It’s autumn again, parents must pay attention to these things, otherwise it’s just a matter of time before the baby gets sick.

It’s autumn again. Parents must pay attention to these things, otherwise it is only a matter of time before the baby gets sick.

Autumn is a harvest season, and it is also a season where there are many diseases that make parents worry about it. Parents who have babies at home know that babies will often catch colds and get sick in the fall. Now it’s autumn again. For the baby’s health, parents should pay attention to details when taking their children. 

Bao’s mother let the baby wear thick clothes to sleep, but the baby actually fell ill

In a blink of an eye, it was autumn again. Bao’s mother Bingbing has a very naughty daughter. She always likes to kick the quilt when she sleeps. Mom only needs to cover the quilt. After the daughter’s calf, the daughter will kick off the quilt. 

Although the climate in autumn is more comfortable, the temperature difference between morning and evening is great. If children accidentally catch a cold, they will catch a cold and get sick. Baoma Bingbing was also very worried because of this, worried that her daughter would get sick after kicking the quilt at night. 

That night, when it was time for her daughter to go to bed, Bingbing thought to her heart. She was thinking that if she wears more clothes for her daughter at night, she will kick the quilt in the middle of the night, and she will not be afraid that her daughter will catch a cold. 

So she found a set of thicker pajamas and asked her daughter to put on her pajamas to sleep. After she put them on, she kept shouting hot, and in the middle of the night, she had a high fever. 

Bingbing hurriedly took her daughter to the emergency department of the hospital. After the doctor prescribed the medicine to the child, he said that the child needed a bottle. 

When the doctor knew that the child was wearing too thick clothes to rest, he told Bao’s mother Bingbing, “It’s better not to wear too much clothing when the child is sleeping, which will more likely cause the child to catch a cold and get sick. As a parent, these principles should Understand.” After listening to the doctor’s words, Bingbing regretted it in her heart. 

Baoma let the baby wear thick clothes to sleep, but she collapsed and the baby fell ill. I believe everyone is curious about how the autumn weather is so good, why do babies get sick easily? Next, the author will analyze it for everyone. 

Why are babies in autumn Easy to get sick? 

Although autumn is a harvest season, it is also a season of freshness, but it is also a season for parents to worry about. 

According to Wang Yaoguang, a well-known chief pediatrician doctor, due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn, the climate is relatively dry. Children’s resistance is not as good as adults, and they will inevitably adapt to changes in temperature. 

Moreover, children are more active and playful. After they play, their body will shed a lot of sweat. If the sweat soaks the clothes and the parents do not change the clothes for the child in time, the child will easily catch a cold. Catch cold. 

In the autumn, many parents also know that the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large. Some parents will keep the windows of their homes tightly closed without timely ventilation, which will make the air in the home more polluted. 

Children breathe stale air all day, which will easily cause respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis, and so on. 

Autumn is the season that annoys parents the most. For the health of the baby, parents must pay attention to the following things. Only by paying attention to the details can the baby grow up healthily and happily. 

for your baby’s health Parents must pay attention to these things, otherwise it is only a matter of time before the baby gets sick.

1. Do not wear too thick clothes to fall asleep

Many children are also very noisy when they are sleeping. Many babies don’t like to cover thick quilt when they sleep, so they will kick off the covered quilt with their little feet. 

Just like Baoma Bingbing’s child in the case, many parents will have the same idea as Baoma Bingbing, letting the baby wear thicker clothes to sleep. They think that even if the baby kicked off the quilt, Will not catch cold. 

But this approach will not only make the baby sleep uncomfortably, it may even cause the baby to have difficulty breathing. When the baby falls asleep, the body also releases heat, and it is also easy to catch a cold at this time. Therefore, when the baby is going to sleep, parents should not let the baby wear too thick clothes to fall asleep. 

2. Strengthen your baby’s physique

Autumn is not as stuffy as summer, but this season is a season of high incidence of diseases. In this season, we can’t let the baby stay at home all day long and prevent the baby from going out for exercise. Body, this will only make the baby’s physique weaker and weaker. 

In autumn, parents should pay attention to strengthening the baby’s physique and take more outdoor activities with the baby to exercise. Only by strengthening the baby’s physique can the baby’s body immunity be improved, so as to reduce the baby’s chances of getting sick and let the baby Grow healthy. 

3. Pay attention to air circulation in the home.

Due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn, many parents are worried that their children will be cold and will close the doors and windows at home. However, this approach will only make the air in the home not circulate and easy to breed Bacteria, children will be more likely to get sick. 

Autumn is coming, parents should pay attention to let the air circulate in the home, open more doors and windows to replace the air at home, and keep the air at home fresh, in order to keep the baby away from germs and healthier. 

It’s autumn again. Parents must pay attention to the above things, otherwise it is only a matter of time before the baby is sick. Parents must pay attention to these details in order to keep their babies away from germs and grow up healthy and happy. 

Parents, does your baby often get sick in autumn? Did you pay attention to these details? Please leave a message in the comment area for interaction! These four areas will become bigger after a woman is pregnant. The last one is very hurtful and needs the most attention from family members.

For most women, pregnancy is a very important thing experienced in life. While gestating a new life for the family to reproduce offspring, he has also entered a new stage and has a new name. 

In addition to these changes, women will also have many changes after pregnancy. Let us learn about them together below! 

It has been more than 6 years since I graduated from university. A few days ago, I ran into an old classmate Xiaoyu who had not seen me for many years. I think Xiaoyu was a so-called goddess-level classmate in our class, tall and slender, with a rosy and shiny complexion, walking on the roads of the school is nothing short of cute and beautiful. After graduation, Xiaoyu also got married with his significant other. 

However, the Xiaoyu I saw a few days ago had a 180 degree change with my memory. Many people say that the eighteenth women’s big change, I only found that after seeing Xiaoyu, women will also change quite a lot after giving birth, and this kind of change tends to be more bad. 

According to Xiaoyu, within a year after marriage, Xiaoyu became pregnant. From the beginning of pregnancy, Xiaoyu devoted all his time to how to conceive and take care of the baby. In contrast, Xiaoyu has not been as delicate and beautiful as before. 

After the baby was born, in order to save all expenses, Xiaoyu began to take care of the newborn with all his heart, and also reduced the cost of maintaining himself; gradually, Xiaoyu became what he is today The appearance, haggard and dull complexion, one can’t help but sigh that things are wrong. 

After a woman becomes pregnant, it is equivalent to “remake”. Pregnancy can make a woman more beautiful, but it can also destroy a woman. However, in fact, the changes made by pregnancy to women are nothing more than physical changes. 

After a woman begins to become pregnant, we should understand that a woman’s body will undergo the following four changes;

1. The breast has entered the stage of redevelopment;

Early pregnancy of pregnant women usually occurs in the first five to six weeks of pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, the hormone changes in the female body will cause certain changes to the female body. 

Some women feel the swelling and pain in the breasts, so they feel flustered and suspect that there is a problem with their body. However, according to knowledge during pregnancy, this phenomenon is a normal physiological realization; in addition, after a woman is pregnant, the mammary glands will increase and increase, the nipple and areola will darken, and the increase in fat in the breast will also make the pregnant mother’s breasts worse. Come bigger. 

2. The pregnant belly will become larger with time;

The fetus is dependent on the development of the female’s abdomen. During the development of the fetus, the fetus The developmental speed of the pregnant woman will change from slow to fast, so it is understandable that the pregnant mother’s belly becomes larger. 

Especially after five months for women, the growth rate of the fetus will increase, and the pregnancy belly will become more obvious. 

3. The arms of pregnant mothers will also increase accordingly;

Many elders say that marrying a woman with a big ass is a good blessing, because the arms are big enough for women It will be relatively better for health. 

In the third trimester of pregnancy, women are about to reach the stage of childbirth. In order to better welcome the arrival of the newborn, women’s pelvic bones will gradually become larger, and naturally, women’s arms will become larger and larger. 

4. After pregnancy, mommy’s temper will get bigger and bigger;

Women may feel anxious or worry about the new life in their abdomen after pregnancy. It is irritable; but in fact, this is all normal. After all, the fetus in the abdomen is alive. From the moment of conception, the pregnant mommy’s mentality will be burdened to some extent, or it is not yet suitable for the change of family role. Cause some emotional fluctuations, so that the temper becomes worse. 

So, based on the above characteristics, how can pregnant moms pass this stage healthily and happily? 

1. Choose comfortable and convenient clothes;

When women enter pregnancy, some changes in body shape will become more obvious. Finding suitable clothes is very important for pregnant mothers and babies. important. The clothes are mainly loose and soft. 

In addition, women should change their sizes and styles in time as their breasts change; however, many expectant mothers will ignore this point. The author hereby reminds mothers-to-be that a tight bra will affect women’s postpartum health. Breastfeeding, and a loose bra will cause women’s breasts to sag. 

2. On weekdays, family members should accompany and take care of pregnant moms more;

As a pregnant mom’s family, while pregnant moms are paying for the family, the family should Love her more. The husband of a pregnant woman should take more time to accompany her, tolerate the pregnant woman’s temperament, and if possible, help the pregnant mother to massage her body and relax her body and mind every day. 

3. Maintain a calm mood and have a good attitude;

According to medical research, the negative emotions of pregnant mothers will endanger the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant moms must learn to ease their mood, and don’t let bad emotions affect their fetuses and fetuses. 

Women’s pregnancy is not a trivial matter. For the sake of pregnant women and their babies, everyone must do a good job of exploring pregnancy knowledge before women become pregnant, so as to deal with various situations that may occur during pregnancy. 

That’s all for today’s topic, dads-to-be, how do you deal with the “bad temper” of pregnant moms?

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