“Leave me alone, save my husband.” Bao Ma gave birth to her husband in the delivery room. She was shocked when she saw a scene.

“Leave me alone, save my husband.” Bao Ma gave birth to her husband in the delivery room. She was shocked when she saw a scene.

Women giving birth are like walking in a ghost gate. At this time, their hearts are also very deep. nervous. Many women ask her husband to accompany her into the delivery room to accompany her during childbirth. Having her husband next to her can also relieve her tension. 

But some husbands accompany their wives into the delivery room. Not only can they not eliminate their wives’ nervousness, but they “add chaos” to their wives. What is going on? Let’s take a look at the following case. 

Ronaldinho and her husband have been in love for five years. After they got married, Bing Cong’s feelings are still like glue, and every day is very sweet. After a year of marriage, Ronaldinho became pregnant, and her husband held her in the palm of his hand and cared for her in every possible way. Ronaldinho felt that he must have saved the galaxy in his previous life, so he met such a caring, gentle and tolerant husband. . 

The day of Ronaldinho’s delivery finally came. Ronaldinho found that his amniotic fluid had broken early in the morning. Her husband sent her to the hospital and offered to accompany his wife into the delivery room to give his wife mental strength. The wife was also very touched by this. In the process of childbirth, because the scene was too “bloody”, the husband fainted on the spot when he saw this scene. 

The medical staff panicked on the spot. The wife saw her husband fainted and said to the medical staff, “I can hold on for a while, leave me alone, save my husband.” Later, Ronaldinho gave birth to a son. But since then, the husband has changed one hundred and eighty degrees from his wife’s husband. He is no longer obedient to her and caring for her as before. After communicating with her husband, Ronaldinho found out that the husband was accompanying him to have children. , And produced a psychological shadow. 

Wife giving birth Should my husband go to the delivery room to accompany the delivery? 

Many hospitals now have such a humane service. When the wife goes hand in hand, family members can accompany the wife to the delivery room to accompany the delivery. The purpose of this is to make it convenient for the family to take care of the mother, and to give the mother confidence and encouragement, so that the mother can deliver the baby more smoothly. 

If the wife enters the delivery room to give birth, whether the husband should enter the delivery room to accompany the delivery. For such problems, the husband must consider his own situation. If you are usually dizzy with blood and you will fall when you see the blood, you can not accompany your wife to the delivery room to accompany you, but you must communicate with your wife so that your wife understands you. I can wait for my wife outside the delivery room, so that it won’t mess with the medical staff. 

If the husband’s usual psychological endurance ratio is low, and when watching horror movies, he is more afraid than his wife and less courageous. In this situation, it is not recommended that the husband accompany his wife to the delivery room with him. Because when the wife is giving birth, the picture will be very “bloody”, and the husband needs a strong psychological endurance. 

If the husband has high blood pressure or heart disease, it is not recommended to accompany his wife to the delivery room with him. Patients with high blood pressure and heart disease should not be stimulated. The images of the wife giving birth are too irritating and prone to sequelae. The husband accompanies his wife to the delivery room and must consider his own situation. 

If the husband does not have the above conditions and his psychological endurance is better, what aspects should he pay attention to when he accompanies his wife to enter the property? 

Husband accompanied wife Precautions for entering the delivery room

1. Do a good job of psychological development

Although the husband’s psychological development is better, the images of the wife giving birth are very irritating and bloody. Before the husband enters the delivery room, he must do a good job of psychological development. Husbands need to have a certain understanding of the process of giving birth and know what they will experience after entering the delivery room. Accompanying his wife into the delivery room on the premise of doing a good job of psychological construction will not cause chaos to the medical staff, and will not distract the wife who is giving birth. 

2. Stay calm

Some husbands accompanied their wives into the delivery room and saw that his wife was so painful because of having a child. He would also be nervous and at a loss next to him. Even order the medical staff indiscriminately. After the husband enters the delivery room, he must remain calm and refrain from shouting. Only by cooperating with the medical staff fully and not disturbing the medical staff can the wife give birth to the baby smoothly. 

3. Encourage the wife

At the moment when the wife gives birth, the husband is also very nervous. We can understand this. But the husband should not express the nervous emotions. At this time, you are the spiritual support of the wife, and you should give her encouragement. After the husband accompanies his wife into the delivery room, he can accompany his wife quietly before the delivery bed, hold his wife’s hand tightly, cheer his wife on, and give her a sense of security, so as to shorten the labor process and allow the baby to deliver smoothly. 

Giving birth is the most critical moment in a woman’s life. At this moment, many women require their husbands to accompany them into the delivery room. When the husband accompanies his wife into the delivery room, he must consider his own conditions. Although the husband accompanies his wife into the delivery room, it can give his wife a spiritual support, but the wife should also give her husband an understanding and do not force her husband to accompany her into the delivery room. 

Do you think it is good or bad for the husband to accompany his wife into the delivery room? Have you accompanied your wife to the delivery room? Please leave a message in the comment area for interaction. The most suitable “weaning” time for a child is not six months. The Ministry of Health recommends that in this age group

A small survey was conducted on a whim in the first two days, and it turned out that many mothers were concerned about when the child was weaned. The problem is not clear. A large part of the mothers think that their children will be weaned at about 6 months old. They asked them why they were at this time, but few people knew, and finally they all threw a word. That’s it. 

Indeed, many people believe that they should be weaned at about 6 children, so that most mothers believe this. As everyone knows, the most suitable weaning time for a child is not about 6 months. 

Recommended by the Ministry of Health Children are suitable for weaning at around two years of age

Previously, the Ministry of Health of our country put forward this suggestion that the best time for a child to be weaned should be around two years of age. Weaning here does not mean weaned breast milk, but also includes formula milk. 

In addition, the standard in the United States is to stipulate after the child is one year old, and the WHO also postpones the time after the child is two years old. But I also added some other suggestions, thinking that if there are still conditions, it is not impossible to continue feeding. 

Why do you say that? First, let’s first understand what a child needs before the age of two. 

1.0~6 months

Breastfeeding is recommended for babies before 6 months, because the nutrients in formula milk are not as rich as breast milk, and breast milk contains more DHA, immune protein, and minerals Wait, so breast milk is the most suitable ration for your baby. 

The most important component of breast milk is immune protein, and the content of this component in formula milk is less, which has certain obstacles to improve the baby’s immunity, so it is not recommended to feed the baby with cultured milk. 

2.6~12 months

After the baby is 6 months old, the need for physical development is greater. At this time, if you only rely on breast milk, it is obviously not enough to maintain their normal growth and development. , There may also be a “dragging” situation. 

Therefore, at the beginning of this stage, mothers can try to feed their babies with complementary foods and cooperate with breast milk. At first, most babies don’t like to eat complementary foods. How to mobilize the enthusiasm of the babies to eat complementary foods is a compulsory course for every mother. 

3.1~2 years old

After the baby is one year old, it is recommended that mothers wean their children at night and develop a diet similar to that of adults, with three meals a day. Of course, in order to ensure the baby’s nutritional intake, you can add two “snack” to your child before lunch and before dinner. 

The “snack” to add to your child focuses on quality rather than quantity. It is best to give your baby more fresh foods rich in protein and vitamins. Milk, fruits, etc. can be your first choice. 

Secondly, let’s understand why babies are weaned at around 2 years of age, rather than at an earlier stage or later. 

In this one, we need to make it clear that many mothers feel that breast milk becomes less and less nutritious in the later stage. If there is no formula milk that is nutritious, it is better to give it directly. Formula milk is better for your baby. 

In fact, this is not the case. No matter what stage it is, the main nutrients of breast milk will not change much, and it will certainly help the baby’s growth. 

What we need to know is that before the baby is 2 years old, his own immune system is not perfect, and the number of antibodies that can be produced is not enough to build a defense system, so the immune cells in breast milk are used to help build it , Can better protect the baby. 

If the baby is weaned off breast milk early, and then even the formula milk is reluctant to feed the baby, coupled with the relative lack of supplementary nutrition, it may cause the child to get sick more often, and the physique will be better than other children Slightly “inferior”. 

Another point to pay attention to is that the brain weight of a baby around 2 years old is about 80% of that of an adult. It can be seen that before the baby is 2 years old, the brain development is at a golden stage, no matter how big or small. , Or cranial nerve development, both have undergone a qualitative change for 2 years, after which it has entered a flat period. 

Breast milk can provide babies with more DHA components and help brain development. This is why the WHO is also recommending that the baby’s weaning period should be postponed at about 2 years of age. 

Although it is good to drink breast milk, you still need to pay attention to these problems.

Add supplementary food after 6 months.

After reading, many mothers think that since breast milk is so good, then breastfeeding is better. No need to rush to feed baby food. In fact, this is not the case. This approach is wrong, supplementary food is also necessary, and can exercise the baby’s gastrointestinal function, otherwise the gastrointestinal development will be blocked, which will also have a greater impact on the baby. 

2. If the child is unwilling to eat, then don’t force it

Some children are more accepting of complementary foods, and later they simply don’t want to drink breast milk anymore. In response to this situation, the mothers are also more anxious . In fact, if the child is unwilling to drink breast milk, then there is no need to deliberately force it. This also shows that the child is more adaptable and has a healthier physique. 

If the mothers forced their children to drink at this time, it might make the children feel resistant to food and become reluctant to eat, then the situation will be even worse.

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