No matter how interested the children are, don’t enroll them in this kind of interest class. They have been dissed by the experts.

No matter how interested the children are, don’t enroll them in this kind of interest class. They have been dissed by experts.

“Let children win at the starting line” must be the common wish of many parents, for this goal The successful achievement of various interest training classes will be “arranged” by parents early in the process of children’s growth. 

To help children grow up well, all kinds of interest training classes compete to report, but the grades do not increase but fall.

My friend Meimei is a well-known enrollment in the “Baoma” circle.” “Crazy Demon”, when her baby daughter Duo Duo was less than three years old, she began to learn children’s oral English, dance, painting, calligraphy and other talents. Basically, every weekend is occupied by these interest training classes. 

Although Duoduo has mastered many talent skills at a young age, but in the face of endless praise and praise from everyone, he can’t feel the joy of the child’s heart. 

Time is fleeting, and Duo Duo has become a qualified elementary school student last year. 

In order to help Duoduo’s cultural lessons, in addition to the original interest classes on weekends, Meimei has added “Australian” training to Duoduo, aiming to cultivate children’s good sense of language and reading understanding. 

However, the one-semester Austrian language training not only failed to increase the child’s language performance, but also messed up his otherwise good phrase organization ability. 

In order to analyze the reasons for this situation, Meimei and Duoduo had a cordial conversation. In a good communication atmosphere, Duo Duo, like her mother, expressed her dissatisfaction that she disliked and did not understand the Austrian language training, as well as her dissatisfaction that various interest training classes deprived her of too much entertainment time. 

I believe that in life, many parents will experience the same conditions as Meimei as their children grow up. I blindly believe that as long as the children are arranged for various interest training classes, they can help their children’s better personal development, completely disregarding the children’s personal preferences. As everyone knows, interest training courses that go against the wishes of the child may have a counterproductive effect on the growth of the child. 

What are the counterproductive effects of interest classes that go against the children’s wishes? 

1. It is easy to trigger children’s rebellious emotions;

For adults, they will still be dissatisfied with things that go against their wishes, especially for growing children. If parents report to their children for an interest training class that goes against their wishes, it will only make the children feel dissatisfied with the parents’ actions and produce resistance. If they do not communicate in time, they may even accumulate illnesses in the children’s hearts, causing a problem. The emergence of a series of bad psychological problems. 

2. It is easy to cause the training effect to have a counter-effect;

Children are destined to not put too much thought and effort into training classes that they are not interested in, based on their inner resistance. As a result, children’s learning attitude tends to deteriorate, which has a negative reaction to all kinds of learning. 

To sum up, the interest class training that respects the children’s personal wishes can truly bring the “icing on the cake” to the children’s growth. 

In addition, when choosing which interest class to enroll for their children, parents must also keep their eyes open and do a good job of screening. As the famous child psychology expert Li Meijin said, “There is no need to enroll children in the following three interest classes, which are almost useless.”

1. Exaggerate the publicity of interest classes;

A lot Interest classes will be exaggerated in publicity, such as “Practice your baby’s high EQ in 7 days”, “Learn to abacus and mental arithmetic in 3 days” and so on. But all such exaggerated publicity of training courses captures the eagerness of parents to “hope for their children to become a dragon”, and most of them are wasteful of money and useless for the growth of children. 

2. Interest classes lacking teacher qualifications;

Nowadays, the inclusiveness of the market has led to the emergence of various types of interest training classes, and the unevenness of good and bad has become an objective existence. Therefore, when parents choose interest training classes for their children, they must not ignore the verification of teacher qualifications. We must decisively reject the interest training courses that lack teacher qualifications or whose teacher qualifications are unknown. 

3. Interest classes with too many students;

Many interest training classes will choose large-class teaching methods to train children, often a teacher has to bring nearly a hundred people to study classroom. 

Obviously, the huge number of students and teachers must not have enough time and energy to take care of every child, so the quality of children’s learning will definitely be affected. 

Therefore, parents must also sensibly refuse to teach interest classes in large classes with too many students. 

I hope that every parent can base on the premise of respecting the children’s wishes when choosing to apply for the “interest training class” for their children. At the same time, they will be able to rationally discriminate among the various interest training classes on the market. Select newspapers on demand. Only in this way can the children’s excellent growth and physical and mental health “icing on the cake”. 

How do you think about enrolling children in interest classes? What do you do when you enroll your child in interest classes? Welcome to leave a message to share. It’s not just the belly that “gets bigger” after pregnancy, but also these parts. The father-to-be is most afraid of it

It is said that the body shape will change greatly after pregnancy, and the most obvious change is Pregnant mothers have their stomachs, even if they are not very pregnant, they can also see their stomachs swell. 

Will there be changes only in the belly after pregnancy? Obviously, the changes are not only in this place, but also other parts are also obvious, but pregnant mothers usually ignore it. 

I remember that after my girlfriend was pregnant, about 6 months or so, she called me and told me to accompany her to buy lingerie, because she originally wanted to go out in the morning, but found herself She couldn’t wear her underwear, so she had to put on a small vest under her clothes. 

After 5 months of pregnancy, her mother-in-law stopped letting her go to work, so she quit her job and rested at home. She usually wears loose clothes and takes off her underwear at home, so this one I have barely worn it for many months. 

As a result, when I wanted to wear it that morning, I realized that I couldn’t wear it. It was really tight. Only then did she notice that her breasts had become a lot bigger. It will become bigger, and it seems that there is nothing wrong with this sentence. 

In the afternoon, I accompanied her to the store to buy a few sets of underwear, all of which were comfortable, tailored specifically for pregnant women. Later she also said that she is wearing it at home now, because it feels really good, unlike the ordinary styles that are more responsive, and very skin-friendly. 

Some mothers joked, “This is the benefit of a flat chest. Which girl doesn’t like her size can be bigger.”

1, belly

This point does not need to be detailed It is explained that, after all, this is a well-known thing. After a woman is pregnant, there may not be obvious changes in the belly in the first three months, because at this stage the fetus is mainly stable. 

However, when it is about to enter the second trimester, the growth rate of the fetus will increase significantly. Therefore, starting from this stage, the pregnant woman’s belly swelling speed is also visible to the naked eye. 

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetal development enters the golden period. The first one is faster than the middle stage, and the speed of the middle stage will be restored after the second two months. 

Forty weeks is also a process for pregnant mothers to witness the growth and development of their fetuses. Pregnant mothers will also see their belly grow a little bit larger. This process is difficult and exciting. 

2. Buttocks

Almost every pregnant woman can see obvious changes in her buttocks in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. This is because women in the early stages of pregnancy are affected by morning sickness and their appetite becomes poor, and some pregnant mothers Even thinner than before pregnancy, there is still fleshy buttocks. 

After the first trimester, the appetite of pregnant mothers will increase greatly. At this time, let go of the appetite and eat, and they will naturally gain weight. Many pregnant women gain excess weight in the second trimester, which leads to fat A large amount of accumulation, even fat lines appear on the buttocks. 

Of course, this is not the only reason. As the fetus grows up, the pressure of the entire uterus on the pelvis will gradually increase, so the pelvis will also share the pressure on both sides. It is also one of the reasons for the overall enlargement of the hips. 

3. Breasts

Apart from the belly, what pregnant mothers feel most is the breasts. People say that the breasts will “secondarily develop” after pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers have been paying attention to this since the beginning of pregnancy. One aspect of the problem. 

I want to remind pregnant mothers that they must change the underwear of the right size in time. After the first trimester of pregnancy, you can change to a new size. After that, observe whether your size is If there is a change, you must buy a new one in time. 

If the new underwear is not replaced in time, the old ones may bring pressure to the chest of pregnant mothers, affect the normal breathing of pregnant mothers, and may also hinder the breasts. Secondary development. 

If the breasts of pregnant mothers develop faster during this period, it may also cause the pregnant mothers to experience breast tenderness. For this situation, it is recommended to massage more, and it is necessary to use hot compresses. , It also relieves pain very well. 

4. Temper

“Why do you get off work so late?”

“I just want to eat, you hurry up and buy it!”

“What are you doing? Who are you talking to so loudly?”


These words should be familiar to pregnant mothers. Many male friends may think that pregnant women become very squeamish. The temper has also become very big. 

In fact, this is also because the body’s hormone balance is disrupted and unstable, so that emotions have been greatly affected. Pregnant women can’t stand the stimuli the most, and they also become very sensitive. They may become very “explosive” because of a small problem. Dads-to-be often feel headaches about this. The most feared is the tantrum at home. Up. 

It is recommended that fathers-to-be stay patient as much as possible during pregnancy and communicate with pregnant mothers in a calm manner. Strengthening communication can also make pregnant mothers more cheerful, which is also good for the children in their stomachs. .

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