Many children will experience the “14-year-old phenomenon”. When the rebellious period is coming, parents should do well in these points

Many children will experience the “14-year-old phenomenon”, and the rebellious period is coming. Parents should take care of these points.

Many children will experience the “14-year-old phenomenon”. The rebellious period is coming. Parents should take care of these points.< /p>

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We can find such phenomena in our lives. Teachers always complain that children in junior high school are the most difficult to take. Parents I always ask for help: “After the child is in the second year of junior high, it seems that he has suddenly ushered in a rebellious period. How should I teach it?”

The recent news of a 14-year-old boy killing his grandfather is also very popular. Very angry and worried. 

In fact, it is normal for children to suddenly become rebellious when they reach junior high school, or when they are 14 years old. This is also called the “14-year-old phenomenon” by many parenting experts. 

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Scientists in the United Kingdom have also conducted surveys on men between 9 and 35 years old and found that 14-year-old children are most likely to have fighting, rebellion and other phenomena. 

Moreover, this age is considered by experts to be very dangerous, because children may make big mistakes because of poor guidance. 

There is a “14-year-old phenomenon” What are your children’s behaviors in general? 

Many experts believe that children who are welcoming a rebellious period at the age of 14 generally have strong self-esteem, feel that they have grown up, and want freedom. 

Other children begin to resist all “oppressors” or critics such as adults or teachers, and they like to contradict and refute, and the more adults do not let them do anything, the more they have to do. 

But their minds are generally immature. If no one is guided, they are likely to go further and further on the road of rebellion and error, and finally commit serious mistakes. 

However, if the parent guides There is a big problem with the way, and the children may still not accept and change, and they will also embark on the wrong path. 

Why is it easy for a 14-year-old child Does this phenomenon occur? 

▶ Pursuit of stimulus

When analyzing why a 14-year-old child becomes bad and rebellious, he said:

“14-year-old children enter adolescents. They will weigh the pros and cons of their own behaviors, but they are more concerned about whether these behaviors can bring them joy and stimulation.”

< p>Therefore, 14 years old is a “dangerous period” for children. They are keen to stimulate, and it is easy to make mistakes. 

▶ Psychological maturity

The American psychologist Hollingworth believes that 14-year-old is a child’s “psychological weaning period.” However, energy, ideas, and abilities are not good enough, so only through rebellion to show that he has grown up or is different. 

▶ Physical discomfort< /p>

14-year-old children, the brain is also in the stage of myelination, and various hormones in the body also fluctuate, which makes them anxious, struggling, and emotional. 

▶ Law

Previously, our country’s law stipulated that children under the age of 14 shall not bear any criminal responsibility, so some children with wrong thoughts, because they did some “big things” before the age of 14. , So there are some crimes involving children who are almost 14 years old. 

What should parents do, come How about helping children through the “dangerous” 14 years of age? 

▶ Equal communication with children

14-year-old children already think that they are an adult psychologically. They like to refute their parents, maybe not because they think what the parents say is wrong. It may also be that you can’t stand the attitude of the parents and the way and tone of speech. 

Therefore, when communicating with their children, parents may wish to adopt an equal and amiable attitude, discuss issues with their children in a consultative way, and let them participate in the discussion. It may be easier for the children accept. 

▶ Understanding children

Parents should not just look at problems from their own perspective. When educating children, they also need to fully understand their inner world. Only when you truly empathize, can you help your children solve problems, or make them more acceptable during education. 

▶ Be a good example

Parents should always reflect what they do, no one is perfect, and some of the children’s personalities and behaviors are inherited from their parents and imitate them. 

When they feel that their children don’t like to learn and are addicted to mobile phones and games, parents may also think about not playing mobile phones by themselves, do they study hard or concentrate on accompany them? 

▶ Set future goals< /p>

There are also some children who are anxious and conflicted when they are 14 years old. It may be because they have not found their own life direction. Those children who know what they want to do when they grow up are also 14 years old. Like other age groups, I will work hard for the future without distraction. 

Parents can cultivate their interest and help him find the future direction even when the child is in junior high school. It is not too late to communicate with them or take them out for a walk. Broaden your horizons. 


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The doctor said: “Light diet” during pregnancy is not avoiding acid and spicy food. Pregnant mothers have a good meal.

Doctor Said: “Light diet” during pregnancy is not to avoid sour and spicy food, pregnant mothers will have a blessing

Text | Mom’s Tao (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

During pregnancy, many doctors will advise pregnant mothers to pay attention to the light diet, which is of great benefit to their body and the development of the fetus. Long-term eating of heavy-tasting foods may cause many pregnancy complications. 

However, many people are actually right The concept of a light diet is not clear. According to the teachings of parents and elders since childhood, there are some misunderstandings about the light diet:

“The light diet means that you can’t eat meat, only eat vegetables and porridge. .”

“When a light diet is cooking, you can only season with salt. Other seasonings with heavier flavors, such as green onion, ginger, garlic, vinegar, etc. cannot be used.”< /p>

“When you keep your diet light, it is best to drink more soup.”

“You can’t eat spicy food, you can’t eat barbecue, You can’t eat hot pot either.”

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Because of these misunderstandings and taboos, many mothers ate unflavored dishes every day during pregnancy and lactation. Appetite has dropped. 

The result of this is that the supplementary nutrition is not supplemented, and there is a misunderstanding in the diet, which has an adverse effect on the development of the fetus and its own body. 

Then, a real light diet What is it like? 

According to the recommendations of doctors and experts: less salt, less sugar, less oil, uncomplicated food taste, rich ingredients, and it is best to preserve the nutrition of the food while cooking without adding additional harmful substances. 

▶ Less salt

Less salt is to reduce the intake of sodium. Most of the food in China is relatively salty, which can easily cause excessive sodium. Too much sodium will burden the kidneys and raise the blood pressure of the pregnant mother. 

▶ Less sugar

Too much sugar will cause the pregnant mother’s blood sugar to rise, causing many blood sugar problems, and sugar can also damage the stomach mucosa and hinder the body’s absorption of some nutrients. 

▶ Less oil

Greasy food is easy to cause the pregnant mother’s stomach weakness and body obesity, which increases the probability of physical problems for herself and the fetus. 

▶ The taste of food is not complicated

Food with more complicated taste refers to the food with a lot of seasonings, which conceals the original taste of the ingredients, and can feel numb and spicy when eating , Salty, sweet and so on. 

The same for pregnant mother’s body There are negative effects. 

Even if the vegetables are cooked with too much oil and seasonings, they cannot be counted as a light diet. 

▶ Cooking methods

The best way to maintain food nutrition and not produce harmful substances is to boil, steam, and braise. Other common cooking methods are possible. Make food produce harmful substances. 

For example, when the oil temperature reaches 200℃, not only its own fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin E, will be destroyed, but also trans fatty acids will be produced. It is easy to stir-fry vegetables inside. Lead to the loss of vitamin C. 

In contrast, a hot pot with less oil and broth is very healthy for pregnant mothers. 

▶ Rich ingredients

Nutrition experts suggest that people eat more than 16 kinds of foods a day and 25 kinds of foods a week, in order to better ensure adequate nutrition for the body. 

How do pregnant mothers eat and drink Is it light and better? 

▶ Choice of ingredients

❶ Choice of staple food

The staple food of pregnant mothers should not be just white rice, otherwise it may cause increased blood sugar, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 lack of. 

The staple food should consist of potato food + whole grains (beans and rice) + white rice. 

Mixed cooking of coarse grains and polished rice can make the staple food taste better and make it easier for pregnant mothers to digest. 

❷ Choice of dishes

The ratio of vegetables to other foods is 2:1. 

Vegetables should be richer in color, and darker-colored vegetables have higher nutritional value. 

Other foods are made of meat, The composition of eggs, fish, soy products, etc., can reduce the intake of red meat by pregnant mothers, and can also ensure the richness of nutrients. 

In addition, one or two cups of milk a day is also essential, which can help pregnant mothers supplement calcium and protein. 

▶ Cooking methods

Use less stir-frying methods for cooking, and more use steaming and boiling methods for cooking food. Don’t try cooking methods such as pickling and smoking, as they will be harmful. substance. 

If you want to eat barbecue, it is best to choose electric roasting instead of charcoal roasting and open flame roasting, otherwise harmful substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons will appear in the food. Of course, the taste of barbecue is heavy and too greasy. The same It’s not very healthy, so don’t eat more. 

▶ Use less seasoning


Especially salt, oil, sugar and other seasonings should be used sparingly. If other seasonings, such as soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and other seasonings with higher salt content have been put, you should not put too much salt in it. . 

Recommendations of “Chinese Residents Dietary Guidelines 2016”:

It is best to control the amount of oil in cooking every day at 25~30 grams, the amount of salt at 6 grams, and the amount of sugar. Below 25 grams. 

Pregnant mothers can prepare the total amount of these seasonings in advance when cooking, so as not to add too much seasoning. 

Especially when cooking soup, pregnant mothers eat food, so it is best not to drink the soup to avoid excessive intake of fat, purine, sodium and other substances. 


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