Mothers often lose their temper, and children will develop these three personalities, and it will be difficult for them to become a great weapon in the future.

Mothers often lose their temper, and children will develop these three personalities, which will be difficult to achieve in the future

If parents want their children to grow up in the future, they need to see how you educate their children. 

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When children grow up, they will become more and more The more mischievous, some parents with bad tempers couldn’t help but start “Hedong Roar”. Although their emotions were vented in this way, it caused harm to the baby and even accompanied them throughout their lives. 

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Lily’s temper itself is not particularly good. After getting married and having children, she improved a little bit, but as the children grew up, she could no longer restrain her inner anger. 

In the process of educating a child, she angered her three-year-old son, and the child was shocked. Lily felt self-blame, but when the baby made a mistake again, she started to lose her temper again. . 

For a long time, her son has changed from a lively and cheerful baby to taciturn, even a little introverted. 

Parents often get angry It’s easy to raise children with three personalities.

1. Children with violent tendencies

People often say: “Parents are the children’s first teacher”, so parents are the first for children to imitate and learn Object. If mom and dad always get angry at their baby and yell at them, it will be easy for the baby to gradually develop a violent temper in the process of being caught in the ears and eyes, which will lead to the inability to communicate well with others in the future when encountering things, or even appear occasionally. Violent tendencies make interpersonal relationships very poor, especially when you enter society, it will be difficult to get along with others, and you may go astray. 

2. Inferiority complex and timid children

Although a part of a child’s character comes from heredity, it can be more affected by acquired environmental factors. Therefore, how a baby’s character is inseparable from the parent’s education and growth Open relationship. 

Therefore, if parents often lose their temper with their children and their children are in such a depressive and tense family environment for a long time, they can only be worried when they return home, for fear that one of their actions will cause their parents to reprimand them. It will affect their inner security and become insecure. 

A child who is insecure is prone to be sensitive, inferior, timid, sensitive, distrustful of others, etc. When he grows up, he will also be afraid of interacting with others and fear that he may upset others. If I dare not try fresh foods, I may end up with few friends, and I can’t achieve much in my career. 

3. Children with a rebellious heart

If a parent often yells at his child, it will easily destroy the establishment of his inner security and make him think that his parents don’t love him. Inspire a rebellious psychology. 

Psychologists also believe that children who have been yelled at by their parents for a long time, and their hearts are often too strong and too stimulated, will easily cause the “over-limit effect”, become impatient, and even Produce rebellious psychology. 

The child is originally a kind of attachment to his parents, but this long-term yelling makes the child reluctant to talk to his parents even if he encounters any difficulties or grievances outside. With age, this rebellious psychology will gradually increase. No matter what the parents say, they want to do it. This not only increases the difficulty of future discipline, but the baby may even go astray and do some regretful things for life. 

Bad temper How should parents educate their children? 

1. Manage your emotions.

Parents will inevitably encounter some unsatisfactory things in work and life. When they see their children making the same mistake frequently, they are likely to be angry Emotions, the existence of such emotions is understandable, but you cannot deal with problems with such emotions. 

People are in bad negative emotions, and most of the words and decisions they make will make them regret. Therefore, when you feel your emotions are about to explode, you must learn to remind yourself and calm your emotions first. , And then deal with the problem. 

2. Accept the imperfections of children

No one in the world is perfect. Even those who are successful will also have some shortcomings, so parents should not always It is to have too many expectations for children, and when the children make mistakes and cannot bear it, try to learn to accept their shortcomings and shortcomings. 

Then try to praise the children, give them self-confidence, and use praise-style parenting to guide the children to correct their mistakes and realize their own mistakes. 

3. Let go of the space for children to be independent

The grumpy parents often feel that their children do not listen to their own words and become very irritable, and then they lose their temper with their children. Try to let go of giving your baby some independent space. This can ease your mood and cultivate your baby’s independence. 

Parents can allow their children to plan their own affairs from an early age, and only need to inform them of the corresponding rules in advance, for example, let the children arrange their clothes for the next day according to the weather forecast; what time to do In addition, under the premise of ensuring safety, children can try to go to school on their own, and make appointments with friends to play together. 

After all, children need to walk on their own path in the future, and parents cannot accompany them all their lives. Therefore, the greatest love of parents for children is to let them learn, experience, and grow on their own, rather than holding them in the palm of their hands. 

Fisher once said: “Mother is not the person that the child depends on, but makes the dependence unnecessary.” Go back to Sohu and check More

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The baby has the following behaviors, which are often hints to the mother: the quality of breast milk has deteriorated, and my growth is delayed

< p>

In the latest report released by the World Health Organization Vigorously promote breastfeeding, and the National Health Organization Department subsequently began to advocate. 

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We all know that breastfeeding plays an important role in promoting the physical development of children, but what exactly are there? I don’t know much, let’s listen to the expert’s explanation below –


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Advantages of breastfeeding

1. For mothers:

1. Help restore body shape

Consume the fat accumulated by the mother during pregnancy and effectively avoid postpartum obesity, but pay attention to wearing suitable underwear to prevent sagging breasts. 

2. Help the uterus to recover

The mother can promote the contraction of the uterus by breastfeeding the baby and restore it to its prenatal size. At the same time, it can also reduce irregular bleeding and prevent postpartum anemia. 

3. Reduce the risk of illness< /p>

The World Cancer Research Foundation found that three-quarters of women in the world breastfeeding for about 6 months can reduce the risk of breast problems. At the same time, it can effectively prevent osteoporosis. 

4. Help with effective contraception

Many studies have shown that exclusive breastfeeding is the most natural and effective method of contraception for at least the first six months of a child’s birth. This is because during breastfeeding, ovulation stops to avoid pregnancy. 

However, it should be noted that: it is the same as ovulation contraception, and the probability of being recruited is still very high. Therefore, it is recommended that couples honestly choose a more scientific contraceptive method. 

II. For the baby

1. Strengthen the resistance

The mother’s breast milk contains unique active substances, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria in the baby’s body, especially the respiratory problems . 

2, help digestion

Breast milk can produce beneficial bacteria in the baby’s intestines, and the beneficial bacteria that eat milk powder produce less, so breastfeeding can help promote gastrointestinal digestion. 

3. Promote muscle development< /p>

When a baby sucks breast milk, both the jaw and face receive movement to help muscle development and prevent deformation of teeth and mouth. 

4. Promote baby’s brain development

Breast milk contains all the positive ingredients that can promote the development of the brain and nervous system. Studies have shown that breastfed children are generally smarter and quicker thinking. 

The baby has the following behaviors, suggesting The quality of mother’s breast milk has deteriorated.

1. Abnormal weight gain

The weight gain is lower than the normal level, and the weight gain of a newborn child is generally 2-3 kg a month. 

Xiao Ting has been breastfeeding since the baby was born, but looking at the child of Xiao Na who gave birth with her, she has grown five kilograms in two months, but her baby has only grown about three kilograms. 

Is she worried that the quality of breast milk is poor because she wants to recover her body quickly and eats less? Xiaoting came to the hospital for an examination. The doctor told her that his breast milk was indeed lacking in nutrition and could not fully satisfy the baby’s development, so the baby’s weight gain was slow. 

2, stool abnormality


In the breast milk stage, if there is no supplementary food added or the mother does not eat randomly, the baby’s bowel movements are generally smoother, the color of the stool is golden yellow, and the number of bowel movements should be more stable. 

If your baby’s stools are thin, greenish or foamy, it may be caused by low breast milk quality. 

3. Sleep status

Generally speaking, a child can sleep for about three hours after taking breast milk. If the sleep time is less than three hours or less than two hours Hours, then it is very likely that the baby is suggesting to the mother: The quality of breast milk has deteriorated, and I am stunted! 

How to improve breast milk quality< /p>

1. Keep the mood happy

A good mood can improve the quality of breast milk. Mental instability and stimulation will affect the secretion of any prolactin, which will reduce breast milk and reduce its quality. 

2. Keep adequate rest.

During breastfeeding, try to watch TV as little as possible and stay up late. At the same time, you should do less physical work and prevent your body from getting too tired. 

3. Maintain a healthy diet< /p>

Mothers should pay attention to nutritional balance when eating. The mother’s diet and physical condition are directly related to the quality of breast milk. Don’t be picky eaters or bulimia. Eat more foods that contain high-quality protein. 

Such as: pea protein powder. First of all, pea contains amino acids needed by the human body, the proportion is appropriate, and the content is high, which is also good for the baby’s physical development. The important thing is that pea has no allergens. 

In addition, peas are sugar-free, fat- and cholesterol-free, and have a strong feeling of fullness. Such food not only improves the quality of breast milk, but also helps mothers restore their health and figure . 

Note: Do not eat irritating food and cold food. Foods that are too cold and too hot are not good for babies and mothers. 

4, insist on not eating casually Medicines

Try not to take medicines during breastfeeding. Generally, you can eat some foods that are good for recovery to help you get better if you are sick. 

This is because many drugs can easily enter breast milk through the blood. As a result, the quality of breast milk will naturally be adversely affected. 

[Xingyun said]

Breast milk is indeed the best food to provide nutrition for children, but some mothers are born with less breast milk and cannot meet the growth needs of their babies. In this case, don’t worry too much. With suitable milk powder, your baby can grow up healthily. Return to Sohu to see more

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