Newborns have regular weight gains, and the standards for 0-12 months are different. Has your baby reached the standard?

Newborns have regular weight gains, and the standards for 0-12 months are different. Has your baby reached the standard? 

For novice parents, taking care of their children is not a simple matter. Trivial things like breastfeeding, helping with changing diapers, and holding children can always keep them busy as “baby-bringers”. Desperate. Therefore, the baby’s slight changes can arouse the attention of Bao’s parents. 

The elderly in the family often say: “The child sees the wind grows, every day is the same.” Although this may sound outrageous at first, height and weight are important reference values ​​for measuring the baby’s development and are still very popular among parents. Fancy. 

So when the parents found that the baby’s weight was not When the increase and fall, you can’t help but start to suspect that there is a problem with your feeding method, is the child not full? 

It’s normal for babies to lose weight if they don’t increase in less than a week.

When a child is not yet born, he is surrounded by amniotic fluid, so most of the little guys are wrinkled “little old men” after they are born. kind”. 

However, after waiting 3 or 4 days, parents will find that with the natural loss of the baby’s meconium and its own water, the newborn will show itself” “The original appearance”, and correspondingly, their weight value will drop by about 6% compared to the time of birth, which is normal. 

Therefore, parents face the weight loss of newborns There is no need to worry too much about the situation. As long as it is observed that they can still eat and sleep, and ensure a normal amount of milk, their weight will return to normal within two days, and they will even get a little fatter. 

In fact, in general, although the weight gain of newborns fluctuates slightly, there is still a regular pattern to follow. So let’s see if your baby has reached the standard? 

Children from 0-12 months have regular weight gains. Parents must know what to expect.

Because children of different months of age need different “energy” to grow up, so on the basis of correct feeding by the mother, the child The weight standards for 0-12 months are also different.

▲0-3 months is the “peak period” of weight gain:

As we all know, the basal weight of newborns will be maintained between 2.54kg and 4.18kg, and most babies are born When the weight is 6 kg to 6.5 kg. 

Generally speaking, newborn feeding is about 3 hours once. According to this level, the child can grow 0.2kg on average every week, so when the child reaches three months, the weight can reach 6.2 Above kg. 

This kind of weight It is already very impressive within one year old. 

▲4-6 months of weight gain gradually slowed down:

Children who have entered this stage are no longer satisfied with the simple life of eating and sleeping. Exercise attempts, so the child’s weight gain at this stage will temporarily slow down, with an average increase of 0.15-0.18kg per week. 

When the child is about half a year old, their weight has developed significantly compared to the weight at birth, and in general it is about twice the weight at birth. 

▲7-12 months weight gain gradually Flattening:

After 6 months, although the child’s diet is still based on breast milk or milk powder, supplementary food will also be introduced appropriately. During this period, the baby’s weight will increase by about 90 grams per week, and the overall weight The state of growth will not fluctuate too much. 

However, if parents find that the baby’s weight has not reached the growth standard during this period, they should not blindly increase the number of feedings or supplementary food for the child. 

After all, the weight gain changes according to the basic value. Some children have a heavier weight at birth, and they cannot reach 3 times their birth weight. Parents don’t need to be too entangled in this issue, as long as the baby’s mental state is normal. It’s okay. 

Speaking of which, some moms may think It is too troublesome to calculate the weight of a child, but there are actually simple formulas that can be used. 

There are two formulas to help Baoma calculate the weight of newborns.

If parents feel that it is too troublesome to calculate the weight increase every week, there are also simple formulas for reference:

●monthly age under 6 months=basic weight at birth (kg)+0.6×monthly age

●monthly age under 1 year old , Over 6 months = basic weight at birth (kg) + 0.5×month age

But it’s worth noting that children are born in different seasons, environment, and feeding methods. Therefore, even babies of the same month age have different weights. A certain value is used to determine whether the baby is “up to standard.” 

Therefore, when parents help their children to measure their weight, it is normal that the error is within 10%. 

If you want to minimize the error when measuring weight, parents should master tips.

On the one hand, try to choose a fixed measurement period and measurement time. 

It is recommended that Baoma choose to do it in the morning without breastfeeding, and the child is smelly after pulling, so that the net weight of the little guy is measured. 

On the choice of period, parents will test once a week Or you can test every three days, and you can also draw a simple development chart based on the change in the weight value, so that you can intuitively feel the state of the baby’s weight gain. 

On the other hand, parents should also pay attention to the measurement method.

For children who are young and do not have the ability to turn over, it’s good to put the baby on a special scale. For those little guys who can climb and roll, parents can use the “Cao Cong to weigh the elephant” method to hold the child on the scale and then reduce the adult’s own weight. Children who grow up “not kissing their mother” have a signal since they are young. Parents should stop them when they find out.

“It is said that raising a child can prevent old age, but children can stay in a country with high mountains and rivers.” This sentence must be a lyric. Everyone must be familiar. 

As the lyrics sing, parents regard their children as a guarantee for the aged, but many children grow up alienated from their parents, especially children who are not close to their mothers. 

And this kind of children can judge one or two from many details, parents should observe carefully

The mother planted the child to bear the fruit of “coldness”

Xiaojuan has always been a very warm and careful person in the impression of people around him, so Everyone likes her better and is willing to deal with her more, but Xiaojuan’s enthusiasm is not for her mother. 

Since setting up her family, Xiaojuan has rarely returned to her natal family. This point makes her husband very difficult to understand. Other daughter-in-laws can’t hate returning to her natal family. Why isn’t her wife? So he tried to understand why. 

Unexpectedly, his wife’s answer made him a little confused , Because she said that she basically has no feelings for this family, especially after her father passed away, she is even more reluctant to go back, because her mother has never cared about herself since she was a child. 

She only cared about turning around her younger brother, and didn’t want to distract herself at all. She even neglected herself from time to time, scolding herself at every turn, letting herself let her younger brother. 

After a long time, Xiaojuan is reluctant to get too close to her mother. The feelings are naturally consumed in this process, so even if her mother says that Xiaojuan is “white-eyed wolf” again, Can’t change Xiao Juan’s mind. 

Children who “do not kiss their mother” when they grow up, In fact, there have been signs since childhood.

Many parents are afraid of children who are not close to their mothers. In fact, it is not only limited to mothers, but fathers are the same. If we want to avoid them, we must start from the daily details. 

Actually, this kind of children can judge one or two from many details. Parents need to observe carefully, and stop them in time when they find out, so as to prevent the children from getting estranged from themselves. 

▼Sneer at mother’s education and advice

As a mother, there must be daily opportunities for education and advice for children, which is what we call opportunities for close contact with children , And such an opportunity is both an opportunity and a challenge. 

After all, it’s easy to educate children for a long time If it arouses children’s disgust, and if we find that children have a negative attitude towards themselves, we must pay attention to it. This is actually a rebellious mentality, and it also negates the performance of the parents. 

▼Do not participate in or express opinions in dealing with major events related to the mother in the family

In the family, if the child does not want to participate in activities related to him, the mother should also pay attention to it. It reflects the child’s attitude that he doesn’t care about himself, as time passes, the distance becomes farther away. 

So we should create opportunities as much as possible, Let the children integrate into our daily activities, through activities to make each other closer, and more recognition of mothers. 

▼After the holiday, you can walk as far as you can get away from the mother.

After the holiday, it means that the child and mother spend a long time together, and the space is also increased. This kind of moment is often It’s a time for family joy, but some children have an attitude of staying as far away as possible. 

They can’t wait to stay away from their mother, as if I’m afraid that my mother will add much trouble to myself. In fact, this is a kind of evasive behavior, and there must be some kind of grievance in his heart. 

When parents find that their children are not close to themselves, there are several factors to consider.

Every child must be very kind to their parents. If we find that the child is a certain distance away from the parent, we should check it out. Whether the details of our lives are in place. 

●Whether the elderly become the “microphones” of negative information

Children have a bad impression of their parents, and the distance between them may be caused by some prejudice, and this prejudice is the main source The elders who take care of their children daily. 

That is, the elderly have become “microphones of negative information” “, often in front of children, intentionally or unintentionally speaking bad things about the child’s mother, children will form inherent ideas in their minds when they listen too much. 

●Whether the role of the mother is absent or replaced as the child grows up

The role of the mother as the child grows up is not very strong, such as its Absence of a character, often not with the child, or being replaced by others, etc., are all harms to the child. 

●Are you a “cold mother” in your life

A child’s enthusiasm has a lot to do with the way the mother treats herself. If the mother is very indifferent in daily life, she is often frosty in front of the child and hinders the child’s emotional release. It will have a strong impact on children. 

Children have a steelyard in their hearts, parents usually need to accumulate “weights”

Don’t look at children’s youth, but children also have their own standards of measurement. Every parent’s daily behavior will form a certain weight in their hearts. If you say If we want our children to love us more, we need to pay more attention to the daily accumulation of work. 

Behaviours such as more communication, more company, more play together, etc., are very helpful to the growth of children, and our parents should also show a full sense of responsibility. The “young” grandma became popular, and the restaurant was accosted by a small fresh meat. After learning about her age, she was not calm.

When it comes to the title of grandparents, everyone naturally thinks of the elderly. But the times are different now. Many people who have been promoted to become elders are very young from the outside. It is common for parents and children to walk together and be mistaken for sisters or lovers, and some are even pursued by young people. 

The “young” grandma became popular, and the restaurant was accosted by handsome guys. I’m not calm after learning about my age.

There have always been many “youngest elders” on the Internet. When they are in public, everyone can’t tell their true age. Some are over 40 or in their early twenties. Like my little girl. A while ago, there was such a “young” grandma who became popular, and her appearance and temperament impressed everyone. 

This grandma is nearly fifty years old At the age of, she still looks very young, not only the skin is well maintained, but the figure is also quite outstanding. 

That’s all, but grandma is still a fashionista. She wears the same style as a college student. She wears a ball-shaped head and a stylish big padded jacket, so she can’t tell her age at all. She was in the family before. When eating in the restaurant, I was accosted by a little fresh meat. 

In fact, this situation is not the first time Appeared, so the grandma calmly told the other party that I am 48 and my grandson is three years old! After learning the age, let alone the handsome guy is not calm, even passersby are dumbfounded. 

However, many people still don’t believe it after seeing her picture. How does this look like someone over 40? Is it just to reject the handsome guy and fool everyone? Although the true result is unknown, it is an indisputable fact that there are more and more young grandma or grandma. 

How to take care of women to show their youth

1, mentality It’s very important.

How a person’s mentality directly affects his mental outlook? If you have a long-term frown or worry, you may be haggard even in your early 20s. But if you can maintain a good attitude for a long time, and you can self-regulate no matter what you encounter, then you can maintain the balance of various hormones in the body, and your appearance and mental state will naturally be very good. 

61-year-old young grandma bassist

2. Diet and exercise conditioning

Although the mentality is very important, the “hardware” itself also needs maintenance. Those who maintain good eating habits for a long time and insist on fitness, often can maintain a coordinated body and healthy muscles, even when they are old, they look very young. This can be reflected in many stars who love sports, so you must always exercise. 

51-year-old Korean aunt

3. Facial care

Internal adjustment is very important, and external maintenance is also indispensable. Women’s skin begins to decline after reaching the age of thirty. Collagen The inevitable loss. Especially under the promotion of factors such as postpartum or staying up for a long time, the skin will loosen faster. Therefore, in addition to adjusting work and rest, usually apply a mask to clean the skin and do a good job of sun protection, these are not to be ignored, so the maintenance should be as early as possible and insist on it. 

People often admire that grace is one This kind of demeanor, but it is also admirable to keep young through his own active efforts. However, maintaining youth requires a great deal of energy and cost. Don’t you know if you think you can do it?

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