“Lazy Dad” led the baby on fire, and Mengwa’s heart: My legs are numb, and I don’t have any points in my heart?

“Lazy Dad” led the baby on fire, and Mengwa’s heart: My legs are numb, and I don’t have any points in my heart? 

If in the family, mothers are mainly taking care of children, it is inevitable that sometimes mothers have things to deal with. At this time, mothers may let fathers take care of the children first. In the process of taking care of children, dads may have some unreliable situations. We can often see the jokes made by dads in the process of taking care of children on the Internet. 

In the eyes of some fathers, the child may be a “a toy with more functions”. When the child is quiet, the father happily plays with the child, but when the child starts to cry, the father They lost their patience. 

A netizen once shared on social platforms In the story of her husband and children, her husband came home from get off work, hugged his daughter for a few bites, and then took a small video with his child, and posted it in the circle of friends with his own small video. Wadded jacket and other text. 

After shooting the video, I turned my head and took the child to his mother to take care of. Another mother shared a picture of her husband pressing a child’s leg to play a game, which attracted the attention of many netizens. 

Although the child tried to push Dad’s head away , But there is no way. In desperation, the child can only watch his father play games. Some netizens told their children what they were saying: My legs are numb, so I don’t have any points in my heart? 

Why do some fathers take their children unreliable? 

1. Dads lack experience

Some fathers are not reliable in taking care of children. It may be because of lack of relevant experience that mothers are not assured that fathers are taking care of children, which causes fathers to take care of children. Inexperienced, a little strange in caring for children, this will lead to a vicious circle. 

2, mothers don’t worry

Some fathers are unreliable with children. It may be because mothers feel that their fathers are unreliable in bringing children. They dare not let their fathers take children often. They will only let fathers when there is something to deal with. We help with the children. 

What are the benefits for fathers with children? 

1. Cultivate the sense of responsibility of the children

In most families, the father often plays the responsibility of the bearer of the responsibility. In the mind of the child, he worships the father. Affectionate. Dad often takes children and can better play his role as an example. If the child has too little contact with the father, he may have a habit of avoiding responsibility. 

2. Cultivate children to have good interpersonal relationships

Some children may be withdrawn and have a poor relationship with people around them. This may also be related to the fact that fathers rarely participate in family education. 

Some children’s fathers work in other places or are divorced. They seldom educate the children. There is no way to get aggressive and outgoing traits from their fathers, which leads to the process of interacting with other people. , There are some weaknesses. 

3. Children become more independent

When mothers are caring for their children, they may be forbidden to do some adventurous behaviors because they are worried about the child’s injury. For a long time, children There may be a lack of adventurous spirit. 

And fathers generally encourage children to do some more adventurous behaviors, and will not give humiliation, which also cultivated children’s independence to a certain extent. “All teachers are from other people’s families”, the head teacher wrote various final comments, and the hand-drawn cartoons were well received.

In a blink of an eye, it’s the final exam week for the child. At this time, parents will not only pay attention to their children’s academic performance. , And pay special attention to the final comments written by the teacher to the child. 

After all, in just a few lines of words, teachers can basically cover the advantages and disadvantages of children in this semester. On this basis, parents can make adjustments for the little ones. 

The post-90s started to work The original monotonous and cookie-cutter comments seem to have become lively and interesting. The way hand-painted cartoons and hidden poems are on the battlefield has also won praise from many parents and children. 

The class teacher’s “fancy final comment” is on fire.

Someone posted such an interesting group of final comments on the Internet. Although there are only a few lines of words, the head teacher writes the final comment to the child. It’s called one There are a lot of tricks, not only excellent creativity, but also very personal. Even netizens sighed and said: “All are teachers from other people’s homes!”

For example, in this comment, the teacher hopes that children can face up to their learning attitude and collect energy like a cactus, and then draw aside A lively and interesting cactus potted plant immediately makes the slightly serious comments lively. 

And the teacher’s final comments to the class monitor are sufficient Combining the characteristics of children who love to play basketball, while praising children for being polite, sharing and respecting teachers, they also did not forget to give this classmate a little “surprise”. 

When you trust anyone who receives such exquisite and attentive final comments, they will cherish it. 

In addition, this teacher is There is also a “sand sculpture” side. For example, he hopes that this classmate can let go of his worries, don’t be timid in doing things, and start to try to adjust his mood, so he drew a mournful figure on the side with a text on it. Said: “The weather is too bad, it’s better to lie down for a while and then go…”

This kind of painting that looks funny and echoes the text, it must be very suitable for this student when he is facing a choice. In the mood. 

After all, the teacher is the kind of person who doesn’t seem to pay attention to you, but looks at you without any changes! 

There is more than one teacher who can draw For example, when the teacher wrote the final review, he ingeniously combined the characteristics of each student in the class and designed an exclusive cartoon image for each of them. 

Actually from this point, we do not It’s hard to see how meticulous the teacher observes the children. Although the children in her pen are just a few simple outlines, the color matching and cute expressions really capture the essence of the children. 

The hand-drawn cartoons of this warm-hearted teacher have also been well received by children and parents. Everyone said: “Thank you such a teacher, please give me a dozen!”

The question is, what should teachers who can’t draw? In fact, they can also rely on their talent to win. 

For example, this teacher cleverly compiled the child’s name in the verse, which looks unique and elegant. It not only gives encouragement and blessing to the child, but also reflects his own good intentions. 

Why is the teacher so attentive in the final review? 

For a long time, the status of teachers in children’s minds is special, and a good teacher knows how his simple evaluation will affect children. 

The final comments serve as a summary of the child’s semester. It not only contains the teacher’s ardent expectations for it, but also reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the students during this period. The children need to make adjustments in the subsequent learning career, so the teacher will pass various Various ways to let children know themselves correctly. 

The emergence of this kind of “treasure teacher” breaks the original stereotyped “context” of final reviews, and makes such an alternative way of communication simple and interesting, which will also be more conducive to children’s acceptance And correct it.

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