Little girls do graffiti in public, parents sit idly by, and netizens are not in the same family.

Little girls do graffiti in public, parents sit idly by, and netizens are not a family.

I believe that every friend will meet one or two bear children in their lives. After all, bear children in this society. It is a creature that dare not provoke. 

I believe that there is a bear child in the family, and every parent will have a headache. If the bear child is not disciplined, it will not only cause headaches for the parents, but also bring damage to the society. Many parents do not understand that it is just a child, even if it is a little bit naughty, can it still bring harm to society? 

Then you may not have heard that some bear kids can destroy 600,000 worth of works in the museum and tear up the perfect butterfly specimens in the museum. These are all done by children. Did he say that his damage was not great? Therefore, for children’s education, we must not let it become a “bear”. 

Bear child’s Behind them, there are idly parents

I saw some scenes when I went shopping with my family recently. I have to feel that the number of bear children is really increasing. I walked to the park with my family and took a little rest. I saw a bear kid doing graffiti in a public place, and he was seen by the uncle environmental protection man. The uncle told the bear kid’s parents to control the child and don’t let him do graffiti anymore. This is a public place. 

The environmental protection uncle’s words are right. I also think that children’s behavior is a bit bad and parents should take care of them. However, the parents’ attitude is unexpected and even a little angry. 

This parent didn’t answer the uncle environmental protection’s words at all. He said that the child is so naughty when he is so small, and if he wants to spend it, let him paint. Didn’t they all say that they want to give play to the child’s nature? 

The remarks made by the children’s parents immediately made the surrounding passers-by look over it. I heard some people muttering that children who are not sensible are the children who are accustomed to the parents and are ignorant. There are often ignorant parents. 

This is really true. It is hard to imagine that this child will have a future when he grows up. And I also feel sad for this child and his parents. Such a poor family education can never turn the child into an outstanding talent. 

Xiong Zidu What are the performances? 

1. Being impolite outside

The bear child is very rude and impolite outside. Especially when visiting other people’s homes, I believe that many friends have encountered this situation in their lives. After the bear children of friends’ homes came, they went everywhere and destroyed them. 

Make a mess at home, but I can’t say anything about it. The most important point is that the parents of the bear child don’t think it is a problem with the bear child. This is the saddest family education. 

2. Coercive parents

We can see this scene when we go out shopping. The child is not going away in front of a certain product, forcing the parents to buy it for themselves, and even screaming and rolling. , Weeping and crying. 

This kind of bear-child performance must be a headache for parents, but some parents always compromise because of the threat of their children. This will only promote the child’s atmosphere and will not be conducive to his growth and development. 

3. Disrespect the parents

Besides the bear children are rude to others, they are also very rude to their own parents. This kind of bear children are bullies at home. They do not listen to their parents, and even some bear children do not listen to their parents. Will start to beat the parents. 

Moreover, most of the children nowadays are brought by the older generation. Under the spoiling of grandparents, the probability of the character of Xionghai becoming bad has increased a little bit. Facing the education of the elders, they will not listen at all. 

How to prevent a child from becoming a nasty child? 

1. Correct in time Children’s wrong behavior

There are so many bear children now because their parents do not care about teaching. If you want your child to be an excellent child, you must correct some of the children’s daily wrong behaviors. 

Because the child’s view of right and wrong is inherently unsound, he does not know that he has done some behaviors at all. If the parents do not correct the child’s behavior at this time, it will only encourage the child’s arrogance. 

So in daily life, if a parent discovers a child’s wrong behavior, he must promptly remind the child and correct his wrong behavior. 

2. Educating children to punish and reward in parallel

If you want your children to completely get rid of some bad ailments and bad habits, you must punish them appropriately. Now many parents dote on their children very much and want to make the best in the world This kind of love is given to the child, but such love does not really help the child. 

In the face of some bad habits in children, parents must promptly urge their children to correct them. If the children make mistakes again, they must take certain punitive measures so that they can help the children to correct them. 

If the child does not make a mistake for a period of time, encourage the child in time so that the child can persevere. 

3. Parents perform correct demonstrations

We can all understand that parents nowadays are very busy at work in order to make money and support the family, and they rarely take time to accompany their children, but the family education that should be done is still in place. 

Although parents are very busy at work now, it is still recommended that parents spend a little time with their children every day, and then demonstrate the correct behavior of their children during this time, which can make the children understand to a large extent Which behaviors are wrong and which behaviors are right. 

It is not easy for every family to educate children to become talents, but the main purpose of all family education is for the good of the children. Why do some families educate bear children? 

That’s because parents don’t know what education is, or it can be said that parents don’t think about the development of their children at all, so they indulge their children’s behavior. 

But for the growth of their children, parents still have to become “cruel-hearted” appropriately. Finally, how to prevent their children from becoming bear children? Do you have any other suggestions? Please leave a message in the comment area. The new batch of beverages is “blacklisted”. It is best not to drink for children and the elderly. It is not only the stomach that hurts.

Most children like to drink beverages, especially the sweet taste, which is for children. “the taste of happiness”. Parents nowadays are more concerned about this aspect of the problem, and usually do not let their children drink beverages. 

But there are also some parents who are more spoiling their children. When their children act like a baby, they have nothing to do. They can only agree to the children’s request. They think there should be no problem, but the more “careful” they are, the last Children are often injured. 

One case per day Bottle of so-called “milk” drink, the child went to see the doctor a month later.

Xiao Zhou’s son is 4 years old this year. The little guy especially likes to drink drinks. Every time he doesn’t let him drink it, he will act coquettishly. If acting coquettishly does not work , Just cry directly. 

This little guy has a characteristic. Every time he cries for a little longer, his tonsils will become inflamed the next day, and he will have a fever if it is severe. It is precisely because of this that the family try to coax him , I don’t want him to cry, even in terms of drinks. 

Fortunately, children didn’t want to drink drinks every day, but when they remembered it, or when the coaxing was bad, drinks could solve the problem. 

Two months ago, Xiao Zhou took her son to the supermarket. An employee happened to sell milk drinks in the milk section. When she saw Xiao Zhou, she said, “This mother looks at this dairy product. Now children can like to drink this. This dairy product has high protein content and high nutritional value. It can help children grow up if they drink it.”

In fact, it’s still a milk drink after all, and it’s not as good as what a supermarket employee said. Exaggerated, but Xiao Zhou believed it, and happened to be doing some activities. Xiao Zhou Yi brought two boxes home. 

From that day on, Xiao Zhou let the child drink a bottle every night. Sometimes he also drank it when he got up in the morning. As a result, one month later, Xiao Zhou found that the child’s teeth had turned black, so he quickly took the child with him. Go check. 

After the examination, the doctor diagnosed that the child’s teeth were decayed, which was mainly related to the child’s eating too much sweets. After hearing this conclusion, Xiao Zhou immediately denied, “Impossible, I usually don’t let my children eat candy.”

The doctor said helplessly, “Who said that only candy contains sugar? Chocolate, Drinks and other things are in them.”

This week I was even more puzzled. I didn’t let the child drink any beverages. Afterwards, the doctor asked the child about his usual diet, and finally found out that it was a child. It is caused by the so-called dairy beverage that I eat every day, and the key is that the child never brushes his teeth after drinking it every night before going to bed, which leads to tooth decay. 

The new batch of beverages is “blacklisted”. It is best not to drink for children and the elderly. It is not only the stomach and intestines that hurt.

Not only should the following beverages be given less to the children, it is also best not to drink the elderly. After all, children and The old people’s gastrointestinal and physical functions are weaker, and they are more likely to be affected. 

1. Milk beverages

Many people misunderstand milk beverages as dairy products, thinking that they are more nutritious than other beverages. In fact, many businesses have caught parents. Our little thoughts, so we have gimmicks such as “milk ingredient” and “high nutrition” in the publicity, but in fact, the main ingredient of milk beverage is still the beverage ingredient, which contains very little dairy products, and added It is a blend of many sugars. 

Therefore, it is recommended to drink this beverage less for the elderly and children, otherwise it will only accelerate the tendency of their teeth to become decayed, and it will also affect their appetite, reduce their appetite, and affect their health. 

2. Carbonated drinks

Fanta, Sprite, and Coke are all carbonated drinks. It can be said that both the elderly and the children have a high degree of acceptance of these drinks. They are refreshing and delicious. Naturally, they can win. Their favor. 

However, carbonated drinks have a greater impact on them than milk drinks. First of all, it may have a greater impact on their dental health and damage the protective layer of their teeth. 

Secondly, the problem that needs to be considered is that the gastrointestinal system of the elderly and children is weak. If carbonated beverages are taken, the balance of the gastrointestinal system may be disrupted, which will affect their digestive function and also Affect their appetite. 

3. Juice beverages

Many parents think that since other beverages cannot be drunk, juice beverages can always be drunk, right? In fact, this is not the case, because most fruit juice drinks on the market are blended with additives, and in order to ensure the taste, they also add a lot of sugar to the ingredients. 

For children, high sugar content may lead to tooth decay or obesity. For the elderly, high sugar content may induce diseases such as high blood pressure and hyperglycemia, and it will also speed up the rate of tooth fall of the elderly and damage them. Tooth root nervous system. 

If you want to give them fruit juice drinks, it is better to squeeze the juice yourself. Although it is a little troublesome, it can protect the health of children and the elderly. 

It is emphasized again that among them, milk beverages should be paid special attention to. After all, they are the most easily overlooked. Parents must improve their distinguishing ability.

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