“My child is here to repay his gratitude, and he can sleep on his own without coaxing”, the expert scolded: too ignorant

“My child is here to repay his favor, and he can sleep on his own without coaxing.” Experts angrily reprimanded: too ignorant

It is hard to have children, but raising children is even harder. 

Writer: Chen Fang

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Many mothers think they can breathe a sigh of relief after having a pregnancy and laborious delivery in October. However, I learned later that the upbringing and education of children after childbirth is the real challenge. 


< p>“Coaxing to sleep” may be a problem that many parents will encounter, but the degree of difficulty is slightly different——

Some children are naturally crying, which is really annoying, but some children Like an angel, don’t cry or make trouble, sleep obediently. 

This is the case with my cousin’s baby. Many mothers around are upset about coaxing their baby to sleep, but she doesn’t…

Raising children is here to “repay their gratitude”-they have been sensible since they were young, and they asked their cousin how they did it without causing trouble to their mothers. 

This makes my cousin very proud, Tell every mother: “My baby is very obedient. He doesn’t cry or make trouble. He sleeps when he gets tired of playing.” Other mothers said that their children love to cry very much, often coaxing them for a long time, making it difficult to have a good rest. 

After her cousin resigned, she had always been alone at home with the children, but she was very relaxed. Until one time the cousin took her children out to play, the problem came out. 

There were several neighbors’ children who went there together. The other children were having fun together, but the cousin’s children said they didn’t play with them at all, and they didn’t like to laugh. The neighbor joked whether he was afraid of living, but the cousin found that the child was a little “stunned.” 

The cousin immediately went home Take the child to the hospital for an examination, and finally showed that the brain is underdeveloped. Compared with the children of the same age, there is a significant difference. The doctor asked about the child’s living habits and abnormalities. 

Finally, I heard my cousin show off that the child is very well-behaved. She sleeps on her own every day, never causing trouble, and she is very relieved. 

After listening to the doctor, he told his cousin: “The child you think is good and does not need to be coaxed to sleep, but it is actually a kind of collapse to fall asleep. The child’s lack of brain development has a lot to do with this behavior.”


Do not correct this sleep habit in time, What are the negative effects on the child?

1. Injury to mental development

The child’s ability to go to sleep quickly means that the child is already very tired. In this state, the child’s brain Cell activity will be reduced, and brain development will also be affected. 

Because in this period, the child’s intellectual system has not yet fully developed, and if he stays in this exhausted state for a long time, environmental stimulation and neural network connections will be restricted, which will affect the development and perfection of intelligence . 

In addition, due to the impact of intellectual development, it is difficult for children to concentrate, resulting in low learning ability. 

2, it will cause physical problems

Insufficient sleep time children’s immune system will be damaged, and then there will be problems with the metabolism, causing the child to become obese. In addition, growth hormone is usually secreted in large quantities during deep sleep. If sleep is not guaranteed, it is easy to affect the height of the child. 

Novice Parent’s Guide: About Children Misunderstandings of falling asleep

1. When a child is tired, he will fall asleep by himself

Because the nervous system of children and adults are different, usually when children feel tired, the nervous system is still more excited status. 

Many parents feel that their children will go to sleep when they are tired from playing or crying, so they feel relieved. But in fact, children cannot immediately perceive their own fatigue like adults. If their mothers do not put them to sleep in time, the children will easily fall into a state of excessive exhaustion. 

2, don’t let him during the day Sleep, or delay the normal rest at night

There are certainly not a few mothers who have this idea, but in fact, the time required for children of different months is also different. Sometimes it is easy for the child to fall into a tired state by not letting the child sleep during the day, and it may not sleep well at night. 

3. Children need milk to sleep

Many parents may think that it is easy for their children to sleep when they are feeding, but in fact, this is not a good way to sleep. Sleeping may lead to the risk of choking or suffocation of the child, parents should pay more attention. 

Knowledge extension: scientific sleep time

Usually, when a baby is born, there is no stable biological clock, and sleep is not divided into day and night. 

Baby of about a week, keep sleeping time of 16-17 hours a day;

Baby of 1-4 months, sleep time of 14-16 hours;

For babies of 5-12 months, the best sleep time should be 12-16 hours;

For 1-2 years old babies, the best sleep time is 12-14 hours;

Baby aged 3-5, sleep time is about 11-13 hours;

Children aged 6-12, sleep 9-12 hours a day. 

[Xingyun said]< /p>

Children, especially infants, sleep is very important to them. It is related to the development of their bodies and brains. Mothers must pay attention to them, and they must not save trouble and harm their children’s health.  The pregnant mother has the following changes = the fetus is fierce In terms of diet, “four or two don’t”, long fetus does not grow meat

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: After Suzi

The growth and development of the fetus follow certain rules, so pregnant mothers need to grasp each stage, especially during the swelling period, so that the fetus can be healthy growing up. 

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What stage is the fetal swelling period? 

When the fetus enters the 27th week of pregnancy, the height is 36 cm and the weight is about 1.81 to 2.26 kg. This is the beginning of the swelling period. 

In the 28th to 32nd week of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus will increase exponentially, reaching a height of 44 cm and a weight of 4.5 kg at 32 weeks. The skeletal development will gradually mature, and the hearing will also mature. stage. 

At 33 to 36 weeks of gestation, the height of the fetus will reach 48 cm and the weight will be 5 kg. 

At 37 to 40 weeks of gestation, the fetus is 50 cm tall and weighs about 6 kg. 

To sum up, at 28 to 32 weeks of gestation, the fetus will enter a period of soaring height and weight. 

During the surge , What are the performances of the fetus and pregnant mother? 

Fetal performance:

In the third trimester, the fetus will grow at a weight of 200 grams per week, the limbs tend to be symmetrical, the head has lanugo hair, and the skin color turns light red. 

Then the skin becomes more delicate, the hair on the body begins to degenerate, and the increase in weight causes the body to look more rounded. 

Pregnant women’s performance:

1. Poor appetite

Due to the rapid growth of the fetus at this stage, pregnant women’s abdomen and uterus will be stretched It is so large that it will squeeze the stomach to a certain extent, resulting in poor appetite. 

Suggestion: Pregnant mothers can take a small and frequent diet so that their nutrition can be supplemented. 

2. Breathing is not smooth

Because the fetus grows very fast at this time, the increase in volume is likely to cause compression on the pregnant woman’s diaphragm, resulting in poor breathing, or even There is a suffocation hazard. 

Suggestion: Pregnant mothers usually pay attention to maintaining air circulation and wear loose and comfortable clothing. 

3. Increased frequency of urination

In the third trimester, the size of the fetus in the prolonged period becomes very large, and the uterus and abdomen are stretched very large, which will cause greater pressure on the bladder , Which intensifies the phenomenon of frequent urination. 

Recommendation: Pregnant mothers should not drink too much water before going to bed at night, so as not to affect the quality of sleep at night, usually drink water, you can also take a small amount of multiple times, do not drink a lot of water at once . 

4. Pain in the pubic bone

The rapid growth of the fetus requires adequate nutritional supplementation, and the demand of calcium for a prolonged fetus will also increase. If the pregnant mother does not supplement it in time, It is likely to lead to calcium deficiency, resulting in low calcium ion concentration in the blood. 

Then some calcium will be secreted from the bones, which will induce joint pain and pubic pain. 

Coupled with the enlargement of the fetus, it causes greater pressure on the waist, which promotes aggravation of back pain and pubic pain. 

Recommendation: The pregnant mother should add calcium in time, and keep gentle movements at ordinary times to alleviate the pain. 

How about pregnant mother Catch the fetal swelling period? 

In order to promote the healthy growth and development of the fetus, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to the diet at this stage, pay attention to comprehensive nutritional supplements, and also control reasonable weight gain. 

Nutritionist’s suggestion: When the fetus is in the swelling period, pregnant mothers “four needs and two don’t” in their diet, long-term fetuses do not grow meat——

1, four must


a, Nutrition should be balanced. During the fetal swelling stage, pregnant mothers must pay attention to balanced nutrition intake and eat more intakes rich in calcium, iron, iron, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc. 

ps: Foods rich in calcium include milk, dairy products, beans and soy products, shrimp skins, etc. Foods rich in protein include meat, fish, eggs, etc., foods rich in iron There are animal offal, shellfish, red meat, red dates, etc. Foods rich in vitamins include fresh fruits and vegetables. 

b. The taste should be light. In the third trimester, the stomach of pregnant mothers is squeezed and appetite is likely to decrease. At this time, it is necessary to avoid ingesting spicy and irritating foods, fried cold foods, so as not to cause irritation to the stomach and further affect appetite. 

c. Eat small and frequent meals. In the third trimester of pregnancy, because pregnant mothers squeeze the stomach volume to a small size, it is likely that they will be full after eating a little, and then hungry. Pregnant mothers can eat small meals more often, even pregnant mothers in the workplace can bring some Small food, in case you are hungry. 

d. Chew slowly. During pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones in the body, the gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down and the digestive function deteriorates. When eating, it is best to chew and swallow slowly, so that the digestion will not increase the burden on the stomach and intestines. Absorption of nutrients. 

2, don’t

a, don’t be too salty. Pregnant mothers must not eat salty food during pregnancy, because this type of food contains a lot of sodium, and the kidney function of expectant mothers itself is weak during pregnancy. 

If you take too much sodium, it will not be conducive to excretion, cause heart disease, foot edema, pregnancy complications, etc., and cause certain harm to yourself and the fetus. 

b. Don’t overnutrition. Some pregnant mothers are always worried about the poor growth and development of the fetus and feel that no matter what they eat, they should be better. However, they don’t know that excess nutrition will cause the weight of themselves and the fetus to increase too fast, which is not conducive to delivery. 

In addition, if the supplement is too much, it is likely to induce miscarriage, premature delivery, etc., especially supplements such as ginseng. 

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