Japan’s “hard-core” early childhood education, quality education at a glance, worthy of every parent’s consideration

Japan’s “hard-core” early childhood education, quality education at a glance, is worthy of every parent’s consideration

Although the identity of parents can be achieved without a qualification examination, it has to be said that parent education is indeed one. A course worthy of continuous exploration and learning by parents. Adults take it for granted that after their children enter school, the school’s educational output can be accepted and understood by the children, but in fact, under the improper educational guidance, the educational guidance that children receive is likely to be biased. 

The documentary shows In Japan’s hard-core education, since kindergarten, the way children grow up is different.

Some time ago, a documentary focusing on early childhood education in various countries, “Childhood in a Foreign Country,” triggered netizens to think about education. The part about Japanese kindergartens has been heatedly discussed by netizens many times. In the documentary, a kindergarten principal said such a sentence. He believes that children’s morning time is particularly important, so kindergarten education needs to help children adjust their body rhythm from the early morning to burn their physical strength. 

So the local kindergarten will guide the children to do various exercises in the morning, such as morning exercises, pole climbing, frog jumping and so on. Obviously this is very different from our country’s early childhood education. The principal believes that individual physical fitness is a very favorable expression of competitiveness, so physical fitness exercise is a very important content in early childhood education. 

What is more special is that there is a stool course in the kindergarten. The teacher will teach the children how to go to the toilet by themselves, and teach the children to judge whether the body is healthy by distinguishing the color of the stool. Although this sounds weird, it has to be said that such an intuitive and straightforward education is more suitable for children. 

In the kindergarten stage, the teachers did not provide any special privileges for any child. The children need to carry their schoolbags to and from school every day, even the distinguished royal children. Of course, apart from the trivial matter of carrying school bags, the children’s daily necessities are also organized by themselves, and parents and teachers will not help. 

Netizens sigh that Japan’s early childhood education is indeed very different from my country’s early childhood education. Although this is related to the cultural differences between the two countries to a certain extent, it has to be said that Japan’s Nuclear-style preschool education also has a lot to learn from Chinese parents. 

Chinese parents What misunderstandings are easy to fall into when educating children? 

1. Ignore children’s physical exercises

When exercise helps to regulate children’s metabolism, in many families, parents do not pay attention to the development of children’s exercise habits, even compared to accompanying children For sports, many parents are more inclined to plug their mobile phones into their children to kill time. Neglecting the child’s physical exercise will also affect the child’s physical fitness. 

2. Avoid children’s instinctive curiosity

When children grow up to a certain stage, their curiosity will appear to a certain extent, and then they are easy to learn Ask some embarrassing questions for parents. So many parents choose to avoid the curiosity of their children, but in fact, their avoidance at this time has missed an opportunity to cultivate their children’s awareness. 

3. Get used to doing the work for your children

Parents always think that if they work harder, they can save a lot of trouble for their children and make their lives easier. Although this kind of original intention of loving children is understandable, it has to be said that this habit of doing things for children may hinder the development of independence in children. 

How can parents give their children the most appropriate guidance in their early childhood? 

1. Pay attention to the development of good habits in children

In early childhood, the good habits developed in children can still benefit them after they grow up. So even in the process of developing children’s habits, parents will spend more time and energy, but it has to be said that this has a very far-reaching effect on the education and guidance of children. 

2. Respond to their curiosity in a way that children can accept

Children will be curious about different questions at different ages, and at the same time, they can accept the content of answers to the same question at different ages It’s also different. Therefore, parents should master more guidance methods to help children better face and understand their inner curiosity. 

3. Pay attention to the cultivation of independence in children

When children have their own ideas and consciousness, parents should give children more opportunities to express themselves. If parents can do less work for them, then the independence of the child will be developed. Encourage children to do more and try more, which is of great benefit to children’s growth. 

In the process of children’s education, parents’ dedication will get more rewards in the children’s future growth. Learn more about learning, and explore more for advice, which will be of great benefit to the enrichment of parents’ educational concepts. What do you think about Japan’s hard-core early childhood education? 5 yuan to send the child to the hospital. Half of the children are playing with this toy. It is fortunate that there is no problem.

In life, we often hear that some children are injured because of toys, and even serious threats. Life is safe. Some parents always feel that such things are far away from their children, but sometimes dangers often happen like this. 

Two days ago, I received a private message from a Bao’s mother. She said that her 6-year-old daughter Lele (the contributor hopes to use a pseudonym) was hospitalized last week. Because of her negligence, she hopes to be able to It attracted everyone’s attention with his daughter’s affairs. 

Last week, this mother took her daughter to a friend’s house to play. At that time, the friend’s child was playing with a toy similar to clay, but didn’t want the clay. In short, it was sticky and would get on her hands. on. 

Two adults were chatting, and the children were allowed to play by themselves. During the period, they would see two children playing together happily. Later, I heard from a friend that this toy is similar to crystal mud, and there is also a slime. The children like to play, and her children are clamoring to buy it because more than half of the children in the class have this. 

By the end of the evening, she was about to take the child home, but the child said that he didn’t want to go, just want to play with the toy. In desperation, she had to promise her daughter to buy it for her on the way home. Later, I bought it at the toy store downstairs in the community. It cost five yuan for a box. My daughter clamored for three boxes. 

After returning home, she started cooking and let her daughter play with toys by herself. In about half an hour, the daughter started crying. She thought her daughter was hungry, but the more she listened, the worse she went. She hurried to see her daughter and found that her face was very ugly and she kept throwing crystal mud out. It turned out that the daughter had eaten the crystal mud. But the child may not be able to swallow, and now I don’t know where it is stuck. 

Furthermore, the child dug out a part of the crystal mud and put it in the nostril. Now one nostril has been blocked, and there is a gap in the other. She is afraid that the child will rub it again. 

She didn’t know what to do. She hurriedly took the child to the hospital. On the way, the child cried so much that her nose kept inhaling. The crystal mud directly blocked her nostrils, although she still had a mouth to breathe. , But the child cried so much that he was almost in shock. 

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor said that the child took part of it and went in. The mouth is not a big problem. The main reason is to check that a part of it enters the airway, which is extremely dangerous. It was immediately decided that the bronchoscopy could also be performed and the removal was performed. The process lasted for a long time, but fortunately, it was not much, and later it was all dealt with clearly. 

I was worried that the lungs might be affected in the follow-up, so I stayed in the hospital for observation for a few days. In retrospect, Bao’s mother feels very scared and can’t imagine that if she is not at home, the child will play with this toy alone at home. What should she do if something goes wrong? Yes, she decided to go back and threw it away. 

Most children like to play with toys such as crystal mud and slimes. Let alone the dangers that may be caused by improper use of toys. Take the danger of this toy as an example. At the end of last year, CCTV revealed that most of the crystal mud and slime toys sold on the market contained borax. This substance has a lot of harm to the human body. Even more so. 

Therefore, if parents buy inferior crystal mud or slime, then the child may be in danger when exposed to it. 

Playing with crystal mud or slimes What should I pay attention to when it comes to a type of toy? 

Besides buying crystal mud or slimes of guaranteed quality for your children, you must pay attention to these. 

1. Instruct children not to eat them

It is recommended that children can only play with them after 8 years old, and it is still necessary to advise children that such toys cannot be used. Because they are all colorful and look like mochi, some children may eat them. 

Therefore, you must tell your children not to eat in your mouth, otherwise it may be dangerous. Under normal circumstances, children over 8 years old can understand and follow the instructions of their parents. 

2. Tell children that they cannot be used to block their noses or ears

Some children have some strange behaviors and may like to use objects to block their noses or ears. This is a hobby of some children. It is a normal behavior during a period of strong curiosity. 

Children do this only if they don’t know it, so parents must remind children, otherwise the child will mistakenly put these into the nasal cavity or ear canal, which may cause inflammation and infection, or suffocation. 

3. Don’t litter randomly.

This kind of toy is better to take care of when it is in a ball shape, but it is difficult to take care of once it is scattered. However, some children like to disperse them in a mess and throw them at will. If they are thrown on the floor, if the walking people do not pay attention to them, it is likely to cause a fall and cause a great safety risk. 

In fact, toys like slimes were originally designed for older children. Therefore, I personally do not recommend them to children under the age of 12, mainly for the sake of children’s safety. 

Of course, some parents shouldn’t have a fluke mentality. It’s a blessing that the children didn’t have any problems with playing before, so we must observe carefully next.

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