Nutritionists these fish are expensive if they are not nutritious, but they are harmful if the child eats them. If you buy too much, it’s a waste.

Nutritionists are more expensive if they are not nutritious. If children eat it, they are harmful. Buying more is a waste.

Fish has always been known for its nutrition in human cognition. Eating more fish is not only good for the brain Help, and it’s good for the body, especially for children. 

Fish meat is delicious and tender, low-fat and high-protein is really the first choice for nutritional supplements. But although the fish is good, if you can’t choose it, the fish that you might eat will not only fail to play the role that the parent wants, but it will also cause harm to the child’s body! 

Xiaoqi’s son’s favorite food is fish, which may be related to Xiaoqi’s love to eat for the month when she was pregnant, so Xiaoqi buys fish for his son every week to supplement his nutrition. 

At the beginning, my son especially liked to eat fish made by Xiaoqi. Maybe it was too many times and he had eaten enough. Xiaoqi found out that his son was not willing to eat it recently. Xiaoqi cooks according to a kind of fish every time, not to mention that the child is tired of eating, she is also annoying to do it

Xiaoqi thought about changing his son’s taste, and once Xiaoqi took his son to go shopping In the vegetable market, my son saw some marinated fish sold at the stall. It just so happened that the stall owner made some of it for customers to taste. Who knew that he let his son taste a piece of it and his son said it was delicious. Xiaoqi saw that his son liked it. I bought a few for my son and prepared to go home to make them for him. 

Don’t look at the small fish, the price is not cheap! But seeing that his son loves to eat, Xiaoqi is willing to spend more money. But I didn’t expect that after Xiaoqi ate his son several times in a row, his son suddenly vomited and diarrhea and also had a fever. Xiaoqi hurriedly took his son to the hospital. After examination, his son turned out to be food poisoning. 

After thinking about it, Xiao Qi thought about it. It might have something to do with the pickled fish that his son ate. Because he saw his son love to eat, the family didn’t want to eat it. They all gave it to his son, so everyone else in the family was fine, but the son was uncomfortable. . 

Since then, Xiaoqi no longer dared to eat fish for her son casually, especially some of the fish without quality assurance, and the children still suffer from the expense of a lot of money. 

Eating fish has many benefits, but there are several kinds of fish that parents should not give to their children. They are expensive and have no nutrition, and they are harmful to their children.


1, stale fish


Everyone knows that live fish is fresh and tastes new and delicious, but sometimes the price of live fish and dead fish is doubled, so sometimes parents will choose the latter considering the price. 

It’s okay if it’s just dead fish. If it’s been left for a long time, the fish will not be fresh at all. The taste and nutrition will be much worse after you buy it home. Therefore, it is best for parents not to buy this kind of fish. If there is a problem with the child, it will be troublesome. 

2. Fish without quality assurance.

Some parents like to buy fish from small merchants and hawkers for cheaper prices. Maybe the same species of fish can be sold at small merchants and hawkers for a lot of money. 

But have the parents considered that although the fish from small merchants and hawkers is cheap, there is no guarantee of quality, and there is no guarantee if something goes wrong with it. Therefore, you still have to go to a regular store to buy fish. At least the way to buy fish in a regular store is safe, and if there is a problem, it is guaranteed. 

3. Marinated fish

Sometimes fish sellers will also process and treat fish, such as marinated fish. Although this kind of fish looks delicious, you don’t know that this kind of fish is already delicious. How long it has been marinated, on the other hand, you don’t know whether the processing environment is safe. 

There is also a large amount of nitrite in pickled fish, and too much intake is particularly harmful to the child’s body. Therefore, parents of pickled fish like this are best not to feed them to their children. It is better to buy the kind that is bought and processed. 

4. Fish at the top of the food chain

When parents buy fish for their children, it is best not to eat the fish at the top of the food chain, that is, fish that eat meat. Like this big fish that loves to eat small fish, the body contains more harmful substances. 

Because carnivorous fish satisfy their own survival by eating small fish, and the more these small fishes eat, the more toxins they accumulate in their bodies, so fish like this should not be given to children easily. Eat it! 

So parents are very particular about giving fish to their children. If you eat it right, you can add nutrition. If you eat it incorrectly, it will harm your child’s body. 

When parents pick fish for their children, in addition to the above 4 categories, they should also pay attention to

1. Do not choose too large and too small

When parents choose fish for their children, don’t think that the bigger the fish, the better , In fact, otherwise, when choosing fish for children, neither too big nor too small can be chosen. 

Because the body of a fish that is too large is mostly internal organs, there is not much meat after processing, and the fish that is too small does not develop well, and the fish does not taste good. 

2. Do not choose mixed fish and water

When parents choose fish, they should also pay attention to the water of the fish. Do not choose fish with too dirty water. Such fish are generally not fresh. It means that the water has not been changed for a long time. Because no one bought it and kept it for a long time, the water of the fish was dirty. 

So eating fish is also very particular. Parents must also do a good job, strive to spend the least money, and choose the most cost-effective fish. Your child’s “speaking” late may not be due to slow mental development. This reason is also very heartbreaking.

Most of the time each child speaks is not the same, and some even differ by several months. The difference is huge. Regarding the situation that children speak sooner or later, most parents take a “wait and see” attitude, thinking that the children will always say when they grow up, so why be so anxious. 

In fact, this is not the case. If parents have known this set of data, they may take it seriously. 

Li Xiaojing, an expert of the Chinese Pediatrics Association, said that it is very common for children to have language barriers during their developmental period. Among children aged 2 to 3.5, language development delays account for about 15%, but most of these children will catch up with other children in the later stages as they grow older. 

However, there are still some children. By the age of 4 to 7, about 8% of children still have a large gap in language development, and this part of children is judged to be a language disorder. 

Of course, there are some more extreme examples, that is, some children have problems with their intellectual development, and the language function is in the brain area. Once the brain development is limited, the language function will naturally change. Restricted. 

In addition to the limitation of intellectual development, what other reasons may be caused by the child’s late speaking? 


It is reasonable to say that children will start to learn to speak after they are 1 year old, and no matter how late they are, they will also speak a little when they are around 2 years old. But Xiao Liu’s son is two and a half years old, and the family still didn’t see him say anything. In addition to crying and laughing, there were some vague mumbles, and basically no clear words were said. This made the family very anxious. 

In addition, Xiao Liu’s son is usually not very lively. Even if others tease him, his reaction is not very big. Although others don’t say anything, his family can guess and doubt the child. Could it be a problem with intelligence? 

So Xiao Liu took his son to the hospital for an examination. After a series of comprehensive assessments and diagnoses, the doctor believed that there was no problem with the child’s intelligence. So why is this happening? 

The doctor’s answer at the time made Xiao Liu a little bit unbelievable, “The child may just be too lazy and unwilling to talk. When you are raising your child, let him express what the child wants. Don’t rush to help your child express it. This child discovered this situation during the evaluation.”

Since then, Xiao Liu and his family have discussed changing this habit, but he didn’t expect to return it. It didn’t take long for the child to be forced into the first sentence, which made the family happy. It seemed that the child was really lazy. This reason also made Bao parents and mothers very worried. 

Your child “Speaking” late, in addition to intellectual factors, it may also be caused by these

1. Lack of language environment

Children’s imitating ability is very strong, and most children learn to speak through imitating Yes, and if parents don’t teach their children to speak or create an environment for their children to learn languages, their children will naturally be slower to speak. 

It is recommended that parents usually talk to their children more. For example, if they want to teach their children to say “mother”, then repeatedly input the “mother” pronunciation awareness to the children, and then do other things for the children each time At times, always bring “mother” to let children know that mother is the person in front of me, not everyone can be mother, “mother” is a title, not an object. 

2. Children are afraid to speak.

Some parents are more impatient when teaching their children to speak. After teaching the child a few times, if the child is still unwilling to open his mouth, or the pronunciation is incorrect, he may show great impatience and may even be aggressive to the child. 

When children encounter this kind of situation, they will naturally feel scared, so they will not dare to learn to speak, so they are afraid of suffering again. The longer this situation is, the more and more children will speak. late. 

It is recommended that parents be more patient with their children, but they are children of one or two years old. If they do not have this patience, then the children may encounter things in the process of growth in the future, compared with this is a little witch See the big witch. If you don’t temper your patience now, you will feel even more difficult in the future. 

3. Don’t “rush to answer” with your child

Like the Xiao Liu family in the case, the doctor pointed out that the child is too lazy, because the family usually spoils the child too much when taking care of the child. It’s because of crying, they probably know what they want to do, so parents don’t need to express themselves, parents will solve the problem for the child first. 

Isn’t this weakening the child’s ability to learn English? The more parents arrange these for their children, the weaker the children’s language skills will be, and they must understand the trade-offs. 

Finally, I would like to remind parents and friends that when you find that your child has language development delays, speaking late, etc., you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive assessment. Don’t think that the child may speak again after waiting. Such a wait-and-see attitude is often the most lethal weapon that drags down children. 

Only after a comprehensive assessment by experts, can the child’s crux be discovered, the child can start learning to speak earlier, and the intellectual development will be faster.

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