New concept of spouse selection after 95 = three types of men not marrying + two types of women not marrying, I hope you are not among them

New concept of spouse selection after 95 = three types of men not marrying + two types of women not marrying, I hope you are not among them

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor-in-chief: Liu Yizhi

< p>Finalization: After Su Zi

Regardless of men and women, if they do not get married at a certain age, the family will start to urge the marriage. If there is no suitable partner, then the family will arrange various kinds of things. The way of blind date until the child’s life-long event is settled. 

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The aunt finds a girlfriend for her son, and summarizes the contemporary young people’s view of choosing a spouse

Aunt Liu’s son has reached the age of marriage, but unfortunately I haven’t found anyone. After graduating, I have been focusing on work, and now it is considered a small achievement, and the garage has been arranged. 

In the eyes of many people, he should be able to find a girlfriend easily. However, since he is single, Aunt Liu has also begun to worry, but every time he talks about marriage with her son, He always doesn’t care, saying that it’s good to go. 

But Aunt Liu is naturally impossible Let him develop freely. No, I will try my best to find a suitable girl to have a blind date with my son. In addition to seeking help from people around me, I will also go to various blind date corners and blind date meetings on weekends. People’s view of choosing a spouse has a very profound summary. 

In her words, three women do not marry, and two men do not marry. So what does this sentence mean? After reading it, many people who came over said: No wonder you are single. 

These three kinds of men cannot marry

▲Men with bad hobbies

In today’s society, although the status of women is gradually rising and becoming more independent, men are in the family In terms of income, it still plays an important role. 

At work, there are bound to be many parts that need to be communicated, so the bad influence from the outside world will be greater, and the chance of being infected with bad hobbies is also greater. And these unhealthy hobbies are the root cause of the fragmentation of many families. Therefore, women will naturally not consider such men when choosing a spouse. 

For example: Gambling as a bad hobby has caused many family problems. It is said that small gambling is happy and big gambling hurts the body. Now gambling affects not only oneself, but also the destiny of the whole family. 



This noun that has been mentioned time and time again has become the object of disgust by many women. Such men are usually spoiled by their families since they were young, especially their mothers, who developed the bad habit of spreading out their clothes to open their mouths, leading to their subconscious belief that they should be protected and obeyed by nature. 

When facing their own family, they will transfer all family responsibilities and tasks to their own wives, and they will do nothing and live like a child. This makes many women feel deeply Its harm. 

To marry Ma Baonan, you have to face not only the unreasonable husband, but also the malicious indulgence of the mother-in-law, and women can only serve as the object of exploitation in this kind of family. . 

▲Lack Self-motivated men

Marriage is a lifelong choice. When we were young, our parents cared for and took care of us. Once married, the husband and wife care for and support each other. Therefore, if the husband is lazy and not self-motivated, then the woman will Need to bear more stress alone, both mentally and physically. 

This will not only lead to the lack of protection for both parties’ living materials, but also it will be difficult to give them a happy family environment if they have children in the future. 

These two types of women are not allowed to marry

▲ Women who love to be wild

Before, someone always wrote a pile of chicken soup for the soul, “Love her, you must Love her everything, including her willfulness”, but marriage is not a momentary joy, but a long-term comfort. 

Women who enter marriage are no longer independent individuals, but enter a family that is both prosperous and damaging. Therefore, if you only care about your own feelings, it is easy to cause troubles and burdens for men, leading to marriages. contradiction. 

▲Fu Di Demon


This word is a kind of female corresponding to Ma Baonan. They usually take helping and supporting their younger brother as their own responsibility, and incorporate their younger brother’s life into their own lives. There is no bottom line in order to meet their younger brother’s needs. . 

The biggest problem for this kind of women is not just helping their younger brothers and ignoring their own family. The bigger problem is that they don’t know right from wrong when they face things. Men who get along with them will There is a lot of pressure, and my family life will be greatly affected. 

The four standards are correct View of choosing a spouse

In a survey on which conditions are most important when choosing a spouse, 13% of people said that appearance is the most important, 34% said that they are fond of ability, and 18% said that they are looking In terms of quality, 25% said that they were fancy three views, while the rest chose other factors. 

A. Character. For a person, character and character are very important. Good character is an important condition for a person to be able to establish a foothold in society, and to be harmonious in marriage An important factor in getting along, and personality is a lubricant. Complementary or similar personality can help alleviate contradictions and conflicts in life. 

B, Sanguan, San View refers to the thoughts and concepts of two people, that is, their views and ways of dealing with personnel. With similar three views, two people can communicate better and understand each other’s ideas better, and they will also be better in dealing with people and things. A lot of identity, in this case, the relationship between the two sides will naturally go further. 

C. Ability. This ability not only includes the ability to make money, but also the ability to appreciate each other. For example, in this relationship between male and female leaders, men can obtain enough money to maintain family living expenses, and women can handle internal family matters and children’s parenting issues in an orderly manner. This is a way to convince each other. Ability. 

D, appearance, there are indeed many Everyone thinks that appearance is not so important, especially those who want to get married, and they don’t think too much about the appearance of a person. However, many times we really don’t need a partner with a perfect shape, but we need a shape that can make us look pleasing to the eye and acceptable.  Early, middle and late pregnancy, each fetus has a copy “Fear list”, pregnant mothers can only stay safe by avoiding a little baby

Only in the first trimester, you need to pay more attention, can you start to be unscrupulous in the second and third trimester? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After child

After a woman is pregnant, in order to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus in the abdomen, she needs to be cautious. Some people think that the fetus in the first trimester is relatively fragile, so pay more attention. Yes, it is absolutely safe after the second trimester, is it really the case? 

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Is it safe in the middle and late stages of pregnancy? 

In fact, this is not the case. Although the fetus is basically stable in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, it is not absolutely safe. If you are not careful, it is likely to affect the growth and development of your baby. 

Therefore, for the growth and development of the fetus, there is no one-hundred-percent safety situation, which requires the pregnant mother to pay more attention. 

Early pregnancy In the middle and late stages, you will be afraid at every stage.

1. Early pregnancy (1-12 weeks)

In the early pregnancy, fertilization The egg develops into an embryo after implantation, and then slowly develops and splits into various organs, such as the heart, limbs, lungs, etc. The embryo at this stage is likely to be the size of a small soybean, and only when it grows continuously can it gradually develop It’s getting better and better. 

Fetal fear list:

a, strenuous exercise. In the early stages of pregnancy, because the fetus implantation is not stable and in the initial stage of growth and development, if the pregnant mother engages in strenuous exercise or lifts heavy objects, it is likely to cause a miscarriage. 

b. An environment with high temperature. In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should avoid staying in high-temperature environments, such as hot springs, saunas, etc. The development of the fetal nervous system will be affected, and even life and health will be threatened. 

c, drugs. Since this stage is the process of embryo differentiation into various organs, if pregnant mothers blindly take medicine during illness, it is likely to affect the growth and development of the fetus, and even induce malformations. 

2. Second trimester (13~27 weeks)

At this stage, various organs and limbs of the fetus have basically taken shape Gradually, a human form is formed, and the sensory system is also developing. For example, at 4 months, the auditory system is gradually perfected, and the fetus can hear the mother’s heartbeat, external sounds, and grow fine hair. 

Because of the well-developed visual system, you also need to be cautious at this stage. The most feared is “noisy”. You still need to pay more attention, don’t think The fetus has basically developed well and is relaxed. 

Fetal fear list:

a, noise. Since the fetus has hearing, it is best for pregnant mothers to avoid those noisy environments in life, so that it is easy to threaten the growth and development of the fetus. 

b. Insufficient nutrition. Since this stage is the rapid period of fetal growth and development, the required nutrients are likely to be more. 

c, fall. At this stage, the pregnant mother’s abdomen has gradually become pregnant, and you need to pay more attention when walking. If you accidentally fall, it is likely to pose a threat to the growth and development of the fetus. 

3. The third trimester of pregnancy (28-40 weeks)

At this stage, the various organs of the fetus, etc. They have matured and will continue to improve their brain development, and their actions will become slower, even with some pregnancy problems, such as elevated blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, and lower extremity swelling. 

Fear of the fetus list:

a, depression. A pregnant mother’s bad mood can cause her own endocrine and autonomic dysfunction, and it is also easy to produce harmful chemicals, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

b. Weight gain is too fast. Mothers-to-be during pregnancy should control their own weight gain while ensuring a balanced diet to avoid complications during pregnancy, huge babies, etc., which will increase the difficulty of childbirth and endanger the life of mother and child. 

c. Have someone to accompany you when you go out. In the third trimester, especially after 37 weeks of gestation, the fetus may start at any time, so it is best for pregnant mothers to go out accompanied by family members. 

To sum up, in order for the baby to grow and develop healthily during pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid doing things that scare the baby, so that the baby will be stable. 

Pregnant women Do these points to ensure that the fetus is born safely.

1. Maintain good exercise habits

Pregnant mothers maintain during pregnancy Exercise habit has two benefits——

First, it can speed up blood circulation in pregnant women and help relieve physical discomforts such as edema and backache during pregnancy;

Secondly, it can control the rate of maternal weight gain and promote smooth delivery in the future. 

2, maintain adequate nutrient supplements

Because the nutrients needed during pregnancy are not only provided for the pregnant mother’s own consumption, but also required It is necessary for the development of the fetus, so it must be adequately supplied to avoid the “malnutrition” of the mother and the fetus. 

3. Maintain adequate sleep

Pregnant mothers maintain adequate sleep during pregnancy, which can not only help themselves The metabolism and hormones are regulated normally, which allows the body to detoxify better. It can also secrete growth hormone from the pituitary gland to promote the growth and development of the fetus after a deep sleep. 

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