Less than 3 years old and weighing 100 kilograms, the girl who became hot in the live broadcast has long been regarded as a “money machine”

Less than 3 years old and weighing 100 kilograms, the girl who was on fire in the live broadcast room had long been regarded as a “money machine”

The child was often called a “money shredder” and was also picked up as a “four-legged gold swallowing beast”. “The nickname. These titles are indeed not exaggerated. Now raising a child is not the most expensive, only more expensive, and no amount of money can be spent on him. 

However, some children are not the money shredders, but the “money printing machines” of their parents, and they become parents’ money-making machines at a young age. 

Some time ago, a 3-year-old girl suddenly became popular on the Internet, whose nickname was “Peggy”. Peggy’s mother specifically registered an account for her on a certain social platform to publish her daughter’s daily life, and mainly pictures of her eating. 

The number of fans on this account is not many, only a few thousand, but the most viewed video has more than half a million clicks, which is why Paige is so popular. 

Judging from the release history, the account should have been registered when Peggy was more than one year old. At that time, she looked like a normal baby, very lively. 

However, the style of the video began to change next, and Peggy’s parents seemed to have suddenly discovered the “wealth code”. 

Started to use eye-catching words to identify Peggy’s weight in the title. At the same time, Little Peggy quickly soared from twenty to thirty catties to more than sixty catties. 

In one episode of the video, the title was even more horrifying, saying “Peggy is about to break 100 kilograms soon.” At this time, she is just a 3-year-old child. 

These exaggerated titles, coupled with Peggy’s apparently fat body, attracted a lot of clicks, and undoubtedly brought a lot of income to his parents. 

After Peggy became a small internet celebrity, the frequency of videos posted by this account has also increased significantly. It must be his parents who have tasted the sweetness and are preparing to reap a wave of bonuses. 

People with a little common sense know that obesity is harmful to children’s health. However, Peggy’s parents ignored their daughter’s health in order to make money by making videos, and even threatened to feed her 3-year-old To one hundred catties. It’s hard to describe such parents as “cruel heart”. 

The child is not a parent It’s necessary to be cautious about exposing children online.

Don’t treat children as money-making machines

Although in an interview, Peggy’s parents denied the idea of ​​making money by making videos, but from these videos Calculated by playing volume, this account should have made a lot of profits. 

Furthermore, the titles of those videos clearly smelled like marketing numbers, and Peggy’s body was so fat that she could hardly walk, the parents’ defenses seemed pale and weak. 

However, this account is no longer searchable at the moment. It may be that netizens reported it and were processed by the platform. I hope that after this treatment, Peggy’s parents can understand that children are not their money-making machines. Sacrificing their health for profit is even more shameful and hateful. 

Parents must know how to protect the privacy of their children.

Many people like to post their babies in their circle of friends, and some people also like to post their babies on public platforms. This approach is actually questionable. 

Because of the magnifying effect of the Internet, you may accidentally attract too much attention when you post a baby on it, thus posing a threat to the protection of children’s privacy. 

So smart parents seldom publish their babies online, and even if they want to publish, they will carefully protect their privacy. 

The Peggy incident reflects at least two major problems. One is that parents treat their children as money-making machines, and the other is that parents do not pay attention to the risks that obesity brings to their babies. The former has been analyzed above, let’s talk about the harm that obesity brings to children. 

The baby is not over The fatter the more cute, the overweight baby faces at least the following risks

1, affects the baby’s height

Excessive obesity may cause the baby to grow up, because obesity will cause the baby’s bones to bear excessive pressure, thereby hindering The growth of bones. 

2. Prone to many diseases

Obesity is also the root cause of many diseases, such as fatty liver, hypertension, coronary heart disease and so on. If he suffers from such diseases at a young age, it will inevitably have a devastating effect on his future life. 

Furthermore, according to the latest research results in the academic field, even if you did not suffer from these diseases because of obesity when you were young, you will increase the probability of getting the disease when you grow up. It can be seen that the adverse effects of obesity on the body are lifelong. 

3. Let the baby have an inferiority complex

Besides the physical harm, obesity can also bring psychological harm to the baby. 

Because this era is thin and beautiful, obese babies are easily squeezed out by their partners, and life is full of ridicule and guidance from others, and they may even be given a nasty nickname. 

All of these may cause the baby to have serious psychological problems, and the personality development will also be biased, and it is likely to fall into an extremely low self-esteem. 

Whether she regards her daughter as a money-making machine or does not pay attention to the problem of her daughter’s obesity, it can all show that Peggy’s parents are a pair of unqualified parents. 

Of course, we can’t just say that Peggy’s parents don’t love her. After all, the couple’s education level is not high, and there are some problems that they may not really realize. 

If you know it’s bad for your child but still insist on doing it, then it’s really bad. Being born in such a family, Little Peggy is indeed pitiful enough. There is a big difference between the three points of giving birth in the morning and in the afternoon. Common sense of life is not a superstition.

The arrival of the little life always makes the whole family full of expectations. The adults hope that the little ones can be healthy and happy, so they and Everything about the child becomes important. 

Among these, even the time of the child’s birth has become a topic of concern to some parents. For example, some elderly people think that it is related to the birth date of the child and determines the destiny of the child’s life, so there are pregnant mothers to discuss On a good day, I chose C-section to “control” the child’s birth time. 

Obviously, this kind of thinking is a bit too superstitious, but the time of giving birth is indeed a bit “exquisite”. There is really a difference between a morning birth and an afternoon birth. 

The mother-in-law insisted on letting her daughter-in-law have a baby at night, and she stopped and rolled around outside the delivery room. 

Lan Lan’s mother-in-law values ​​her upcoming grandson very much, so when Lan Lan was just pregnant, her mother-in-law asked someone to give the child a good day for birth. The mother-in-law said, “This is comparable to a doctor. The expected date of delivery is much more important. When the good day comes, we will have a C-section. We can’t delay the time.” The mother-in-law’s superstition made Lan Lan very disgusted, but because it was an elder, Lan Lan couldn’t say much. 

Fortunately, the auspicious day set by the mother-in-law is within a few days of the expected delivery date that the doctor said. Lan Lan stepped back and thought that even a C-section would not affect the child too much. “The mother-in-law should not cause any trouble.”

Unexpectedly, the baby was started in advance, and the mother-in-law was panicked, “You can bear it again. People say that it is best to be born in the afternoon even if the day is not up.” The mother-in-law was not allowed to go to the hospital, but the little guy couldn’t wait. Seeing the water broke, Lan Lan couldn’t hold it and was sent to the hospital. 

After checking, the doctor found that Lanlan’s palace mouth was opened, and she had to go to the delivery bed immediately. It happened to be 10 o’clock in the morning. The mother-in-law saw that it would be in the afternoon after another 2 hours, so she was in a hurry. The next step was stopped outside the delivery room and rolled around to prevent her from giving birth. 

When the doctor in charge of delivering the baby shouted at Granny Lan Lan, “Life is a matter of life, don’t mess around!” Finally, after some setbacks, Lan Lan approached the delivery room, and the little one was born soon. , Mother and child are safe. Because it was born in the morning, it is very convenient to go through the formalities, Lan Lan saves a lot of worry. 

What is the difference between a morning student and an afternoon student? What preparations should the mother make before giving birth? 

1. What is the difference between a morning student and an afternoon student? 

1. Item preparation and procedures

If you are born in the morning, even if you have incomplete preparations before delivery, it will be more convenient to buy temporarily, but if you are born at night , It will be very inconvenient to buy these items again. In addition, if the students are born in the morning, the relevant procedures will be smoother, and there will be no delays due to the off-duty of the relevant departments. 

2. The doctor’s energy

Obviously, the doctor’s energy will be more in the morning. Be more abundant, which will help the smooth progress of delivery. If an unexpected situation occurs, doctors are also more likely to make sensitive judgments, so that some emergencies can be dealt with in a timely manner. The doctor’s energy will be beneficial to the progress of labor. 

3. In terms of maternal physical strength

In the morning, the maternal physical strength is relatively better, so that the labor force during childbirth is more secure. The speed of the labor process has a great relationship with the physical strength of the mother. If the physical strength is insufficient or the energy is insufficient, the labor process is likely to be prolonged, making the mother have to endure more labor pains. 

Second, what preparations should mothers make before giving birth? 

1. Prepare the delivery package

The birth time of the little guy is uncontrollable, so in the few days before delivery, it is best for the mother to prepare the delivery package, so that even The sudden start of the fetus will not be too flustered. 

If the mother does not have the energy to prepare herself, her family can also help supplement the delivery package. Usually, the baby bag contains diapers, coatings, and feeding bottles for newborns, as well as pajamas and toilet paper for mothers. 

2. Adjust the mental state

Prenatal mothers will inevitably have nervous and anxious emotions, so at this time mothers must know how to adjust their emotional state, and a calm and relaxed state of mind Help to welcome the next delivery. If the mother is too nervous, it will not only hinder the delivery process, but also hinder the cooperation with the doctor, which will inevitably have a negative impact on delivery. 

3. Ensure adequate sleep

Before giving birth, mothers must have a good night’s sleep on their own to ensure adequate physical strength and energy. Only in this way can we provide the best physical conditions for the next normal birth. At this time, the family can coordinate to give some massage to the parturient, so that the parturient body can relax and fall asleep more easily. 

For smooth delivery, the time of birth of the fetus cannot be interfered. As long as the mother cooperates with a good doctor’s command, she believes that the process of delivery will go smoothly. For a cesarean section, although it is not The birth time of the fetus has a certain degree of control, but in the final analysis, the safety of the mother and the fetus must be put first. What do you share about the birth time of the newborn?

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