Morning sickness makes people “bald”? Teach you to learn these tricks, who knows the effect

Morning sickness makes people “bald”? Teach you how to learn these tricks, who knows the effect?

Morning sickness is a typical pregnancy symptom that many pregnant mothers will have. For pregnant mothers, morning sickness can be said to be the most tormenting thing in the pre-pregnancy period. , It will not only seriously affect appetite and mood, but also damage one’s health and baby’s development due to reduced appetite. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not pay no attention to morning sickness, and feel that forbearance will pass, so that it is not good for themselves or their babies. When morning sickness is uncomfortable, pregnant mothers can try the following tips. 

Eat smaller meals and more meals

During pregnancy, pregnant mother We can appropriately adjust the frequency and amount of eating according to our own situation, and adopt the way of eating smaller meals and more meals. 

Because reducing the food intake means reducing the burden on the gastrointestinal digestive system after each time, and the secretion of gastric acid will also be reduced, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness. 

In addition, pregnant mothers can also keep some nutritious and appetizing snacks to relieve the discomfort caused by morning sickness. 

Take appropriate exercise

Pregnant mothers should not think of exercise It may hurt the fetus in the stomach, on the contrary, exercise is very good for both the pregnant mother and the fetus. 

Pregnant mothers can do some exercises with a small range of movements and a more relaxed rhythm, such as yoga, going for a walk, and pregnant women’s exercises. 

This will not only help to enhance the physical fitness of pregnant mothers, reduce physical and gastrointestinal discomfort, but also help improve the mood of pregnant mothers. When the mood is happy, the symptoms of physical discomfort will also change. It is reduced. 

Pay attention to a light diet

Although you need a lot of nutrition during pregnancy , But pregnant mothers should also avoid eating greasy, heavy-tasting big fish and meat, because they will greatly increase the burden of the intestines and stomach, cause a large amount of gastric acid secretion, and easily cause vomiting symptoms. 

So pregnant mothers should choose a lighter diet as much as possible during pregnancy to avoid irritating the digestive system due to food and reduce the incidence of morning sickness. 

A small amount of edible ginger

Ginger is a warm type The ingredients have very good therapeutic and health effects. For morning sickness symptoms, it can also play a certain role in relieving. 

Because it can soothe gastrointestinal muscles, it can also neutralize excess gastric acid in the stomach, helping pregnant mothers overcome the burning discomfort caused by nausea and vomiting. 

If moms can’t adapt to eating ginger slices directly, they can also choose to squeeze the ginger into juice or cut into ginger shreds and add it to the porridge, which will be much easier to accept. 

Pregnant mothers must remember that during pregnancy No small matter. Although morning sickness is a normal physiological reaction that many pregnant mothers will have, they also need to be treated and dealt with positively. Don’t force yourself to ignore it because you are afraid that others will make a fuss. 

This is not only irresponsible to myself, but also irresponsible to the baby. I sincerely hope that the above tips can help you who suffer from morning sickness. The egg butter, which is being boiled all over the Internet, is so useful. Mom: 10 catties of eggs are boiled one or two

Recently, I always see parents in short videos making egg butter, that is, boiled eggs. Peel, take out the egg yolk from it, put the egg yolk in the pot and stir-fry constantly, and instruct the final boil into a sticky, black oil, also called “phoenix oil and chicken oil”, it is very difficult to cook, it is said that 10 kg Only one or two egg butter can be made from eggs. 

Although it is difficult to make, it is very useful, so many parents are working hard to make it. As for the benefits of this egg butter? Let’s take a look together. After reading it, you can make sure you want to make some and keep it at home, just in case you need it! 

to reduce mild burns

The number one egg butter This function, and the most important, is to reduce mild burns, because egg butter is rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin D and lecithin. These nutrients play a very important role in the regeneration and metabolism of human skin. . 

So for some mild water burns, fire burns, etc., the effect is very good. 

Spread egg butter on the burned area, It can bring coolness to burning skin, relieve pain, and prevent strange flowers from exacerbating scald wounds. The most important thing is that egg butter can prevent scars after scalding, so that the baby’s skin does not leave scars. 

Even for severe burns, applying egg butter on the wound has a very good healing and healing effect. Therefore, the main purpose of many parents to boil egg butter is to treat children’s burns. 

Treatment of oral ulcers

In addition to treating various types of burns In addition, egg butter can also treat oral ulcers. The same nutrients are effective for burn wounds and have a certain effect on oral ulcer wound healing. 

If your baby often has oral ulcers, you can use a toothpick dipped in saline to clean the oral ulcers, sterilize first, and then apply egg butter to help your baby’s oral ulcers heal as soon as possible , This method is as effective as adults. 

In addition, egg butter can also treat dermatitis, tinea and frostbite, etc., and it has a wide range of uses. 

Prevent dry and bleeding nasal cavity

The weather is dry and cold in winter Many families in the north turn on the heating, and friends in the south also have air conditioners and other heating equipment. Although the heating methods are different, the consequences are the same. They all wake up not only with dry mouth and tongue, but also dry nose. It is easy to bleed after rubbing. 

If you have egg butter at this time, as long as you apply it to the nose to dry out and peel out, it will not only relieve dryness, but also prevent bleeding. 

However, egg butter only treats the symptoms but not the root cause. If you want to avoid getting angry in winter, you still have to drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables. 

Egg butter is edible and medicinal , Is simply a must-have for home! After reading this article, many parents have already planned to buy some eggs and make them for their babies when they return.

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