It’s too cold to wear too much for your child? Two points can tell whether the baby is warm or cold. Wearing too much is not good for health

It’s not advisable to wear too much for children in cold weather? Two points can tell whether the baby is warm or cold. Wearing more is not good for health

As the saying goes, spring covers the autumn cold. 

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Winter is coming soon. Many mothers are afraid that their children will be frozen when the weather turns cold. The outer three layers are tightly wrapped, thinking that you don’t have to worry about this, but in fact, it will easily cause other symptoms to your baby. 

The hazards of wearing too much in winter

Although the temperature has become much lower, it is necessary to add clothes to the baby, but we also pay attention to a step-by-step approach. If you wear too much at once, it will be detrimental to your baby’s healthy development. 

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1. It’s easier to catch cold

If the baby wears too much, it will be wrapped inside and out. To be strict, it is easy to sweat naturally, and when the weather turns cold, if the parents do not notice that the baby is sweating in time, it is easy to catch a cold when the baby is blown by the cold wind. 

Even in the bath, if you don’t get dressed in time, you will become a member of the cold army. 

2, easy to suffer from skin diseases

We all know that babies tend to get prickly heat easily in the hot summer, but in fact, in autumn and winter, if the cover is too tight, it will not only grow Prickly heat can also easily cause skin diseases such as eczema and impetigo. 

Therefore, even for the baby’s body, he should not be allowed to wear too much. 

3. Heat syndrome

The so-called heat syndrome, also known as catastrophic hypoxia syndrome, is one of the more common emergencies for infants in the cold season . 

If the baby wears too much when it is cold, the whole body is wrapped in thick clothes, the heat generated by the body cannot be dissipated, and the temperature inside the clothes will become higher and higher. 

Long-term high temperature can lead to a series of clinical symptoms such as high fever, dehydration, hypoxia, coma, and even respiratory failure, cerebral edema, shock and so on. 

4. Loss of appetite, affecting development

When the baby wears too much clothing, especially when it is still in the growth and development stage, he will naturally be unable to move freely as if it is wrapped in zongzi, and he cannot stretch his hands and feet and cannot give enough. The growth space will naturally affect the baby’s healthy development. 

If things go on like this, it will also cause the baby to lose appetite, unable to eat, and the body will go from bad to worse. 

As a parent, how do you judge whether your baby is warm or cold? 

Every parent hopes that their baby is healthy and safe. Naturally, they cannot tell their parents how they feel when the baby is still unable to speak. Therefore, it is inevitable that they will feel distressed when adding or removing clothes. 

So, how should parents judge whether the baby is hot or cold? 

Actually, the baby’s temperature can be judged according to the baby’s body temperature. 

◆First of all, you can feel the baby’s palms and soles for coldness, or sweating on the back, to determine whether the baby needs to add clothes. 

◆Furthermore, when the baby is sleeping, you can touch the back of the baby’s neck to detect whether it needs to be added. 

Thick clothing is not a good way to deal with the cold. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the temperature is always changing during the day or night. Parents should cooperate with the current temperature conditions and add or remove clothes for the baby in time. 

When dressing your baby, pay attention to these 4 points.

1. When choosing clothes, use cotton fabric at least. Do not wear chemical fiber clothing for your baby, because chemical fiber clothing is not only airtight, but also prone to static electricity. Increase the dryness of the skin. 

2. For babies, all clothes should be easy to put on and take off. It is best to have snaps. Do not choose the kind of zippered clothes to prevent the baby’s delicate skin from being caught. 

3. For babies with sensitive skin, they should be more careful when choosing clothes. Neither a turtleneck sweater or a fleece, nor a down coat, because fleece can induce skin diseases such as rash or hives. 

4. For older children, it is best not to be too fancy clothes pattern, because it is easy to distract the child’s attention and affect the learning in class.  Dislikes her daughter’s single eyelid and lowers her face, mother Using this trick, netizens: the contrast is a bit big

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Nowadays, the value of appearance has become more and more important. Many parents are doing all they can to help their children “change their fate”. However, what does this concept of supremacy of appearance mean to children? Parents may not be clear. 

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Disliked single eyelid for lowering face value, Baoma manually created double eyelids

Some time ago, a Baoma initiated such a live broadcast on the Internet: because after the child was born It is a single eyelid, but in terms of my own aesthetics, I don’t like a single eyelid. The child is too young to have cosmetic surgery risky, so he chooses to correct his double eyelids manually. 

Through the live broadcast, I saw that Baoma took out a liquid medicine and evenly applied it on the child’s eyelid, and then used the object to support the child’s eyelid to make a double eyelid shape. The lens moved to the child. Already have the shape of double eyelids. 

A long time has passed since the live broadcast , The child has also maintained this position, and it can be seen that the child is already a little uncomfortable. It’s finally time to remove the support. 

Unexpectedly, the child actually turned into double eyelids. Although the netizens shouted loudly, the contrast between the front and rear was a bit big, but the child looked unhappy…< /p>

What does “plastic surgery” mean for children for beauty?

Many mothers must have good ideas when plastic surgery for their children, hoping that their children can have an advantage in appearance. Can be more confident, but I don’t know that this kind of behavior may not bring about self-confidence and advantage, but physical harm and aesthetic distortion. 

A. Injury to the body

It is not a 100% successful thing, and there are many cases of failure. 

Don’t look at many successful cases and feel lucky, especially when the child is young, all parts of the body are more vulnerable, and the risk of danger will be greater, so rash cosmetic surgery may not bring beauty Instead, the improvement of the body brings about the disability of the body. 

B. Single aesthetics

Parents have worked hard to give their children plastic surgery, so for them, the aesthetic concept has been formed. In their eyes, beauty is in line with traditional standards, and there will be no other more diversified aesthetics, thus forming a narrow aesthetic concept, which will affect all aspects of development. 

C. Distorted values


Parents’ attitude towards children’s appearance is not only on the aesthetic level, but also has a profound impact on children’s values. 

Under this concept, their thoughts will gradually move closer to “appearance is the most important”, so that when recognizing and understanding something, they can only see the surface and cannot perceive more and deeper levels. s things. 

In this way, when living, studying, or interacting with others, they will judge others externally. If things go on like this, it will naturally only create a distorted value, which is not conducive to growth and health. 

How to guide children to treat themselves correctly What’s your appearance? 

1) The accidental shape is not wrong.

Some mothers may be completely opposite to the parents who give their children plastic surgery. Prevent children when they pursue beauty. 

This approach is also undesirable. Love of beauty is a natural behavior. Parents should face up to this behavior, understand and support the pursuit of beauty, rather than blindly stifle this behavior. 

This is not only an act of self-management, but also a distinction between genders. Proper pursuit is beneficial and harmless. 

2) Appropriate pursuit of external beauty

The value of appearance has indeed become an unavoidable topic, but this does not mean that we should exhaust our efforts to pursue the most beautiful appearance, and should be controlled within a certain limit . 

As long as our facial features are complete and there are no natural defects, then naturally there is no need to make changes to our appearance by means of surgery, just keep it clean and tidy. 

3) Internal and external achievements Better yourself

Appearance is naturally very important as the first impression of interacting with people. The survey shows that more than 87% of appearance winners are more confident than those who do not have the advantage of appearance. 

However, if the appearance is up to the standard but there is not enough connotation, it will only end up with a sentence of “outstanding” and not really get the respect and love of others. 

Therefore, those who have an advantage in appearance can make you more perfect in their inner cultivation; and those who have defects in their appearance can also make you more charming. Connotation and appearance go hand in hand, and you will find a better version of yourself. 

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