More and more children with myopia? Mobile TV is just a “back-to-back man”, many parents ignore it

More and more children with myopia? Mobile TV is just a “backbone man”, many parents ignore it

With the popularization of smartphones, the number of children with myopia is increasing, leading many parents to think that it is the “culprit” that damages the baby’s eyesight, but it is probably the parents I was wrong. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the son

According to relevant data surveys, it is found that the myopia rate of Chinese adolescents is the highest in the world, the number has already exceeded 600 million, and the age of myopia is still going down, and the myopia rate of primary school students is 45.7%. , The proportion of junior high school students is as high as 74.4%, and the proportion of high school students and college students is even higher. 

Many parents directly blame the TV and mobile phones as the culprit of their children’s myopia. Is this really the case? 

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Xiaopeng is 12 years old this year. He was taken to the hospital by his mother because of myopia. After a series of ophthalmology examinations, the doctor said: “This child’s eyes have been myopia more than 800 degrees. , And there is a rising trend. It is likely that it will reach more than 1,000 degrees after adulthood.”

After hearing the doctor’s words, my mother directly accused: “Your child is just disobedient, holding it every day. Looking at the phone, I’m blinded by you.”

Xiao Peng was a little wronged, but he did not dare to speak. The doctor spoke at this time. He said: “There are many reasons for myopia in children. One of the reasons is not an absolute factor, and it is found through examination that your baby has severe myopia caused by long-term strong light stimulation.”

After listening to the doctor’s words, my mother’s reason for myopia With a new understanding, I discovered that the original cause of my child’s myopia was that a bright light in the bedroom was used for homework, but Xiaopeng chose to sleep with the light on all the time because of his habit, otherwise he felt Insecure. 

It made the mother feel guilty for a while. It turned out that she had blamed the child. After that, she should give her a more sense of security and let him turn off the lights and go to sleep with peace of mind. 

Destroy the child What are the “culprits” of vision? 

1. Strong light irradiation

Strong light irradiation can easily irritate the child’s eyes and cause damage to the baby’s eyesight. In the long term, it is likely to cause severe myopia. 

In addition, do not sleep with lights on. Even a small night light will damage the child whose retina is not fully developed. It will also cause damage to the development of vision due to the irritation and oppression of the night light on the eyes. 

According to research, the myopia rate of children sleeping with night lights is much higher than that of children without night lights 3~5 times. 

2, genetic factors

According to scientific research, pathological myopia will be passed on to the next generation through genetic inheritance, that is, if both parents have myopia, the child born has a 33% chance of becoming myopia eye. 

However, most people’s myopia is physiological and not genetic. 

3. Eating too much sugar

I believe no one will feel that the amount of sugar eaten is related to myopia, but in fact, if the human body eats sweet things for a long time, then While expelling glucose, it will increase the filterability of calcium ions. 

As time goes on, children who love sugar will lose a lot of calcium ions on their bodies, which will reduce the elasticity and toughness of the eyeballs, gradually reduce their function, and cause myopia. In fact, many parents have overlooked this point. 

4. Poor eye habit

Actually, most of the myopia caused by children playing with mobile phones and watching TV is caused by too close to the mobile phone and TV, or incorrect posture when watching, plus It takes too long to look up, which leads to overuse of the eyes, causing eyesight fatigue and the formation of myopia. 

According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization, when children watch TV for 25 minutes, their average visual acuity drops by 17.6 degrees; when they watch a tablet for 25 minutes, their average visual acuity drops by 41.7 degrees; they spend 25 minutes on mobile phones. , The average visual acuity decreased by 43.8 degrees. 

How do parents protect Does the child’s vision no longer decline? 

1. Correct use of eyes

Parents should help children develop good habits of correct use of eyes, such as maintaining correct sitting posture, distance and time when watching TV, mobile phones, and books. 

For example, rest for 10 minutes after 1 hour of reading each time, the reading distance is not less than 30 cm, sit upright, keep the body and the desktop at 90 degrees, etc., so that the eyes can be fully rested and eye fatigue can be relieved. So as to prevent vision loss. 

2. Take more outdoor activities with children

From a medical point of view, exercise can make people produce dopamine, which can promote happiness and prevent myopia. 

In addition, parents taking their children for outdoor activities every day can also effectively improve the baby’s immunity and promote the relationship between parents and children, which is really beneficial. 

3. Ensure adequate sleep

During the day, even if you don’t stare at something, you still need to use research. Only by ensuring adequate sleep can the blood circulation and cell metabolism of the eyes be normal, so that fatigue can be effectively relieved and the eyes will not be harmed.  The relationship between brothers and sisters is not harmonious, mostly because of dad Mom often says these things, parents please reflect carefully

Dear moms and dads, have you said these things to Dabao after the second birth? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Queen Su Zi

With the opening of the second child, many families welcome The second child came, but this also caused some changes in the relationship between the boss and his parents. The big treasure that the whole family used to favor, now has a younger brother (sister) to fight for favor, and I feel a little disappointed. 

Therefore, this requires parents to communicate well with Dabao before giving birth to the second child, and after the second child arrives, treat them indifferently and let the two children live in harmony, but some parents often say Some words invisibly caused some harm to Dabao and ruined brotherhood. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant


Tingting is the eldest of the family. Before the birth of her brother, she was the treasure in the hands of the whole family. But since the birth of her brother the year before, her position in the family fell the most. Bottom layer. 

Because not only Mom and Dad give most of their love to their sons, they also often ask Tingting to give up food and play to her younger brother, even if two people are fighting for something that originally belongs to her, Parents will also ask Tingting to give Erbao to her, saying: “You are my sister. You are so old, don’t you let me give up?”

This makes Tingting feel very uncomfortable and she hates it. When my younger brother came, I even wanted to escape from this home sometimes, feeling that I was superfluous. 

This parent A few words, it is very possible to ruin the relationship between Dabao and Erbao

1, “You are the brother (sister), let the younger brother (sister)”

In the eyes of some parents As an older brother (sister), you should let your younger brother (sister) do everything. For example, when two children quarrel, only blame the big one and not the young one. 

But what the parents ignore is that Dabao is just a child. He came here inexplicably and robbed him of his parents a lot. They had to let him everything, even his beloved toys. Play first, don’t do it, you can pick it up and play by yourself, which will easily cause dissatisfaction in Dabao’s heart. 

If Dabao behaves very sensibly, letting his younger brothers and sisters do everything, not fighting or grabbing, it may well mean that he has had enough disappointment and grievances, and he feels that there is no point in doing so. 

2. “If I cry anymore, I won’t need you anymore”

Due to the arrival of Erbao, parents may shift their focus from Dabao to the second child, which makes it easy for the boss to feel that his parents no longer love him. , The inner security is damaged, so Dabao may become like crying and want his parents to care and love him. 

If the parents say something hurtful after seeing Dabao like this, such as “I don’t want you if I cry again”, “Why do you cry so much”, etc., then It will make the boss feel more insecure. If it does this for a long time, it will easily become sensitive and sensitive. 

3, “The younger sister (brother) is awesome, look at you again”

In family education, some parents always like to compare two children, thinking that Can play a stimulating role, but I don’t know that this method will not only fail to stimulate, but it will also make the baby hate another child. 

Because everyone is an independent individual with their own advantages and disadvantages, you can’t belittle others after infinitely magnifying the advantages you see. 

In a second-child family, parents like to use their favorite child as a model, so they will say “The younger sister (brother) is awesome, look at you again”, and use these words to hurt the boss and make him become I don’t like my sister (brother), and even breed inferiority complex. 

To sum up, if the second treasure arrives, if the parents treat them differently and say some such words, it will only hurt the boss and make him hate this family. Therefore, as the second treasure Parents of fetal families must learn to handle this relationship properly. 

What should parents do Let the two children live in harmony? 

1. Treat two children fairly.

As parents, we must treat two children fairly as much as possible, such as buying two copies when buying things; buying clothes for one child, and the other Buy similar ones; when children make mistakes, don’t punish only the big ones, not the small ones, etc. 

Only when parents treat their two children with absolute fairness can they feel that their parents love them very much, so that there will be fewer conflicts between the two when they get along. 

2. Don’t compare two children.

As mentioned above, everyone has his own shining point. Parents can’t focus on the advantages of a child and follow Compare the shortcomings of another child. This will not only not stimulate their fighting spirit, but will make the degraded one feel resentment and jealousy, and the praised child will be prone to arrogance. 

3. Cultivate cooperation between children

Two children will inevitably have conflicts in their daily lives. They are likely to argue over a small matter. Parents have limited energy after all, so in the process of education, they can cultivate cooperation between two people and tell them to love each other instead of pinching each other. 

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