Most of the children who are promising when they grow up have these 4 traits. How many children do you have in your family?

Most of the children who are promising when they grow up have these 4 traits. How many children do you have in your family? 

All parents want their children to be successful. This is the common wish of parents. In fact, whether children can be successful can be seen when they are young. 

A Peking University professor once said: “There are many elements of success, but the child’s own characteristics are the main factor determining success or failure.” 

He also emphasized that promising children generally have the following 4 traits. It is also good if the child only has one! If there is none, it means that parents should pay attention to nurturing their children. 

1. “Axial” strength

Yes” The child of “axis” Jin will continue to do what he loves to do as always. As long as it is something he recognizes, he will put all his energy into it, even if it is blocked, he will stick to his goal. 

Such children, no matter what difficulties or problems they encounter, they will not shrink back easily, but will go forward courageously. When children grow up in the future, no matter what field they are in, they will make a difference. 

2. Calm and organized

Children, no matter what environment they encounter, can maintain a calm attitude, analyze the fundamental problems, and solve them better. 

Like some children, they won’t be overwhelmed in an oppressive environment. 

The biggest advantage of children who are calm and organized is that they can sit down and analyze calmly when encountering difficulties, turning passiveness into activeness, and finally taking control of the audience. 

Third, focus enough

I am not afraid of encountering difficulties in doing things, but afraid of half-heartedness. 

Concentrated children can put their enthusiasm on the things they like and love, and make efforts wholeheartedly. This characteristic is the common denominator of every successful person. 

4. Have the habit of making plans

Children who have a full plan every day have clearer and more reasonable schedules and can make better use of their time. 

In this way, children have the ability to make their time more valuable, and have a long-term vision, make ambitious plans, accomplish greater goals, and are destined to accomplish great things. 

How to cultivate talented children

1, teach Children develop goals and plans.

Parents must first let their children learn to plan their time, list all the things their children want to do, and then let him classify them:

What must be done, What needs to be done, what can be delayed, what can be given up…

Teach the child to distinguish the degree of urgency, so that he can learn to prioritize things. 

At the same time, we must strengthen the concept of time and learn to estimate time. 

In this process, parents must lead by example. For example, parents do not delay in doing things, go to work on time, and do everything well in a planned way. 

2, cultivate concentration

In the process of improving children’s concentration, parents can do this:

①In a specific time period, only let the child do one thing;

②Yes Play “self-discipline” games with your children, such as “1, 2, 3 wooden people”, etc.;

③Don’t disturb when your child is doing things;

④ Let your child read aloud Practice;

⑤Make time for exercise every day, such as running, playing table tennis, badminton, skipping rope, etc.;

⑥ Let the children play some educational games. 

3. Cultivate the habit of self-discipline

Self-discipline is to be cultivated through long-term and subtle living habits, such as regular living habits and the cultivation of rule awareness. 

In the process of teaching children self-discipline, what parents do is extremely important. Parents must lead by example and set a model for their children in order to help him learn self-discipline. 

This is really not something that can be said clearly in one sentence or two sentences. I suggest that parents can find some parenting books to learn more about it. Guo Jingjing rarely dresses up and accompanies her son to the interview. The true “aristocratic education” is not ordinary

Since Guo Jingjing married Huo Qigang, there have been many topics around him, from the initial questioning to the later admiration , She also used her actions to explain what is called a “model wealthy daughter-in-law”. 

After marrying into Huo’s family, she did not wear gold and silver every day, as everyone expected, to attend various occasions. Instead, she wore cheap store clothes and drove more than 100,000 cars. Civilians are no different. 

The same goes for raising children, Guo Jingjing The way with Huo Qigang is very unique. Despite the wealth of the family, the two couples have always been very grounded in their children’s education. Not only did they take the children out for charity, but they also asked the two babies to help their father with work in exchange for pocket money. 

This kind of education is no different from an ordinary family, so that everyone is curious, what kind of education is used by the couple? 

Previously, Guo Jingjing took his son to a school The photos of the school interview flowed out. On that day, she was rarely dressed up. Her son Huo Zhongxi also put on a suit, while Huo Qigang was escorting her, and the family was very warm. 

It turns out that their sons have reached the age of primary school, and this school is also the best elementary school in Hong Kong. It is reported that only a total of 140 enrollment places have been opened. All children have to go to interviews with their strength. very intense competition. 

This is also very emotional, Huo Jia Such a wealthy family also needs to be obtained through interviews in the same way as ordinary families in education. It has to be said that the tutoring of the two is too grounded. Netizens also praised this. This is the real “aristocratic education”! 

How to bring good family education to children

When it comes to education, many people naturally associate it with grades, trophies, and talents, but many people ignore that a truly good education actually comes from the family. Entering society, a person’s conduct and basic qualities also determine how far one can truly go in the future. 

So, how can parents of ordinary families bring good family education to their children? 

1. Accompanying is indispensable

Parents’ company is very important to children. Many people always complain that they are too busy in life and want to accompany their children but they have more than enough energy. However, you can take a look at Huo Qigang. Guo Jingjing broke the news that he often worked overtime in the company until late at night, but would take a while to come back for dinner and get along with his children before the evening meeting. In life, too many parents give limited rest time to mobile phones or other things, but they still cannot squeeze out the time to spend with their children. 

2, be careful and patient

Accompanying children also requires high quality. If parents always treat them with a perfunctory and indifferent mentality, then even if they stay with their children every day, it will not help. In family education, the patience and care of parents is very important. Therefore, as a parent, you must be careful and patient so that your children will grow up better. 

3. Let go appropriately

For children, the best family education is “moderate”. Parents can love their children appropriately and let go, then children will become independent in the care, and in the future can they form a sound personality and a good personality. quality. 

Education does not have a unified standard, but it has a bottom line. I hope all parents can find the right way in the process of nurturing their children to help their children have a better future. I don’t know what everyone thinks of Guo Jingjing’s wealthy education? Welcome to leave comments.

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