Lay at home or go outside to play? Activities will affect the temperament of the child, the personality is so different

Lay at home or go outside to play? Activities will affect the child’s temperament, and the personality is so different.

Is the child’s personality born or formed? There are different opinions about Bao Da and Bao Mom, but in fact, some education experts have pointed out that children’s personalities can be cultivated and changed. 

But there is no doubt that every child is unique, just as there are no two leaves that are the same in the world, children have their own different temperaments and personalities. 

Some children like sports and are keen on Playing outdoors, outgoing and cheerful, some children like their own quiet little world, music and storybooks of parents. What will be the difference between children who have lived in different environment since they were young? Today we will take a look. 

“It would be nice if the personalities can complement each other.”

Jiajia’s child is about to enter the third grade. During the past holiday, the child almost never goes out. He wakes up and eats breakfast and reads in the room every day. Watching cartoons, the amount of exercise for a whole holiday is only a few steps away from throwing away trash. 

Jiajia advised her children to go out to play several times, but even the newly released animated film failed to pull him out of the house, which gave Jiajia a headache. 

It happened that Jiajia’s girlfriend’s daughter was with her The sons are of the same grade, but the two children have completely different personalities. 

The little girl from my best friend’s family, she would go out every morning when she opened her eyes during the whole holiday. Today, she played with the little sisters downstairs. Tomorrow, we will make an appointment with the children next door to play hide-and-seek. Run around in the community all day. 

My best friend thinks that it is normal for a child at this age to be active, but will it be a bit too much? What if you can’t sit still while going to school? The two mothers are envious of the other’s baby’s character, it would be great if they could complement each other. 

Going out to play or staying at home? The combination of static and dynamic is the best solution.

Psychogeneticists believe that half of a person’s personality comes from heredity, and the other half is formed by changes in the acquired education and environmental influences. This is what we call social personality. 

Regardless of whether a child’s nature is extroverted or introverted, in the end, we all hope that the child can be more perfect and walk easier on the road of life. The combination of dynamic and static is the state we need most. 

Extroverted children are naturally active and easy to move Minute heat, so-so, halfway. Bao parents and mothers should take their children to participate in more activities that require temperament, steady performance, such as learning calligraphy, learning painting, learning archery, and so on. 

Introverted children are naturally happy and earnest in everything, but they are easy to get into the corner. Bao parents and mothers should guide their children to be more tolerant of life and themselves, and obtain a more peaceful attitude;

In addition, it is also a good choice for introverted children to go out and get in touch with others. You can start with visiting and experiencing places such as science and technology museums, aquariums, etc. that children are interested in, and teach them how to get along with the world around them. 

Laying at home and going out to play, the development of children is very different.

Seeing this, many mothers and fathers must want to say: This is how our baby is! So what is the difference between these two kinds of children with completely different hobbies in the process of growing up? Educational experts summarized the following points and also gave specific suggestions. You may wish to refer to them. 

1. Personality differences

Expert research has found that more than 80% of children have their personalities set before the age of 12. This means that if Mom and Dad want to adjust and change the character of their children, they must seize the opportunity before graduating from elementary school. 

Children who like to go out are generally outgoing, cheerful, and lively babies. They have a strong ability to adapt to new environments and communicate with others freely. They have good interpersonal skills and adaptability. 

Correspondingly, most of the children who like to stay at home are introverted babies with quiet and docile personality. They may be good children in the minds of parents, but they may face some difficulties in interpersonal communication, such as Don’t dare to make friends with unfamiliar classmates, slow to integrate into the new environment, often feel that you can’t cope with the situation with others, make people feel uncomfortable, etc. 

Experts suggest that if the baby behaves like this, parents can bring their children to contact strangers and the environment, and gradually strengthen the children’s communicative skills. 

In particular, there is no personality For good or bad, natural character does not have to be changed, but it is necessary to help children grasp the scale, such as telling extroverted children which words are not suitable for speaking, and telling introverted children to boldly communicate with others, which is beneficial to children’s development. help. 

2. Differences in learning ability

Extroverted and active children generally have better imagination and mobility, and their small brains are full of various new ideas, but this The personality of the child may also cause a whim, a three-minute heat, and give up halfway. 

On the contrary, introverted and quiet children are more careful and patient, suitable for learning and research, but are easily trapped in their own personality, work in steps, and are not good at innovation. 

The expert’s advice is for extroverted and active children If you need more reading, parents and moms can take their children to do some patience and meticulous games to cultivate a balanced personality; introverted and quiet children need to get out of the house more and go to the real world outdoors to learn and exercise from practice. 

3. Differences in physique

Children who like to go out, naturally exercise more daily than children who stay at home. This is a factor conducive to physical development. But at the same time, parents and parents should also pay attention to the fact that if children spend a long time outdoors, the chances of injury will increase relatively speaking. This should be paid special attention to. 

Experts suggest that children should have two To three exercises, each time should be more than 10-15 minutes, and medium-intensity aerobic exercise is the main one. You can also wear protective gear to avoid injury. I want my children to be well-behaved. Experience mothers tell these four behaviors to change early.

Colleagues have two children, a boy and a girl. Colleagues like their daughters. They usually laugh at their daughters. Yan Yan, see But the son’s attitude turned cold, and he showed all his bad sides to his son. 

Later, the two children went to high school. Girls are good and well-behaved, but boys are “problematic students” in the class and are often called parents by teachers. Many people don’t understand how the difference is so big if they are clearly in the family. In fact, outsiders who know the situation of the colleagues’ family all know that it is the attitude of the colleagues towards the two children that caused the current results. Boys are rebellious and disobedient. Some things they do can always be seen in colleagues, while girls are so behaved because they can’t see the shortcomings of their father. 

Children often stay with their parents, and even the initial behavior is to imitate the parents. Therefore, if the children are not rebellious and obedient, the behavior of the parents is very important, especially the following 4 things, not in front of the children Of noodles. 

Hold a face all day long


When children get along with their parents, they mostly guess their parents’ thoughts based on their expressions and actions. In a family, a parent keeps a stern face all day long, even if the child is doing the right thing and wants to keep the child, he does not show appreciation. In the long run, the child will feel that what he is doing is wrong, and the idea of ​​”Since everything is wrong, just follow my heart and do what I want”, and gradually become rebellious and disobedient. 

Get angry at every turn

< p>Parents are very authoritative in the eyes of their children. What they do will be tacitly correct by them. When the children do not know how to deal with a matter, they will imitate the behavior of the parents. In a family, parents lose their temper at every turn, and in a subtle way, they will make children feel that it is right to lose their temper. As long as they encounter things that don’t go well, they should vent them and enter the rebellious period ahead of time. 

I feel impulsive when encountering things

Similar to losing my temper at every turn, it is impulsive when encountering things. It is said that impulsivity is the devil. If you carefully observe the children in the rebellious period, they will be more or less impulsive. Someone observes and compares that this behavior is also found in parents. If the parent has a calm and calm personality in the face of things, the child will consider whether or not to do something under the influence of the parent, and will not be impulsive and rebellious. 

If you do something wrong, you don’t want to admit it

The last point is that you don’t want to admit your mistakes when you do something wrong. There are two situations in which one is unwilling to admit one’s mistakes, one is knowing one’s mistakes and not admitting one’s mistakes, and the other is knowing one’s mistakes and not admitting them. If it is the first case, it is highly likely that the parents have the same behavior. Only by knowing the wrong will there be reflection and correction. Parents usually do something wrong in front of their children and are unwilling to admit their mistakes, and their children will learn, without repentance, and continue to be rebellious. 

The child is just like a blank Paper, most of the behaviors are learned from the parents. If they want their children not to be rebellious, parents must give correct feedback to their children’s behavior, so that they understand from an early age that they will be praised for doing the right thing, and the parents will start when they do the wrong thing. face. Parents set a good example for their children, and the children will naturally be well-behaved. After 90’s husband and wife restaurant eats, the baby is hanging on the table beside, the people who come by: my heart is really big

Since the 90s have become parents one after another, there are more and more funny stories about bringing babies on the Internet. Netizens feel that they are laughing and laughing at the same time, they can’t help but lament the magical brain circuits of young people, even if they become parents, they are not to be outdone. 

So, after the “diaper heroes”, another young couple born in the 90s who took their children out for dinner broke into everyone’s field of vision, sparking enthusiastic discussions among the majority of netizens. 

The post-90s couples eat in the restaurant and hang the baby in On the table on the side

There is an interesting video on the Internet. In the video, a young couple is eating face to face in a restaurant, while a 3 or 4 month old baby lies on the dining table next to them. 

The mother turned her back to the child, and the father did not look up at the baby. The little guy watched the waiter walking around at the half-person high dining table, looking pitiful and cute. 

In the end, it was the restaurant owner who couldn’t see it anymore, and walked over to pick up the child and deliver it to the child’s mother. 

Netizens left messages after seeing this scene Said: “Sure enough, parents are true love, and the child is an accident!”, “The little baby feels bitter, but she can’t tell!” But someone who came over said: “These young parents are really big-hearted, how can they hang their children? It’s on the side table!”

Indeed, as netizens said, this approach to young parents is a bit dereliction of duty. 

In fact, this behavior of parents is somewhat inappropriate.

On the one hand, there are many people in the restaurant, and it is very likely that there will be unkind people who will take the children away. On the other hand, although this year-old child is in a small blanket, they are also lively and easily attracted by new things. 

At this time, a negligence of parents may cause the baby to bump into it, let alone leave the child on the table alone. This approach can be said to be very inappropriate. 

And if the child is always treated like this, It is inevitable that there will be a sense of loss that is not taken seriously, and it is not conducive to the establishment of a child’s sense of security. 

However, if you think about it carefully, you will find that this couple is not alone. The novice parents in life always seem to have various problems when they bring their babies. 

It seems that novice parents always look unreliable with a baby< p>Bringing a baby is a kind of knowledge, and experience is very important. It is common for novice parents to take care of them in many ways. There are too many things that are messed up because of messy hands and feet. 

For example, if you can’t control the temperature of your child by drinking milk powder, you don’t dare to cut your baby’s nails, etc., these are common mistakes made by novice parents, and this can’t help but sigh. Not reliable anymore. 

Actually, it is necessary to adapt to life with a baby Learning requires a step-by-step process. After we welcome the arrival of our little ones, we must not forget to improve ourselves so that the babies can have a pair of qualified parents as soon as possible. 

How to quickly enter the role of parents? 

1) Learn more about the experience of bringing babies from the elderly.

The older generations at home have rich experience in bringing babies. Instead of blindly browsing the knowledge about bringing babies from the Internet, it is better to ask them directly and let them teach them hands-on. How can we grow up with our baby smoothly and healthily, so that it is more direct, and it is easy to solve any questions at the time, and it is undoubtedly a good way to learn to bring a baby. 

2) Often interact with children


After becoming parents, some young parents still play as much as they did before without children, ignoring the children’s family. This is more harmful to the children. 

Raising children is not just about letting them eat and wear warmth. It is more important to accompany them. If they want their children to have a good state in the future, parents must always accompany their children. Children interact. 

3) Remind yourself that you have become a mom and dad

When we were first parents, it was inevitable that we could not react to the change of roles. This would lead to a lot of things that should be paid attention to, and the due obligations were not fulfilled. This is also very important for the growth of children. Adverse. 

If you want to be a competent parent, the first thing you need to do is to put yourself right, always remind yourself that you have become a mom and dad, and you must have a correct attitude towards the life of a parent.

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