Lin Zhiying was scolded for posting photos of babies. Netizens: Do you really know how to bring children? Actually use it

Lin Zhiying was scolded for posting photos of babies. Netizens: Do you really know how to bring children? Actually use it

Lin Zhiying has always been paid attention to by the public because of his appearance, and he is also keen to share photos of his children on Weibo. However, he shared a photo of his son falling asleep with a pacifier in his mouth and caused controversy among netizens, who questioned why he should use a pacifier, which is not good for the child. 

We often see pacifiers in foreign film and television dramas and news, and they seem to be very useful, but they have not become popular in China. Instead, they have met with opposition from mothers. The main reasons for being opposed are the following four points, which are indeed very harmful. 

Affect tooth development

Using a pacifier is generally for Relieve the baby’s weaning anxiety and will not let the baby use it for too long. However, some parents keep their baby with a pacifier in order to relax and do not intervene. 

Baby has been using a pacifier, it will easily lead to abnormal maxillary development and affect the baby’s tooth bite. The pacifier will continue to stimulate the gums during the sucking process, affect the growth of the baby’s teeth, and eventually cause him to have buck teeth and make the face unsightly. 

causing baby sleep problems

Some parents use comfort The nipple is to let the baby fall asleep quickly and reduce the risk of sleeping with milk. If the baby sleeps with a pacifier, a large amount of air will enter the stomach due to their sucking, causing intestinal cramps or overflowing milk. Some babies will wake up immediately because of the falling of the pacifier. 

All these will cause the baby’s sleep quality to decline, and it is easy to wake up or cry suddenly when sleeping. 

Bacteria “farm”

Many babies are using it You can’t hold the pacifier all the time, and it will fall to the ground from time to time. In many cases, the baby will pick it up by himself, and then put it back into the mouth to suck immediately, without caring how dirty it is. 

The pacifier is like a bacterial “farm”. The baby’s saliva is their nourishment. The temperature of the mouth is also nourishing their growth. Open a pacifier and you can see its inside How dirty it is. 

It’s easy to make babies addicted.

If parents find it takes away The baby’s pacifier will cry loudly, or the baby will wake up immediately after taking the pacifier away after falling asleep, which means that he has become addicted to the pacifier. Parents should consciously reduce the use time of the pacifier. 

If the baby uses a pacifier for a long time, he may be alienated from his parents, and he is unwilling to be close to his family. Only the pacifier can get a sense of security and satisfaction. 

Pacifiers are great for calming the baby’s emotions Effective, but it has more drawbacks, parents try not to use it. If the parent has already used it for the baby, it is necessary to pay attention to control the use time. 

If the parents do not pay attention, the above 4 adverse effects may occur, especially the buck teeth may appear, which affects the appearance. A 6-year-old middle-class girl from Jiangnan revealed a “calendar”, netizens: How easy is it to destroy a child

Almost every parent hopes that their children will become talents, so the sentence is also like a long-term daughter and a phoenix. It has become the goal of many parents to educate their children, but each child’s abilities are different. If parents use high-intensity education methods, it is likely to hurt the child, and even more likely to cause the relationship between the child and the parent to become worse and worse. . 

I saw such a video on the Internet. The Internet became popular with Jiangnan mothers and daughters who live in middle-class petty bourgeois families in Hangzhou. The reason is that the mother used the intensive cultivation and training of her 6-year-old daughter using the seedling-enhancing parenting method. The little girl has been arranged for more than 10 tutoring classes from 9 o’clock in the morning, and she can’t get home until after 7 o’clock in the evening. 

But the child cannot rest after returning home. It is to complete the homework assigned by all the teachers today. The only time to rest is when the mother takes her to another training class. Of course, Bao’s mother constantly supervises and does not let the child take any time off. 

And this little girl is like a robot doll, she has no thoughts and will of her own, and even the child’s daily schedule is exposed on the Internet. The full page is full of sadness. Distressed. 

And when someone asked the little girl if she liked her mother, her answer was beyond everyone’s expectation. The child said: “I don’t like and don’t want to be with her, my real mother is lost.” When many netizens watched this video, they unanimously commented: Look, how easy it is to destroy a child. 

Actually, she looks like this little girl’s mother in real life There are many, many, the same parents. They always think that their children have poor self-discipline in the process of growing up. If they can’t assign more homework or courses to their children, they may be left behind by others and lose at the starting line. 

High-intensity learning may not be beneficial to children’s growth, and may even bring the opposite effect. 

A common problem that modern parents tend to commit

1. The dream of imposing on their children

The common problem that modern parents are most likely to commit is to impose their dreams on their children. These parents feel that when they were young, they did not have a good learning environment and did not realize their great ideals, so after they have children, Must let them help themselves to realize this dream. So these parents began to enroll their children in various tutoring classes to improve their children’s academic performance and make them more and more outstanding. 

2, always compare children with others

Some parents always compare their children with others, and they often say to their children: “Look at how good other people’s exam results are, then look at you”, but parents use this method, and Can not play the role of motivating the child, and sometimes lead to excessive rebellion of the child. 

3. Ignore the child’s own abilities


As we said above, the abilities of each child are different. If parents use high-pressure methods to raise, it will only harm the child’s body, mind and body, so don’t ignore the child’s own abilities. , Otherwise the parents may only receive the child’s rebellion and disobedience. 

What are the hazards of being too strict on children? 

1. Hate parents and resent life

The education method of de-miao and encouragement will make children hate their parents more and more, just like the little girl above, although she cannot directly express with her mother She expressed her disgust, but when outsiders asked her how she felt inside, the little girl blurted out that she hated her mother. Moreover, such children will experience depression as they grow older. They resent life more and more and are on the verge of danger. 

2, timidity and weakness are not independent


There are also some introverted children who will become cowardly and weak under the high pressure of their parents. They are obedient and do not have any independent opinions, especially for the requirements of their parents. The children will not refuse at all. But the pain in his heart is only known to him. Imagine how such children can be happy, how can they be happy, and how can they be successful when they grow up?

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