Now that the number of “paternity tests” has increased sharply, is it really women’s restlessness? Don’t test your wife’s loyalty like this

Now that the number of “paternity tests” has increased sharply, is it really women’s restlessness? Don’t test your wife’s loyalty like this

Nowadays, the number of “paternity tests” has increased sharply. Are women really restless? Don’t test your wife’s loyalty like this

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When I watched TV series before, I believe that many people are impressed by the “blood recognition” link inside. Now there are more scientific methods of identification-even the “paternity test” that many parents have had. 

The identification of relatives is easy to cause trouble ? 

In recent years, the unstable marital status, extramarital sex and the frequent appearance of children born out of wedlock in society have caused a sharp increase in the number of paternity tests, which has attracted much attention from the society. 

The person in charge of a parent-child testing agency (judicial) in Wuhan told sister Xingyun that the business volume they have undertaken has been increasing year by year in the past two years, and they can receive almost 3-10 per day. 

The paternity test requires a series of complicated processes such as sampling, cleaning, and comparison, and finally confirms whether the 20 sites of the parent and the child are consistent, only when the 20 sites of the father and the child are all corresponding, and When the cumulative parental power index is greater than 10,000, the parent-child relationship can be finally confirmed. 

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The large sample data shows that 80% of the paternity tests are the fathers of the children, and even many of them are done secretly with the children’s hair samples, and I dare not let the spouse know after the completion. So as not to cause trouble. 

Although many people believe that paternity testing will destroy the family and cause the couple to turn against each other, at the same time, experts from the Forensic Laboratory of the DNA Identification Center said that paternity testing is only a process of elaborating facts, and what really determines life is People’s mindset. 

Paternity test is necessary for marriage Are women really “restless”? 

With the improvement of living standards, people’s ideas and concepts have become more and more open, especially with the invasion of Western emotional concepts, leading many men and women to regard the issue of emotions very lightly, even Misconceptions about the separation of emotion and body appear. So, generally speaking, under what circumstances will a paternity test be done? 

✘Children are not like fathers

Usually, children’s appearance is often inherited from their parents, and even many children may inherit their mother’s appearance, but if the husband thinks the child looks good Not like yourself, it is very likely to doubt the child’s life experience. 

At this time, the paternity test Will play its importance. 

✘Questioning the character of the spouse

Although monogamy is now emphasized, some women may not be safe enough in the eyes of outsiders, and even some women may secretly play extramarital affairs. It is easy for the husband to be suspicious if he treats a wife who is not loyal to his feelings. 

And some husbands may be more sensitive. Hearing some news that is pretentious, they suspect that their children are not their own. In order to relieve their suspicion, they naturally think of doing a paternity test. 

✘Suspected holding the wrong child< /p>

Under normal circumstances, children are unlikely to be wrong, especially now that the hospital system is relatively complete, and there will be no fish in troubled waters. However, it is undeniable that accidents may also occur. 

If parents suspect that they are holding the wrong child, they will naturally go to a DNA test center for a paternity test. 

✘Being out of wedlock

Nowadays, many women are unmarried and get pregnant first, and once this happens, if the man refuses to accept the account, he can confirm the kinship through paternity test. 

In fact, many men do Paternity testing is to test the loyalty of the wife. However, after a paternity test, even if it is confirmed that it is a kinship, the relationship between the husband and wife will be affected, and it is easy to create suspicions between each other, and even aggravate family danger. 

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Parents are very sacred names and the greatest names in the world. 

In China, blood relationship seems to be endowed with a magic power, leading many people to think that blood relationship is very important. But in fact, if blood relationship is important, it is undeniable that nurturing kindness is also important. 

“Why don’t you need to live without raising It’s kindness to raise without being born.”

This sentence comes from a 25-year-old daughter who is about to marry. 

Because the birth mother was eager to have a son, when Kobayashi was born, she was sent to her foster mother’s house by his family. Although there is an older brother and an older sister in the adoptive mother’s family, the joining of Kobayashi also makes the whole family happy. Coupled with the shelter of the older brothers and sisters, Kobayashi’s life is also very comfortable. 

And when the biological mother learned that Kobayashi was doing well, she was also happy in her heart. Even when Kobayashi talked about marriage, she participated in it as a parent. This made Kobayashi, who had just learned of his life, suffered a blow, and even had a big fight with his biological mother, and she has since cut off contact. 

For this, it’s different Of people have different views. Some people think that birth mothers are more gracious than adoptive mothers, while others believe that adoptive mothers are more gracious than birth mothers. 

In this case, as a child, you still have to know how to be grateful, and don’t let down the person who has been with you and takes care of yourself. As for the percentage of importance of birth mother and foster mother, you can define it yourself. 

Today’s topic: Do you think the birth mother is big or the foster mother is big? 


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A reminder: These three kinds of personality have the same fathers, and most of the children are timid, and they will often have trouble in the future.

A reminder: these three kinds of personality have the same dad, and most of the children are timid, and they will often have trouble in the future.

Text | Fortunately pregnant sister (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not copy)


Although the public believes that raising children is the responsibility of mothers, if something goes wrong with their grades, conduct, or safety, the relatives will blame the mother first, but the father’s influence on the children cannot be ignored. 

It is mentioned in “Daddy’s Power” that fathers have far-reaching influence on children:

These influences can cause your greatest weakness at work, and can also form Your main advantage can also determine how satisfied you are with your job. 

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No matter what gender or ability you are in, your behavior and personality will be affected. 

Therefore, if there is no “good father”, the baby may become inferior and timid in the future, and it is difficult to have a future. 

Dads with these three personalities need attention

☛ Indifferent to children

Indifferent dads generally don’t care about their children and let grandpa, grandma or mother bear it. For all childcare responsibilities, there is very little communication with children in daily life. 

This may make the child feel that his father does not care about him, and thus lacks a sense of security. Children who are insecure towards their parents are most likely to suffer from gains and losses. When faced with difficulties, they choose to obey, silence and become inferior. 

☛ Grumpy

Fathers who often lose their temper with their children. Fathers who get angry, anger others, and impatient because of small things will make their children often live in oppression. 

They may only be submissive, not rebellious, or reduce their sense of existence in order to reduce the frequency of their father’s temper tantrums. This will also make children habitually become inferior and timid. 

Some children are not only inferior and timid, but also imitate their father’s behavior and become easily angry. With these characteristics, they are worse. They will find it difficult to get along with others in the future, and they may not be able to achieve great things. 

☛ timid and weak


Father is timid, afraid to solve difficult problems, chooses to escape, and likes to make excuses. It is very likely that children will not learn the correct way to deal with problems, and they will be timid, cowardly, and lost in the future. Many opportunities. 

What kind of father can easily educate better children? 

✔ Take time out every day to accompany your children

Boys with fathers are easy to have the power of role models; daughters with fathers are more secure, confident and brave. 

Furthermore, studies have shown that the children of fathers are also smarter. 

However, the company the child needs is not that the father is under the same roof with them. The child is playing with himself, while the father is playing with the mobile phone. 

True companionship should be to focus on children and give them timely response and help. A dozen minutes of high-quality company every day is worth the time when the father and the child stay at home and play each other for a whole day. 

✔ Gentle, patient, good at Communication

Children’s cognitive abilities are much worse than that of adults, so it’s normal to be troublesome to teach. Sometimes it’s because the father’s way of communication has problems. 

If fathers are good at communication and are gentle and patient when teaching their children, they can easily correct mistakes and become better. 

✔ Teach by words and deeds

Children’s comprehension skills are generally poor. Parents may not make them aware of right and wrong when they preach. If you want to make your children what kind of person, it is best to do it yourself. 

For example, I hope they Love to learn, dad also needs to take time to accompany his children to learn; I hope they can concentrate, and dad can’t do other things while playing on the phone. 

A father who wants to make a change, what should he do if he finds that his child ignores him? 

Some dads may not be indifferent to their children, but they are busy at work and neglect the education of their children. When they want to accompany their children, they find that they can’t get in. 

At this time, the role of mother is also greater:

● Mom sets aside separate space for children and father

Children who have grown up by their mothers When facing anything, they are also used to looking for their mother. If the mother is at home, they don’t want to get along with their father at all. 

So mother can leave home For a few hours, creating a separate space for them, allowing the father to take care of the baby’s eating, drinking, and having fun, will also enhance the relationship between father and children. 

● Moms do coordination from it

When children are around two years old, they will naturally attach themselves to their mothers. If mothers let this psychology go and reject their fathers, they will Make the children’s hatred of the father more serious. 

When the father is marginalized by the family, it is easy to cause disharmony in the family. 

Therefore, when a family of three gets along, it is also very important for the mother to praise his father and let the children admire him. 

Today’s topic: What kind of influence did your father have on you? 


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