Parents pay attention, try not to let the child get up at this time, otherwise it will easily affect the baby’s growth

Parents note, try not to let your child get up at this time, otherwise it will easily affect the baby’s growth

If you wake up a child who is growing and developing too soon, it will not only affect their sleep quality, but most importantly, disturb their height development. 

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Whether in summer or winter, call It’s not easy for a child to get up. Most parents should feel deeply. Sometimes the baby still doesn’t wake up after using all the methods. The baby can get ready to go out in just a few minutes, but it just drags on. If you wake up at the wrong time in the wrong way, it may also affect your child’s development. 

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This Before time, it’s best not to wake up the child

Scientific research has shown that the most vigorous time of the child’s growth hormone secretion is between 21:00 and 1:00 in the evening and between 5:00 and 7 in the morning: Between 00 and 00, if the child enters deep sleep during these two periods, it will catch the “golden period” of height development, which is very beneficial to height growth. 

Moreover, the secretion trend of growth hormone starts to rise sharply from 35 to 45 minutes after entering the sleep state, and gradually climbs to the highest peak. It is best not to sleep for children in the critical stage of physical development. Less than 8 hours. 

So the lucky sister suggested, It is best not to wake the child before 6 o’clock in the morning. 

In order not to miss the peak of growth hormone secretion, even if you enter deep sleep at 10 o’clock in the evening, you can guarantee 8 hours of sleep. The earliest is to wake up at around 6 o’clock, so you should start preparing to go to bed around 9 o’clock. This is not realistic for children who are going to school. Most of them may not rest until after 10 o’clock, so the time to wake up in the morning needs to be postponed. 

If you wake up children who are growing and developing too early, it will not only affect their sleep quality, but most importantly, disturb their height development, which may result in a gap between them and their peers. In addition, Getting up too early can easily make the child’s mental state poor, distracted, and sleepy in class, which is not conducive to concentrating on learning. 

These kinds of wrong wake-up methods, maybe you are using

1. Shout out loud

Some parents are afraid that their children will be difficult to wake up in time, so they adopt the method of waking up by shouting loudly. The effect is good, but this approach is not worth promoting. 

When a person is sleeping, the muscles and brain nerves of the whole body are very relaxed, and the sudden shock will stimulate the brain. Even if the child is awake quickly, it will easily cause the child to be mentally damaged and become irritable. , Impulsive personality, and even violent tendencies. 

2, do it directly


If you shout loudly that the child is still not awake, many parents would probably do it directly. First, slap the child a few times and then tear off the quilt. This will of course make them wake up quickly, but it will also make the child wake up. Lost a sense of security. 

Children who have been violently beaten up by their parents for a long time may have psychological shadows on sleep, and it is difficult to enter deep sleep. They always feel that they will be awakened when they fall asleep. Not only do they feel insecure and even sleep. Obstacles seriously affect the child’s mental state. 

3. Language blame


For children who are difficult to wake up, some parents adopt various language shocks, constantly chanting “lazy”, “pig’s head” and other difficult words in their children’s ears. The children are caught in this way early in the morning. Blame must be very uncomfortable in my heart, maybe I will talk back and quarrel with my parents, leading to cracks in the parent-child relationship. 

These three wake-up methods are indeed very common. Perhaps many parents are currently using them, and they may not see any harm for a while, but over time, the problem may gradually be exposed. Parents should still pay more attention , Stop the loss in time to prevent the problem from getting worse. 

Several wake up children The correct way, parents quickly collect it

This is the “trilogy” method used by mothers to wake up their children in the Japanese documentary “Childhood in a Foreign Country”. Parents can learn:

1 , Use light to wake up

After entering the child’s room, you can first open the curtains to let the sunlight in. Remember not to turn on the lights. It is best to keep a layer of gauze curtains to avoid too strong light and sunlight irritating the children’s eyes , This is the first step in awakening, the child’s consciousness may be slowly awakening. 

2, gentle encouragement


When a child responds to waking up, parents must not shout or slap, and a gentle way of encouraging children to get up can be adopted, which can calm their awakened mood without being ignited Getting up gas can make them accept the fact that they need to get up immediately. 

3. Action guidance

After the child gradually wakes up, the mother can pick up the child and convert their sleeping posture to a sitting posture, and then guide the child to get out of bed, walk out of the room, and let the spirit There is a recovery process with the body so that they will not find it difficult to accept, and the stimulation of the brain nerves is less, but it is easier to adapt. 

But these small methods It may be more suitable for children with more docile personality and good communication. For children who are stubborn and unwilling to cooperate, parents need to be patient, spend more time communicating with them, find the most suitable method, and try to avoid conflicts and conflicts. Do it in a gentle and relaxed way. 

[Ask today] In what way do you usually wake up your child?  I often eat these kinds of foods after pregnancy. It’s easy to give birth to “jaundice babies”, pregnant mothers should keep their mouths shut

According to expert survey statistics, the probability of neonatal jaundice is about 95%, and it is still increasing year by year. 

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People often say “ten babies and nine yellows”. Neonatal jaundice is probably the first problem that novice mothers need to face after their babies are born. 

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Lily has become especially fond of spicy food since she was pregnant. It can be said that it is not spicy. At the beginning, she also worried that eating too much spicy will affect her belly. The fetus in the fetus caused harm, but every time the check-up showed that everything was normal, she thought there was no major problem. 

And he was able to eat spicy food boldly, until after giving birth, he found that the baby was yellow and looked malnourished. I asked the doctor to find out that it was because I had eaten it when I was pregnant. Too many peppers caused the child to have neonatal jaundice. 

About neonatal jaundice

According to expert survey Statistics found that the probability of neonatal jaundice is about 95%. 

It refers to the fact that there are too many red blood cells in the baby’s body. After the rupture, the concentration of bilirubin becomes higher, causing the skin and other parts of the body to be yellowed. , When the serum bilirubin reaches 85umol/L or more, the obvious yellow color can be seen with the naked eye. 

Generally can be divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice. 

1. Physiological jaundice

Under normal circumstances, babies suffer from physiological jaundice. ~3 days, mild jaundice may appear on the whites of the eyes, mouth, and skin, but the palms and soles of the feet will appear yellow, which will reach the peak about 7 days after birth, and will gradually subside after 10 days, generally not more than 15 days . 

Premature babies will appear 3~5 days after birth and will disappear after 3~4 weeks. 

Physiological jaundice will not have any impact on physical development, breastfeeding, sleeping, urination, etc., and there will be no physical discomfort before it subsides. 

2. Pathological jaundice

The reason for this jaundice is excessive bilirubin production , Liver bilirubin metabolism disorders, etc., will appear within 24 hours after the baby is born, and its serum bilirubin concentration will also increase significantly. The limbs, palms, and soles of the feet will also have varying degrees of jaundice. The speed will be more obvious, and the duration is also very long, even if it subsides, it is easy to relapse. 

It is usually accompanied by a series of problems, such as irritability, lethargy, non-feeding, etc., even vomiting, strabismus, convulsions, etc., requiring timely medical treatment. Blue light irradiation is generally used in medicine. 

baby has jaundice, It may be that the mother ate these three things during pregnancy.

1. Spicy and greasy food

Many pregnant mothers After pregnancy, I especially like to eat spicy food, even snacks on the street, but this type of food is not only unsanitary, but also easy to get angry. It guides the metabolism of pregnant mothers and is safe for the life and health of themselves and the fetus. 

Especially those deep-fried skewers with some condiments. Such foods are not only high in calories, but also easier to get angry. The calories and toxins in pregnant mothers If it is too high, it will cause the toxins in the body to be too late to be discharged, leading to the accumulation of toxins in the body and the increase of red blood cells, which greatly increases the probability of the baby suffering from jaundice. 

2. Undercooked food

For example, animal liver, steak, barbecue, salmon, etc., in order to ensure the taste, most of these foods are It is half-baked, and some parasites are likely to remain in such foods, which endanger the health of pregnant mothers, and even enter the uterus through the mother’s blood, endangering the health of the fetus. 

In addition, those parasites are also likely to cause harm to the liver of the fetus. If the liver is damaged, the red blood cells in the body will be massively destroyed and hemolysis will occur. Induces jaundice. 

3. Acidic fruits

People often say “sour children and hot women”, so some pregnant mothers who want sons It is likely to be psychologically affected, and always think that I like to eat sour. 

Because the human body is inherently acidic, if you eat too much acidic food during pregnancy, it is likely that the acidity and alkalinity in the body cannot be balanced, which is equally easy Resulting in a higher rate of neonatal jaundice. 

Want to prevent jaundice Need to do this during pregnancy.

1. Good work and rest habits

As ​​we all know, staying up late is not a good habit. Detoxification and regulation are not good, let alone pregnant mothers. 

If the pregnant mother stays up late and goes to bed too late, it is likely that the liver function will not be able to detoxify normally, it will have to bear a huge burden, and even affect hematopoiesis, then this To a certain extent, it is easy to increase the chance of fetus suffering from jaundice. 

Therefore, expectant mothers must maintain good work and rest habits during pregnancy, go to bed early and get up early. This is not only beneficial to physical and mental health, but also promotes the normal growth and development of the fetus, and can greatly reduce the baby’s jaundice The odds. 

2. A balanced diet

Pregnant mothers can make the fetus grow and develop better and reduce the risk of For the chance of jaundice, you need to pay more attention to your diet during pregnancy, pay attention to comprehensive nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and you can also drink some liver soup, such as boiled water for corn. 

Don’t eat heavy, spicy, irritating, cold, or under-cooked foods, which will easily cause toxins in the body to be difficult to discharge, which will not only harm the pregnant mother’s kidneys, but also affect the growth of the fetus. The impact of development will also increase the chance of fetal jaundice to a certain extent. 

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