Newborns have knowledge about their weight. What is the difference between 5, 6, 8, and 10 pounds? Some parents start to have fun

Newborns have knowledge about their weight. What is the difference between 5, 6, 8, and 10 pounds? Some parents are starting to have fun.

After a child is born, everyone always asks “there are many children”. In everyone’s impression, a child is blessed if he is fat. The weight of a child at birth is really important, but it is not the heavier the better. 

Xiao Ling is a physique prone to obesity. After pregnancy, her weight is even more uncontrollable, increasing by fifty or sixty catties. During the mid-pregnancy check-up, the doctor’s body size was small, and the baby’s weight was a little too high. It was estimated that there was some difficulty in giving birth, indicating that Xiaoling had better control her weight. But everyone in the family believes that children are healthy if they are fatter, and that overnutrition is better than malnutrition, and Xiaoling himself always takes it seriously. It turned out that Xiaoling really had a dystocia on the day of delivery. Xiaoling who originally wanted to give birth had no choice but to switch to a C-section after suffering for several hours. In the end, the child had a total of 9 catties and 6 taels, and the doctors all sweated for Xiaoling. 

I thought it would be a success to give birth to an overweight baby, but I didn’t expect the hard work to come. After birth, the weight of the baby has always been heavier than that of the child of the same age, and it is easy to get rash in the neck and underarms. Don’t say it. At the age of 3, the doctor diagnosed that there may be developmental abnormalities in the later period. Now Xiaoling knew about it. Severity. Although there have been many cases of ultralight neonatal survival and the birth of giant infants in the past two years, the weight of most neonates is hovering between 4.5 kg and 8.5 kg. So what does different weight mean for newborns? 

The birth of the baby Weight is meaningful, too light or too heavy is not good, this number is the most suitable

It has grown in the mother’s belly for ten months. If the baby is born without 5 catties, then the baby’s nutrition in the belly must be Some are inadequate, thin and skinny to the naked eye. The baby’s brain and nervous system are basically developed in the belly of Bao’s mother. Newborns who are too thin may be a little behind or underdeveloped in development. Moreover, the resistance will be worse, and it is easier to catch a cold and get sick. It needs more careful care from the parents. 

It is because of this concern that many mothers use fancy nutritional supplements during pregnancy and do not deliberately control their weight. As a result, the baby weighs more than 8 kg at birth. In fact, this is not healthy. Babies are not getting fatter and stronger. On the contrary, babies who are overweight will increase the difficulty and pain of childbirth and bring more risks to Baoma. After birth, babies may also suffer from diseases such as neonatal hypertension. Excessive fat puts pressure on bones and affects normal development. 

Therefore, a newborn’s weight between 6-7 kg is the most suitable. In this interval, Bao’s mother’s weight will not increase too much, the delivery is not so difficult, and the baby’s physical development is completely without problems, which belongs to the standard body. This kind of baby develops more normal after birth and is less likely to get sick. Parents can save a lot of worry when they bring a baby. The weight at birth is like starting a run. At this time, a little situation has little effect. As long as the parents raise the baby in a targeted manner, the child’s development and growth will not lag behind others. If the congenital conditions are not good, and the nurture is improper, then the gap between the baby and others will get bigger and bigger. 

Tangled with children For birth weight, it’s better to do these three things to easily narrow the gap between children

Now that the standard of living is good, everyone knows that we must ensure adequate nutrition for children and supplement their bodies, but nutritional supplements must also be precise. The children of Xiao Yuan’s family were thin before, had poor appetite, and were lower than most children of the same age. So the family made a variety of delicious foods for the children, but the weight of the children has grown, but the height has not changed, and the physique is still very good. weak. After some examinations, it turned out that the child was deficient in zinc, and the nutrition that had been given to the child had not been fully supplemented. 

Many parents think that the child grows horizontally and then vertically, so they don’t care much about the weight of the child. In fact, the child also needs to control the weight. On the one hand, children who are overweight during the growth period are prone to precocious puberty, and on the other hand, they are prone to slow height growth and premature termination. At the same time, it may also lead to children’s psychological inferiority. Therefore, parents should not take their children’s obesity problem improperly. Children’s obesity needs more attention. 

Finally, if you want your child to develop well, enough sleep and a certain amount of exercise are necessary. Nowadays, children’s pressure is increasing. Many children often need to stay up late to complete their daily tasks. Sleep time and exercise time are squeezed out. However, adequate sleep time can help children recuperate and secrete growth hormone, which is very important for height development. And physical exercise can improve children’s immunity, release stress, and is beneficial to physical and mental health, and it is also essential. 

Many mothers said that their babies were underweight or overweight when they were born, but now they are not inferior to other children in terms of body and learning. This is actually due to nurturing. Therefore, weight control during pregnancy and later nurturing are very important. If you don’t guide this kind of child in time, it’s not just a problem of “low EQ”, it’s also hard to make a difference.

In the past, the focus of parents’ attention to their children was often limited to their children’s academic performance, as long as the children’s performance was improved. , Everything is not a problem. But now it is different. Parents are not only concerned with children’s learning, but also with children’s emotional intelligence. Because children nowadays need to have higher EQ in both study and life, and children with high EQ are more popular. 

Xiaoyu’s son is 4 years old and has been in kindergarten for more than a year. It is said that the child should have 3-5 children in kindergarten, but Xiaoyu’s son does not have a good friend, and It’s not just that there are no good friends, even the teacher sometimes doesn’t wait to see his son. 

The son of Xiaoyu’s family has a particularly low EQ, and usually does things that offend his classmates. And he always likes to be angry, especially when he is playing group games in the kindergarten, his son will play a small temper if he is unsatisfactory. At the beginning, his classmates can tolerate him, but he does this every time, and his classmates are slowly unwilling. Interacted with him. 

Furthermore, his son’s low EQ not only at school, but also at home. Usually the son is at home, but he dominates. If he doesn’t follow his heart, he starts to cry and make a lot of noise. He always wants to solve it by crying. problem. The family didn’t have any way to deal with her, but the son couldn’t do it after he went out. He didn’t dare to say hello to others, and he didn’t dare to take the initiative to say hello to others. 

Xiaoyu is also very worried. In view of the child’s situation, he also wants to help the child to improve and improve, but he has no good way. In fact, the situation like Xiaoyu’s son is quite serious. If the parents are not in time It is estimated that the problem of helping children grow up is not just a problem of low EQ. Of course, if these things happen to their children, parents must pay attention to the children in time, otherwise it will be too difficult for the parents to help their children change after the children grow up. 

In fact, the level of children’s emotional intelligence can be seen when parents and children get along daily. Some children are very selfish when they are at home and never know how to share with others, let alone understand others, as long as they are happy, they don’t care. Is it comfortable for others? Such a child’s EQ is particularly low. If the parents do not guide the child in time, it will be difficult for the child to survive in the group when he grows up, and the child may become the target of other people’s abnormalities. 

Other children usually only dare to play sideways with their family members, and they are afraid to face the outsiders. I was a little unhappy and unhappy at home, so I started to lose my temper. The family members he had had had no temper with him, but after the child went out, he began to change his face, like a tiger at home, and a little sheep when going out. Bullying the family. Such children are also extremely low in EQ, giving their good tempers to outsiders, and only being unfriendly to those close to them. 

Some children’s low EQ is also manifested as being very petty. They are not generous at all when they encounter something, especially when they face certain trivial matters, they must be reported. Such children are very careful and like to hold grudges. Others can’t offend me. Once they offend me, I will always remember you. Such children generally don’t make true friends, and they will be very tired. 

Of course, children’s emotional intelligence is not born with it. It lies in the cultivation of children by parents. Some parents pay more attention to children. When they find that children have low emotional intelligence, parents can pay attention to and guide them in a timely manner. Under the guidance, the child will slowly make adjustments and changes. However, some parents ignore their children’s behavior. She thinks that children will be better after they grow up. In fact, it is not that simple. Children’s emotional intelligence really needs to be cultivated carefully. 

Parents want to cultivate their children’s emotional intelligence, it’s not possible to rely on parental preaching alone. Parents can create an environment for their children, let them exercise in the environment, and let the children go immersive in the environment It is more useful for children to experience and feel themselves than parents say a hundred times. Therefore, if you want to exercise your children’s high EQ, you should take your children to interact and socialize with children of the same age, so that children can learn to deal with interpersonal relationships in their interactions with others. 

Parents want to develop their children’s emotional quotient, and parents’ emotional quotient must also be online. Some parents are not particularly high in EQ, but they want to require their children to have a high EQ. In fact, it is quite embarrassing for their children. Because this is how parents set an example for their children, how can they make their children break through! Therefore, parents want to cultivate their children’s high EQ. Parents must find ways to develop the high EQ that they have also trained. Only in this way can children have objects to imitate and have room for growth. 

Of course, the cultivation of high EQ is the ability that children need to develop throughout their lives. There are more experiences, more insights and more summaries. As long as you are willing to work hard, high EQ is not so difficult to cultivate. As long as you don’t care, even if the parents talk to their children every day, every day Children still can’t create an environment for children.

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