obesity is often linked to a variety of chronic diseases. Children who are obese when they are young are more harmful to the children in adulthood. Children who are obese when they are young and lose weight later are very likely to become obese again in adulthood. . 

Then, what harm will be caused by obesity in adulthood What? 

1. Affect other system functions in the body

Under normal circumstances, obese people are more prone to snoring, and may also experience transient respiratory arrest, which may lead to hypoxia in the patient’s brain and induce Cardio-brain tube disease. 

2. It is easy to induce various metabolic diseases.

Because the patient’s body has increased low-density lipoprotein and decreased high-density lipoprotein, it is easy to induce an increase in the incidence of coronary heart disease and cerebral hemorrhage. High, generally including high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. are also related to body obesity. 

3. Fatty liver is easy to induce

The fat accumulation in the liver of obese people is serious, which is easy to induce fatty liver. 

4. Increasing the incidence of cancer

Children are fatter when they are young, but after adulthood, they tend to increase the incidence of various cancers, such as ovarian cancer, rectal cancer and kidney cancer. 

5. Impact on the child’s psychology

When the child is still relatively young, due to the obesity of the body, not only the appearance of the figure is affected, but the child may also be affected by the peers. Laughing leads to a sense of inferiority in the child. 

So, what methods can help children lose weight in life? ? 

1. Gradually progress

The purpose of helping children lose weight is to increase the child’s resistance, so that the child’s weight is close to the normal value, rather than the lighter the better. You can’t lose weight blindly and quickly. , It may be counterproductive. 

2. Dietary adjustments

Children’s obesity is divided into three types: mild, moderate, and severe, so children should also take in different calories in their diet. . When eating, chew and swallow as much as possible, so you may eat less food than if you eat quickly. 

3. Good living habits

In life, teach children to move quickly and develop a fast-moving life rhythm when they are young. 

4. Exercise

The most important thing is to close your mouth and open your legs. You can take your children to do exercises, jogging, playing ball, climbing, etc. You can take your child to exercise every day, and gradually go from short to long exercise time. 

Combining the above, excessive obesity is not a blessing , But a chronic metabolic disease. And weight loss is a long-term process. Parents can work with their children to encourage and supervise their children to exercise. Not only is the child physically strong, but also the child’s self-confidence will be effectively improved. The New Year’s Eve money was confiscated, and the 12-year-old boy used a “killer”. Now the baby is not easy to cheat.

Children like the New Year mostly because they can receive a lot of red envelopes and have a sum of their own money. Don’t mention how happy you are. However, under normal circumstances, mom and dad are red envelopes “harvesters”, and the children’s New Year’s Eve money is required to be handed in before they are warmed up in their own hands. 

This 12-year-old boy used his “killer trick” because he was confiscated because of the New Year’s Eve money. The whole process was dumbfounding. 

The 12-year-old boy was confiscated of the New Year’s Eve money, and he reported to the police angrily: Why did his mother take it? 

The reasons why parents keep the New Year’s money for their children are nothing more than those. For example, they are too young and it is not safe to hold a large sum of money; for example, parents can save this money for you and use it later, etc. 

But when the New Year’s money was taken away by parents , The children’s performance is not consistent. 

Some children are very clever. Even if they don’t know how to read, they ask their parents to set up a written record and ask them to return all the lucky money when they are 18 years old, but some children have not escaped their parents’ routines. “: Written “return all” as “no return at all”. 

Most children choose the rude way of crying and crying twice, crying and asking their parents to be merciful, hoping to keep their beloved New Year’s Eve money, but with little success. 

The 12-year-old boy’s New Year’s Eve money was collected by his mother before he was overwhelmed, so he chose to call the police and claimed that he was beaten by his father. 

The police found the baby lying on the scene Before he had time to understand, the child was like grabbing a life-saving straw, and cried to the police: Why did my mother take my New Year’s Eve? I think it’s not wrong to play on my mobile phone during the holiday, and explain that I’m just playing this game for hours, and then another game for hours. “How do you know that poor study has something to do with playing games?” This sentence is stunned. It confuses the police. 

It turned out that this child was “mixed doubles” by his parents. The child’s father felt that the child’s poor study was mostly due to the influence of playing games. They were addicted to games at home during the vacation, and the adults would not listen to them and change them. The child’s mother agrees with the child’s dad’s point of view and wants to “protect” the child’s New Year’s Eve money to prevent the child from spending money indiscriminately. At the same time, he also hopes that the child will spend his mind on learning. 

But the child is not persuaded, so This family war broke out. 

After listening to what the child said, many netizens were dumbfounded. Good children nowadays are too smart, not like they used to be fooled! 

The child opposes the collection of new year-end money, so he should call the police if he is told by his parents? Children’s behavior deserves parental reflection.

Why do children do this? The reason behind it is worthy of reflection by parents. 

For example, why are children addicted to games? Is it because the parent usually neglects to discipline the child and fails to stop it in time when the child becomes addicted to games; or does it not pay attention to the cultivation of children’s hobbies, causing the child to have no other hobbies and only play games all day long; or is it the parent I always play mobile phones at home, and I don’t have a good example of learning. 

Why do children call the police? There is nothing wrong with the idea that children know that they have difficulty finding the police, but it is not advisable to report to the police because of conflicts with their parents. Is it because the parents and children have problems with their communication and education methods? Of course the child can’t stand it if it doesn’t agree with each other. 

For example, why do children resist when parents propose to help their children “keep” the New Year’s Eve money? Is it because the parents did not communicate well with their children? Or is it not enough to give children money education? 

This kind of family farce is not uncommon, and it is staged by families almost every day. In general, whether the child is well disciplined or not, it is not worry, mainly depends on the parent’s education method, usually regardless of whether the child is concerned about the child, but also thinking that the child looks good, has a high score, and is all outstanding. It was almost a daydream. 

It is worth noting that in this farce There are two points that parents need to do their “homework” so that they can be prepared when educating their children in the future or now. 

How to deal with the baby’s New Year’s Eve money? 

The handling of the New Year’s money mainly depends on the attitude of the parents. If the parents have confidence in their children and do not worry about their children’s misuse of money, or care about their children’s New Year’s money, then rest assured that they will be handed over to the children and the children will be at their disposal. That’s it. If the parent feels distressed about the New Year’s money (after all, it is the parent’s money), and worry that the child spends the money indiscriminately, then explain to the child calmly, such as telling the child how the New Year’s money comes from and how it will be used in the future, etc. 

No matter what kind of approach, parents should take the opportunity to establish the correct money awareness for their children and instill money management knowledge, so that many problems can be solved. 

How to prevent kids from indulging in games during holidays? 

In fact, as mentioned earlier, if you want your children not to be addicted to games, then you should cultivate your children’s interest and communication skills, such as climbing, playing ball, swimming, etc., and let the children do more, or go out to play, so that the children have More ways to play. 

In addition, parents should also set an example. Don’t give up your free time to your mobile phone, take your children out more often, and use actions to demonstrate. 

Family education can be seen from a small incident of a child. When a child starts to “make trouble”, there may be a problem with education, and parents need to pay attention to it! Personality affects the whole life, and the child’s personality is most affected by the mother. These four kinds of mothers are the most “terrible”.

Professor Li Meijin once said: “A large part of the child’s personality problem is caused by the education of the parents. If the education method is not adjusted in time, the result may be counterproductive, and the best development period for a child’s character is before the age of 6.” 

So for the babies of this period, learning to listen, learn to be independent, and learn to correct mistakes is a good habit that needs to be cultivated. As the children grow up, they face more things and their personality is more Parents’ guidance is needed, but many mothers will always fall into a misunderstanding. Come and see if you are the one mentioned below! 

easy to be impatient and urge children

mothers’ first intentions I definitely want to accompany my children to grow up slowly, but due to the current social situation, it is inevitable that I will be a little anxious. When doing things, they will be very impatient. Once the child does not develop in accordance with what he wants, he will “explode” and blindly urge the child. 

After such a long time, children will start to question themselves and become less and less confident. So instead of this, it is better to cultivate the child’s time concept and develop a study plan with the child. 

Want to control everything about their children

Many mothers always He has a strong desire to control and wants to control everything about his child, even his hobbies and friends. More often, mothers always impose their own ideas on their children. Not only do they do not understand, they are also prone to feelings of resistance. 

So mothers should learn to communicate with their children slowly and calmly, learn to let go of worries about their children, let him do some things independently, learn to let go of his stubbornness, learn to show weakness,


Blind comparison

Everyone wants to let children win at the starting line In addition, coupled with the importance of education now, these factors have urged mothers to value their grades alone. A failure in the quiz may usher in endless scolding and endless contrasts. 

I believe that many mothers have said this sentence: “Look at the children of so-and-so, so capable, unlike you who know nothing.” 

In fact, these are very harsh in children’s ears, and they will constantly wear off his confidence and pride, so please learn to accept the mediocrity of children. 

Excessive indulgence

The opposite of blind indulgence There are also overly doting mothers, no matter what mistakes the children make, they are not arguing or scolding. They always think that the children are still small and they will understand when they grow up. 

Such thoughts will only lead to children becoming more rebellious and uncontrollable. Therefore, proper education is also necessary, and must not be overly indulgent. 

Actually, every mother wants to give The best thing for a baby is to use the wrong method. If you want to change your child, you must first start by changing yourself.

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