Older mothers want to “susceptible to life” because their children are too difficult to take, and there is no uneasy baby in any netizen’s family

Elderly mothers want to “susceptible to life” because it is too difficult to bring their children. There are no unwary babies in netizens.

Although last year’s birth population has not been announced yet, it is not as certain as 2019. . The birth policy is getting wider and wider, but the number of births is declining year by year. What is going on? 

In fact, it’s very simple. It’s because young people are already afraid to give birth. An important reason why they dare not give birth is “it’s hard to bring a child.” After all, no one can guarantee that their baby will make others. Worry-free. 

I saw a video on the Internet two days ago. A woman was standing by the river and a group of people watched. Some were still persuading. 

Judging from the content of the persuasion, the woman seemed to have suicidal tendencies. Fortunately, there were more crowds onlookers. Everyone talked to me and persuaded the woman to stay away from the river bank and avoided the tragedy. 

It is understood that this woman is forty-two years old this year, but the child is only two years old. She is an elderly mother. The reason for her suicide is that the child is difficult to take. 

In the video, the woman accused her of having suffered from childcare for two years, but the suffering was far from seen. That afternoon, she was emotionally broken because of her son’s disobedience, and ran to the river in annoyance to prepare It’s dead. 

Below the video, there are many comments from netizens. Some encouraged Momma to stay strong, while others criticized her for being too selfish. 

Some netizens sighed and said that there is no uneasy baby in anyone’s family! Although there are many different opinions, and there are even words that criticize Bao Ma, but in general, everyone can still understand Bao Ma’s mood, and they also have a consensus on the difficulty of bringing a baby right now. 

With baby How hard is it? Those who have never brought a child can never understand

Parenting is comparable to 996, which requires both effort and physical effort

In many countries, a full-time housewife is also regarded as a job, even a stimulating job. Dear work. In fact, this is not too much. If there are still children to bring, this job can basically be described as Tiantian 996. 

Bringing children is never as nothing to do as everyone thinks, from infant feeding, diaper changing, to companionship in early childhood, to homework counseling in elementary and junior high schools. 

Every task is a great test of the mother’s mental and physical strength. Without two brushes and tough endurance, it is really difficult to do it. 

In the era of involution, parenting has become an arms race.

Previous mothers can still work while bringing up six or seven children. Now mothers have to be tired with a baby. Is it the latter too? Is it hypocritical? 

Of course not, the same is to bring a baby, the times are different, the difficulty can be said to be different. In the past, it was enough for a child to keep warm, but now he should not only be able to eat and dress well, but also take care of his emotional reaction. 

Cultivating his various abilities and tutoring him in various subjects, the mother’s job is no longer as monolithic as before, but “omnipotent”. 

All of this must be bestowed by the era of inward scrolling. Everyone is exquisitely raising children. As long as you don’t do this, your child will be thrown off by his peers. 

The general environment has determined that it is more and more difficult to bring a baby, but it is the children themselves that make the mothers feel exhausted. Children are more maddening than children, and the difficulty of bringing different children is very different. If you unfortunately share an uneasy baby, it will definitely save Baoma’s life for ten or eight years. 

But this is not the child’s fault, because if you really want to investigate it, the responsibility should fall on the parents. You must know that every shortcoming of the child is a manifestation of the parent’s improper education. 

Do early Education is the fundamental way to reduce the difficulty of parenting.

The older you are at the age of three, the older you are at the age of seven, and the sooner you educate your children, the better

There is a saying that “the older you are at three, the older you at seven.” It means that the behavior of the child when he grows up has already been decided in his childhood. 

Although this is a bit exaggerated, it is not unreasonable, because 3~7 years old is the critical period of character formation. After 7 years old, the character will be stereotyped, and a person’s behavior, It has a great connection with its character. 

So you must not wait for the education of children. The earlier the education, the better the cultivation of a good character, and the better the children will be in the future. 

It is important to cultivate independence

In addition to early education, it is also important to cultivate children’s independence in order to reduce the burden of parenting. 

In fact, children are much better than their parents think. As long as the parents are willing to let go, he can master many things. Although they may not do well at the beginning, they only need to try a few more times. . 

So if there is a chance, parents must let the child try it for himself instead of doing everything for him. This will not only reduce his burden effectively, but the child can also get exercise, which is a great influence on his future. Development is very beneficial. 

Abandon unrealistic expectations

Many parents hope that their children will become a dragon and their daughter will become a phoenix. However, success belongs to only a handful of people after all, and most children are doomed to mediocrity. 

So it is best for parents not to set high expectations for their children, so that not only will the children be under pressure, but they will also live harder. 

In fact, sometimes you only need to lower the standard a little bit and you can immediately discover a vast world, a world where children can run easily. 

To ask children based on the standards of “human beings”, and to raise them delicately with the thinking of arms race, children will of course become more and more difficult to bring. 

On the contrary, if you abandon these involved thoughts, parenting will no longer be too painful and difficult, so that the parents will be liberated and the children’s childhood will be happier. Even drinking the “promoting milk soup” for 7 days does not work, and the postpartum “poor milk”, scientific method of chasing milk to do so

Now many new mothers have postpartum poor milk, and new mothers also do this I feel a headache. After all, the milk production situation determines the child’s ration problem. 

Most new mothers are also reluctant to let their children drink formula milk. The main reason is that formula milk is not as high in nutrients as breast milk, and there are fewer types of nutrients. For newborns, Drinking formula milk is obviously more disadvantageous than drinking breast milk. 

Since ancient times, there has always been a saying of “promoting breastfeeding”, mostly through diet, and this method works very quickly. 

But the more now, many new mothers also find that the method of drinking milk soup seems to no longer work, and this is even more worrying. 


Cousin Xiao Chen is 28 years old this year and has just given birth to her first child. Her pregnancy process can be said to have been twists and turns. She thought that the baby would be well after birth, but who knew that breastfeeding had become a hindrance. 

According to her, she has been in confinement for more than a week, and she has been drinking milk-stimulating soup for more than a week, and she doesn’t know if she doesn’t fall in the morning, afternoon or evening, or if there’s no improvement at all. What should I do? In addition to breast milk, she can only let the child drink formula milk to fill her stomach. She also feels anxious about this. 

At the same time, she also consulted many doctors about this issue, and the responses she received were almost always to drink more milk soup, otherwise it would be more massage, or personal physical problems could not be improved. 

Until a few days ago, a doctor suddenly mentioned “stressed anaemia” to her, indicating that she might be overwhelmed by anxiety, which aggravated the original anaemia, and also mentioned that she should adjust and relieve her emotions first. , And recommended her a psychiatrist. 

It’s also amazing to say. After a few days of contact with the psychologist, she obviously felt that her milk production had eased, and the effect was still improving. She said that the pressure on the whole person was significantly reduced. . 

It is possible that few people have heard of “stress anemia”, but in medicine, it is believed that excessive pressure will cause the dysfunction of the female breast to make it difficult to secrete prolactin normally, thus affecting Milk production. 

Therefore, this also explains even more that if you want to solve the problem of “poor milk” after childbirth, the first and most important thing is to figure out what causes poor milk. 

Postpartum “poor “Breast”, the scientific method of chasing milk is done.

1. Stress-induced anaemia

This is as emphasized in our case. Many women may also have heard of postpartum depression. In the past few years, more and more women suffer from postpartum depression, which shows how stressful new mothers are now. 

Along with the great pressure, the milk production of new mothers will also be greatly affected. As explained above, excessive pressure will break the hormone balance and weaken the normal operation of the breast. Function, which in turn makes it difficult to secrete prolactin normally. 

Therefore, after childbirth, we should not only pay attention to the physical recovery of new mothers, but also do a solid job in the psychological construction of new mothers. Do not put them under too much psychological pressure, let alone They are anxious on their own for a long time, otherwise it will become the root of mental illness. 

2. Insufficient nutritional supplements

This reason is relatively common. If you want to produce milk, you must first need new mothers to provide sufficient “raw materials”. If the raw materials are insufficient, the milk production will naturally be affected. . 

Therefore, if it is a nutrient deficiency, it is relatively easy to solve, just add more nutrition to the new mothers. 

But it should be noted that you must not drink milk soup for new mothers blindly. Other foods can also help milk production. A single milk soup may cause new mothers to nausea and reduce appetite. , On the contrary, it affects the normal gastrointestinal system of new mothers. 

3. Excessive physical fatigue

Many new mothers are relatively tired after giving birth. There is no one to help take care of the children all the time. Husbands work during the day and work overtime at night, so they can only take care of the children by themselves. 

In addition, the breastfeeding time of new mothers is more irregular, sometimes in the early morning when they hear their children cry, they have to get up to breastfeed. Over time, no matter how good the body is, they will feel tired, and they will be in a state of fatigue for a long time. , Lactation function will also be affected. 

Therefore, new mothers should learn to reduce stress during breastfeeding. If they really feel too tired, they can put aside housework first, and let this period pass. 

4. The number of breastfeeding is relatively small.

It is said that the suckling of children can stimulate the breasts of new mothers. This is why doctors often ask new mothers to breastfeed their newborns earlier, which is what we call “Open milk”, only through the child’s sucking stimulation, the mammary glands will be officially activated. 

Similarly, in the follow-up breastfeeding work, the breast also needs to be stimulated by the child’s sucking frequently, so that the milk production will get better and better. On the contrary, if the breast is not stimulated, it will naturally “lack of motivation” when it is used less. 

Only by understanding why they are “poor breasts”, new mothers can better solve the problem of poor breast milk, rather than blindly groping with their eyes closed.

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