Parents are embarrassed by dirty clothes, and the baby warms up to the parents with a word, this is the warm appearance of the family

Parents feel embarrassed by dirty clothes, and the baby warms up to the parents with a word. This is the warm appearance of the family.

As the saying goes, “children don’t feel ugly for mothers, and children don’t feel poor at home”, but now the children are in This interpretation is not very good. In recent years, how many children have chosen to fight against their parents because their parents cannot satisfy their own desires, or even do things that hurt their parents, which makes people feel sad. But in turn, parents should also reflect on the reason why their children behave like this. 

Of course, there are also warm-hearted children. Both Xiao Jiang and her husband work on the construction site. They wake up early every day to provide a high-quality life for their children. It is true that the children are more upbeat and never have to worry about Xiao Jiang in their studies. 

In the past, Xiao Jiang would go home from the construction site to change clothes before going to school to pick up the children, because Xiao Jiang was afraid that his dirty appearance would shame his son. But today because of the stress of work, I and my husband have no time to go home to go home, so the two hurried to school to pick up their son, wearing clothes for work on the construction site. 

At the time, the two were afraid that their son would shame him when he saw him, but when the son saw him, he didn’t realize that he was embarrassed at all. After he picked up his son and got in the car, Xiao Jiang said to his son, “Dad. Mom dresses like this. I’m afraid you won’t want to, and I’m afraid to shame you!”

The son’s answer made the two of them moisten their eye sockets in an instant. “What shame is there? Mom and Dad work on their own ability. I didn’t feel any shame. , I feel very proud of it!” After I finished speaking, I said to my parents that I had finished my homework ahead of schedule at school, and I can help you work when I get home. 

Looking at his son’s sensible appearance, Xiao Jiang and her husband felt warm, and it was worth their hard work. 

Such children belong to other people’s families. In reality, such children are still in the minority. Most of the parents treat their children as unfamiliar. They are either lazy or idle. So sometimes you can’t just blame the children, but the parents for not cultivating the children. Only in this aspect of cultivating the children can the children know that the parents are not easy. 

Parents are raising When children grow up, they should pay attention to

1. Cultivate children’s gratitude

Parents should cultivate children’s gratitude since childhood. Most parents are willing to give their children willingly, even for their own lives. But parents will only pay blindly without letting their children know. So children don’t even know that what they are enjoying is the result of their parents’ hard work to get up, early and greedy for darkness. Some children even complain that their parents are not good enough. Therefore, parents should not only pay on the road of cultivating their children, but also learn to take them appropriately, let the children know that it is not easy for their parents, and learn to feed back. 

2. Cultivate children’s correct values

Currently, parents cultivate children with distorted values. From an early age, they have been competing against who eats well and who wears well. Parents feel that there is a face on their faces. Parents provide their children with the best things from an early age, and cultivate children who are too poor and rich. If the parents can satisfy the children, it is okay. If they can’t satisfy the children, the children will begin to complain about their inability! Parents should let their children know that there is no distinction between high and low occupations, and that they are the most capable of making money by their own ability. 

3. Provide children with a warm and harmonious family environment

If parents want to cultivate excellent children, a harmonious and warm family environment is indispensable, and a warm and harmonious family environment can help children The inner richness of the heart, the inner rich spirit can be rich. Some parents have either beaten or scolded their children since they were young, and the children who did not feel safe at all. Such children can’t take care of themselves, so how can they be considerate of their parents? 

4. Cultivate children’s sense of inner responsibility

Some children are particularly well protected by their parents since they were young. They never have to solve problems by themselves. Parents can always do their best to deal with them, but parents do this It seems to be good for the child, but in fact it is particularly detrimental to the growth of the child. Parents who do this will only cultivate children who have no sense of responsibility, and some children even don’t know what responsibility is. 

How can children who have no responsibility in their hearts be responsible to their parents in the future! Therefore, if parents want their children to take on the important responsibilities of the family in the future, they should cultivate their sense of responsibility from an early age, and let the children complete the things they can do by themselves, and cultivate their sense of responsibility from small things. 

Parents are extremely important to the cultivation of their children. Children don’t know anything when they are born. Parents can grow up as they train their children. Therefore, some parents did not put in their efforts when the children were young, and some even gave the children to the elderly at home. The parents went out to work hard. Although they provided the children with a worry-free life, the parents could not stay with the children and wait. The child does not return to the child until he grows up, but the parent misses the most critical period of the child’s growth, and it is too late to make up for it. Exercise is age-appropriate, and the three types of exercise should not be started too early. It not only hurts the bones, but also affects the heart and lungs.

Few parents understand that exercise is also age-appropriate. After all, when children are young, parents usually do not I will realize that when children are allowed to exercise, they basically wait until the children are in elementary school before they begin to pay attention to the problem of children’s exercise. 

Of course, there are also some parents who are more anxious and eager to let their children strengthen exercise in kindergarten. Although this idea is not wrong, not all sports are suitable for kindergarten children. If the child is exposed to some sports too early, it is likely to cause irreversible harm to the child. 

The 5-year-old Yuhan goes to kindergarten middle school. Yuhan’s mother feels that she and her husband are not tall, and worry that in the future, Yuhan will inherit the genes of her parents and will be short. 

After hearing that height is only affected by 70% of genes, Yuhan’s mother decided to let the child exercise more, maybe it can achieve the effect of an acquired counterattack. 

Since last month, I have called my child up every morning to go for a trot in the park. After running, I will ask the child to stretch. She also knows that more stretching for children will help them grow longer, and the muscles will be more slender in the future. 

But she was negligent. Stretching cannot be excessive. But in order to pursue the flexibility of the child, Yuhan’s mother kept pressing the child down when she split the child that day. The child cried with pain, but she felt This is normal. At this time, only cruelty can let the child gain something in the future. 

After all, when I watch short videos, children as old as Yuhan are basically stretched like this when they are in dance classes, so Yuhan’s mother doesn’t care at all. 

On the way home, Yuhan’s leg was sore that she was shaking, and she told her mother that she couldn’t walk anymore. Her mother told her, “This is normal, and it won’t hurt after a while.”


But until the next day, Yuhan still had a lot of pain and couldn’t do exercises. At this time, the husband reminded his wife, “Is the child strained?”

Here Yuhan The mother suddenly realized that this might be the case, so she hurriedly let the child rest for a period of time without going to the doctor. As a result, after half a month’s delay, the child did get better. It didn’t take long before her mother asked Yuhan to exercise and stretch again. 

As a result, Yuhan didn’t stretch for long this time. He seemed to be strained again, and the degree of stretch was not high. Mom wondered why the split last time was so much, and this time it was just so little. injured? The child still cried out for pain, so the mother had to take the child to see the doctor. 

After a series of examinations by the doctor, it is determined that the child is strained, and this strain is still an irreversible strain, which also means that the child will not pay attention to exercise and warm-up work. If it is done well, it will strain, and the child may have long and short legs when he grows up. 

The original intention was for the sake of the child, but now it’s better, the child has become this appearance, it is simply not worth the loss! 

Type 3 sports should not start too early, not only hurts Bone also affects the heart and lungs.

1. Dance

Presumably, parents usually listen to the promotion of dance organizations, and 3-year-old children can start learning to dance. Watching the children in the short videos, I danced very skillfully at a young age, and I praised children for greatness. 

As everyone knows, this achievement of children may come at a price. You must know that learning dance starts with basic skills, nothing more than flexibility exercises, and let children around 3 years old begin to practice flexibility. Sex is likely to cause the child’s bone development to become deformed, which is why many girls who learn to dance have knee hyperextension and X-shaped legs. 

More importantly, if the children are too old to dance in elementary school and have difficulty understanding the teacher, when the teacher teaches them some movements, if they fail to understand well and twist their ankles, there will be modern compensation in the future. Bone development, leading to long and short legs, high and low pelvis and so on. 

Therefore, it is recommended that children start dancing after 6 years old, and must find a professional organization, otherwise some unprofessional teachers will not be able to explain the precautions to the child, and the child may experience irreversible problems in the process hurt. 

2. High leg lift

There is a kind of exercise called high leg lift. Although it is said that this exercise has greater benefits to the human body, it is not suitable for children under 8 years old, because there was a child before When doing high leg raises, because I was too young to grasp the center of gravity, I fell back and injured my coccyx ridge. I trained for a long time. 

Therefore, when the child does not have a strong balance and exercise adaptability, it is not recommended that the child learn to raise his leg, otherwise the child is likely to fall. 

3. Swimming

Why should swimming be emphasized for children? Because the cardiopulmonary function of children under 3 years old is relatively fragile, if the child learns to swim earlier than this age, it is likely to damage the cardiopulmonary function due to choking. 

In addition, parents and friends should also be reminded that if you enroll your child in a swimming training class outside, it is best to enroll one-on-one classes, otherwise a coach will take care of a dozen or even a few. Ten children, not only could not take care of the children, but when the children were in danger, he could not find out in time. 

Of course, parents must pay attention to the children’s exercise intensity. First, start with a low intensity and then slowly transition to a high intensity. Stretching is one thing.

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