Parents cry for help for their daughter who just went to college to become pregnant, but the child does not know it and threatens to give birth

Parents cry for help for their daughter who just went to college to become pregnant, and the children don’t even know they are threatening to give birth

After the children enter puberty, under the stimulation of hormones, their emotional state will inevitably change. Especially nowadays, the highly developed information also makes children become more precocious, and ignorant emotions will inevitably make children feel confused and even make wrong choices on impulse. 

So at this stage, parents should pay more attention to children’s sex education, answer children’s puzzles, and provide directions for their confusion. 

Parents posted on the Internet crying for help when their daughter was pregnant when she just went to college, and she wanted to give birth to her as a child.

I saw such an article on the forum before. In a mixed-emotional post, a father posted on the Internet asking for help, saying that his daughter who had just gone to college had just been found pregnant. Nan Nan was a good girl in the family when she was a child. Whether she was studying or living, she rarely made her parents worry about her. 

What’s more, the parents are proud of Nan Nan’s academic performance since childhood. When he was admitted to university, the parents thought they were about to see their children get ahead. 

But what adults did not expect was that the daughter who had just entered the university was found to be pregnant at the end of the first semester. 

Nan Nan’s parents are relatively conservative parents. It is hard for them to believe that the good children they raised by themselves can actually do such “unbearable” things. 

So in order to minimize the “negative impact”, Nan Nan’s parents proposed to let their daughter destroy the child. But this suggestion was opposed by her daughter, “This is my child, I want to give birth to him!” Seeing her daughter’s “stubbornness”, Nan Nan’s parents felt very heartbroken. 

“I got pregnant before getting married! This is really shameful! Besides, she is still a child herself, how can she raise the child if she is born?” The anxious Nan Nan father saw that he couldn’t make sense of his daughter, so he posted an article online for help. . 

And netizens are also talking about this.

“Now that children are too open-minded and don’t know how to protect themselves. Sooner or later they will suffer!”

< blockquote> “Parents still have to persuade a good daughter, otherwise the child’s psychological pressure is too great, and he might do something stupid!”

“This child will definitely not be born, otherwise the daughter will have a difficult life in the future. I am not responsible for the children born!”


What negative effects will parents lack of sex education for their children? 

1. Influencing children’s normal interpersonal communication

Parents do not pay enough attention to children’s sex education, which can easily lead to children’s lack of sense of proportion in social interactions, and the inability to grasp the appropriate sense of proportion when dealing with peers of the opposite sex . 

Especially for adolescent children, the sense of social sense established on the basis of sex education is particularly worthy of parents’ attention. 

2, hinder the formation of children’s self-protection consciousness

The curiosity of emotions in adolescence makes it possible for them to misunderstand the difference between appreciation and goodwill. Under the emotional impulse, the lack of proper sex education and guidance is likely to cause the child to neglect self-protection, and then cause the child to be injured. 

3. Inspire unnecessary curiosity in children

It is very normal for adolescent children to be curious about sex. If parents ignore this or suppress it too much, then this is likely to lead to More unnecessary curiosity breeds in the child’s heart, which may even cause the child to have a wrong perception of sex. 

For adolescent children, what aspects of sex education should parents carry out? 

1. Guide children to correctly view the relationship with the opposite sex

When children are in adolescence, their emotions become more sensitive and complicated, so it is normal to have a good impression of the opposite sex. 

At this time, it is necessary for parents to help children to distinguish correctly, and to guide children to turn this ignorant emotion into motivation to improve themselves, so that children can more clearly maintain the relationship when getting along with the opposite sex Distance and measure. 

2. Teach children to protect themselves.

Parents should also instill more knowledge about sexual protection in their children. Maybe some parents will feel embarrassed about this, but this is unavoidable. 

Parents can take the way that their children are willing to accept, such as popular science videos and so on. Teach children to protect themselves and establish relevant cognition, so that children are more capable of self-esteem and self-love. 

3. Help children establish correct sexual cognition

Sex knowledge itself is not a shame. This is a lesson that children should understand when they grow up. Therefore, parents should help children establish correct sexual cognition, so that children can correctly face their inner curiosity and speak out their confusion and questions frankly. 

Obviously, if parents come to think of ways to solve the problem when the child has an accident because of “don’t understand”, then it’s really too late. Parents can only take good care of their children if they prepare for sex education in advance. 

What do you think about children’s sex education and guidance? The girl’s grades declined. Mom passed by the child’s room in the middle of the night and heard the sound of “Uh huh”, and she knew the reason.

The problem of children’s sex education has always been a problem for many families, especially the daughter’s sex education. If girls have improper sex education, the awareness of not having safety protection is very bad, but it is difficult for parents to talk about sex education to shy girls. 

However, the development of a child is obviously not waiting for others. Failure to conduct sex education on the child in time will cause problems in the child’s future sexual concepts. 

Jiajia’s daughter is 16 years old, and her daughter’s grades have been declining over the past few months. Not only that, the teacher came to Jiajia and told her that her daughter always dozed off in class, did she not sleep well at night? 

Jiajia is very confused. After finishing her homework every day, she goes to bed around 10:30. That night, Jiajia wanted to see her daughter after her daughter was resting. When approaching her daughter’s bedroom, she heard “Uh, uh”, a strange voice, Jiajia chose to respect her daughter and did not knock on the door again. 

The next day Jiajia wrote a letter, telling her daughter that because of her busy work, she had neglected her daughter’s sex education, and then popularized her daughter’s knowledge of sex, as well as some reminders and guidance. 

1. When to popularize sex knowledge to children

Children of different ages need different knowledge of sex. Because as the age increases, children’s cognitive level 9 is also gradually increasing. They know some protective knowledge when they are young, and they can know more specific and comprehensive sexual knowledge when they grow up. Parents of children of different ages can also express differently to help children understand. 

Children from 1.3 to 5 years old

At this time, the child has the ability to go out alone and has a simple cognition. Parents can use simple and ordinary games to euphemistically tell their children which parts of their body are not allowed to be touched by others. 

Tell children to stay away from unfamiliar people, do not have physical contact with strangers, and learn to reject other people’s requests for physical contact. 

Children between the ages of 2.6 and 12

At this time, most of the young children enter the elementary school campus. Parents need to tell the children about the difference between men and women and let the children know the basic gender distinction Consciousness. Watching small animations suitable for young children’s sex knowledge is also very helpful for children’s sex education. 

Tell the child to protect the private parts of his body, but also respect the private position of others and avoid touching the private parts of the other person. At this time, parents no longer need to be too shy, and generously tell their children to protect themselves. 

Young people after 3.12 years of age

For young people who have developed or are about to face sexual maturity, we must pay attention to the popularization and teaching of sex education knowledge. Avoid children from exploring on their own because of curiosity, causing bad consequences. 

Sex education for girls should not be discontinued for avoiding shame. Sex education is not a shameful thing. You can buy popular science books for your children to teach them to view the sexual changes in their bodies correctly. 

Girls should also pay attention to buying suitable and comfortable underwear for their children, and observe their children’s cups for timely replacement. At the same time, the boy should remind him to respect women, treat them politely and keep a distance. 

Two. What should be paid attention to when popularizing sex knowledge to children?

1. Parents respect their children’s privacy

Children must have a sense of protecting themselves. Parents must first respect the privacy of their children. Especially when the child reaches a certain age, he can take a bath by himself, so the parents don’t interfere anymore. 

When the child changes clothes, the father should also be careful to avoid suspicion. Under such subtle influence, children know that their privacy is to be respected by others, and they will also have a good sense of protection. 

2. Use a variety of methods to give children sex education

Now that the Internet is developed, there are many ways to give children sex education, such as books and pictures of sex education, cartoons. , Or movies, can help children understand sexual knowledge through direct methods such as images and text. 

3. Correctly treat children’s sexual exploration behaviors

Adolescent children may be curious about sex and may have some exploration behaviors. Parents should not deliberately do so. Dig into the privacy of children. 

As long as it is not excessive or inappropriate, leave it to the child to deal with it. At this time, it is better to relax your attitude than to stop the child’s behavior hard. But also remind children that those things are absolutely not allowed to be done, how to protect yourself and how to take care of yourself. 

4. In addition to popularizing sex knowledge, let children know about the dangers of sex

Let them know whether it’s a girl or a boy, what premature sexual behavior will do to the body harm. And let the children know the harm of sex, what kind of consequences it may cause, what diseases will be transmitted by sex, and how much impact it will bring to the body, so that the child also has some understanding of STDs. 

Sex education should not be something that makes parents and children embarrassed or embarrassed. It is just for children to cope with physical and psychological changes, to prepare in advance, and to teach children to protect themselves A common sense. 

Parents must let their children be aware of their own protection from an early age. At the same time, they must also pay attention to their children’s physical development, and give their children age-specific knowledge of sex in advance. With the healthy guidance of parents, children will develop healthy sexual concepts.

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