“Leukemia” is eyeing the child, this kind of condition is the easiest to contract, parents should worry more

“Leukemia” is focusing on children. This situation is most likely to be infected. Parents have to worry about it.

Parents are most worried about their children. In addition to the safety of their children’s daily travel, it is nothing more than the child’s life, which is the child’s life. If you are healthy, your life is not happy anymore. 

Old people often say that they are not afraid of not having firewood. This is to encourage a person, as long as one’s body is healthy and there will be days to live in the future, there will be a good life. 

Once some diseases occur, this life will be over. Leukemia is one of them. Leukemia is easily triggered by some of the triggers in daily life. Parents must avoid these kinds of triggers. 

Ms. Zhang from Zhejiang suffered great misfortune. Ms. Zhang’s child had leukemia. At this time, the second-grade classmates of Xiao Zhang’s girls’ children are actively raising funds for Ms. Zhang’s children, helping them to fight disease and tide over the difficulties. 

As long as you find the right age, as long as you find the right ancient apes and the right stem cells, Ms. Zhang’s child will be saved. Fortunately, Ms. Zhang’s child walked in front of the ghost gate. In the end, he returned to the world. 

Actually, leukemia is the most terrifying disease in our daily life. Once the cells have problems, the whole body will not be well. Therefore, when a disease occurs, everyone is working together to fight against the disease and is also playing a humanitarian spirit. However, there are actually ways to prevent leukemia in daily life. 

may cause Several causes of leukemia

1. New whitewashed walls

The new house does not live outside. This sentence makes sense. The new house should be in the 6 months after the renovation. Avoid getting in and out. 

Because the paint used on these walls, or some of the raw materials used in the decoration, I don’t know if there are any benzene or formaldehyde that are dangerous to life. Once these materials are breathed in The human body may cause cell mutations in the human body, and the consequences are endless. 

So if you want to prevent leukemia, you must stay away from this newly renovated and newly painted new house. 

2. Carcinogenic foods

There are anti-cancer foods in our lives. For example, broccoli and carrots are good foods against cancer, but there are also some carcinogenic foods. 

In industrial processing, there are many processing procedures, especially complicated, and the original nutrients of the food are lost. Some foods that mutate and produce harmful substances may cause cancer. Many snacks, such as spicy strips, are most likely to cause cancer. It is produced in a simple small workshop. Hygiene is not guaranteed. Even if it is easy to have diarrhea, it may also produce some substances that endanger the safety and health of the human body, or reduce the human body’s immunity. 

3. Toys or clothing made of harmful compounds

Then you have been in contact with toys made of some compounds, or plastics fused into complex chemical tools, or complex chemicals, I don’t know if it is a substance that is threatening to life, or if it is a toy, it may also cause cancer. 

Many toys used by children, or children’s clothing worn by children, are actually unqualified and irregular manufacturers. The unsafe production lines are produced in channels, and these things may also be very harmful. factor. 

How to prevent leukemia

1. Regular checkups

The most important spirit of preventing leukemia and cancer is regular checkups. Take your child to the hospital and run out regularly. If your child is not feeling well, you should take your child to have a treatment. Check the whole body, just in case, prevent at the starting line, do an inspection and the whole family can rest assured. 

2. Eat more cancer-fighting foods

Starting like broccoli or potatoes or celery, I can eat more when I’m at home. When cooking Put more or make dishes with this as a raw material to help the body increase its resistance. It seems that starting from the family diet, the disease is imported by the mouth, and the disease can also be improved through diet, and it can also be prevented through diet. 

3. Stay away from compounds that endanger the safety of the human body

For babies or young children who have not yet grown up, we must keep them away from compounds that endanger the safety of the human body. The toys produced by our channels, the clothing produced by our manufacturers, or heavy metal compounds such as paint metal, plastic compounds, and various compounds made of petroleum, it is best for children to stay away. 

Complicated chemical interactions in complex compounds will produce complex chemical reactions. Sometimes parents don’t understand what’s going on, and the child will get sick easily. 

4. If the child is unwell, seek medical attention immediately

If the child has signs of discomfort, or an uncomfortable physical reaction, send the child to the doctor immediately, take the child to the hospital for a trip, and send the child to the corresponding person in time Outpatient treatment. 

Leukemia is terrible, but as long as you pay attention to prevention and check carefully in your daily life, you are not afraid of any diseases. Believe in the baby, believe in the mother, the disease can be prevented from usual, and the root of the disease can be eliminated. The three “golden periods” of brain development are lucky if you catch it once. Some children have missed it.

Nowadays children, in the case of healthy growth, parents naturally put their minds on their children. It’s not an easy task to improve children’s intelligence. 

It can be said that under normal circumstances, the gap in IQ of most children is not too big, because except for very few geniuses or children whose intellectual development is hindered, everyone else is in the “middle of rugby.” , Neither up nor down. 

Some parents want to improve their children’s IQ, register their children for brain development classes, give them cod liver oil, etc. Various methods have been used, but in the end they will find that they have little effect. 

They all say that we must grasp the main contradiction of things in order to better solve the problem. Before that, I would like to ask parents, do you know what are the fastest stages of children’s brain development? 

For this question, most parents can’t answer it, which is why parents always do useless work. 

Brain development Three “Golden Periods”

American neurosurgery experts have discovered that there are three golden periods of brain development in a person’s life, and they are all before puberty. If they can be used, the child’s brain development will be relatively faster ,higher. 

First of all, we must clarify a question for parents. Presumably, parents will think that since every child has the same level of IQ in the end, is there a difference between earlier and later brain development? It will be almost the same in the end anyway. 

In fact, this is not the case, because if the child’s brain develops faster and to a higher degree, it means that the child’s IQ can reach a certain level in the early stage. For the child, when learning and dealing with some problems It will be relatively easier, and it will be easier to learn. 

To give a very simple example, why do children feel that elementary school questions are simple after they enter junior high school? This is not only because the child’s early learning has paved the way, but also because the child has a higher level of brain development in junior high school, so he can solve and learn more things. 

Correspondingly, if you start learning from elementary school with the level of brain development of a junior one child, your child’s learning will naturally be better. 

This is why we should try our best to make the children’s brain development higher and faster, so that the children will learn more easily in the future, and their grades will naturally improve. 

1. Children from 6 months to 3 years of age

Brain neurosurgery experts also released a set of data, showing that the brain weight of a child will reach about 80% of an adult’s weight at the age of three, compared with birth For 25% of the time, it means that the child has developed 55% in just two and a half years. This is the most significant stage of the three stages. 

Therefore, smart parents know that at this stage, they have to work hard for their children’s brain development, but it is also the most difficult, because children at this stage, whether from their understanding or cognition From the perspective of abilities, expression and other aspects, they are all weak, and it is more difficult to help brain development. 

But one advantage is that these children have strong curiosity and learning ability, so parents can achieve a certain effect through stimulation. 

Through the exercise of children’s physical coordination ability, children can be exposed to new things. At this time, they may smell, see, touch, and shoot. These seemingly simple actions are actually It is an aid for the development of the brain. That is, “visual stimulation” and “tactile stimulation” emphasized by experts. 

2. Children from 3 to 6 years old

This stage is relatively easy for parents to neglect, because children start kindergarten after the age of 3, and some parents begin to have a “slack” mentality. Teacher education is enough, and parents don’t need to interfere so much. 

In fact, this is not the case, because most kindergartens now play with their children in a proper manner, and seldom pay attention to the children’s brain development. Therefore, parents need to be more attentive. 

From this stage onwards, parents can exercise their children’s concentration and memory, preferably through some educational toys, such as picture books, puzzles, building blocks, Lego, etc. These are all good Accessories. 

3. Children from 8 to 10 years old

8 years old is the stage when children formally enter the first grade. From this stage, the knowledge that children will be exposed to will be more colorful. For children who transition from kindergarten to elementary school For a long time at first, it will be more difficult because it has not been able to adapt well. 

Therefore, parents should pay more attention to this golden period of brain development, take their children to read more, let them dictate stories, and use these methods to exercise their children’s thinking and expression skills, and then promote brain development . 

Many children have missed the first two stages, so don’t miss the last stage. But there are also some children who have missed all three stages, so the parents will have to think twice. Strengthening the children’s acquired education can also achieve better results. It is better than doing nothing. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the choice of methods.

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