“Little Overlord” goes to kindergarten and no one dares to accept it. Parents: Why are they treated differently?

“Little Overlord” goes to kindergarten and no one dares to accept it. Parents: Why are they treated differently? 

It is said that children’s education should start at a young age, and more and more parents are struggling to find kindergartens with good resources for their children when their children are in kindergarten. 

However, it is difficult to enter public kindergartens now. On the one hand, the tuition fee is relatively high, and on the other hand, it is the problem of housing area. Then, will private kindergartens be able to enter well? Private kindergartens can actually refuse admission for reasons such as full quota. 

So if your child is a “Little Overlord” who makes the teacher a headache, then it is very likely that they will not be able to learn. Parents must pay attention to this problem. 

Kindergarten rejects “Little Overlord”, parents Expressing dissatisfaction, no one dare to ask for such a child

Haoran is a four-year-old boy who was rejected by the kindergarten after a semester in a kindergarten. His parents said that even kindergartens are not eligible to reject children, and threatened to tell the Education Bureau about the kindergarten’s rejection of children. The garden said that Haoran did not perform well in school last semester, always bullying other children, which had a great impact on other children and their families. 

Furthermore, Haoran’s mother never ignored the mistakes her children made in school, and said that her child was small and it was normal to be naughty. If he hurts other children, he can’t be blamed. If he is to blame, he can only be blamed on the teacher’s inadequate supervision. After hearing what Haoran’s mother said, the teacher felt very angry. 

In addition, there is another thing that made the garden firm firm in rejecting Haoran. It turned out that when a child was in class, Haoran ran into another child because he was running around from the seat, and his eyes were reddened. His mother was reluctant. His mother said that the child’s eyes were red and swollen, and asked the school to send the child for a brain examination, and also said that the parent of another child must be responsible. 

Parents with such double standards make the garden very hard to eat , So he rejected such a “little bully”. Although it is cruel to “deprive” children of their right to education, this is not because the kindergarten has selfish intentions to treat them differently. This is because if such children and their parents are accepted, the kindergarten will have a more negative impact. So what should parents do to prevent their children from becoming “little bullies”? Do these things well, and your child will be very well-behaved and sensible. 

1. Parents should spend more time with their children

Although school education is very important to children, many parenting experts say that family education has the greatest impact on the development of children’s character and abilities. Important role. In order for the child to develop in a comprehensive and harmonious manner, parents need to accompany their child more so that they can understand his character and help him become a better person. Many bear children will have a “bear parent”, so parents should also pay attention to their own qualities. 

Second, teach children the correct way to make friends< /p>

Some “bear children” are not inherently bad, but fail to find the right way when getting along with others. I once found a child in the kindergarten. He is actually a very outgoing child. He especially likes to make friends, but because of his wrong way, many children don’t like him. This is because when he is making friends with others, he likes to touch others with his hands, which also leads other children to think that he is aggressive. 

So parents should teach their children the correct way to make friends, so that he can get the likes of others among his peers. Perhaps such a child is not bad in nature, but in the eyes of some people, it is a “problem child” who loves to beat others. At the same time, parents should also pay attention not to be too violent in front of their children, so that the children will also learn this bad behavior. 

Three, pay more attention to the cultivation of children’s morality< /p>

Nowadays, many parents attach great importance to the education of their children, but only pay attention to the cultivation of their abilities. Many parents neglect the cultivation of character when educating their children, but in fact character is the key to judging whether a child is good. A child with good grades and strong abilities will certainly make others feel good, but if his character is very poor, he will still be rejected by others. Parents who want their children to be excellent people must strengthen their moral education. 

Four. Parents should pay attention to their own words and deeds

Bandura’s research shows that children’s imitating ability is very strong. Once they identify a person as a learning object, they will imitate it. behavior. Generally speaking, children spend the most time with their parents, so children are likely to imitate some of the parents’ language or actions. If parents do not pay attention to their own words and deeds, they are likely to give their children a bad example, which will have a negative impact on their children’s education. 

Only when these aspects are done, children can Will not become the “little bully” that is despised by others. Every parent hopes that his child can become a talent. If he is rejected when he is in kindergarten, it will have a very negative impact on his future studies. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the development of their children’s character, and let them become a beloved and excellent child. “Mom, I don’t want to study”. When a child says this, the way parents handle it is very important.

When it comes to children’s learning problems, many parents feel like vomiting. 

In fact, what most parents worry about is not that their children’s IQ and EQ can’t keep up with the school’s teaching progress, leading to poor academic performance, and the children are obviously smart, but they just don’t use their minds. In learning, there is even a situation of being tired of learning. 

So when parents talk to their children, they are easily irritated by their children’s unwillingness to learn. 

In fact, playfulness is the nature of children, children This attitude toward learning is also very common and common, but the key is that we must treat it with the correct attitude and guide it in an appropriate way. 

When a child says “Mom, I don’t want to read,” the parent’s approach is very important.

The grumpy parent: Don’t learn if you don’t learn, don’t use these words to scare me

Strong parents are more grumpy, and they are usually busy at work and don’t have time to tutor their children’s homework. Their attitude towards children’s learning has always been “just look at the results and not ask about the process”. The children will give him a lot of material rewards if they do well in the exam. The child was cold-eyed when he failed the exam. 

The final exam results are not very satisfactory. After a fight with my mother, she said she didn’t want to go to school. Who knows that her mother’s attitude is stronger than that of the child. Instead of comforting and encouraging him, she said If you don’t learn, you won’t learn. Anyway, it is your own future. Qiangqiang feels very sad about this, but he hates learning even more. 

In fact, the attitude of strong parents is the best Undesirable, the children’s schoolwork is indeed generally heavier now, and it is common for children to do not want to learn when they do not learn well. 

If parents don’t give comfort and care at this time, but instead rely on their own temper to treat the child’s yin and yang, it will make the child’s originally injured soul worse, it is not conducive to physical and mental development, and it will not help improve academic performance. 

Encouraging parents: enjoying the process is more important than avoiding

Tingting’s parents are more gentle and reasonable, and are good at communicating with their children. Tingting is very tired of school because of rebellious adolescence, and she is with her mother. When communicating, she said that learning was too difficult and she didn’t want to learn anymore, so her mother immediately put down the work at hand and sat down to guide Tingting. 

Through communication with my mother, I learned that it was because there were more subjects after entering junior high school, and the child was a little unable to learn, and was very tired and exhausted every day, but the achievement just didn’t improve. In contrast, she wanted to escape and didn’t want to go. Overcome the difficulties. 

The mother said to the child, a human life There will be many setbacks. This is just a small one. If you persist and overcome it, you will become an excellent child that everyone envy. 

And she has always believed that her child is the best. As long as she works hard, she will succeed. It is better to work hard to solve it and enjoy the process of overcoming difficulties. 

After her mother’s enlightenment, the little girl sacrificed a lot of playing time to prepare for it. Sure enough, at the end of the term, Tingting made rapid progress and was praised by teachers and parents. Tingting also tried After overcoming difficulties, I reap the joy of success. These are inseparable from the mother’s proper handling and correct guidance of the child’s weariness of learning. 

Analytical parents: you find it difficult to read where? 

Lele’s parents are more rational. Faced with Lele’s words, his parents were not anxious or annoyed. Instead, they sat down and asked their children why they think so. You find it difficult to study. where. 

Parents spent an afternoon finding out the “thresholds” that Lele encountered in reading one by one, and helped the children analyze the problems and formulate solutions. It didn’t take long for Lele’s academic performance to improve, and his children became more motivated in their studies. 

This way of handling by Lele’s parents, It not only solves the problem of children’s unwillingness to learn fundamentally, but also enhances the feelings of the family in the process of dealing with problems together, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. 

From this point of view, the different ways parents deal with this problem will affect their future pattern. 

There are actually many reasons why children don’t want to study. Parents should be patient.

Actually, children say such things are not necessarily because of rebellion. In fact, there may be many reasons, such as not being able to keep up with the progress of learning. Learning is boring, or simply hates the teacher, etc. Therefore, parents should communicate with their children in a correct manner in a timely manner, analyze the problems, and give the children a correct guidance. 

Children are still young, so they are physically and mentally and looking at problems When facing many things, the different ways of handling parents will lead children to different endings. As parents, we must pay attention to it and give children a correct attitude towards family education.

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