Novice Bao Dad has a question: Why is it so smooth for babies to drink while lying down, but adults always get choked when they imitate?

Novice Bao Dad has a question: Why is it so smooth for babies to drink while lying down, but adults always get choked when they imitate? 

In most eyes, babies can almost be equated with the three characters “soft”, but did you know? Newborn babies often have many innate skills, which even parents can’t match. 

For example, babies lying down and drinking milk or water, I believe that many adults cannot do it. If Bao’s parents imitate blindly, they may still Will be choked accidentally. 

Bao’s father imitated his daughter to drink milk, but was choked

After Rong Rong was born, he was taken care of by his parents, especially Rong Rong, who looked at his “little cotton jacket” Don’t mention how much I like it. 

Once, Dad Rongrong watched the baby’s relish while feeding, he couldn’t help wondering: Would it be sweet if adults lie down and drink water like a baby? ? 

So Rong Rong’s dad, with a big brain, took a water bottle and filled it with water and decided to give it a try, planning to get a “daughter with the same money.” To this end, he also called Rong Rong’s mother to record a video for himself. 

Seeing her husband’s “childish” behavior, Rong Rong’s mother was helpless, but still turned on the phone’s video function. Unexpectedly, Dad Rongrong “rolled over” just a few sips, and he choked all over his face, making Rongrong’s mother laugh. 

In this regard, Rongrong’s dad, a novice mother, can’t help but have some questions: why babies drink milk smoothly while lying down, but adults are always choked when imitating What? 

There is a difference in the rhythm of drinking between a baby and an adult.

You will surely allow your dad’s questions, too. This reason is not difficult to understand. It depends mainly on the habits and containers of the baby’s milk and the adult’s drinking. 

[Baby drinks milk]

There are two ways for babies to drink milk, one is to drink breast milk , The other is to drink milk powder. 

Breast-drinking babies are usually held by their mothers and lying in the arms of their mothers. Some babies who are lying and drinking are also leaning against their mothers, so they don’t need to Worried about choking. 

Babies who drink milk powder generally use a feeding bottle, and they only swallow once every 2 or 3 times, which means that the baby is controlling the amount of milk by itself. 

Moreover, the pacifier itself also has the function of controlling the flow, so the baby will not be choked. 

[Adults drinking]

On the one hand, adults are used to sitting or standing drinking Water, on the other hand, is because you use a cup or bottle to drink water. These are the “standard configurations” for gulping water, and it is not easy to limit the amount of water. 

If adults must lie down and drink water, use a bottle or straw, and drink slowly, it can actually be done. This is why when adults are hospitalized, doctors recommend drinking straws. 

But then again, although the baby is not easy to be choked while drinking while lying down, this is not absolute, so parents must be careful during the feeding process. Don’t be careless. 

In order to avoid the baby being choked while drinking, parents should not care about feeding when feeding

▼Master a reasonable feeding rhythm , To avoid leaving your baby hungry for too long

For example, when babies are hungry, they often stop drinking milk slowly, but swallow them, and they don’t have any reserves in their mouths. It is easy to be choked, so Bao Ma must avoid feeding the baby when he is hungry for too long. 

▼Avoid too much air when brewing powdered milk

After brewing powdered milk, it is generally not recommended that parents shake the bottle up and down vigorously, as this will cause a lot of air to be mixed in and the baby will drink After entering, it will also cause choking. 

▼It is important to choose a suitable pacifier according to the age of the month

Bottle feeding mothers know that, The pacifiers of different months are different, which is also to control the flow rate and prevent the baby from choking milk. 

For example, a “small round hole” pacifier is more suitable for a baby about three months old, and when the child is half a year old, you can try a “Y-shaped hole” pacifier and a “single hole” pacifier. 

▼Choosing the correct breastfeeding posture is also a good way to reduce choking

whether breastfeeding For milk powder feeding, it is recommended that mothers choose the correct feeding posture. For example, the oblique position can not only prevent mothers from fatigue or discomfort, but also can effectively prevent the baby from choking milk due to improper feeding posture. 

Extended reading: What should parents do when they find that their baby is choking? 

Baby choking or spitting up milk is also a common occurrence. Parents don’t have to panic after encountering them. It is more important to remember to take three steps. 

  • First, stop breastfeeding and wipe clean the remaining milk in the baby’s mouth;
  • Secondly, burp to let the baby expel excess air from the body;
  • Finally, if the baby still wants to drink milk, continue feeding. 

    Of course, after feeding on weekdays, parents should also remember to give the baby a brief “hiccup service”. In addition, parents shouldn’t overfeed too much just to let the baby grow up quickly. “I would rather have two sons than have girls”, Bao Ma’s remarks have nothing to do with patriarchal patriarchy

    With the rapid development of society, everyone’s thinking has become avant-garde, with many outdated concepts It also changed accordingly. For example, the older generation’s idea of ​​patriarchalism is slowly diminishing. 

    For young people nowadays, whether they are giving birth to a boy or a girl, it is a “gift” for themselves, and they will naturally give them full love. 

    But even in such an environment, there will still be Bao Ma’s point of view: “I would rather have two sons than a daughter”, then what is going on? 

    “I would rather have two sons than a girl”

    Jiaojiao has always been a very independent woman in the eyes of outsiders. Since Jiaojiao had poor family conditions since she was a child, most of her parents’ love was left to her younger brother. Many things can only be obtained by her own hard work. , So I have suffered a lot in work and life. 

    Later, Jiaojiao and her husband met and married at work, and gave birth to a son, but even so, Jiaojiao refused to take a break, fearing that her job would be replaced. . 

    Now that Jiaojiao’s second child is about to be born, friends around me jokingly asked her if she wanted a boy or a girl, but the post-90s mother said bluntly: “I would rather have two sons. I don’t want to have a girl.” 

    These words surprised my friends, Jiao As a post-90s generation, why does Jiao still have such a patriarchal idea? Later, after careful inquiry, I found out the reason. 

    It turns out that Jiaojiao’s remarks have nothing to do with patriarchalism. She just feels that it’s too difficult for a girl to be happy in life, the gossip of people around, the unfair treatment in the workplace, Conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will become the “fetters” of girls’ growth. Unlike boys, there are not so many prejudices and demands on them, and parents will not have biased behaviors because of their gender. 

    It is precisely because Jiaojiao herself has grown up from this process, she does not want her daughter to go through this again, because she is worried that she will also follow the “old path” of her parents and let her baby girl Aggrieved. 

    The words of the post-90s mother caused Netizens’ controversy

    At the time, my friends felt that Jiaojiao’s words had some truth, so they posted them on the Internet when they were sighing. The result also caused netizens to argue. 

    Netizen Strawberry Bingbing: I can understand the mood of this mother, because I also came here, but it does not mean that girls will not be happy, as long as we do what we should do as parents, women Children can grow up happily! 

    Netizen A Jing can speak: This kind of thinking has its own problems. Isn’t it said that boys live without pressure? In fact, it just looks at the problem in different degrees. 

    Netizen Mushroom Sand: I have two Daughter, I really think there are too many things that girls have to worry about. Sometimes watching the little boys who are stocking in other people’s homes is not consciously a little envious. 

    In the process of raising their daughters, parents need to consider more questions

    Although it is said that giving birth to children is the same, in fact parents do worry more about giving birth to daughters than giving birth to sons. After all, girls Unlike boys, there will be more problems that need attention on weekdays. 

    The first thing to consider is the child’s education. Compared with boys, girls themselves are at a disadvantage in terms of life and work. If you read less, you will have less knowledge, and there may be more in the future. Bumpy. 

    There is another fear that my daughter will be unkind. Girls are always susceptible to bullying outside. They are different from boys. This alone makes their parents worry a lot. 

    Finally, considering the state of the daughter in the marriage, as a girl, marrying the wrong person and entering the wrong marriage will take a long time to get out, making it easier to be hurt and wronged. . 

    Combining the above factors, when parents educate their daughters, it means more effort. To cultivate a daughter is not only a material gift, but also a spiritual enrichment. In this way, Let it grow healthily and smoothly. 

    Parents should work harder in the process of educating their daughters< p>▼Choose spiritual enrichment but not spoiling

    Nowadays, girls are generally more favored by their parents, but we need to have a degree of spoiling them, that is, to give them spiritual abundance, but Don’t spoil. 

    Doting on children will make the children’s personality become more domineering, so that their gratitude will gradually disappear, and they will not get along well with the people around them. This is actually a kind of harm to the children. 

    ▼Bring more children to broaden your horizons

    Girls must look at the world more. When she sees more and understands more, the pattern will be bigger and the future will develop better, and of course it will be less likely to be taken by others. deceive. 

    Therefore, we can often let our children read, communicate with them, and take the children out to travel if we have the opportunity. These are all good ways to increase our children’s knowledge. 

    ▼Let them know how to love themselves

    The prerequisite for girls to let others love, they must first know how to love themselves, if they are not nice to themselves, who can love themselves What? 

    So parents should tell their children how to love themselves every day , How to protect yourself, etc. If things go on like this, the girl will definitely form a fixed cognition in her heart and know how to do it. 

    ▼Don’t have stereotypes in parenting

    If you want to achieve a good parenting effect, parents must not be too rigid when educating their children. This will not build on the children. The majesty in the heart will only alienate our children even more. 


    Although parenting girls’ parents are indeed a little more worrying, the birth of boys and girls is not something we can control. As the so-called “soldiers come to cover water and soil”, parents should not be too much in this regard. Many thoughts and pressure. If parents always yell at their children, they tend to go to these two extremes, and it will be difficult for them to become great in the future.

    It is the voice of every parent to let their children have a better future. In the process of education, we always want children to get better development, so that they will become more strict, so that children can make more progress. However, this process always needs to be carried out slowly, and many parents start yelling because of their lack of patience. Under such circumstances, it is very likely that the children will be greatly affected. 

    Ms. Liu is an experienced teacher. She is always able to discipline students very strictly, which makes her teaching process smoother. When dealing with her children, she even took a harsher attitude than towards students, so in normal times, her son Xiaojiang would always be under pressure from his mother. 

    Although Ms. Liu behaves in class Very patient, even if strict, will guide the students to gradually rise. However, when dealing with her son, she didn’t have much patience. She always wanted her son to learn her knowledge instantly, so she began to use yelling methods to force her to grow up. Under such circumstances, her son did learn a lot of knowledge, but he became very inferior and did not dare to express his ideas easily, which even affected his future development. 

    It can also be seen from stories like this that when dealing with children’s education problems, no matter what kind of parents they are, they cannot easily use violent means, especially the process of yelling. It often kills the hearts of children. 

    If parents often yell and yell at their children, most of the children will go to these two extremes, which is difficult to achieve. Don’t look down on your baby in the future:

    First, the child will become more and more inferior, and only when inferiority deepens his bones and affects his future development

    Children are too inferior, because under the pressure of their parents for a long time, they dare not express their opinions more. Faced with this situation, they can only remain silent, and being so silent for a long time will make their hearts become blocked. Even in the face of other people, they are reluctant to truly express their thoughts, because they are afraid of making mistakes and afraid of being yelled at. 

    Second, children are prone to rebelliousness, and their tempers are getting more and more irritable. They learn from their parents, yelling at others whenever they encounter problems, and will not deal with them calmly. 

    Perhaps parents have been treated this way before, so as they grow up, they have also learned the same style of their former parents and began to yell at their children. This is an abnormal inheritance, and the children will also yell like their parents in the future. 

    They will become extremely impatient, and they may not be able to easily tolerate others’ faults, and even in the future they will be particularly impatient with their children. This transmission process is very Not advisable. 

    As a parent, how to educate children correctly What? 

    1. Facing the situation where children cannot learn knowledge for a long time:

    We must first correct our attitude and not be too harsh. At this time, every parent will be anxious and basically hope that their children can quickly master a new knowledge, but this is not particularly easy. There is a gap in the IQ between parents and children. No matter how smart a child is, there needs to be a process to understand new knowledge. 

    So we have to be patient to teach them, not to pour knowledge into their minds, we should use more vivid methods, such as drawing with pictures, or use more vivid three-dimensional graphics to help children understand. This will allow the children to have a deeper memory, and they will also allow their imagination to grow more in this development. 

    2. Facing the failure of the child:

    We also can’t yell, even if we give them great hope, we can’t show a particularly disappointed look when they fail. Many parents will behave like this. When they see their children failing in grades or failing to succeed in certain competitions, they will be particularly disappointed, and they will even yell at their children, thinking that they are not paying attention. 

    No one will deliberately lose. Children must have reasons. Therefore, we have to help them find the reasons and encourage the children. At this time, we have to be the one to comfort the children, help them heal the trauma in their hearts, and then work hard with them. 

    3. Facing the situation where children don’t like to learn:

    We should be more patient. If you yell at this time, it will really be useful, because children are often afraid of their parents. A particularly harsh way of howling. This simple and rude way is very effective. It can make the child become behaved in an instant, and then study hard. 

    But this tough method may be harmful to children The effect is not particularly good. Even if they go to study, there are certain grades, but they are strangled their freer mind. In the future, the child may be a typical nerd, and nothing else. 

    Every child has his own growth process, we need to pay attention to their efforts in this process, and help them to make more improvements. In this process, no one can force the children to grow up. It is not what we can define how good they will become. Similarly, we cannot draw boundaries at will and let them work hard in this direction. What we have to do is to pay attention to every process of the children, and give gentle encouragement, so that children can develop more freely in this warm environment. In this way they have unlimited possibilities, and yelling will always ruin the child’s future.

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