One week after the kindergarten started, the mother of the child received a call from the teacher to pick up the child home. I can’t teach it.

One week after the kindergarten started, the mother of the child received a call from the teacher to pick up the child and go home. I can’t teach it

After the child enters the kindergarten, their ability to adapt to the kindergarten determines their happiness in the kindergarten. Under normal circumstances, parents will send their children to kindergarten when they are three years old. This is obviously a huge challenge for children, after all, this means that they are separated from their parents for the first time. 

If parents can help their children prepare in advance, then I believe that their children’s kindergarten life will be very happy. 

Kindergarten only starts One week, Bao’s mother was told to pick up the child. Don’t embarrass us.

You have been in kindergarten for a week. Just when Youyou’s mother thought that she could be more relaxed in the future, she unexpectedly received a call from the child’s teacher. On the phone, the teacher said straightforwardly, “Judging from the current situation of the child, the child does not have the ability to go to kindergarten. Parents can wait and see!”

After hearing the teacher say this, Yoyo Mom was a little unhappy, “What abilities do children need to have in kindergarten? The child is still young, so I trouble the teacher to bother you!”

After hearing Yoyo’s mom say this, the teacher reluctantly explained, “I entered from Yoyo’s first day Yuan, she has to pee her pants five or six times a day, and she never tells the teacher every time she wants to go to the bathroom. Now the weather is also cold, and the child always pees on his pants. We are also worried that the child will catch a cold and catch a cold.”

“And Yoyo doesn’t eat by herself now. Every day the teacher feeds her bite by bite before she is willing to eat. Sometimes other children also need to feed occasionally, so the teacher is really overwhelmed!”

After hearing the teacher say this, Yoyo’s mother felt a little embarrassed, but she still insisted on letting the teacher think about it, “Yoyo is three years old, and it stands to reason that you can go to kindergarten!”

But the teacher finally insisted on letting Yoyo leave the kindergarten. “It’s not that children must go to kindergarten when they reach their age. If children don’t have the ability to adapt to kindergarten, their kindergarten life will be unhappy! Parents should take their children home. I can’t teach them. Please don’t make me feel embarrassed.”

Seeing that the teacher couldn’t make sense, Yoyo’s mother had to give up the plan to let the children enter the kindergarten. 

What abilities should the child have before entering the kindergarten? 

1. Going to the toilet independently

If a child can go to the toilet on her own, then her freedom in the kindergarten life will be significantly improved. In this way, the child not only avoids the embarrassment of peeing on the pants, but also reduces the troubles of the teacher and makes it easier to get the teacher’s favor. At the same time, the child will be more confident as a result, and will be more smooth when interacting with peers. 

2. Eat independently

If the child needs to be fed by the teacher after entering the kindergarten, it is possible that the food will become cold when the child is in the order. When children can eat independently, they will have a sense of control over the kindergarten life, which makes them have more energy to adapt to the environment. 

3. Social skills

When a child can meet new companions in the kindergarten and quickly establish a playmate relationship with them, the child will adapt to the new life of the kindergarten faster . Social skills determine the happiness index of children in kindergarten life. Children with strong social skills are more able to actively find a sense of existence in social relationships. 

How parents are Help children prepare before entering the kindergarten? 

1. Pay attention to the development of children’s abilities

For example, after children are one year old, their diets become more regular. At this time, parents can use their children’s curiosity about food to cultivate their ability to eat independently. In addition, parents also need to pay attention to other self-care abilities in their children and give appropriate intervention and training, such as going to the toilet independently, wearing clothes and so on. 

2. Establish a healthy attachment relationship with children

It is necessary to help children establish a secure attachment relationship with their parents. Otherwise, if the children depend on their parents If the degree is too deep, it will make them unable to show their independence. After entering the kindergarten, it is easy for children to be too attached to their parents and make them unable to adapt to the new life style. 

3. Teach children how to express their thoughts correctly.

Whether it is the communication between the child and the teacher or the communication between the child and the peer, if they can express their thoughts correctly, then the child will have less The land is wronged and misunderstood, which also makes them maintain a higher degree of goodwill for the kindergarten life. In addition, if the child’s expressive skills are insufficient, he may be isolated by his peers and neglected by the teacher. 

After the child enters the kindergarten, parents still need to pay enough attention to the child’s new life, understand the difficulties or confusion the child encounters in time, and cooperate with the teacher to help the child Quickly adapt to the new environment and achieve independence for the first step in your child’s life. What do you think about the abilities that children need to have when they enter the kindergarten? More and more children are “lead poisoning”. It turns out that these foods are “murderers”, and parents should take precautions.

Current vegetables He meat is getting more and more uneasy. Pork has been injected with water, pigs are fed with hormones, chickens eat hormonal feed from snacks, and the water quality for fish is very poor. Vegetables are also treated with pesticides since childhood to avoid pests. These things eventually enter the mouth of the person and into the body of the consumer. But what is worrying is that the child is still growing and developing, and the stomach is also very fragile. What should I do if I eat these things? More and more children go to the hospital because of “lead” poisoning and what caused them to eat? 

My friend called me and said that my husband was not at home, and the child seemed to be poisoned by food and he would immediately borrow my car and take it to the hospital. Later, when I arrived at the hospital, the doctor judged that the child was lead poisoned based on the child’s vomiting, the smell of metal in his mouth, and the symptoms of bleeding in urine, and he immediately rescued him. My friend is very confused. It is obvious that the children eat common foods. How come the children are lead poisoned? 

1. Foods that are likely to cause lead poisoning in children

1. Common snacks popcorn, potato chips, pineapple eggs, preserved eggs, etc.

Some iron canned foods, pineapple eggs, Potato chips, preserved eggs and popcorn may contain more lead and are more likely to cause symptoms of lead poisoning in children. 

2. The child may have eaten lead-containing food indirectly.

The illness is caused by the mouth. In fact, it is not only the child who ate some food, but the child indirectly ate some lead-containing food. It is also very possible that something has caused lead poisoning. For example, nail polish, pencils that children accidentally bitten, black exhaust from cars, some baby powder and talcum powder, baby bottles with bright and eye-catching colors, and paint for home decoration may all have lead. 

The inferior nail polish contains heavy metals, including lead. The child’s nail polish was applied and the fingers accidentally touched the mouth. It is also possible that some unqualified pencils produced by unscrupulous merchants are bitten into the mouth by children who like to bite pens. Prickly heat powder and talcum powder for babies also contain trace amounts of lead, but the content is very small. When Baoma gives them to babies, babies may breathe. Part of the talcum powder and prickly heat powder were inhaled into the mouth. The exhaust gas from automobiles and the paint used in home decoration have higher lead content and are more common. Not only that, most qualified baby bottles are transparent, and some brightly colored baby bottles may also contain lead. 

3. Some seafood in the polluted water

Because of some unscrupulous companies, Japan openly took the remaining untreated wastewater from the factory into the offshore. It has caused a large number of Japanese people to develop Minamata disease. A large number of children ate seafood such as fish and shellfish from wastewater discharged and polluted seas, and showed symptoms of physical development abnormalities, slurred speech, loss of memory or mental disorders. I laughed suddenly, and my life span was very short. This incident shocked the whole world. Now Japan attaches great importance to water quality because of this painful lesson. In the same way, if the child eats some of the seafood in the offshore contaminated with lead. It can also cause lead poisoning. 

2. How to avoid lead poisoning in children

1. Never use lead-containing kitchenware and tableware

When buying tableware and additional kitchenware, be sure to buy tableware and kitchenware from qualified manufacturers, with factory certificates and sales licenses. Do not buy tableware and kitchenware from unknown sources. Not only lead, but also other heavy metals should be guarded against, and tableware and kitchen utensils often infiltrate the lead in the material into the diet because of heating things or holding hot food. 

2. When children use paints and pencils, be careful not to ingest them by mistake.

Children use paints and pencils commonly used in art learning, drawing creation, or homework. There will be some lead doping. Parents must remind children that these substances contain lead. What are the consequences of accidental ingestion of lead and what harm it will cause to children. Let children use it carefully and be precautionary. Do not accidentally ingest it in the mouth or bite. pencil. 

3. Pay attention to diet safety

Common lead-containing foods, do not let it appear on the children’s table and life. It is popular in many places to eat Songhua Eggs and Preserved Eggs with Hot Peppers. These two dishes are not recommended for young children and babies, and mothers must be careful to avoid them. At the same time, don’t let children eat popcorn that is common on the street. It is very worthwhile to endure a momentary gluttony in exchange for long-term health. 

4. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C can help the body excrete some heavy metal substances in the body, eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, tangerines , Pitaya can help children excrete heavy metals from the body and prevent lead poisoning. 

Baoma must give her children more healthy fruits and vegetables and avoid intake of lead-containing things. At the same time, pay attention to buying qualified tableware and kitchen utensils, and wash the leaves before cooking.

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