“Leading Dad” is on fire, and there is an annual meeting for two children, one is better than the other

“Leader Dad” is on fire, and there is an annual meeting for two children. One is more interesting than the other.

After entering the workplace, we understand the importance of meeting to workplace life. Meetings can effectively set goals and solve problems. 

But now many office workers say that today’s meetings are various, such as early mobilization, late summary, weekly meetings, monthly meetings, annual meetings, etc., which are overwhelming. It makes people feel dizzy. 

But everyone saw such a video on the Internet. Dad Bao is holding a summary meeting for his two children. This video became popular on the Internet and made people laugh. 

Many netizens said that this dad must be addicted to a company meeting, so he wanted to have a meeting at home. 

It turned out that Bao’s mother, who made the video of Bao’s father, was out shopping. Only Bao Bao and Da Bao Er Bao were left in the house. In the video, the two children were neatly arranged on the bed and raised their heads to listen to the words of the father. , The posture and appearance of the two babies are so cute. 

Papa Bao didn’t care whether the two babies could understand or not, he took the leader Fan to start his speech with a crackle. Looking at the two babies in the video, we found that the children also look different. Listening, it seems that I can really understand it. 

First of all, this Bao’s father commented on Da Bao. Da Bao said that Da Bao’s performance over the past six months is generally very satisfactory. He can listen to Bao’s mother and take care of his younger brother. It’s just that at night When sleeping, there is no organization and discipline, and there is also the phenomenon of pushing on the quilt. 

First of all, Dabao heard the first half of the praise from Bao Bao, his small face was still full of smiles, but his head drooped when he heard his father’s criticism. This small appearance made the netizens even more happy. 

Er Bao grinned after seeing his brother being criticized. After a while, Bao’s father turned his attention to his younger brother and said that Er Bao would only follow his brother’s buttocks and not sleep, although not The problem of the mastermind but following the trend also needs to be reflected. 

Er Bao didn’t refute his father’s remarks, but he also cooperated with his father’s nodding response from time to time. 

The appearance of Dabao Erbao is really cute. Although the two children are too young to understand the meeting of Bao Dad, this kind of family atmosphere is still worth promoting. 

From this What should we learn from Bao Da’s family meeting? 

Can cultivate children’s understanding

Faced with the family meeting held by this treasured father, many parents said that they could not understand it because it was meaningless for them to do so. 

The two children are too young to understand the words of Bao Dad at all, but we must know that although the baby is too young, there is a certain degree of understanding. Frequent family meetings for children can guide them in words and deeds and improve their understanding. 

Help babies establish awareness of rules

Family meetings are often held for babies during their growth, which can critically summarize certain behaviors of children and help them establish certain awareness of rules. 

Let the baby realize which behaviors are right and which behaviors are wrong. In the family meeting, parents can praise the baby for his excellent habits. 

Criticize the baby’s bad behavior, so that the baby will continue to regulate his words and deeds, which can help the baby to socialize. 

Be able to play a role model for your baby

When holding family meetings for your baby, your baby will consciously regard his parents as leaders, physically and mentally, he will rely more on his parents, trust his parents, and act according to his parents’ words and deeds. . 

Parents are role models in the eyes of the baby, so when holding family meetings for the baby, parents should also pay attention to their own speech and behavior. 

Only in this way can we leave a good impression on the baby and let the baby continue to learn the advantages of his parents. 

Parents in education What problems should I pay attention to when I am a child? 

Improve one’s own quality

It is said that parents are the best teachers for children. If you want to teach your children well, you must constantly improve your own quality. In the process of growing up, children must undergo changes at every stage, so parents’ education must also change accordingly. 

If parents always rest on their own feet, they will only become more and more out of date in parenting, and gradually widen the gap between them and their children. Children don’t trust their parents as they did when they were children, so parents should continue to make progress in the process of educating their children and improve their own quality. 

A little more companionship for your children

Children’s experts say that companionship is the best education, but now many parents spend more time in their careers due to excessive pressure in life. 

In this way, although parents make a lot of money, their children are easy to learn badly because they are unattended. In fact, some parents’ busy lives are just an excuse. 

In a busy life, you can also make time to accompany your children, and you must do a good job of high-quality companionship when you accompany your children. This is conducive to educating children. 

Be friends with children

Many parents are accustomed to be superior to their children, and their relationship with children has a hierarchical level. They think that children should be under their own control as a matter of course. This will only cause the parent-child relationship to drift away . 

When children grow up, they are also very rebellious, so parents must learn how to be friends with their children, so that children are willing to tell their parents what they really feel in their hearts. 

Children’s growth and parent’s education are inseparable. Smart parents know how to educate their children, so parents must learn how to educate their children and their children to grow and progress together. 

Finally, what suggestions do you have on how to do a good job in family education? Please leave a message in the comment area. Baoma forced the child to take a nap. The height was 2cm in a month, but the hospital check was advised to stop the nap.

When the children are growing and developing, parents will try all kinds of ways to make the children jump. The child’s height development is not ideal. As long as the food and use can be arranged, most of them will let the child try it again. 


Henan Ms. Chen’s son is 9 years old, and the child is about to enter the third grade. The child is very good in all aspects, but the height is limited. 

Because Ms. Chen and her husband are not very tall, Ms. Chen has also heard many people say that hard work can also break through genetic barriers, so she tried every means to make her children grow taller. 

Ms. Chen heard that letting the child take a nap can help grow longer, so she decided to force her child to sleep for 2 hours every afternoon. 

Ms. Chen has always been firm in execution, and her son is also very obedient. He also honestly took a one-month nap, and then the nap time became longer and longer. 

About a month or so, when Ms. Chen measured the child’s height again, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the child’s height had increased by 2cm. Ms. Chen attributed this to a nap. 

But after waiting for another 2 months or so, Ms. Chen found that there was no change in the height of the child, and she felt that something was wrong. No matter how ineffective, the child’s normal height development was more than that. 

Prudent Ms. Chen immediately took the child to see the doctor. After a series of examinations, the doctor found that the child’s mental state was not very good, and asked about the schedule of work and rest. 

When I learned that the child took a long nap at noon, which made it difficult to sleep at night, and sometimes even did not sleep at around 2 in the morning, I directly criticized Ms. Chen for her ignorance. 

In view of the current situation, the doctor advised Ms. Chen to stop the child’s nap first, and adjust the child’s night sleep habits, otherwise the child’s height development will be even more affected. 


The child’s height development needs the support of growth hormone, and growth hormone is only secreted from 11 o’clock at night to 3 o’clock in the morning, and is secreted after the child enters a deep sleep state. 

This means that when the child fails to enter a deep sleep state before 11 o’clock, it is tantamount to missed opportunities for growth hormone secretion time and time again. 

At the same time, it should be clear that children will only enter deep sleep when they fall asleep for about 45 minutes. Therefore, if parents really want to make better use of sleep and rest to help their children grow up. 

The best way is to let the child go to bed at around 10 o’clock. In this way, when the child enters a deep sleep state, the growth hormone will almost begin to secrete in large quantities to stimulate the child’s growth. 

On the contrary, if the child takes a long nap at noon and causes no sleepiness at night, this approach can be said to put the cart before the horse. It will not only hinder the child’s height development, but also bring greater impact to the child’s body. Impact. 

In addition, parents should also understand that growth hormone can indeed be secreted during a nap, but the secreted content is much less than that at night, or even negligible. Therefore, if you want to grow your child through a nap, there is little hope. 

There are also some children who do not have the habit of taking a nap, but their parents force their children to take a nap. This situation also has a great impact on the children’s work and rest habits. 

In fact, if the child does not take a nap, it will not affect the mental state of the afternoon. In fact, parents do not need to force their children to take a nap. 

For those children who have the habit of nap, it is recommended that the nap time should not exceed half an hour, otherwise too long sleep time will affect the child’s state on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will affect the child’s sleep at night. 

I want children In the long one, in addition to sleep, these points must be taken into account

1. Nutritional supplements. The growth and development of a child requires not only growth hormones, but also the cooperation of various nutrients. Sufficient nutrients are equivalent to “raw material barrels”. Only when the child has sufficient raw material barrels can the child’s growth and development have the conditions, otherwise he wants to grow taller. It’s all difficult. 

Whether it is fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, etc., you should give your children a little bit of food instead of just focusing on nutrition. In the case of adequate daily nutrition intake, nutritional products, tonics, and health products are actually tasteless. 

2. Exercise appropriately. Exercise is also a key factor to promote children’s height development. Growth hormone alone is not enough. Exercise is also needed to stimulate the child’s bone development to achieve the desired effect of height development. 

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that children exercise at least three times a week, and each time for at least 60 minutes. Of course, the intensity of the exercise chosen for children should not be too high, otherwise it will be “reverse.” 

3. Regular inspections. Parents also need to take their children to the hospital to check the status of the skeletal line. Only when the skeletal line is not closed, all behaviors that can help the child’s height development can be effective, otherwise everything will be done. Useless work. 

Sleep, diet, exercise and other factors are all factors that cannot be ignored. Parents should “grasp them with more hands”, and none of them are indispensable.

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