It’s said that the childbirth is painful. After reading this set of “Pictures of the whole process of the childbirth”, I realized how much the childbirth tests the mother

It’s said that childbirth hurts. After reading this set of “Pictures of the whole process of childbirth”, I realized how much childbirth tests mothers

God has given women the responsibility of giving birth, which makes women play a huge role in the process of gestating life. effect. But this does not mean that fertility is simple. 

In fact, in the process of childbirth, the pain that women endure cannot be felt by those who have not experienced it. 

Although most women experience the pain of childbirth, this does not mean that women should suffer silently. The pain of giving birth should be seen and understood by the fathers. 

“Soon delivery “Picture” became popular on the Internet, and netizens were trembling with fright across the screen.

Previously, there was a set of pictures of normal birth on the Internet that attracted the attention of netizens. The content of the picture clearly shows a series of childbirth from the beginning of the water breaking. 

In the process of opening the uterine mouth, women’s uterus will contract regularly, and in this process, women’s perception of pain will become stronger and stronger. 

At the same time, the fetus will continue to descend. Each forward “charge” of the fetus means that the mother has to endure great pain. 

When the mouth of the uterus is opened to three or four fingers, the mothers can no longer bear the pain, but if the child is to be born smoothly, the mother’s mouth needs to be opened to the extent of the ten fingers. 

In the process of opening the palace mouth, women have to endure more than 10 hours of labor. 

Finally, after opening her fingers at the mouth of the uterus, the parturient was pushed onto the delivery bed, which means the start of the second stage of labor. 

In this process of labor, the fetus is delivered from the maternal uterus through the birth canal, and this process takes about 1 to 2 hours. 

In the photos, netizens can see that the fetus in the mother’s belly will continue to descend, and even the fetal skull will be squeezed and deformed because it wants to quickly pass through the birth canal. 

It can be imagined how much pressure and pain the mother endured during this process. 

After the fetus is delivered, the maternal labor will continue. After that, the mother will deliver the placenta smoothly, and the process will take about 30 minutes. 

Until the placenta is smoothly discharged from the mother’s body, this means the entire delivery process is over smoothly. 

Although most women go through childbirth, I have to say that looking at the entire picture, people really have to feel the greatness of women. Many netizens said, “I was trembling with fear through the screen!”

What should women pay attention to when choosing a normal childbirth? 

1. Relax as much as possible.

Tension and anxiety will make women more likely to perceive pain during childbirth. Therefore, in order to reduce the pain of natural childbirth, it is best for women to keep their mood relaxed and appropriately Divert your attention and reduce your sensitivity to pain. 

If the parturient stays in a state of tension and anxiety for a long time, the speed of opening the uterine mouth will also be affected, and the time of labor will be prolonged. 

2. Learn about childbirth in advance

For inexperienced women, the process of childbirth will be tortured because of ignorance. Therefore, it is best for women to learn some childbirth knowledge in advance, so as to be less confused and more able to understand the doctor’s instructions. 

In addition, understanding the knowledge of childbirth in advance can also help women to avoid embarrassment that may be encountered during the childbirth process, and make the childbirth process more dignified. 

3. Properly preserve energy

Before delivery, mothers can eat appropriate food to store energy for subsequent production. In addition, during the entire delivery process, women should not put too much energy on the yelling in the first stage of labor, and try to save their energy to meet the arrival of the second stage of labor. 

Compared with a cesarean section, what are the benefits of having a normal delivery? 

1. Fast postpartum recovery

Although the process of normal delivery is very torturous, it has to be said that compared with the delivery method of cesarean section, the recovery after delivery is faster. 

In 1 to 3 days after delivery, women can get out of bed and walk, while women who have undergone a caesarean section can take about a month to heal their wounds. 

2, the surgical risk is low

Relatively speaking, from the perspective of surgical risk, the risk of female caesarean section surgery is much higher than that of normal delivery. 

The doctor will check the physical condition of the woman before childbirth, so women who can be advised to give birth will be better in terms of physical conditions and the risk of surgery is relatively low. 

3. Helps to open milk

Although the process of normal delivery is full of pain, the method of normal delivery after childbirth is more conducive to the smooth progress of milk opening. 

If you want to breastfeed smoothly, mothers must keep their babies sucking frequently. Obviously, it will be easier for the flexible mothers of natural childbirth. 

In short, in the case of being allowed by the doctor to give birth, it is best for women to choose the method of delivery as far as possible. 

Of course, the intimate care of family members after childbirth is still very necessary, because for the parturient, it is not only a care in life, but also a psychological comfort. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about the method of delivery? “Don’t come to see me when you’re so busy.” He was admitted to a nursing home, and he was still “harassed” by his children.

Although everyone is the treasure of his parents, he must experience growth , And then start your own small family after you grow up. If a person has always been dependent on his parents, he will be described as a “giant baby” or a “nibbing old clan”. But in reality, many people have grown up and still cannot do without the embrace of their parents. They have always been a gnawing elder, and some people even exhausted their efforts to gnaw the old. 

Uncle Liu was admitted to a nursing home in order to prevent his children from gnawing on the elderly, but he did not expect that the children would still be inseparable from the old father.

Uncle Liu is over 70 years old this year, and he has arrived. At the age of the old age, he can enjoy the good fortune, but he did not expect that his child has become a drag on him. Uncle Liu and his wife are both retired cadres, so they have a certain amount of pension. 

When the son got married, Uncle Liu and his wife used the savings they had accumulated over the years to buy a house for their son. Uncle Liu and his wife believed that it was only natural for the older generation to buy a house for their children, and that the children accepted the house would not count as gnawing the old. But what the son did after marriage made the old couple completely disappointed in his son. 

It turned out that after his son got married, he not only refused to let Uncle Liu and his wife live in the marriage room, but he always asked their old couple for living allowances. After the grandson was born, the son and the daughter-in-law asked the old couple to help take care of the children on the grounds that they were busy at work. 

When Uncle Liu and his wife took care of their grandchildren, not only did their son and daughter-in-law not pay living expenses, they always disliked that they were not treating their grandson well enough. Angrily, Uncle Liu and his wife moved into a nursing home, and refused to help his son take care of the child. 

But even if Uncle Liu lives in a nursing home, his son and wife still refuse to “let him go”, and basically ask him to help with the children every weekend. 

Uncle Liu and his wife also had to say to their son “Don’t come to see me if you are so busy”, so that the son can stop chewing on the old. In fact, there are many ways for young people to chew on old people. Except for the kind of cheating on old people who ask for money directly, these ways of chewing on old people are the most chilling for the elderly. 

1. Let parents help buy a house

Many people don’t just let their parents pay for their old age. Some people ask their parents to help buy a house for themselves. You must know that housing prices in all cities are very high, so the behavior of some people asking their parents for houses can be described as “alternative cheating.” 

Many parents struggle for a lifetime to help their children buy a house. Many people also think that it is natural for their parents to buy a house for themselves. In fact, buying a house is not the responsibility of the parents. 

Second, let parents help with their children

Some people think that it is a matter of course for parents to help with their children. In fact, the older generations are not obliged to help their children with their children. baby. Don’t take your parents’ efforts for granted. Don’t bother your parents for things you can do on your own. Especially for things like bringing a baby, don’t leave it to your parents to solve it and think that everything is going well. It’s best to do it yourself. 

3. Don’t assume the responsibility for support, but just ask for it

Parents have paid a lot for us since we were young, so we must be more considerate of our parents’ pains after we grow up, and we can’t just ask for it. . Generally speaking, after parents retire, their children should take on the responsibility of supporting them, but some people do not want to take responsibility. This kind of “chewing the old” is not worth promoting. 

These gnawing old people use their “new” way of gnawing the old, taking their parents’ efforts for granted, and they have no sense of responsibility at all. 

Then parents should educate them from an early age if they want their children not to become gnawing elders. These education methods are all conducive to their children’s independence and maturity. Parents must take a good look. 

1. Teaching children to be independent

Independence is a good character. If a child wants to be an independent person, parents need continuous training. Letting your baby learn to be independent since he was young can help him grow up to be a responsible and responsible person. Parents must not be too involved in their children’s affairs when their children are growing up. This is not conducive to their cultivation of independence. 

Second, don’t spoil your children too much

Some people become gnawing old people because their parents spoil them too much. Therefore, if parents want their children not to become such a person, they must pay attention to the degree of love for their children. Appropriate love is more conducive to the growth of children, but excessive love will make children very immature. 

3. Appropriately reject the child’s request

When a child makes a request, parents should make a good judgment about which requirements can be met, and what requirements must be rejected by the child. Parents must learn to reject their children’s requests appropriately, so that they don’t feel that their parents’ efforts are taken for granted, and their children will not become a person who only gnaws on the old when they grow up. 

If your child is to grow up to be an independent person who does not eat the old, parents must use the right methods. Don’t let your child become a giant baby who doesn’t grow up. This will be detrimental to the growth of the child and the future of the parents.

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