“Never” parents’ face-defying beauty, so many small fresh meat in the entertainment circle, how much looks the children?

“None” parents’ face-defying looks have completely exploded so many small meats in the entertainment industry, how much looks are the children? 

How much is the relationship between the child’s appearance and the parents’ inheritance? Why do some parents with mediocre facial features can give birth to children with amazing faces, and some parents are full of looks, but the children look mediocre? What is the reason? 

A well-known face value internet celebrity released photos of his parents on the Internet. Compared with this face value internet celebrity, the appearance of parents is even more amazing, comparable to the stars of the entertainment industry . 

Mom’s eyes are big like Chen Hong’s when he was young, and his father was full of fresh meat in the entertainment industry when he was young. 

The face value net celebrities perfectly inherited the fairy face value of their parents, and they have been very beautiful since childhood. 

Why some children can perfectly inherit the appearance of their parents, while some children can just avoid the advantages of their parents’ five senses and expose all the disadvantages of their parents’ five senses? 

As a well-known variety show on Mango Channel, Cecilia Cheung’s appearance in the second sister in Riding the Wind and Waves is in charge. Compared with other star sisters, Cecilia Cheung always looks more outstanding. 

It may not be amazing to look at it alone, but when everyone compares on the same stage, Cecilia Cheung’s appearance will always crush all the sisters. 

Cecilia Cheung is a mixed-race child. Her parents’ looks are not high, even a little bad, and the looks of other sisters and brothers are not very good. 

Only Cecilia Cheung perfectly inherited the slightly protruding parts of the parents’ words and put them together, the whole face is very beautiful, why Cecilia Cheung can perfectly avoid the defects of parents’ beauty and inherit their parents’ beauty What are the advantages? How much does this have to do with the inheritance of parents? 

The relationship between beauty and parental inheritance

1. The beauty and parental inheritance are not as big as imagined.

In some families with many children, you can clearly find the relationship between beauty and inheritance. The genetic relationship between parents is not as big as imagined. 

According to scientific research in Japan, the five senses of parents can be inherited to their children, but how the five senses inherited from the children can be put together and the relationship with the parents is not so great. 

How to match the facial features on the face, how to combine the facial features with the face shape to form a good-looking overall appearance, this is not very much related to the inheritance of parents. 

Parents have inherited the five senses of the child, but how to put together the five senses of the child, for example, if you have big eyes and a small nose, it looks good, but if you have a big eye and a big nose, it is not so It looks good. 

2. The relationship between face value and grandparents and grandparents is still relatively large

The relationship between face value and parental inheritance is not big, but the relationship with grandparents is still relatively large, so if you want to have good-looking children , Then the child must have a good-looking grandparents, grandparents and grandparents. 

We often find that the character of children is similar to that of grandparents, grandparents and grandparents. Even the appearance of children is not like their parents. They are very similar to grandparents and grandparents. Therefore, the child’s appearance is very similar. Value is still related to grandpa, grandma, grandpa and grandma. 

How to improve yourself Children’s face value

1. Dress up your children from childhood

If you want to make your baby look better and look more delicate, then you must clean up your children from childhood, don’t let your children look like wild dolls. Sloppy. 

Wash the child’s face clean and keep the child clean and basic. How a child is raised by his parents can also be seen from the appearance of the child. 

A child who hadn’t been cleaned by his parents since he was a child, always had a runny nose, and his face was always black. In this view, his parents were irresponsible. 

Cleaning up your child from an early age can improve your child’s self-confidence. When you have self-confidence and get along with others, your child will be more confident, more likely to be respected by others, and have stronger social interaction skills and self-esteem. The degree is higher. 

Clean up and dress up children since childhood, improve the appearance of good children, and make children more temperamental. 

2. Pay attention to children’s clothing

If you want to enhance your child’s appearance, you should also pay attention to your child’s clothing. Don’t let a very young child wear big clothes, and don’t always wear brothers and sisters to children The old clothes make the children wear ragged and tattered clothes. 

Pay attention to children’s clothing, which can improve children’s appearance. A child’s appearance is very large, and part of it is related to the child’s wear. This is the principle that people rely on clothes, horses and saddles. 

The importance of appearance in contemporary society is self-evident, whether it is in the dating market or when looking for a job, good-looking appearance is for a person’s overall temperament and for a person to give to others. The impression is always good. 

We are always in social interactions and are more likely to be attracted to good-looking people, as if they are a member of the crowd with their own aura. 

If you want your child to become a person with a halo and outstanding appearance from an early age, then we must pay attention to what the child wears and tidy up the child from an early age. 

This kind of dressing can not only enhance the child’s appearance, but also enhance the child’s heart. People who are confident are always more beautiful, and those who look good and well-dressed from an early age are always more popular and more attractive. This is also because they have gained good self-esteem and attention since they were young. “It hurts so much, it just doesn’t have dignity.” Bao Ma complained after childbirth. Undressing was just a trivial matter.

The mothers were able to usher in the delivery bed after the pregnancy in October, but they couldn’t. Not to mention the whole process of childbirth, women not only have to endure severe pain, but also bear the crush of dignity. Especially for inexperienced primiparous women, the whole process of childbirth can be said to be without dignity. After the pain of childbirth disappeared, the embarrassing embarrassment made the mothers find it hard to let go. 

Bao Ma postpartum I cried to my girlfriend, it hurts so much that it doesn’t matter, it’s just not dignified, “Undressing is just the beginning”

Xiao Ai is a post-95 mother. Before she became pregnant, Xiao Ai had learned some childbirth-related content, but as As a primipara, he still behaved in a hurry after being admitted to the hospital, and even felt extremely embarrassed. During the confinement period, Xiao Ai couldn’t help but cried out to her girlfriend who came to see her, “It’s so dignified to have a baby! It can be said that it hurts so much that it doesn’t matter how much face it is!” Dang Xiaoai rushed to the hospital and told The doctor himself just saw the red, the doctor said, “It’s too early to give birth, you go and wait in line!” The doctor’s attitude made Xiao Ai feel a bit wronged, “I’m about to give birth, but he still wants I’m queuing!” What Xiao Ai didn’t expect was that her subsequent experience was not so easy to feel wronged. 

When it was finally time for Xiao Ai, the doctor began to prepare for the internal examination. Xiao Ai did not expect that the internal inspection would be so “no privacy”. The doctor urged Xiao Ai to take off her pants quickly, “Don’t dawdle there, let me see how much the uterine mouth is opened!” In desperation, Xiao Ai had to obediently do it, and she even felt a little faintly about it when she was too nervous. pain. After that, the doctor would come to check the opening degree of the palace mouth from time to time, and Xiao Ai had to lie on the hospital bed naked. The pain that struck from time to time made Xiao Ai couldn’t help crying out, but the doctor said disgustedly, “This room is full of people who are going to give birth to children, but your voice is loud!”

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The little love at this time I didn’t care what the doctor said, because the intense pain had made her careless of her image at all. Finally, she finally got into the delivery bed. What Xiao Ai didn’t expect was that under the doctor’s “strength” request, she actually excreted into the delivery bed. Xiao Ai said that although she could not see the scene at the time, the awkward feeling made her want to find a place to sew in. Fortunately, the mother and son were safe in the end. “If I knew that giving birth was so embarrassing, I was afraid I would never have it!”

What embarrassing situations might the mother encounter during delivery? 

The childbirth will involve the private parts of the parturient, so the whole process of childbirth will inevitably make the parturient feel embarrassed and embarrassed. For example, in the internal examination mentioned above, being naked in front of the doctor’s eyes will really put a certain amount of pressure on the mother’s psychology. And in order to better judge the condition of the cervix, the doctor may use some force during the internal examination, which will also make the women feel very uncomfortable. 

There are also some women who feel like excretion after going to the delivery bed. Of course, if there is such a feeling, it means that the fetus has already descended and is about to be born. So women must not control this sense of excretion, but should cooperate with the doctor’s guidance and continue to exert force. Of course, if the parturient excretes to the delivery bed, the doctor will deal with it as quickly as possible, and the parturients don’t need to feel too anxious about it. 

In addition, mothers may also encounter male doctors during childbirth, or the embarrassing situation of being watched by interns. Although this will cause certain psychological barriers to mothers, we have to say that out of right In consideration of doctors’ professional ethics, women who have given birth need not be too concerned about this. 

What preparations should be made before delivery to reduce the embarrassment during delivery? 

It is necessary for pregnant women to learn more about the content related to childbirth before giving birth. This will not only help the mothers have more time to do a good job of psychological construction, but also allow them to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. occur. For example, when women find themselves red, they can take a shower first, prepare a delivery package, and then go to the hospital. A refreshing body condition will make them less embarrassed. 

Although mothers endure great pain in their bodies, they should keep their heads calm, follow the doctor’s arrangements, and direct them to cooperate with breathing force as much as possible. This can greatly shorten the labor process and make the labor process more advanced. Quickly, this also makes the inner embarrassment of the mothers less obvious. If the mother can cooperate well with the doctor, then the doctor’s attitude towards the mother will be much softer. 

In addition, mothers must also adjust their mentality, because for doctors, birth delivery is their daily work, and experienced women will not worry about certain situations in the mothers. Even if it is excreted on the delivery bed, women must believe that the doctor can handle it properly, and not embarrass the rhythm. In short, during the process of childbirth, mothers have suffered tremendous challenges both physically and psychologically. If possible, family members can try to accompany the childbirth. After all, if there are family members around, the mother will feel more secure. 

Do you have any experience to share about the embarrassing situations you experienced during childbirth?

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