Married 5 years and gave birth to 4 children, confinement and eating and drinking spicy food, there is a kind of childbirth called Jiang Lisha delivery

After five years of marriage, four children are born. Confinement is still delicious and spicy. There is a kind of delivery called Jiang Lisha delivery.

Currently, there are two main methods of delivery for mothers, namely, normal delivery and caesarean section. In theory, the choice of delivery method is mainly based on the health of the mother and the fetus. 

However, no matter what kind of delivery method is chosen, the various functions of the body of the woman after giving birth may change, and scientific postpartum care can reduce the risk of the mother’s decline in various functions due to childbirth . 

Some time ago, Hong Kong actor Chen Haomin, who is over 50 years old, attended a commercial event with his wife Jiang Lisha and four lovely children. 

At that time, when the reporters saw their big son, they couldn’t help asking whether the couple had plans to add a fifth child. 

In this regard, Jiang Lisha’s attitude is to always consider the question of the fifth child. If the next child can be guaranteed to be a boy, it will definitely be born! 

Everyone was a little shocked when they heard Jiang Lisha’s answer. After all, since the two got married in 2011, Jiang Lisha gave birth to 4 children without taking a break in 5 years, and every time she had a C-section. 

What is even more admirable is that after giving birth to a child, Jiang Lisha never deliberately carried out confinement to maintain her health. She still needs to work when she needs to work, and she also eats and drinks spicy food, so she doesn’t avoid it at all. 

For such frequent C-sections, Jiang Lisha once said frankly that the doctors who performed C-sections for herself were very skilled, so she didn’t feel any pain at all, and that’s why she was completely unafraid of having children continuously. . 

Many netizens who have experienced C-sections were shocked when they saw Jiang Lisha’s remarks. After the effect of the anaesthetic for the C-section, they still have a strong pain. 

One netizen also gave a special case around him, saying that a friend of hers was pregnant with a second child less than 2 years after the previous cesarean section. Unexpectedly, it appeared before the due date. The bleeding was severe. After being sent to the hospital, the doctor said that it was because of the rupture of the scar from the previous caesarean section. In the end, the child was not saved and the friend’s uterus was also removed. 

Gynecologists and obstetricians have also given relevant suggestions. Although the cesarean section provides a smooth delivery method for many women who do not have the conditions for normal delivery, it should not be used too frequently , It takes a long time to recover. 

Generally, there is an interval of at least three years, and the next pregnancy preparation can only be carried out after the examination in the hospital. Otherwise, there may be risks for both pregnant women and fetuses. 

Causes the rupture of the uterus of pregnant women

Cesarean section requires an incision in the uterus of the parturient, the fetus and placenta are taken out together, and then sutured. 

This wound, which is more than 10 cm long, will take at least 3 years to fully heal. If re-pregnancy is carried out prematurely, the continuous growth of the fetus will add great pressure to this scar, which may eventually cause the uterus to rupture. 

Causing pregnant women’s body weakness and accelerating aging

After pregnancy and delivery, the mother’s body needs to be fully rested before it can return to its pre-pregnancy state. 

Moreover, adequate rest can enable the uterus and other internal organs to recover better. If the rest period is too short to get pregnant again, it is easy to overdraw the pregnant woman’s physical strength, which will not only cause physical weakness, but also accelerate the rate of aging of the pregnant woman. 

Actually, from Jiang Lisha’s face today, it can be seen that she is only 35 years old, and she does not look much different from Chen Haomin, who is over 50, even with a sense of exhaustion. 

Recently, Jiang Lisha posted a selfie on the social networking platform when she reported that she was unwell and went to the hospital for treatment. 

Many netizens who have given birth to children have left a message below to advise Jiang Lisha to confinement and take care of her body. 

The difference between confinement and non-confinement will be reflected in the various physical functions of postpartum women

Not confinement will affect the postpartum women’s body

After giving birth, the mother is in a very weak state, and confinement is actually a process of body function recovery. 

If this process is missing, the resistance of postpartum women will decrease, and some root causes will be easily left behind, which will affect their health. 

If you don’t confinement, it will have a negative impact on the recovery ability of postpartum women.

For women who are in a very weak state due to childbirth, if they can’t confinement During the process, targeted nutritional supplementation and body conditioning will prolong the recovery period of the body, and the recovery ability cannot quickly return to its pre-pregnancy state. 

Having a child is a woman’s right, and it is also a heartfelt enjoyment. However, when giving birth to a child, it should be carried out under the premise of ensuring one’s health. 

This is not only responsible for yourself, but also for children. If it is at the expense of one’s own health, whether it is a normal delivery or a C-section, it is not advisable. 

I hope that the female compatriots who are currently pregnant or preparing to get pregnant again, must follow the doctor’s advice, go to the hospital for a detailed examination, and then decide whether to get pregnant again! 

What is your opinion on Jiang Lisha’s 4th birth in 5 years and not confinement after C-section? Welcome to share your views and we will discuss them together! Even if you want to hide, you can’t hide these features in pregnant women. Doctors can tell at a glance that it’s not the first child.

Although the current society has opened up a lot of thinking, it’s still not “malicious” towards women. small. Some women failed to protect themselves well when they were in love, accidentally conceived a child, and finally failed to marry the boyfriend at the time, often choosing to kill the child. 

At this time, some of the more “naive” women may think that it’s okay to have the child knocked out, and then just take good care of them, and the body will return to its pre-pregnancy state. 

In fact, the possibility is very small. After all, traces have been left, and such traces are easy to detect, especially those experienced doctors. 

The cousin works in the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. When she first worked, she would learn a lesson from the doctor to protect the privacy of pregnant women. Even though it was just a small problem, the impact was not small. 

I remember that on the fourth day of her work, a pregnant woman came to the maternity check-up. At that time, her mother-in-law came with her. She talked and laughed. The relationship was very close in the past, and she can also learn from her mother-in-law’s words and deeds. It can be seen how much she cares about the child in the belly of her daughter-in-law, “You are the first child, and you are pregnant like this, just work harder.”

After that, the mother-in-law stayed with her during the inspection. , The doctor suddenly said to her mother-in-law, “You go out first, I want to check the specific situation.” The mother-in-law said it was okay, but the doctor was called out. 

But after the pregnant mother-in-law went out, the doctor did not check, but directly asked the pregnant woman, “Have you had a miscarriage?” At that time, the cousin thought that the doctors were very good. After all, not all doctors would respect the privacy of pregnant women so much. Some doctors would To put it simply, what may be triggered at that time is a quarrel. 

Later, when it was over, the mother-in-law came in and asked the doctor if there was something wrong with the daughter-in-law and if there were any major problems. The doctor replied, “It’s okay, just check to see if there is vaginitis. After all, if vaginitis is bad for the fetus during pregnancy, it should be detected and treated early.”

After that, the mother-in-law took the daughter-in-law together with confidence. After leaving, I still look concerned. I remember the grateful look on the pregnant woman’s face at the time. It can be seen that the doctor’s speech skills are still very important. 

How did the doctor discover that a pregnant woman was not the first What about? Look at these features

1. Changes in the cervical os

Be aware that after a woman is pregnant, as the number of months of pregnancy increases, the cervix will change, even if it is only two or three pregnancy In October, there will still be changes in the cervix, but if the child is born, the changes in the cervix will be even more obvious. 

Women who have no history of pregnancy, the cervix is ​​usually round, and there is no visible change before pregnancy. But once the pregnancy months are longer, the shape of the cervix will change to a linear shape. 

The doctor can observe the state of the cervix during the birth check, so it is difficult to hide the experience of miscarriage in front of the doctor. 

2. Uterine status

After all, I have undergone abortion surgery, which will definitely leave some traces. Although some hospitals will say that the abortion cannot be seen and the recovery is very fast, it is not true. Not only does it take a lot of time to recover after a miscarriage, but it also cannot return to the original state. 

The uterus will definitely be affected, and even some women have habitual abortion in the uterus because the abortion operation is not done. These doctors will know through the examination. 

3. Diagnosis and treatment records

If the hospital where the abortion was performed at that time is the same as the hospital where the obstetric examination is performed now, then the doctor can see the patient’s historical treatment records, and naturally they can know some information from it. 

Some hospitals even realize information sharing. Even if the abortion operation is not performed in the same hospital, as long as the information is shared, it can be seen. 

It cannot be restored as before, but it can be avoided as much as possible.

1) Pay attention to recuperation. Many people return to high-intensity work after a day or two of rest after the abortion operation, which has a great impact on physical recovery. Rest for at least 7 to 14 days to give the body a transition period. 

In addition, the uterus is the second living body of a woman. This part has been operated on. It is very difficult to recover through a day or two of recuperation, and if there is no good rest, it can be said to be quite Yu gave the uterus a second injury. 

2) Ensure nutrition. Postoperative nutritional intake is extremely critical, after all, it is also a serious injury. It is said that childbirth is the most energy-consuming, in fact, the abortion is the most harmful to women’s body, and it is also the most exhausting of women’s energy. 

Be sure to add more nutrition after the operation, and ensure the balance of nutrition, otherwise the recovery speed will be greatly affected, and the body needs to spend twice or even three times the time to self-conditioning. 

Of course, we must remind pregnant mothers at the end that some doctors may not be so careful, so you can talk to the doctor about your previous miscarriage experience during the birth check and ask the doctor if there is anything worth noting Locally, doctors will also observe the internal condition of the uterus more carefully during the birth check.

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