Just give birth to a baby, please decline the following people to visit, it is not hypocritical, it is good for pregnant mothers and children

Just after giving birth to the baby, please decline the following people to visit. It is not hypocritical, it is good for pregnant mothers and children

Newborns are born, and friends and family want to visit, but some people are not suitable, Bao Dad must be screened in advance. Learn to decline. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Experienced pregnancy in October, and delivery is a very detrimental thing, so it is necessary to confinement after childbirth to promote physical recovery. 

At this time, because the birth of a baby is a joyful thing, many people will visit, but because newborns and mothers are weak, not everyone is suitable to visit. Therefore, it is necessary for Bao Da to screen the crowd to avoid harm to Bao Mom and the baby. 

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During the confinement period, mothers must refuse “three types of people” to enter the room.

1. People with infectious diseases

If you want to visit relatives and friends who are sick There are infectious diseases, even if it is a small cold, you must know how to refuse, because the newborn’s immunity is extremely poor, and the mother’s body is in a state of severely injured after giving birth to the child. The body is very weak, and the mother and child are easily attacked by germs. Entering it is likely to cause Baoma and the baby to be infected. 

2. People with low emotional intelligence

People with low emotional intelligence, they don’t pay attention to the occasion when they speak, and they don’t know what they can say or what they can’t, just think of whatever they want What you say is the kind of people who don’t pass through their brains, and what they say is often very unpleasant. 

The hormone changes in the body after giving birth to pregnant mothers, coupled with the change of identity and the exhaustion of taking care of the baby, make their hearts very sensitive and fragile. If those with lower EQ say something If so, it is likely to cause Baoma’s emotional fluctuations, and even increase the possibility of postpartum depression. 

Therefore, if Dad Bao discovers that such relatives and friends come to visit, he must learn to refuse, and even if the relationship is good, he must stop it in time. 

3. People with louder voices

Some people are warm and hospitable, and behave like this no matter where they are. In the process of talking with others, they often become emotionally agitated, leading to The voice became louder. 

The newborn is in sleep state most of the time after birth. The mother is very weak and needs peace of mind. If the voice is too loud, it will disturb the mother and child’s rest, which will affect the recovery of Baoma’s body and the health of the baby. Growth and development will have a certain impact. 

Therefore, if Dad Bao finds relatives and friends with louder voices, don’t take them to visit Mom and Babies. 

Visiting pregnant women and Things to pay attention to when newborns

1. Visiting time

Because mothers and newborns need more rest time, those who go to visit must Pay attention to shorten the time, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble. 

In addition, if the stay is too long, the family members need to take care of the visitor, so the time to take care of the mother and the baby will be relatively reduced. 

2. Things to send

The visitor needs to bring items. It is not recommended to send flowers or powdered milk at this time. This is because of new students. The child’s respiratory system is not well developed, and it is easy to be allergic to flowers, which will cause good intentions to do bad things;

And milk powder is the food that the baby needs to eat, and parents need to choose from thousands of choices. The price is high, but it is not suitable for babies, so it will only cause waste. 

Your body recovers faster, things you can’t do

1. Do housework

Some parturients feel that their body is almost recovered soon after giving birth, so they start to do some housework at home and want to Maintain the image of a good wife, a loving mother, and a perfect daughter-in-law, but this method will only cause harm to your own body. If you want to do housework, you are not in a hurry at this time. 

If you are too tired during the confinement period, it will not only be harmful to the recovery of the uterus, it may even cause the uterus to sag, which will have a huge impact on the recovery of your body. 

2. Depressed mood

Depressed mood is common to everyone, but some people can adjust themselves, and some people have poor adjustment ability, and they are in confinement. During childbirth, due to the changes in hormone levels in the body, after giving birth to a child, the physical strength is exhausted, and the baby needs to be taken care of, which will make Bao’s mother easily depressed. 

At this time, you need to learn how to adjust, otherwise it will not only affect your own recovery speed, but also easily lead to insufficient breast milk secretion, which will affect your baby’s growth and development. 

3. Insufficient sleep

Some parturients take care of the baby by themselves after giving birth, but the newborns basically have to take milk every 2 to 3 hours, and they need to change their diapers halfway. It is easy to cause the quality of sleep to be affected. 

Only by maintaining adequate sleep can the body complete normal metabolism, detoxification, hormone regulation, etc. Therefore, during the confinement period, the mother needs more family members to help take care of the baby, so that the mother has enough Time to rest.  Entering the third trimester, pay attention to “three do three If you don’t do it, pregnant mothers can give birth to full-term without worry

During pregnancy, the third trimester is a very critical node. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: After Su Zi

Pregnancy in October was originally a very hard work. 

In the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the movement becomes more and more inconvenient. Coupled with the approach of the due date, there are also various physical and psychological discomforts. If you are not careful, the baby may Will report in advance. 

So, if you want your child to be born at term, what should you pay attention to in the third trimester? 

Case: The pregnant mother tried to change the light bulb, and the baby came to report in advance

Xinxin has been pregnant for more than 8 months. Because of work, her husband often travels on business and her natal family is far away, so her mother-in-law is unwilling to take care of her. , So most of the time is my own life. 

Although her husband also said that during pregnancy, it is not necessary to do housework, but every time she sees a mess at home, Xinxin can’t help but want to clean up. 

The pictures in this article are all sourced from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant.

A few days ago, the light bulb at home was broken. Xinxin felt that it was too troublesome to ask the master to repair it. Just replace the bulb. Unexpectedly, as soon as he was about to step on the stool, Xinxin felt that her center of gravity was unstable, and she staggered to stand still. 

Although she didn’t try her best to continue changing the light bulb, this incident caused her to be severely frightened. Even that night, her stomach began to ache and the baby was born early. 

In fact, the third trimester is the most challenging time for pregnant women. By 37 weeks, the baby’s organs have matured and the size is close to that of a normal baby. The pregnant woman will be subjected to strong pressure. Under this strong pressure, the pregnant mother Her every move affects the baby, so pregnant mothers must stick to the last hurdle, and don’t let any slack. 

Doing three and not doing three makes the baby and you more comfortable and at ease

1, doing three

Timed birth checkups

During pregnancy, timed birth checkups can reduce the unfavorable risks during delivery. Understand the growth and development of the fetus and know whether your baby is healthy. 

Before 37 weeks of pregnancy, mothers need to have a pregnancy check once a week. After that, the frequency of pregnancy check needs to be changed to once a week. 

At the last juncture, it is even more important, because in the third trimester, the fetus is prone to hypoxia due to various factors. Therefore, mothers must be careful and careful, and always understand the state of the baby. 

Adjust your mentality

According to the survey results, pregnant mothers will have anxiety in the third trimester of pregnancy. If this anxiety cannot be properly resolved, postpartum depression is likely to occur. 

Therefore, in the third trimester, pregnant mothers must learn to adjust their mentality, relieve their nervous emotions, and avoid premature delivery due to improper emotions. In addition, pregnant mothers should also be mentally prepared to wait for delivery with peace of mind. It is already so developed and fully capable of ensuring the smooth production process. 

Check weight< p>In the sprint phase of the last month, pregnant mothers must control their mouths. If the weight increases too fast, it is very dangerous for both the pregnant woman and the fetus. 

At this time, the baby’s nerves and organs have matured. If the mothers do not control their weight well, the fetal dystocia may occur during the delivery process. 

In order to better monitor their weight, it is recommended that pregnant mothers prepare a scale at home and measure them regularly, so that they can keep track of the changes in their weight at any time. 

2. Three don’t do

not to be tired

Pregnant mothers must pay more attention to rest during the third trimester, and do some gentle housework, such as sweeping the floor and wiping the table, but it is still possible, but if the movement is too large, Or if you are too tired, try not to do it. 

Too tired, the fetus will become abnormally irritable in the belly of the pregnant mother, and the frequency of fetal movements will also increase. If the fetal movements are too frequent and intense, it may cause the uterus to contract more frequently, in the third trimester of pregnancy. Don’t ignore the uterine contraction during pregnancy. It is very likely that the baby will come out early. 

Can’t travel far

Some mothers want to go back to their hometown to give birth because they are working in other places and when the due date is approaching, it is convenient for family members to take care of them. If you have this kind of thought, it is best for pregnant mothers to prepare in advance, because if you travel far, you will inevitably have to travel long distances, and overwork will make Tibao feel uncomfortable. 

There are some pregnant mothers who want to go out to play. If it is in the third trimester, it is better to change the plan. When the child is born, a family of three will go together. Perhaps it makes more sense. 

Can’t exercise vigorously

In the third trimester, proper exercise has many benefits, but you must pay attention to the amount of exercise not to be too large, otherwise it may have a great impact on childbirth. 

Some pregnant women will increase the amount of exercise in the third trimester, but during this period, because the pregnant woman has a very big belly and the uterus is very sensitive, once strenuous exercise is likely to cause the uterus to contract more violently, which is a serious threat Fetal health. 

What are the characteristics of full-term infants? 

★Bright crying when a baby is born

In people’s perception, the brighter a baby cries when it is born, the healthier the baby is. 

This is not unreasonable. If some babies are born without crying, the doctor will slap the baby on the butt. 

If the baby can cry loudly after the first breath after birth, it proves that he is healthy. 

★Ruddy skin

Another way to judge the health of a newborn is to look at the baby’s skin. 

Under normal circumstances, if the baby is born at full term, the skin is rosy and elastic, and the color of the lips is dark red. 

However, if the baby is just born and the skin color of the body is normal, but the color of the hands and feet is purple, it is very likely that there is a problem with the blood oxygen exchange in the baby’s lungs. 

★Normal excretion function

After the baby is born, various functions of the body begin to take effect, including the urinary system. 

Generally, newborns will urinate and defecate within 24 hours. If the bowel movement is smooth, it means that the baby’s urinary system is normal. 

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