“Migratory bird-style pension” may not be suitable for everyone. Those who witnessed it bluntly said that there was a lot of friction and it was difficult for both parties

“Migratory bird-style elderly care” may not be suitable for everyone. Those who witnessed it bluntly said that there was a lot of friction and it was difficult for both parties to get along.

“Migratory bird-type elderly care” may not be suitable for everyone. p>

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Nowadays, the savings of the elderly have increased, and the living standards have also improved, coupled with the increase of the elderly living alone, therefore, more and more old-age care methods are available on the market. 

In recent years, my country has also been inspired by Germany and introduced a “migratory bird-style pension” method. 

What is migratory bird pension? 

As the name suggests, this type of old-age care means that the elderly, like migratory birds, go to different places in different seasons. You can choose a warm area when the weather is cold. 

You can also choose a cool place when the weather is hot. 

This way of providing for the elderly can bring several benefits to the elderly. 

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✔ The elderly living alone also have their companions

Today’s migratory bird-style elderly care has developed to cities suitable for elderly living, where there are special seasonal elderly care institutions. Therefore, they do not need to find a place to live after they arrive at a place. 

Even if you don’t choose an elderly care institution, you can form a group to go out for the elderly. 

Therefore, it is very suitable for the elderly who live alone and want to have a company. 

✔ Affordable price

The migratory bird-style pension can not only enjoy the scenery and fun of traveling pension, and because living in the same place for a longer time, it is more expensive than traveling pension. It’s much cheaper. 

If the elderly choose to hold a group of a few people together, the price may be cheaper. 

✔ For the health of the elderly Great help

Humans have a suitable temperature for survival. The suitable temperature should be 18℃~24℃, and the suitable humidity should be 45%~65%. 

Moreover, the body of the elderly is more affected by temperature and humidity. Both overheating and over-cold temperature may make their hearts unbearable, which may cause sudden illnesses. 

Therefore, choosing different ways of urban life in different seasons is of great benefit to their health. 

However, “migratory bird pension “There have also been many cases of dispersal. People who have experienced it have shown that this method of old-age care looks good, but there are too many problems. 

✘ Poor basic conditions and inconvenient travel

Although some “migratory bird-style” elderly care institutions have a very beautiful and pleasant environment, most of them are far away from the city and have poor basic conditions. It is very inconvenient to buy medicine. 

Sometimes the transportation is not convenient, and it is not easy to go out or receive the express delivery from children. 

✘ The problem of using medical insurance in different places

When some elderly people with physical illness need to see a doctor, buy medicine or be hospitalized in a remote place, it is very inconvenient to use medical insurance for reimbursement, and they also trouble their children in another city. 

✘ Conflicts are inevitable in the process of getting along

Elderly people who live in a group and live for the elderly may be unfamiliar with each other from the beginning and just get together. They may be polite when they first started. 

But people have different habits, different personalities, different lifestyles and other reasons. Contradictions and frictions will also come. It may not be long before I want to go home. I think it’s not as good. Retirement at home is less troublesome and comfortable. 

✘ The elderly who cannot take care of themselves Still need someone to take care of

Although the appropriate temperature is suitable for the health of the elderly, some elderly people who are in poor health and need human care may not be suitable for long-term living there. 

Being taken care of by others for a long time, the child cannot see the situation and is easy to worry. The elderly may also not be properly cared for. 

There are many old-age care methods today , But old people can’t choose whichever they like. They still need to choose according to their own conditions and needs. 

The following briefly introduces the people who are suitable for various old-age care methods for everyone to choose from. 

▶ Retirement at home

Retirement at home and living with children and grandchildren, or they often come to visit is the way that many elderly people want to provide for the elderly. 

Besides staying at home, the elderly also feel more cordial and at ease. 

This type of pension is suitable for most elderly people. 

But the health is not good, so Elderly people who have no one to take care of may need to consider carefully to see whether to hire a nanny or choose an institution or community to provide for the elderly. 

▶ Community elderly care

Some communities have comprehensive elderly care measures, such as food delivery, home visits, volunteer parents, etc. And elderly people with children can also make it easy for them to visit. 

This old-age care method is also suitable for almost all elderly people, but it is too difficult to implement fully at present, and only a few communities have these parents. 

It may cost a lot to move to such a community, and rich old people can choose. 

▶ Institutional pension

Institutional elderly care is also a nursing home. The elderly care facilities are relatively complete. Because many elderly people don’t like nursing homes, they can choose if they are in poor health or no one is taking care of them. 

However, the market for nursing homes is uneven, and there is still a need to distinguish between good and bad, and a good nursing home is too expensive and requires a large amount of pension. 


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Several inspections for newborns are very important. If they are all qualified, it means that the baby is healthy and well-developed.

After the baby is born, both parents and parents If you want to know how well they develop, you need to make judgments through testing and observation. 

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Pregnant mothers will do pregnancy checkups on time during pregnancy, in order to understand the growth and development of the fetus in time, and hope that the fetus will be healthy after birth. At the moment of delivery, I hear the cry of the baby , And see that the baby’s limbs are normal and facial features are correct, I think the baby has no problems. 

Actually, pregnancy test is not a panacea, accidents may occur during delivery, and some neurological development of the brain cannot be seen during pregnancy or with the naked eye. Checked up after birth. 

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After the baby is born, these 3 neonatal examinations are very important.

1. The Ah’s score

After the baby is born, the medical staff will check them. It is the Ah’s score, which is mainly based on observing skin color, heart rate, reflex, muscle tension, breathing, etc., and then scoring. The total score is 10 points, 8 points or more are passing, and 3 points or less are dangerous. 

The specific scoring criteria are as follows:

If the score just after birth is too low, the doctor will review the indicators again after the baby is inhaled oxygen. If the score is still low, especially if the muscle tone is insufficient, then it is very likely It indicates that there is damage to the brain, and further examination is required. 

2. Nervous system measurement of newborns

This examination is generally performed on the third day after the baby is born, and it mainly includes the development of basic reflexes, limbs, vision, and hearing. 

The medical staff will place the newborn baby in front of the bed, and usually stimulate the baby to show the hug reflex, holding reflex, stepping reflex, etc., in order to understand how the nervous system is developing;

We will also test the muscle tension of her limbs to understand the development and condition;

Place a red ball in front of the child’s eyes to see if their eyes follow the ball to understand visual development Situation;

Use the baby bell to test whether the baby will turn to find the ringing object, so as to understand the child’s hearing development;

by supporting the baby’s hand And the head, see if the child will lift the foot and walk forward, in this way to understand the development of muscle tension. 

If the newborns are normal in these tests performed by the medical staff, it indicates that the baby’s nervous system is normal and the intelligence is normal. 

3. Plantar blood examination

On the third day after the baby is born, a plantar blood test will be required, mainly to detect whether the baby is suffering from “phenylketonuria” and “weak thyroid function”. This situation. 

Phenylketonuria refers to the abnormal metabolism of phenylalanine, which tends to accumulate too much, which will affect the development of the baby’s nervous system. Some abnormalities may occur during the growth process. Circumstances, such as unresponsiveness, apathy, etc., can even affect intellectual development. 

Hyperthyroidism refers to the excessive secretion of thyroid hormone, and thyroid hormone is an important hormone for the development of the nervous system, which will directly affect the baby’s growth and intellectual development. 

How is Baoma Judging that the baby develops well in the womb

1. Look at the weight

Experts have found through clinical data that the baby’s weight at birth is usually 5~8 kg, with an average weight of 6 kg. This type of baby is long Not only do they have good physical fitness, but also their intelligence will develop better. 

This is because when the birth weight is less than 6 kg, it may also be due to insufficient nutrients absorbed in the uterus, which may easily lead to problems in the development of various organs of the body, such as developmental delay, underdeveloped organs, and brain function If the baby is underdeveloped, it is necessary to do further examination after birth to see if the baby has abnormal development. 

If the body weight is more than 6 kg, it is likely to absorb too much nutrients in the uterus, which will easily cause huge babies, which will increase the difficulty of delivery for pregnant mothers, and even affect the growth and development of children . 

According to scientific research, huge babies are more likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure when they grow up. 

2, watch the crying

During pregnancy, when the baby is in the mother’s womb, in addition to absorbing nutrients and oxygen, it will also excrete carbon dioxide, and these will be transmitted through the mother’s blood, umbilical cord and placenta. Participate in work, in the later stage, you will exercise your breathing ability by swallowing saliva to prepare for the post-natal period. 

So after birth, after contact with air, after the air enters the lungs, it is considered to start real movement. After the air is discharged through the vocal cords, the vibration of the vocal cords will produce the sound of crying. If they don’t cry in time, the doctor will slap the soles of their feet to let them expel the amniotic fluid and air that have accumulated in the lungs through crying. 

So, if the baby cries loudly at birth, it means that he has developed well in the womb, and his various organs have also developed normally, and the possibility of respiratory problems is rare. 

3. Look at the grasping ability

Grasping ability is a kind of ability that a person has after birth. The baby will exercise this ability by grasping the umbilical cord in the womb until 4~6 It will gradually disappear after months. 

Therefore, if the parents put their fingers in their little hands after the baby is born, the baby can hold it tightly, indicating that they are well developed in the womb and their brain development is also good. 

Newborn care Precautions

1. Umbilical cord care

After the umbilical cord of the newborn is cut, the stump will gradually dry up and become thinner and become black. It will fall off after about a week. During this time, mothers should pay attention to it. The care of the umbilical cord is disinfected with medical alcohol every morning and evening to keep it dry and tidy to avoid infection and threaten the life of the baby. 

2. Keep warm

After the baby is born, he will be more afraid of the cold, so he needs to ensure that the room temperature is between 22 and 26 degrees to avoid catching cold and getting sick to the baby. After all, their immune system is still very poor. 

3. Reasonable feeding

Newborns advocate early feeding to avoid hypoglycemia and hypothermia. 

Under normal circumstances, a full-term baby can be fed with sugar water 4 to 6 hours after birth, and breast milk can be fed without vomiting. 

Premature babies need to be fed sugar water for 4~12 hours. If they have no vomiting, they can be fed with milk. Because of their weak sucking ability, breastmilk can be sucked out and placed in a bottle for feeding. . Return to Sohu to see more

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