Li Meijin’s concept of childcare is sought after, but her daughter is an ordinary person. Is this a “rollover”?

Li Meijin’s concept of childcare is sought after, but her daughter is an ordinary person. Is this a “rollover”? 

As a parent, whether you are ordinary or outstanding, you always hope that you can cultivate your child to be an outstanding person. Therefore, parents nowadays will learn some excellent educational concepts through various books, lectures or online channels, hoping to achieve success in practice. 

Among them, Professor Li Meijin, a well-known expert in criminal psychology and adolescent psychology, is sought after by parents for his unique concept of parenting, but when people know that Professor Li Meijin’s daughter is an ordinary person, some The parents are not calm again, thinking that this is a “rollover” set by their own. 

In the eyes of some parents, the so-called Parenting success is often due to a child’s success, that is, entering a prestigious school, entering a well-known company, or earning enough wealth, etc. However, Professor Li’s daughter is just an ordinary music teacher, which seems to run counter to the “success” in everyone’s eyes. 

Is this really Li Meijin’s “rollover”? I don’t think it is.

Although Professor Li’s daughter has not achieved special achievements in the eyes of people, Professor Li himself did not show disappointment to her daughter, but was very pleased. 

Because in Professor Li’s parenting path, the daughter is not her vassal, but an independent and respectable individual. 

When Professor Li’s daughter was still in school, Because of his failure in mathematics, Professor Li was asked by the teacher to talk to him. As an ordinary parent, he must be anxious to send his daughter to various tuition classes. 

However, Professor Li chose to respect the children’s personal wishes and devote time and energy to the music that the children love. With her expertise in art, her daughter finally entered a prestigious school and chose her own A career that I love and is willing to work hard for. 

In my opinion, these are actually It can be regarded as a real parenting success. After all, most of us are ordinary and ordinary, and the “success” in everyone’s eyes is affected by many factors, so we can’t push this “pot” to the education of our parents. 

The ordinaryness of the child cannot be equated with the “education failure” of the parents.

The so-called success that many parents strive for is often the hope that their children will become social elites and achieve stratification. 

However, relevant data show that only 5% of children can realize the so-called “social elite” dream when children grow up and enter society. 

In other words, 80 to 90% of children can only go to the middle of mediocrity and lead the lives of ordinary people, and nearly 10% of children may become the bottom of society. 

However, these 5% of children even Can you be happy if you become a “social elite”? Faced with the current “996” and “007” life status, it is difficult for people to determine who is successful and who is failure. 

The ordinaryness of a child is not the parent’s “education failure”. The parent’s beloved child has far-reaching plans for it. Nothing is more important than the child’s long-term happiness and joy, so parents should not blame the child’s Don’t live up to it”, it is better to sit and relax. 

It may be more important to accept the ordinary of children than to force them to be excellent.

Every child has different talents and is destined to develop different directions. 

Just like some children are naturally good at exercising, some children have poor coordination; some children have good logical thinking ability and memory, but some children do not have these advantages no matter how hard they work; some Children are naturally flexible and have a strong sense of music, but some children have stiff limbs and lack of voice. 

However, just as some children speak early, some The child walks as early as possible. Children who are not good at sports may be more suitable for quiet reading, children who are not focused enough on learning may have communicative talents, and children who do not have artistic cells may also be better at sports. 

As a parent, you cannot plan your child’s life path according to your own ideas. In my opinion, it is much more important to accept the ordinary, respect the child’s ideas, and give full play to their advantages than forcing the child to do bad things. A family of four sleeping photos was taken by the mother-in-law. After the netizens saw it: parents are true love, children are accidents

Many mothers always have this sympathy when they complain about bringing their children. , That is, “There is no way to sleep a whole night.” 

It’s true. Before the baby’s one year old, the mothers either breast-feed or check the sleep quality of their children at night. They have to get up many times a night. However, not all parents are like this. Some parents are very big-hearted, patronizing their own sleep and ignoring their children. 

Previously, there was a family of four on the Internet The pictures of sleeping became popular. I saw the picture when the couple were hugging each other and sleeping very sweetly, and the two babies beside them were only two or three years old, and the other was only a few months old. Both children were sleeping beside the bed on their stomachs. , Even the quilt is not covered. But the parents next to them didn’t notice this scene at all, and they didn’t mean to cover the children at all. 

Because the door is not closed, the mother-in-law just happened Seeing this scene, I went into the room and filmed it. I don’t know if the parents were trained by their elders after they woke up? 

After all, it is very easy for a child to catch a cold when sleeping without a quilt. However, many netizens also expressed sympathy after seeing this scene. After all, it is very tiring to bring two such small children. I believe that the parents in the photo are also so tired because they are too tired. 

Actually, taking children of this age to sleep is indeed a big problem. Sometimes it is common to accidentally fall on the ground or leave the quilt uncovered. So how to solve the problem of both worlds and make the children safe when sleeping, Can parents sleep at ease? 

What should you pay attention to when sleeping with your baby

1 Take protective measures

The most important thing about sleeping with your baby is safety. In most cases, it is not recommended that the child sleep between the two husbands and wives, because this can easily cause the adult to accidentally crush the child. Parents are often careful to prevent this problem and often cannot sleep well all night. Therefore, it is important to install a protective fence next to the bed and lay mats on the floor to prevent your baby from accidentally falling to the ground during play in the future. 

2, use a sleeping bag

< p>In many areas in the south, there is no heating in winter. In order to prevent the baby from catching a cold while sleeping, mothers need to cover their children with quilts several times a night. The practical sleeping bag can solve this problem, no matter how the child’s posture changes, the child with the sleeping bag is not easy to catch a cold, which not only liberates the mother, but also ensures the health of the baby. 

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene

If parents and babies sleep together, then adults must pay attention to hygiene issues. Many treasure fathers have the habit of smoking and drinking, so when sleeping with the child, be careful not to touch the child up close, and do a good job of cleaning before going to bed every day. 

For young babies, the body’s resistance is very poor. If you sleep with adults who smoke or drink alcohol for a long time, it is easy to cause bacteria to invade and cause infection, so Bao parents must This is an important question. 

Old people often say that children are sleeping As you grow up, you can imagine how important sleep is to your child’s physical development. Parents of infants and toddlers can only take care of their children by ensuring that they sleep well. Therefore, you must pay more attention to the above issues in the process of taking care of your babies. I don’t know how you take care of your children when they sleep? Have you neglected your children?

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