Lu Yi’s daughter “overdeveloped”, she has a supermodel figure at the age of 11, and netizens are sour

Lu Yi’s daughter is “excessively developed”, she has a supermodel figure at the age of 11, and netizens are sour

After the children enter puberty, their height will develop significantly, usually, in puberty The height of the children will increase by about 8 to 10 centimeters every year. 

If parents can grasp this critical period, it will be very helpful for the child’s future height development. 

Studies have shown that the height of children during adolescence will increase in about 5-6 years, so for parents, this will be a very important stage to promote children’s height development. 

Lu Yi’s daughter Bei Netizens ridiculed her for “excessive development”

Lu Yi’s family has always been a favorite star family for netizens. The couple looks online, and their two daughters are also very beautiful. 

Some netizens joked that Lu Yi’s family is a perfect example of gene copy and paste. The two daughters and parents look very similar. 

Previously, Lu Yi took his eldest daughter Belle to participate in a parent-child variety show. In the show, Belle’s performance was very pleasing, and netizens also liked this weird little girl very much. . In particular, Belle’s innocent look was praised by netizens for her outstanding appearance. 

Some time ago, Lu Yi posted a family portrait on the Internet. People were surprised to find that the quiet little girl had turned into a big girl, and Belle’s long legs were even more conspicuous. 

Wearing a red dress, she looks like a princess, with a slender and graceful figure that can be called a supermodel. 

Although Belle was only 11 years old at this time, she perfectly inherited the height gene of her parents, and her advantage in height cannot be concealed. In addition, Belle’s dancing genes are very outstanding. Although it is a family portrait, Belle’s temperament is very impressive. 

Although netizens ridicule that Belle is a bit overgrown, they can’t help but wonder what Belle with long legs will look like when he grows up? 

But there is no doubt that she inherited the excellent genes from her parents will definitely be very good in the future. Netizens commented that, “I am very envious, so sore!” What are the factors that affect the height development of children? 

1. Genes from parents

There is no doubt about this. If parents have an advantage in height, then their children will naturally inherit the inheritance from them. Height genes. 

Studies have shown that genes from parents have an impact on the height of children as much as 60% to 70%. There are even formulas that can calculate the future height of a child based on the height of the parents. range. It can be seen that the influence of parents on children is very obvious. 

2. Acquired nutritional intake

When children are in the skeletal development period, their requirements for nutritional intake are very high. If parents can It may affect the final height state. 

Furthermore, children’s bone development is also “time-sensitive”. If parents do not pay attention to this stage of development, it will be difficult to make up for it later. 

3. Acquired exercise stimulation

Studies have shown that children who love sports will have an advantage in height development. This is mainly because when children are in a state of exercise, their bones will be stimulated accordingly. This promotes height development. In particular, some sports with jumping properties have more obvious effects. 

During adolescence, what can parents do to help their children grow taller? 

1. Help children develop the habit of exercise

In most families in my country, parents do not care about the cultivation of children’s exercise. In fact, when children are in adolescence, if parents Can urge children to develop the habit of loving sports, then it will be very helpful for their height and height. 

Although children have different physiques, children with exercise habits usually have an advantage of 2-3 cm in life. 

2. Ensure that children’s daily nutrition is balanced

Many parents think that children will grow taller if they eat more. In fact, eating more does not mean eating nutritiously. In daily life In China, parents must pay particular attention to dietary arrangements to maintain a balanced nutrition to promote the healthy development of their children. If you eat too much fat, it may inhibit your height. 

3. Ensure that children have enough sleep

Nowadays, many children have the habit of staying up late, which makes it impossible to guarantee their sleep time, which also affects to a certain extent Improve their sleep quality. Children with poor sleep have abnormal secretion of hormones in their bodies that affect height development, which prevents the children from growing tall to a certain extent. 

In short, whether a child can grow taller is related to the parent’s genes, but it is not entirely related. Parents should still create good environmental stimulation for their children in the acquired environment. What are your opinions on the issue of children growing taller? Guo Biting is pregnant and sits down. In fact, everyone can understand that these parts of the body have betrayed her.

Guo Biting has been married to the wealthy Xiangjia for a long time, and Xiang Zuo also performed meticulous care for her in her own shopping mall. propose. Recently, the sharp-eyed media discovered that Guo Biting almost always attended the event on the same stage with her mother-in-law Xiangtai, and almost never separated. 

A closer look revealed that Biting Guo was pregnant, and the news of her pregnancy was confirmed. However, the celebrities generally keep their pregnancy secret. For example, Zhao Liying publishes articles to refute rumors when she is pregnant, and then gives birth secretly. Guo Biting’s places are so obvious that it’s hard to hide it. 

Almost all female celebrities are pregnant and will not be disclosed to the public. One is to protect the safety of the child, and I don’t want the news of having a baby to be leaked. The other is that I don’t want to be frightened by sneak shots during pregnancy. The third is that I don’t want to be aware of my own movements when I am pregnant. What about the details of the stay? 

The visible changes of pregnant women during pregnancy

1. Spots appear on the skin

Many pregnant women are white and tender before pregnancy, and they start to appear on their faces after pregnancy. The yellowish-brown spots have been removed, and they have not been eliminated for a long time after giving birth, so they can only be removed by manual intervention, using freckle products or lasers. 

The endocrine in the body during pregnancy is very different from before pregnancy. This reaction is not only in the body, but also on the surface of the skin. Even with the exquisite maintenance of a female celebrity, it is difficult to avoid the problem of pregnant women with spots. 

2. Changes in the shape of the lower abdomen

One month of pregnancy, there will be changes in the lower abdomen. There will be some bumps. It’s not that the whole lower abdomen is bulging, it’s just a point, and the belly is a bit pointed. Normal people’s lower abdomen is fat and round, and then a little drooping. When pregnant women are only pregnant, their belly is a little bit pointed and put on clothes. 

3. Puffiness

Pregnant women are pregnant to the later stage. The leg edema will be very severe, but in the early stage, the upper body will be more like edema, and the changes in the legs are not obvious. 

As pregnant women get longer, the lower body swelling of pregnant women will become more and more severe. In addition to the legs, the fingers may also be swollen. Especially when pregnant women go through a night of deep sleep, the body does not exercise very much, and the limbs of the body will have edema. 

4. Vomiting

Pregnant women may experience morning sickness in the first week after one month of pregnancy. With the rapid swelling of the abdomen of pregnant women, the stomach is compressed, and it will start to become uncomfortable, and will be very sensitive to some smells, and the reaction of pregnant women to vomiting will be intense. Morning sickness will be very frequent at first and will ease a lot later. 

5. The buttocks will also become obese

From the beginning of pregnancy, the buttocks will change. The hips will gradually become larger, and the changes will be particularly obvious from the back. 

6. Blue veins appear in the calf

When pregnant women are pregnant, the calf bears all the pressure on the upper body, the blue veins in the legs will become more and more serious, and the phenomenon of varicose veins will appear. . At this time, pregnant women can avoid standing for a long time and sit and lie more often. 

What are the changes in pregnancy? 

1. As the belly becomes more and more bulging, stretch marks appear. 

Pregnant women can’t escape not only the spots on their faces, but also stretch marks. The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the thin belly is also being pushed by more and more internal forces. The skin of the abdomen also appeared pregnancy lines. 

When a person gains weight, lines will appear on the skin. The weight change during pregnancy has caused a collateral reaction in the whole body. The legs are swollen and stretch marks appear on the belly. 

2. The frequency of urination increases, and the urination is more frequent.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the metabolism in the body will follow the changes, and the frequency of urination will become very frequent. . In the later stage, the uterus will gradually become larger, and the inside of the uterus will also be filled with amniotic fluid. The bladder where pregnant women urinate will also be squeezed by the uterus, which will cause the pregnant women to urinate frequently. 

3. Lower body secretions increase

After a period of pregnancy, the body’s endocrine function will discharge a lot of secretions. At this time, pregnant women must be cleaned and rinsed every day, and the speed of changing underwear must also keep up. If there are too many secretions, pregnant women can use some lotions for special care to prevent inflammation. 

4. Reduce the frequency of bowel movements

After pregnant women are more hungry, the frequency of bowel movements will decrease. At this time, we must eat more fiber grains and whole grains to ensure a healthy diet. 

5. Sleeping time becomes longer and it is easier to fall asleep

The internal operation speed of the pregnant woman’s body increases, and the body consumes too much to satisfy the body’s operation. More need to rest and supplement sleep. Not only at night, but also during the day, you may get tired more easily. Taking a nap more often is also good. 

6. In the later stages of pregnancy, breathing is not smooth

In the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant women who are already older in pregnancy will have a heavier breathing. 

7. Personal taste changes

When pregnant women are pregnant. There will be some strange changes in taste. Some pregnant women’s tastes may be the same as before they became pregnant. 

8. I like to eat sour

The taste of pregnant women who have just been pregnant will be sour, and they like to eat sour fruits. 

9. Breast changes

Because the breasts need to be breast-feeding, they will become fuller, and there may be discomfort and pain in the breasts. 

When pregnant women become pregnant, there will be big changes from the inside to the outside and from the top to the bottom. Family members must take care of the emotional feelings of pregnant women.

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