Parents need to pay special attention to the four types of children who are prone to being bullied after school, and three kinds of wrong attitudes should be avoided

Parents need to pay special attention to the four types of children who are easily bullied after school. The three wrong attitudes should be avoided.

In dire straits. 

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School violence has always existed, but the severity is different. As parents, you will definitely be worried Children are bullied at school. What kind of babies are easily bullied? 


< p>The movie “A River of Sadness” is about campus violence. The heroine Yi Yao was squeezed out by her classmates because of her poor family. Everyone bullied her and hurt her unscrupulously, and she was cursed by her mother after she returned home. There is almost no light in her life, and despair is everywhere. The departure of the second female number Gu Senxiang has made her bear the name of a “murderer”. No one wants to believe her. The overwhelming swearing made her unable to bear it anymore, and the indifference of the people around her Let her have no memory of the world, and finally jumped into the sea in despair with grievances. 

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After watching this movie, a long time has passed, but when I recall, I still feel anxious and embarrassed by Yi Yao’s experience. Her departure brings the movie to an end. But in real life, there are still many “Yi Yao” who are struggling. 

School violence has always been a hot topic in recent years. In real life, most children are threatened after being bullied. They dare not tell their parents and teachers. They can only swallow their anger and let others kill them. Being kept in the dark and knowing nothing, the child’s body and mind are already riddled with holes. 

Every child is a parent No one can stand his children being bullied in school. What kind of children are vulnerable to school violence? 

Kind of children

1. Cowardly, introverted children

Introverted children are usually not gregarious and often go alone alone. In addition, they are weak in character and dare not resist, it is easy Become the “first choice” for campus bullying. 

2. Children with physical defects

Compared with healthy children, children with physical defects are more likely to suffer from other people’s language violence, even physical violence, due to defects Children will inevitably be more inferior and weak in their hearts. They dare not fight back when they are bullied. They can only bear it alone. In the end, everyone’s changes will be worsened. In the eyes of bullies, children without the ability to resist are the least threatening. This is Their best victim for pleasure. 

3, the body is too fat or Thin children

Generally, overweight girls and short and thin boys are easy to be bullied and ridiculed. Such children are prone to postpartum self-denial thoughts after being attacked by others. I didn’t dare to ask the teacher for help, nor did I dare to complain to my parents, so that my physical and mental development became more and more unhealthy. 

4. Children with poor academic performance

Usually, children with good academic performance are the “key protection targets” of teachers and the “student bullies” that bullies seek help. Bullying them is not good for them. On the contrary, children with poor studies may often be criticized by teachers or rejected by children with good grades. Over time, they become objects of ridicule and isolation. 

In addition, single-parent families, family circumstances Very poor children are likely to be the target of bullying. As parents, you must closely observe your children’s words and deeds in your daily life. If there is any abnormality, ask the reason as soon as possible to help the children solve their psychological confusion and stay away from the “devil’s claws of school violence”. “. 

There is no doubt that school violence will seriously affect children’s study and life, causing them to suffer physical and psychological harm to varying degrees. Some children may even be pessimistic and depressed and short-sighted; some children will suffer Feeling tired of studying and having no intention of studying all day long; some children may live in the shadows for a long time, become inferior, introverted, unable to be positive and so on. 

For this, parents must improve Be vigilant. Schools must also conduct serious investigations to prevent the occurrence and spread of this phenomenon. When a child is bullied, the attitude of parents is very important. The following types of wrong behaviors are not allowed. 

After the child is bullied, the parents Several wrong practices of

1, ridicule children

Some children will tell their parents after being bullied, but some parents don’t take it seriously and blurt out: “Classmates So many, why do people just bully you?” This attitude of parents will only make children feel chilled. They will not feel the care and attention of parents at all, which may intensify the children’s rebellious psychology and make them embark on a path of no return. road. 

2. Ignore this.

Some parents know that their children have been bullied, but they think it’s a trivial matter. They think it’s normal to make a small mess, and the parents’ attitude is extinguished. After the child’s inner “little flame” asks for help, even if he is so wronged, he is reluctant to tell his parents. Over time, he falls into a pessimistic and depressive mood. 

3. Choose Xishiningren


Some parents do not want to make matters worse, choose to make concessions, and do not solve the substantive problems. They just keep their children away and escape. They have never thought of resisting, as everyone knows, this will only encourage the abuser’s behavior and make the baby. The violence is getting worse. 

If you want to be a qualified parent, you should cut off in time when your child is subjected to violence. First of all, you must strengthen your child’s awareness of self-protection and prevention, and tell your child that no matter what happens, parents They are the strongest backing for children. Don’t swallow your words at critical moments. As long as the law is not involved, you must bravely resist, adopt proper defense, and resolutely do not bow to evil forces to prevent bullies from becoming more rampant.  The child has an abnormal behavior, suggesting a lack of body Zinc is already serious and may affect mental development

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As a trace element of the human body, zinc participates in the composition of more than 200 enzymes, and can also promote the development and regeneration of the body. According to data surveys, 60% of children in China appear Various degrees of zinc deficiency. 

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Several manifestations of severe zinc deficiency in babies

1. Sickness

Zinc is involved in the synthesis and replication of immune cells, and It can effectively improve the lethality of T cells and promote the body’s ability to fight bacteria and germs. In addition, zinc participates in the synthesis of various enzymes in the body. 

Therefore, if the baby’s zinc is deficient, it will directly affect the operation of the body and organs, resulting in a decline in the immune mechanism, which will make it easy to get sick. 

So, if the baby loves to get sick for a period of time, parents should pay attention to it. It may be caused by a lack of zinc in the body. 

2. Inattention

Zinc element is known as the “source of intelligence”. Because zinc is an important substance for the growth and division of brain cells, it can also promote the synthesis of protein and DNA in brain cells. 

Therefore, if the baby’s zinc is deficient, it will directly affect their mental development, usually showing decreased memory, poor mental state, and inattention. 

Therefore, if the baby is unable to concentrate and does not concentrate, it may be caused by the lack of zinc in the body. 

3. Picophagia

Because zinc is involved in the synthesis of enzymes, it is the basic component of taste protein and plays an important role in taste and oral mucosal cells. 

Therefore, if the baby’s zinc is deficient, it will easily lead to weakened digestion and absorption capacity, and even confusion of taste. Not only is depression poor, but severely it is likely to lead to the appearance of pica. 

Therefore, if the baby starts to gnaw nails, eat toilet paper, eat soil, etc. within a certain period of time, it may be caused by a severe zinc deficiency in the body, which may affect its intellectual development. 

How can parents prevent their babies from zinc deficiency? 

1. Food supplement

After adding supplementary food to the baby, parents can add some zinc-rich foods to their diet, such as egg yolk, pork, peanuts , Oysters, black beans, almonds, etc. 

According to laboratory tests, it is found that animal food contains more zinc, about 3~5 mg of zinc per 100 grams, and after animal protein is decomposed, it can also produce amino acids to promote zinc absorption. . 

2. Take zinc supplements

If the baby is diagnosed with severe zinc deficiency through inspection, you need to buy zinc supplements under the advice of your doctor. Common zinc sulfate, zinc protein, etc. are supplemented, but be careful not to excess. 

PS: For babies within 6 months, as long as the milk supply is sufficient, additional zinc supplements are not required; 6 months to 1 year old need to supplement 3.5mg daily, 1 to 3 years old need to supplement 4mg, 4~7 Supplement 5.5mg at the age of. 

Further reading: Fetal zinc deficiency during pregnancy

Because the nutrients needed for fetal growth and development during pregnancy are all derived from the mother, if a pregnant woman has zinc deficiency, it indicates that the fetus is also zinc-deficient Up. 

1, severe morning sickness

Morning sickness is a normal manifestation in the first trimester, but if it is in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, this reaction does not disappear gradually, but worsens, and It is also accompanied by acidophilia, which is probably due to the lack of zinc in the pregnant mother’s body. 

After a woman is pregnant, the hormones in the body will change, and the demand for zinc will increase. If the pregnant woman is zinc-deficient, it will easily affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and even induce miscarriage. 

2. Poor appetite

After a woman is pregnant, due to “one person eats two people tonic”, usually There will be a sharp increase in appetite, but if the pregnant mother finds that as the gestational week increases, the fetus grows, and her sense of taste is still worsening, this is probably caused by the lack of zinc in the mother’s body. 

This is because zinc has a promoting effect on taste, if pregnant women’s body is deficient, it will directly affect appetite. 

3. Poor physical fitness

As ​​mentioned above, zinc can promote the synthesis of human immune cells, Have the effect of improving resistance. 

Therefore, if pregnant women lack zinc in their bodies, their physical fitness will often become worse, which will induce some diseases, which will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus . 

4. Prone to skin problems

Because zinc has a protective effect on the skin, if pregnant women lack zinc in their bodies, skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, etc. There will be cases where the wound is difficult to heal. 

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