No matter how good-looking children were when they were young, if they have these three habits, they may become ugly when they grow up.

No matter how good-looking children were when they were young, if they have these three habits, they may become ugly when they grow up

If they are good-looking children when they are young, if they have these three habits, they may become ugly when they grow up< /p>

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In life, many people should have seen or experienced it. Things that have changed a lot after growing up. 

If it changes and looks more beautiful, it is still very surprising. The most unacceptable thing is that it looks particularly good when I was young, but it looks ordinary when I grow up. 

I believe that many people feel sad when they see their favorite child star whose appearance drops very seriously after growing up. 

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Although a person who looked good when he was a child, how he grows up has a lot to do with the characteristics of his face and the inheritance of his parents. 

But it is also related to their living habits since childhood. 

There are three types of children, even if they look good when they are young, they may become uglier and uglier in the future. 

Unhealthy diet

▶ Uneven appetite

Some children have a good appetite, and they are prone to gain weight if they eat without restraint; but if they are too thin, they may cause facial fat and collagen Protein loss. 

These two eating habits will cause the child’s appearance to decline, and fat will cause the child’s face to be deformed, and the facial features will be crowded. 

Being thin may cause children The lines on the face are not smooth, and there are many gully, very tired and old. 

▶ I love to eat fried foods

Fried foods and other high-calorie, high-energy foods are prone to generate free radicals to accelerate skin aging, and make the skin greasy and prone to acne. 

It is also difficult for children with poor skin conditions to look good. 

▶ Malnutrition

Children who are picky or dieting may lead to insufficient nutrition in the body, which will also make the skin condition worse, uneven and dull skin, and affect the appearance. 

So parents can help to make a reasonable Eat more vegetables, eat less meat, and exercise. You can also control your weight when you are full. 

Bad behaviors


Children with poor behavior habits will affect the development of their bones and body posture, and will also cause their own appearance to decline. 

Common bad behavior habits are:

▶ Sleeping with mouth open

Children who are used to sleeping with mouth open at night will affect the appearance of the lower half of the face and make teeth Protruding or shortening of the chin. 

▶ Play with the phone with your head down


Children who are used to playing with mobile phones with their heads down may cause their hunchback and chin to become shorter, which will affect their overall appearance. 

▶ Sedentary

Children who sit in a position for a long time between classes and don’t like to go for a walk may cause excessive fat accumulation in their stomachs and legs and affect their physical appearance. 

▶ Poor manners

Children who don’t pay attention to their manners and are accustomed to hunched back, bowed heads, big belly, etc. tend to give people a feeling of lack of vigor and temperament. 

Those children who have studied music, dance, and sports from elementary school may also give people a sense of beauty in their temperament. 

So, always remind children to pay attention Posture, good standing and sitting posture are very important for parents. 

The conditions at home are relatively good, so you might as well enroll your children in an interest class, instead of becoming a master, you can help them exercise, broaden their knowledge, and develop good behaviors and habits. 

Don’t talk about hygiene

▶ The clothes are not clean

No matter how good-looking children are, if the clothes they wear are always dirty, they also have a peculiar smell, which may also give people a dirty feeling on the whole , Thus ignoring his looks. 

▶ The body is not clean in place

Even if a child’s facial features look good, if the hair is always messy, the teeth are yellow, the nose is hanging, and there are still gray. 

It’s hard for everyone to go Take a closer look at his facial features. 

Clean and tidy people can give people a good impression even if they are not good-looking. Therefore, parents need to cultivate their children’s hygiene habits when they are young. 

In order to prevent children from becoming lazy and uncomfortable in the future, so that their overall appearance will deteriorate. 

Newborn children are always If you don’t understand anything, the knowledge is relatively scarce, so you often make mistakes in the process of life and study. 

Slow accumulation of these errors will make their appearance decline. 

Therefore, parental guidance and role models are very important. Good-looking and smart children are carefully cultivated by their parents. 

If parents are unwilling to do anything It is also basically impossible to make a contribution and force the child to become excellent. 

I hope that parents can take their own responsibilities, study parenting knowledge, care and love their children, and cultivate them to be smart, beautiful, excellent, and of good character. 


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If a woman has not given birth to a baby, three parts of her body will be exposed. In addition to the doctor, people who come over can also tell

According to research findings, women’s postpartum pelvis repair The best time is within 42 days to half a year after delivery. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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Women have to endure physical and psychological changes in addition to the hardship of pregnancy in October, and after giving birth After that, it was not able to recover quickly. 

Experienced people and doctors can see the changes at a glance and judge whether a woman has given birth to a child. 

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Lin Lin is 25 years old this year. Although she is not very old, she has successfully become a hot mom, because she will be repaired in time after giving birth. , The figure is still like a girl, and when shopping, I often meet a few men to greet me. 

Because the child got a job when he was older, many male colleagues in the company were adored and wanted to pursue Linlin. 

Before the male colleagues started pursuing it, an older sister in the company said: “Linlin is already married and having children, so don’t think about it anymore.”< /p>

Looking at her colleague’s puzzled face, the eldest sister continued to explain: “Although Linlin has a very good figure, the fat on her belly is loose. This should not be Fat is just the meat that is not lost after giving birth.”

There are still many people who don’t believe it. In the end, a male colleague confessed to Linlin, and the result was just like what the older sister said , She refused and said that she was married and had children. 

For a time, people in the company attracted great admiration for this eldest sister and asked why. 

Actually, whether there is a child or not can be seen by observing several parts of a woman’s body. People and doctors can tell it at a glance. 

The birth of women Have a baby? There are 3 parts of the body that can’t be hidden.

1. Chest

Women who have given birth, breasts during pregnancy Will be affected by progesterone, and become bigger, after the baby sucks, there will be severe shrinkage, or even relaxation, even in the twenties. 

Generally, outsiders can’t see it in proper dress, but as long as you get close to the gynecologist, you can still be seen. 

This is because women who have not given birth will have fuller and firmer breasts. 

2, buttocks

For women who have given birth to a child, the buttocks will appear due to the weight gain during pregnancy The increase in fat, coupled with the growing size of the fetus and the declining fetus in the second trimester of pregnancy, will make the buttocks larger, wider and larger, and even appear to be sagging, which is easy for gynecologists to see. 

If you have not given birth to a woman, your buttocks will be more elastic without sagging. 

3, belly

For women who have given birth to a baby, the abdomen will gradually bulge due to the growth of the fetus during pregnancy, and the elastic fiber tissue will also be damaged. After the baby is born It is like a deflated leather ball. It is difficult to return to its original state, even covered with stretch marks. The doctor only needs to look at it to find out whether it is caused by obesity, or has given birth to a child. 

Women who have not given birth have a very tight abdomen, with very little subcutaneous fat, and a small waist is not a problem. 

Postpartum repair Good 3 things

1. Postpartum pelvic repair

Regardless of which mode of production a woman chooses, for pelvic floor muscles and The pelvis can cause different degrees of injury, so after delivery, pelvic repair exercises or other methods are needed to strengthen the buttocks muscles, so as to improve the pelvic relaxation and forward tilt. 

According to research findings, the best time for postpartum pelvic repair in women is within 42 days to six months postpartum. 

2, balanced nutrition

In order to quickly recover body shape after childbirth, some women think of dieting, or some In order to provide enough breast milk for her children, Bao Ma chooses to eat some high-nutrient foods. 

In fact, they are all incorrect. If you want to recover quickly and maintain adequate breast milk, it is best to maintain a balanced nutrition. The staple food is whole wheat bread. Mainly, with eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables, etc., the nutrition is comprehensive and the fat content is low. 

For example, you can choose porridge for breakfast, such as black rice porridge, millet porridge, pumpkin soup, etc., with eggs and steamed buns. 

3. Ensure the quality of sleep

Baoma must pay attention to ensuring her own sleep quality after delivery, preferably 10 hours a day Regarding the sleep time, do regular work and rest, so that not only can promote the metabolism, which is conducive to the recovery of the body, but also can have a better mental state. 

In addition, you can adopt prone and chest-knee sleeping positions after childbirth, which can not only prevent the uterus from tilting back, but also promote the rapid recovery of the uterus. Return to Sohu to see more

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