“No love” spends 500,000 children on her own, this female CEO’s approach is enviable

“No love” spends half a million to have children on her own. This female CEO’s approach is enviable

Nowadays, people have more open views on marriage and childbirth, and people have more views on marriage and childbearing. Thinking, the traditional concept has also been greatly challenged. 

Especially at a time when women are more independent, women’s views on fertility are more “self”, and they pay more attention to their own experience and happiness index. 

I have to say that nurturing life is a prudent choice, based on self-will and sense of responsibility, so that it will be more conducive to the realization of family happiness. 

Female CEO Flower Buying 500,000 sperm, they can have children without love. Now they are living happily.

Some time ago, the video of female CEO Ye Haiyang sending her daughter to school attracted the attention of netizens. Like other parents, Ye Haiyang cried bitterly on the day that he sent his daughter to school, and hid in the car and burst into tears. 

Although she is a strong woman in her career, she is also the very gentle mother in front of her daughter. 

The news that Ye Haiyanghua 500,000 bought sperm abroad has sparked a national discussion. 

Ye Haiyang was 29 years old at the time. She felt that she had reached the age to have a child, but because she had not met love, she thought of buying sperm. 

Obviously, this approach was quite deviant in the eyes of most people, so Ye Haiyang was also under a lot of pressure from public opinion at that time. 

However, Ye Haiyang, who has always been very thoughtful, thinks that there is nothing wrong with her in this matter. First of all, this is her own will, and this has also been deliberated, and it is not at all impulsive. 

She will be responsible for the child. In this way, after the pregnancy in October, the baby of the five nations was born smoothly. 

Although people’s views on fertility have become much more enlightened, some netizens have expressed doubts about it. 

“Will there be any shortcomings in the child’s growth process that only the mother’s participation is involved? Will this be fair to the child?”

“Just to fulfill my dream of giving birth, Just let the child live in a single-parent family, this is not really loving the child!”

But there are also many Baoma netizens who express their envy, “It’s much better than widowed parenting!” Come, whether it is for Ye Haiyang or for her daughter, both mother and daughter have a very happy life. 

Happiness is like a person knows himself when he drinks water and warmth. As long as the mother and daughter live happily, there is no regret in this choice. 

What problems might you encounter when raising a child? 

1. Public opinion pressure

Although people do not discriminate against single-parent families as they did before, it must be said that single-parent families are still a relatively special family composition. 

For this reason, parents and children of single-parent families will be under certain pressure from public opinion. If there is no strong heart or witty response, it may affect the happiness of life. 

2. Parenting pressure

It is not an easy task to raise children, especially nowadays, parents pay more attention to the quality of children’s growth, so they are responsible for it The upbringing pressure will also be heavier. 

For single-parent families, there is no opportunity to discuss with the other half, which makes them more prone to anxiety and collapse when facing upbringing pressures. Parenting without teammates can be said to be a very tiring thing. 

3. Economic pressure

A stable living environment will be more conducive to the growth of children, especially the high cost of parenting nowadays. Since there is no one to help share the economic expenses of the family, single-parent families have to bear the economic pressure Naturally it will be bigger. 

Everyone has the right to choose to have children. Taking responsibility for the growth of children is the bottom line of love.

1. Give children enough love and sense of security

For children, single-parent families Of course, there are certain shortcomings in the growth model of, but it has to be said that as long as you grow up in a loving family environment, then this part of the shortcomings will not hinder your children’s growth. 

When parents give their children enough love and security, I believe that the little guy can grow up healthy and happy. 

2. Children are not a burden to the family

No matter what kind of family model, the birth of a child is like an angel descending, a gift from God to a family. 

So parents should not regard their children as a burden to the family, or their own burden. They can accompany their children’s growth. Watching the villain in front of them grow up a little bit, this is already the only way to be a parent. Experienced happiness. 

3. The integrity of family functions is more important.

In fact, for single-parent families, maintaining the integrity of family functions is far more important than entangled in the choice of education methods, regardless of whether it is a single-parent family’s composition mode, a sense of responsibility Of parents can give their children a stable and healthy growth environment. 

In short, a family should be a place full of love and warmth, and parents should be the ones who give their children love and a sense of security. 

Rather than entangled in the family model, it is better to pay more attention to the quality of family life. Everyone has the right to choose and make decisions, but as adults, they should know how to take responsibility for choices and decisions. 

What do you think about the growth of children in single-parent families? Will 20-year-old children learn to look at eyes? “Goldfish Eyes” is not the best, but it

The most obvious manifestation of children’s inattention when learning is not the erratic eyes, but it< /p>

Professor Li Meijin mentioned in a lecture earlier that if a child learns, just look at the child’s eyes. If the child’s eyes are erratic, then such children will definitely not have the energy to learn. It is difficult to have good results. 

Later, I also mentioned this issue during a chat with a friend. That friend was a junior high school teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She strongly agreed with this statement at the time. Some supplements are given. 

Children will not I can learn to look at the eyes. “Goldfish eyes” is not the best, but it

In the eyes of many parents, it is only necessary to see the child’s learning status and see if the child’s eyes are focused. Parents judge the standard of the child’s eye concentration. It is whether the child is staring at the book or workbook “straight-on”. 

In this judgment standard, many parents have misunderstood that the general learning state of “gold fish eye” is good. In fact, the state of “gold fish eye” is just empty on the outside, and the inside is empty. of. 

What is “goldfish eye”? It shows that children do focus their eyes on books or textbooks in the learning process, but their eyes are as absent as a goldfish, even sluggish, learning mechanistically, without any initiative to take the initiative. 

Therefore, if parents see “gold fish eyes” when their children are studying, don’t be eager to be happy. This is not the state of children studying seriously, but rather distracted. 

Many parents believe that the only way a child’s eyes are floating is a manifestation of inattention. In fact, this is only the performance of a small number of children, and more children mainly show sluggish, distracted eyes, and even There is a situation of “dropping eyelids and dozing off”. 

So how to judge the child’s learning state is good? In fact, it should be a “star eye”. To put it a little exaggeratedly, the children’s eyes will shine when they are studying. This is a rare state. 

If parents usually observe the child’s state carefully, you will find that there is a big difference between the eyes when the children study hard and the eyes when they pretend to study hard. 

Children in the state of studying seriously, their eyes are embarrassing, carefully observe the child’s micro-expression, and see the child frowning from time to time, his mouth will move from time to time, and sometimes he will talk to himself Say a few words to myself, the focus of the eyes is very strong, it is difficult to be disturbed by external factors. 

If your child is in this state while studying, then the parents can be happy, indicating that your child’s learning concentration is very strong, and it is not difficult to improve academic performance. On the contrary, for parents whose children are not in this situation, certain measures need to be taken. 

Improve children’s learning Concentration, parents can do this

1. Let the children draw or do other things

Professor Li Meijin mentioned in the program before that parents who want to improve their children’s concentration We should be nurtured for children from an early age, and the easiest way is to let them draw. 

Parents can prepare pens and papers for their children. At first they tell them to draw for 5 minutes before they can stop. After the children can persist for 5 minutes, they can extend 5 minutes to 10 minutes. The process progresses step by step, with 5 minutes as the node for increments. 

For elementary school children, using 40 minutes as the critical point, in the end, cultivate children’s 40 minutes of concentration, which is basically consistent with the children’s class time, which is already very rare. 

What’s more, parents need to be clear that with the improvement of concentration time, the difficulty of training for parents will become more and more difficult. At this time, children may not cooperate. Parents must be patient to comfort their children. This process is also Exercising children’s willpower. 

At the same time, it should be noted that it takes a certain amount of time to increase the concentration from 5 minutes to 40 minutes, which cannot be achieved in a short period of time. If parents arrange the rhythm too tightly, it may lead to The children are extremely dissatisfied with this, and even begin to reject this kind of training. 

2. Don’t disturb your children

Many parents will habitually interrupt their children. When children play games and watch TV, they think these are irrelevant things, and even interrupt them. Children are better. 

In fact, this is not the case. If parents interrupt their children too often to do these things, it will make the children’s concentration worse. However, this is often ignored by many parents in real life. 

Therefore, the best solution is that parents can participate in activities with their children, and then find a suitable rhythm point to tell the children to pause first, instead of rashly interrupting the children and not giving them anything. Be prepared to interrupt the child’s thinking, logic, etc. This will also cause the child’s dissatisfaction. 

The strength and weakness of children’s concentration is not only related to their academic performance, but also closely related to the children’s life and future work. Cultivating children’s concentration is not only for learning, but parents should also Let the child be aware of this and let the child take the initiative to participate in it, in this way, the effect of improvement will be doubled.

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