Let the child sleep like this when it’s too hot? Be careful of the disease to find the child, most afraid it will happen uninterruptedly

Let the child sleep like this when it’s too hot? Be careful of the disease to find the child, I am most afraid that it will continue to occur

The next weather will only get hotter and hotter. What is the hardest thing in summer, I’m afraid it is difficult to sleep at night, especially in Without air conditioning, air conditioning has become a must-have in summer. 

As early as a month ago, parents started taking their children to sleep with the air conditioner on. Many parents will also find that children always seem to catch cold constantly during this period, and they also have some other symptoms, such as Dry nose, dry throat, etc. 


Some time ago, my husband and I were on a business trip, so we took the child to the mother-in-law. But when I came back half a month later, I found that the child always sucked his nose. The most important thing was that I found that the child sucked dry, because there was no clear watery nose, and the child said that his nose would be itchy. 

So I just came back from a business trip. I asked my boss for leave and took my child to see the doctor. The doctor looked at it for a while and said, “Air conditioning. Recently, many children are doing this. Pay attention to the air conditioner…”

Because my mother-in-law went with me, she also heard the doctor’s words and was annoyed, “I was negligent. I really shouldn’t, doctor. What should I do?”

Later, the doctor prescribed some medicine and told him to find someone to wash the air conditioner. After I went home, I followed the doctor’s instructions one by one. The child also took the medicine for many days, which relieved a lot. 

I believe that many parents have also made such mistakes. The air conditioner is indeed a weapon in summer, but if this weapon is not used well, it may indeed become a “weapon” in the true sense. 

About air conditioning requirements Pay attention to these, otherwise be careful to find children with diseases.

1. Do not turn on the air conditioner temperature too low

Although this is a commonplace topic, many parents still do not pay attention to it, because they usually follow their own The temperature is adjusted by the sense of body temperature, but there is a big gap between the sense of body temperature of children and adults. Adults find it suitable, but children’s sense may be lower. 

Because the suitable temperature for adults is around 25~27°, while the suitable temperature for children is around 27~30°, some adults even adjust the temperature to a lower temperature. What about children at night? Maybe you don’t catch a cold? 

2. The air outlet is only facing the human body

Some time ago, the mother-in-law did this operation. Because the old man didn’t understand this aspect, and the child kept shouting heat while sleeping, so the child turned on the air conditioner. 

She didn’t care about the direction of the air outlet, so that when the child was sleeping, she kept facing the air outlet, and the bacteria in the air would be sucked into the body by the child. 

It is also worth noting that because the operation of air conditioners requires moisture, when the air lacks moisture, the moisture on the child’s body will be “sucked” away. This is why the child always It is the cause of sore throat and dry nose. 

Therefore, when parents blow the air conditioner to their children, they must not aim the air outlet at the child in order to be cool. It can be said that it is harmful to no benefit. You can adjust the air outlet upward. It is very troublesome to adjust each time, so you can buy a cover that changes the direction of the air outlet to solve this problem. 

3. Lack of humidifiers indoors

Similarly, after waking up, children feel headache, dry nasal cavity and dry throat, etc. The main reason is the lack of humidifiers in the room, except that the air outlet is directly on the body. . 

A few years ago, when my home just installed the air conditioner, I didn’t have this concept, but after I found out that I always had these symptoms, I took a basin of water and put it next to me. I didn’t expect that since then, I won’t have these symptoms when I get up the next day. 

Of course, it would be better if there was a more convenient humidifier. Therefore, it is recommended that parents usually install humidifiers in the air-conditioned room. If you can put a bucket of water next to it, it would be great. 

Because this can effectively prevent the water from evaporating on the child’s body, the possibility of the child experiencing those symptoms will also be reduced. 

4. The air conditioner has never been cleaned

I believe there are definitely many parents who have not cleaned the air conditioner since they bought the air conditioner until now. It is conceivable that the fan blades of the air conditioner and the internal unit should be hidden. How many bacteria are there. 

Be aware that the cleanliness of the air conditioner is directly related to the cleanliness of the air in the room. If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, then the child will stay in the air-conditioned room for a period of time, and the bacteria will naturally enter the child’s respiratory tract. Once the child’s immunity is attacked, then repeated colds are inevitable. 

It is recommended that parents clean the air conditioner once a month. If it is really inconvenient, then it should be cleaned at least once a year, otherwise it is tantamount to exposing the child to the air full of bacteria. 

These are not alarmist talks. How many children have become chronic diseases because of air-conditioning disease, especially rhinitis. In the end, they cannot be cured repeatedly, and some children are damaged because of their resistance system. , So that minor illnesses continue, this is the most harmful to the body. 

Parents should also pay more attention to their children’s physical conditions. They need to pay attention when they find that their children have symptoms such as coughing, itchy nose, and throat. 4 common contraceptive methods, 1 is the most harmful, 2 is the safest, and the last one is rejected by men.

In order to avoid unintended pregnancy, contraception is a very important daily matter in married families. . But it has to be said that people have very different choices of contraceptive methods. 

So which of the many contraceptive methods is the most reliable, safest and reliable? 

Bao Da shared It’s a good method of contraception, but netizens complained about it.

Mr. Zhang is the father of a three-year-old cute baby. As a treasured father, he has no plans to have a second child, so the contraceptive measures with his wife have never been Dare to relax. 

Not long ago, Mr. Zhang bought an oral contraceptive from a friend. The friend said that this kind of contraceptive is very reliable, even without other contraceptive measures, there is no problem. 

Mr. Zhang was very excited about what a friend said about this contraceptive pill, so Mr. Zhang bought a lot of contraceptives from his friend and went home. 

Even Mr. Zhang, who has tasted the sweetness, shared this good method with netizens on the Internet, “This is really easy. Even if there are some side effects, it is nothing more than causing female endocrine disorders.”< /p>

Although Mr. Zhang thinks he has found a good method of contraception, but the majority of netizens have complained about Mr. Zhang’s responsibility. 

“Knowing that it will cause side effects for women, but for the sake of selfishness and disregarding the feelings of the other half, this is really too selfish!”

Some netizens ridicule Mr. Zhang said, “I don’t care about your partner’s body, even if there are side effects, you still don’t take it seriously, but if you let such a man go to the ligation, even 10,000 people will disagree!”

In fact, Mr. Zhang’s wife did offer to let her husband perform a ligation operation for contraception, but Mr. Zhang refused.

“The operation is not good for your health. If you don’t take medicine Just bring a ring!” It can be seen that Mr. Zhang is indeed a double standard on contraception. 

It has to be said that the choice of contraceptive measures is a very important part for married families. Not only must the contraceptive effect be considered, but also the impact on health. 

After all, contraception is not something that can be achieved overnight, and the most appropriate contraceptive measures for both parties are the best choice. 

Commonly used contraceptive methods in life, the first one is harmful, the second is unsafe

1. Oral contraceptives

Relatively speaking, oral contraceptives cause women’s body The harm is the most direct and obvious. 

For example, although the more popular emergency contraceptives have good contraceptive effects, if they are used repeatedly for a long time, they may cause endocrine disorders in women and even irregular menstruation. 

2, wear a condom

It can be said that this method is the safest and most effective method of contraception. 

In addition to contraception, it can also ensure the hygiene of the married life and avoid cross-infection of bacteria. This also means that the probability of women suffering from gynecological diseases due to sex has been greatly reduced. 

3. Placing a birth control ring

The contraceptive effect achieved by this method is relatively successful, and even the contraceptive success rate can reach more than 99%. 

But I have to say that some women experience physical discomfort after placing the contraceptive ring, such as backaches and irregular menstruation. 

If the female body has obvious discomfort and has not been relieved for a long time, then this method of contraception is not suitable for use. 

4. Male ligation

In terms of reliability, the contraceptive effect achieved by male ligation is the best. However, due to the influence of inherent cognition, many men are very repulsive, and even think that it will affect sexual function. 

It is precisely because of men’s prejudice against ligation as a contraceptive method that this method is rarely used in our country. 

When choosing contraception What other issues should the couple know about? 

1. Difficulty in recanalization after ligation surgery

Although the success rate of ligation surgery is high, it is a minor operation after all, and it is used to cut off the vas deferens for contraception, so it exists after the cut With a certain risk, it is difficult to recover. 

If the couple wants to get pregnant again, they may have difficulties due to the ligation operation. 

2. The belt loop is easy to cause physical discomfort.

The contraceptive effect of the belt loop is very ideal, but if it is not handled properly, it may cause physical discomfort, such as the time when the birth control ring is placed Too long. 

Generally speaking, a birth control ring is used for about 5 to 10 years, and it must be taken out in time after the expiration date. 

Otherwise, the birth control ring will grow to the myometrium, which may cause back pain, irregular menstruation and other physical discomforts. 

3. Pay attention to the way of wearing condoms.

Although wearing condoms seems to be a relatively simple operation, many men also have the wrong way of wearing them. Therefore, mastering the correct wearing method can more guarantee the success rate of contraception. 

The correct choice of contraceptive methods can greatly avoid the occurrence of unintended pregnancy, and this is also a great protection for women. 

What do you think about the choice of contraceptive methods to share?

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