Obstetricians are male. It is understandable that there are even males in the prolactin industry. What do you think?

Obstetricians are male. It is understandable that there are even males in the prolactin industry. What do you think? 

Some women are very unhappy during childbirth, because the obstetrician doctor is male, and the male doctor is very unhappy when delivering the baby. 

Some women find that their milk is not enough after giving birth, so they find a prolactinist, but the prolactinist is also male. 

They don’t understand what these men in these industries think, why are prolactinists male? 

Ms. Xiao Zhou is very young, only 22 years old. Just after graduating from university, Ms. Zhong married her classmates and started a family. 

The conditions of the two people are similar, and the small family runs relatively smoothly. After half a year of marriage, Ms. Zhou successfully conceived a child. 

But after giving birth, Ms. Xiao Zhou was not so happy. It turns out that Ms. Xiao Zhou hopes to breastfeed her children, but her milk is very small, and her milk is not enough for her children to drink. 

So Ms. Xiao Zhou hired a prolactin master. After the prolactin master arrived home, Ms. Xiao Zhou was terrified. The prolactin master was actually a male. 

Why are there most The prolactinists are all male

1, the prolactinists are physical labor

The prolactinists are actually physical labor, because in the process of prolactin, the lactator needs to perform treatment on the female breasts and around the breasts. Perform a more vigorous massage. 

The use of strength is very large, just like the masters of bone setting, they all need to work hard, and people with low strength are not suitable for this industry. 

Most chefs are men. It is also because men have greater strength, which is more advantageous to cook. But prolactin, like chefs and bone-setting masters, requires a lot of physical strength, and can’t hold on without a lot of physical strength. 

Because the lactation time is relatively long and the force required is heavier, the work intensity required after two jobs is more suitable and competent. 

2. Technology inheritance

The work of technology inheritance is actually in the same line. Craftsmen often pass on their skills to another craftsman, often to people of the same gender. 

For example, most of the people who make Hanfu are women, so she will pass on this craft to women. Most of the people who strike iron are men, so he will also pass on the craftsmanship of iron strikes to men. 

Most of the prolactinists are men, and it is more convenient to communicate with men in one-on-one teaching, so it is often passed on to the next prolactinist, and when the next prolactinist teaches in private, he will often choose Male student. 

3. Traditional customs

In the industry of traditional customs, male prolactinists have become the mainstream, because men are more powerful to occupy most of the prolactin market. 

So men have also become mainstream, just like most chefs among chefs are men, just like most nurses among nurses are women. 

Most doctors are like men. In traditional customs, everyone has already acquiesced in this practice. This is also one of the reasons why many prolactinists are now male. 

Traditional customs are so, many men will choose this industry, and women see that most of the prolactinists are men, and then often avoid this industry, thinking that they should not compete with men, and should choose an industry that is suitable for women. . 

How to choose lactation Teacher

1. Observe the learning experience of the prolactinist

How to choose a good prolactin? First observe the learning experience at the time of deposit, and ask where the prolactinist studied and trained. 

Ask who the prolactinist has served, where the prolactinist has worked, the time of prolactin, how many years, and whether there are any special skills and techniques to ensure the effect of prolactin. 

This is the same as an interviewer’s job search. The interviewer needs to ask about the interviewer’s expertise, work experience, and make an understanding and judgment about the interviewer. 

2. Observe the technique of the prolactin

You can let the prolactinist perform his own unique skills, observe the basis of the prolactin, and observe the technique of the prolactin. Whether it is exquisite. 

People who rely on craftsmanship often have to have real power to promote lactation. The same is true. It’s not just by flicking by mouth, and it’s not for sales. You must use real talents and learn from it. Obvious effect. 

After experiencing the first massage by the prolactinist, the mother has a significant increase in milk production, so the prolactin master is a good master. 

If the prolactinist is just fancy tricks, but does not bring the actual increase in milk production to the mother, then it can be judged that the prolactinist is not very reliable and the technique is not very skilled. 

Some women have a special situation, because they have too much milk, but their health is not good, so they have blocked the milk, and the breast can’t come out. In this case, seek the help of a lactator. it is also fine. 

Many prolactinists can deal with all kinds of abnormal conditions of maternal milk, and depositing them with the master can often solve the problem in time. 

The ones who are not powerful will only flicker, and after several times, there is no obvious change. 

Since you have decided to withdraw breast milk, you must cooperate with the prolactinist to adjust your diet to ensure that your milk can be discharged normally. Too much milk and too little milk are all for you. not good. The mother-in-law’s “confinement meal” is on fire, and the mother-in-law doesn’t take care of it. It’s funny and distressing.

In China, it’s almost a custom for the mother-in-law to take care of the child after giving birth, but it’s also easy to give birth. “Moon child enmity” adds more contradictions to the already unharmonious relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In contrast, it is a better choice to go back to your natal house for confinement, or invite your mother to take care of it. However, in any case, it is better to take care of someone than no one, and some women are so miserable that they don’t even have a person to cook during their confinement period. 

A birth mother in Hunan has been experiencing this kind of suffering recently. The child she gave birth half a month ago has been discharged from the hospital for less than ten days, just when she needed someone to take care of her. The birth mother’s natal family is thousands of miles away, and it is obviously unrealistic to ask the mother to come and take care of the confinement, so before giving birth, it was agreed that the mother-in-law would take care of her during the confinement period. Unexpectedly, after the child was born, the mother-in-law only came and stayed for two days and then went back, saying that there was something important at home, but she refused to say anything about it. She made it clear that she didn’t want to serve her daughter-in-law for confinement. 

In desperation, my husband took time off to take care of her for a few days, but the family pointed to her husband to earn money to support the family. It was impossible for him to take leave forever, so it was only 10 days after the child was born, and the mother had to do it by herself. Take care of your own life, even cooking. Although this is very bitter, the birth mother has also learned to have fun in hardship and posted the “monthly meal” that she made on the Internet. Since the baby is not long after giving birth, the body can’t move too much. In order to make cooking more convenient and time-saving, the mother puts the meat and vegetables directly on the rice and cooks it together. It looks like braised rice, but the presentation is very poor, and Use whatever ingredients are available. 

Originally I just wanted to record my experience of being forced to make confinement meals, but I didn’t expect to become popular because of the “miserable” appearance. Many netizens said after seeing the pictures, “It’s funny and distressed”. The funny is because of giving birth. The dishes made people have no appetite, but distressed because no one took care of her during her confinement period. I have to say that this birth mother is still quite smart, and can actually come up with such a method. In fact, the confinement meal she made is just a little bit different, but the nutrition is unambiguous, so as long as it can be eaten, it can still meet the nutritional needs during the confinement period. As for vitamins, it can be solved by fruits or vegetables that can be eaten raw. 

month period Nutrition is important

The traditional Chinese confinement custom not only requires the lying-in woman to lie still and move less, but also ask her to eat more. However, the scientific nature of these two requirements is open to question, because proper exercise can help the mother recover as soon as possible, and the diet during the confinement period is not to eat as much as possible, but to require a balanced nutrition, and take into account protein and trace amounts. The intake of elements. This is not only to help the mother recover faster and better, but also to make breast milk more nutritious, so that the baby develops better. 

At the same time, during the confinement period, not only should pay attention to the balanced diet of the parturient, it is best to allow the parturient to eat less and more meals. This is because mothers who have just given birth have weak spleen and stomach, and their digestive ability is worse than usual. Due to the influence of breastfeeding, they have higher requirements for nutritional intake during the confinement period, resulting in an increase in the amount of food per meal. Under this situation, if you follow the usual three-meal diet, it will put an excessive burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Only by eating small and frequent meals can the gastrointestinal tract work healthily and steadily while meeting the nutritional intake requirements, so that not only the mother is comfortable, but the growth of the newborn is also more secure. 

The confinement meal is not difficult to make, and it does not require expensive and high-end ingredients, as long as the basic nutrition is guaranteed. But like the birth mother, being forced to cook confinement meals by herself is still worthy of sympathy, not to be imitated. 

Confinement It may be a bad custom, but postpartum recovery cannot be ignored.

Many young people think that the traditional Chinese confinement custom is a bad habit. This may have some truth, but it does not mean that the mother does not need to take care of the child after giving birth. In fact, there is also a saying in the West for the “puerperium”, during this period, the parturient still has to receive high-level care. Therefore, if you have a mother in your family, you must at least ensure that the mother’s basic daily life is taken care of, and you must not leave it to the mother to do things such as cooking that are extremely physical and energy intensive. 

If your mother-in-law or your mother-in-law has no time to take care of it, it is recommended to spend money to hire a concubine. Although the price is high, the time required is not long and most families should still be able to afford it. As long as you wait for the confinement, and when the mother’s body is almost recovered, she can naturally take care of herself and her newborn baby. 

Pregnancy and childbirth have to bear a lot of pain. If you have to let the mother cook by herself during the confinement period, you will owe her too much. I hope that such poor mothers will no longer appear in the world. I also hope that every parturient who has just given birth can get the best care during the confinement period, because they have made great contributions to the reproduction of mankind. It deserves to be treated like this.

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