Netizens are afraid of the new routine of the one-child family, “eating out the households”, targeting only the only child

The new routine of the one-child family is “to kill the households” and only target the only child. Netizens are scared.

Children from poor families are early in their homes. This sentence has always been applicable from ancient times to the present. Children from poor families can not only be independent early and help parents reduce the burden of life, but they don’t even have to worry about their studies. They can always allocate their time rationally, without delay in life and study. 

Xiaokang is a junior high school student. He has always been among the best in his studies. When he was not entering school, Xiaokang was assigned to the top class in the school with his fifth grade. 

Although I have entered the top class, I dare not relax at all in the well-off study. With the self-restraint and hard work of the well-off society, I can still maintain the top few in the top class in each exam. 

Several times in succession, Xiaokang’s results are particularly excellent. This time the school organizes a parent meeting. The teacher specially invites the well-off parents to speak on stage. The teacher also wants to see what kind of parents train their children. So good. 

On the day of the parent meeting, a well-off dad stood on the stage, and his dad said in a very simple and honest manner, “I am just a market seller, and I didn’t educate my children. It’s just that my children are more obedient, and will help out after finishing homework. I do some work and thank the teacher for taking care of the children.” 

After listening to Xiaokang’s father’s introduction, the teacher took the opportunity and said that the parents in the top class I led have never sold vegetables. You can cultivate such an excellent child. It’s really amazing. 

Listening to the teacher’s words, I don’t know if I am exaggerating or derogating. I always feel that the teacher’s words don’t sound particularly comfortable. However, the well-to-do father said modestly, “As a parent, I am ashamed. He failed to provide a good living environment for his child, which delayed his child’s growth and development.” 

After listening to the words of Xiaokang father, my mind is really unpleasant, I feel sorry for the parents of the world. In fact, parents all over the world are the same. Who doesn’t want to provide a good life for their children and let them win at the starting line. 

But sometimes reality does not allow it! But it doesn’t matter. Families with poor family conditions can still produce excellent children. 

Parents should pay attention to these issues when educating their children.

1. Parent-child relationship between parents and children

If parents want to cultivate outstanding children, they must first cultivate the relationship between parents and children. The parent-child relationship between. Because a good parent-child relationship contributes to the cultivation of children’s character, the formation of habits, and the regulation of behavior. 

A good parent-child relationship is the foundation of everything. As long as the relationship between parents and children is handled well, children’s learning will not matter at all. 

2. Parents’ effective companionship to their children

Usually parents are busy with work for their livelihood and have no time to take care of their children, but they want to cultivate excellent children. Many parents often start at this time Tangled. In fact, there is no need at all. Parents who want to cultivate excellent children may not always be with their children. 

As long as parents set aside a fixed time every day to accompany their children with precision and high quality, it is much better than parents who accompany their children every day. 

3. The vision that parents bring to their children

If the family is not rich, it will not delay the development of wealthy children. Although parents are not particularly rich in money, parents can make themselves rich in spirit. And parents should pass on this kind of spiritual wealth to their children, and at the same time raise their children’s horizons, because people with broad horizons have an infinite future. 

At the same time, we must remind our teachers not to wear colored glasses to look at children and parents. Every child has the possibility of wireless. 

As a teacher Pay attention to these issues.

1. Treat all the same

As a teacher, regardless of whether the students in the class are studying well, the teacher must treat them equally, because this is a teacher’s ethics that must be observed as a teacher. Because the teacher is a guide on the path of student growth, the teacher must be responsible to the students in his class. 

2. Do not grade students

As a teacher, don’t randomly grade students in the class. Some teachers will use grades to classify students. If you learn well, you don’t learn well. , The focus of learning is good, and those who are not learning well do not ask. 

Other teachers will use family conditions to grade students. If the family conditions are good, the family conditions are not good. Parents with good family conditions will pay more attention to them, and they will also communicate more with their parents. The family conditions are not good. Yes, the teacher allows the students to fend for themselves. Such a teacher is extremely unfair to the students. 

3. Look at people without colored glasses

As a teacher, don’t look at classmates with colored glasses. You must be good at discovering the students’ strengths. For example, the student may not be good at learning. But his creative ability is particularly strong. 

This student does not study well, but his athletic ability is superb. In short, teachers should not look down on students with colored glasses, and develop more possibilities in students. 

An excellent student must have not only excellent parents, but also excellent teachers, because students, teachers, and parents complement each other, and the three can only be better if they cooperate with the child. The 3 key turning points that the fetus is most afraid of are during the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must be cautious.

Pregnant mothers will be well protected after pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. The family even directly asks pregnant mothers to take maternity leave for fear of unexpected circumstances. 

In fact, although it is said that you should pay attention to the whole pregnancy, you should not pay too much attention to it. The main reason is that it will bring too much psychological burden to pregnant mothers. 

The 3 keys that a fetus is most afraid of The turning point, during the early, middle and late periods of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must be cautious.

1. The second month of pregnancy

Everyone knows that special attention should be paid to the first trimester, but the key point is that In fact, it should be the second month of pregnancy, because the fetus at this stage is the most vulnerable. 

Many people may wonder why it is not the first month but the second month. This is mainly because the fetus is basically in implantation about 14 days before pregnancy, and it is just a seed waiting to germinate. , But by the second month, the seeds begin to germinate, and the baby begins to grow up slowly and become an embryo. 

The reason for paying more attention is that from this stage onwards, pregnant mothers will experience pregnancy reactions, such as lack of food, nausea, vomiting, and even headaches and drowsiness, which will cause pregnant women The body becomes weaker. 

Therefore, at this stage, we must pay more attention to protecting pregnant mothers, not only in terms of diet, but also in terms of action. 

My girlfriend Xiao Liu lost her first child in the second month of pregnancy, but in a strict sense it should be her second child, because she had an accidental pregnancy when she was young. Knocked out. 

The doctor said that it may be caused by habitual abortion. According to clinical data, most habitual abortions are more dangerous in the second month of pregnancy, so you must pay attention to pregnant mothers at this stage. Activity method. 

Of course, this is not to say that only habitual miscarriage needs attention. Even if it is only a normal physique, pregnant mothers should be extra careful at this stage. 

2. Fifth month of pregnancy

When the pregnant mothers are pregnant for about five months, the fetal baby has become a rudimentary form in the belly, and you can clearly see that the baby has developed limbs and facial features, but even though it is In this way, the internal nervous system has not yet been developed, and from the 5th month of pregnancy, the baby’s nervous system has officially entered a rapid development stage. 

Therefore, during this stage, pregnant mothers must ensure adequate nutritional intake, and must not be picky eaters or partial eclipses. The nutritional structure should be rationally arranged to ensure that they are not biased. 

Be aware that the brain nerves are the first to develop in the fetus. This also means that if there is a lack of nutrition at this stage, the baby’s brain development speed may be slower than other fetuses in the same month. It will be the same. 

It should be noted that if there is a large lack of nutrients at this stage, it will not only slow down the brain development, but also hinder the child’s brain development, and then affect the intellectual development. 

3. The 7th month of pregnancy

Generally speaking, some pregnant mothers have fetal movements appear earlier and can be felt at about 5 months, but why define the 7th month of pregnancy as the critical period? ? 

Therefore, the fetus officially starts regular fetal movement at about 7 months. The fetal movement can reflect the condition of the fetal baby in the belly of pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers can record the specific situation of the fetal movement, including every few hours, How long does it take, how strong it is, etc. 

These data can help doctors better judge the activity of the fetus in this stage and help doctors draw accurate conclusions. 

In addition, babies around 7 months of pregnancy can obviously feel the emotions of pregnant women. If the emotions of pregnant mothers are not good at this time, the fetal baby will also be affected, and the fetal movement may become stronger. They may also become weaker, which will also affect their growth and development. 

What about during pregnancy Deal with these critical periods? 

1. Relax your mood

It is very important for pregnant mothers to ensure emotional stability during pregnancy. No matter what happens, pregnant mothers should learn to adjust their emotions as much as possible and don’t let themselves be too much. Anxiety or restlessness, otherwise when the fetus feels the bad emotions of pregnant mothers, they will also become very restless, which may cause false contractions. 

2. Ensure balanced nutrition

No matter what stage it is, it is necessary to ensure balanced nutrition. After all, during the entire pregnancy, the fetus is in the developmental period, and as long as it is During the developmental period, then nutrition is essential, otherwise it will affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

3. Appropriate exercise

Pregnant mothers who exercise properly during pregnancy can help regulate metabolism and regulate hormone balance. In this case, pregnant mothers can also maintain a better mood. Both themselves and the fetus have greater advantages. 

Although pregnant mothers should pay special attention to these three stages, it does not mean that other stages can relax. You should still maintain a cautious attitude and escort yourself and your fetus in the 40 weeks. .

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