It is TA that determines the child’s IQ and appearance. Most netizens want to change their husbands after reading it.

It turns out that TA determines the child’s IQ and appearance. Most netizens want to change husbands after reading it.

From the time the child was born, the question of the child’s appearance and IQ more like a father or a mother has been discussed by many parents. Focus. 

According to relevant survey results, the child’s appearance and height are non-fixed inheritance. In theory, the genetic genes of both parents will each account for about 50%. 

However, in the end, 70% of the child’s appearance and height are affected by genetic inheritance, and the remaining 30% is affected by the acquired growth environment and parental parenting methods. 

My girlfriend Wenwen has a 4-year-old son Tiantian. From Tiantian’s birth until now, as long as everyone sees him and then sees Wenwen, he will know that Tiantian looks like a father rather than a mother. 

In a circle of friends, Wenwen is a small well-known beauty, she has always existed like a class flower. However, Tiantian not only did not inherit Wenwen’s double eyelids, oval face, and high nose bridge, but like her father, single eyelids, small eyes, and Chinese character face. 

At first, everyone thought that with Wenwen’s appearance, even if her husband looks more ordinary, he should be able to integrate it to improve the child’s appearance. Unexpectedly, Tiantian’s appearance was completely inherited from her husband. 

Xiaowen said that looking at her husband who is 175 centimeters tall, what she worries most is that her height will be affected by her husband every day, and her height will not reach 180 centimeters when she grows up. 

Originally, Wenwen was a little dissatisfied with her husband instead of herself because of Tiantian’s appearance. When she recalled her pregnancy, her husband only reduced smoking and drinking, but she did not completely quit. 

The doctor said that they are not considered prenatal and postnatal care. After all, whether they are preparing for pregnancy or during pregnancy, they should stay away from tobacco and alcohol. Even if Wenwen smells second-hand smoke during pregnancy, it will also affect the health of Wenwen and her children. . 

Even if the mother’s appearance is relatively high, based on genetics, there is no guarantee that the child will have high appearance. Next, let us take a look at the ways in which children will be affected by their father’s genes. 

Where are the children Will it be affected by Dad’s genes? 

1. Gender

The sperm provided by father contains Y chromosome or X chromosome, while mother’s egg contains only X chromosome, which means that the sex of the child is determined by the father. 

Even if the mother’s internal environment can affect the survival of sperm containing different chromosomes to a certain extent, these effects are not the main factor compared to the father. 

2. Appearance

Although in theory, parents each account for 50% of children’s appearance genes. However, it has been discovered by many genetic experts. The father’s gene is more aggressive than the mother’s gene, that is to say, it will be more prominent and more active. This also means that the appearance of the child will be more affected by the father. 

3. Height

According to the relevant theoretical knowledge of genetic inheritance, most of the children’s height genes come from the father. If the father’s height is relatively short, then the child is probably not very tall either. 

Of course, parental height genes only account for about 80% of children’s height, and the rest can be achieved through acquired diet, work and rest. 

4. Baldness

Baldness is relatively easy to inherit in a dominant gene. Data has shown that if the father is bald, then the child will also have a 50% chance of inheriting baldness. situation. However, the probability that girls inherit baldness is much lower than that of boys. 

Compared to mothers, father’s genes seem to have a greater impact on the appearance and height of children. This also reminds fathers that in order to give their children a good innate appearance advantage, they should usually pay attention to their health, work and rest. When preparing for pregnancy, don’t just care about your mother’s condition. 

If you want to It may improve the child’s innate appearance. You should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Pay attention to the age of childbearing

Relevant studies have shown that fathers who give birth after 45 years old have a bigger risk due to the decline in sperm quality. The probability of causing genetic mutations, the child is likely to suffer from some mental illnesses, such as autism. 

So, fathers should try their best to be before the optimal childbearing age, which is 35 years old. 

2, stay away from tobacco and alcohol

Before pregnancy and when preparing for pregnancy, fathers should quit smoking and drinking, and do not smoke in front of mothers during pregnancy. Second-hand smoke is harmful to mothers and fetuses. The harm is no less than the mother’s direct smoking. 

Pay attention to achieving prenatal and postnatal care, it will be possible to ensure the health of the child and inherit the best genes. 

Even moms and dads with high facial values, if they do not pay attention to rest, diet, and do not quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy and pregnancy, they are very likely to have children with low facial values. 

Although the child’s appearance and height are all affected by the genes of the parents, the preparation and the carelessness during pregnancy, and the subsequent failure to use the correct parenting methods will also affect the child to a large extent. Childbirth is a very complicated matter, and parents need to be cautious about it! 

Have you made any efforts to have a good-looking child? How’s the effect? Welcome to leave a message to share your stories and opinions! Bao Beier’s daughter’s face is counterattack, and she is jokingly said to be dead. Of course children will look good when raised like him.

Children’s faces always have a great sense of counterattack, and they look ugly and small. It may become a cute treasure with outstanding appearance. The facial features of the babies are still in development, and the facial bones have not been finalized, so it is normal for them to have changes in appearance. 

At the same time, there are many genes that affect the appearance of a child, and it is not only determined by the genetic genes from the parents. 

Bao Bell has a set of daughters, and ugly babies can also counterattack and become pretty girls. Netizens have changed too much.

Previously, Bao Bell’s daughter Dumpling and his mother participated in the variety show. The show, in the show, the performance of the little guy is very popular among netizens. Although the dumplings look a bit ugly, they have their own cuteness, and they have gained a lot of fans as a result. 

It can be seen that Mr. and Mrs. Baobells are very fond of dumplings, but they are indeed very strict in education. Dumplings sometimes have emotional breakdowns, but although the little guy cries and makes a lot of noise, his parents don’t buy it. 

One time, Bao Beier mentioned in an interview that Jiaozi lost his temper when he was a child. He took the opportunity to slap the nanny’s aunt. Then Bao Beier slapped the dumpling with a slap, and the purpose of doing so was This teaches dumplings to respect others. It can be seen that Bao Bell is still very diligent in education. 

Not long ago, the five-year-old dumpling appeared on the live broadcast again. What surprised netizens this time was that this once ugly baby turned out to be much more beautiful. The missing baby fat made his eyes bigger, and his forehead was full. It didn’t have the original embarrassing image of a pretty little girl. 

Facing the camera, Dumplings did not have stage fright at all, and performed very well. Netizens said that Baobei couple really know how to raise a baby, and they really raised a clown girl into a little princess. 

What factors are related to the child’s appearance? What are the bonus points for a good family education to the image of a child? 

1. What factors are related to the child’s appearance? 

1. Parents’ genetic genes

The influence of parents on the child’s appearance cannot be ignored, and genetic genes play a quietly role in the child’s five senses. If it is a dominant inheritance, it will make the child more similar in appearance to the parents, if it is a recessive inheritance, it will also cause the child to look more like grandparents. 

2. Acquired life habits

In the growth of children, acquired life habits have a great influence on their appearance. For example, some children are accustomed to breathing with their mouths, then after a long time, the development of the upper and lower jaws of the children will also show different degrees of deformities, such as buck teeth, and this has a great impact on the child’s appearance. 

For example, some children have the habit of staying up late. After a long time, the child will not only have poor skin condition, but the whole person will also look sluggish. Obviously, this will also affect the child’s appearance. . 

3. Family environment to grow up

When a child grows up in a loving and stable family environment, the child will show a very confident side. A child with a confident smile can always look special in the crowd. 

In addition, children with good family education are more likely to show literate words and deeds, which is also a bonus to the child’s appearance and temperament. The influence of the family environment provided by the parents on the child will be burned in the child’s bones and will still exist after he grows up. 

Second, what bonus points will good family education bring to the image of children? 

1. Make children more affinity

Children with family education have a better sense of behavioral sense, and know how to restrain their own words and actions so as not to cause trouble to others. Therefore, educated children can always show a stronger affinity in their own image, and are more able to be welcomed by their peers in social interaction, which makes the image of the child more decent. 

2. Make children more confident

Good family education always makes children face life optimistically and positively, which prevents children from encountering small setbacks. Will blame oneself, blame others. Good upbringing makes children more able to face the unsatisfactory in life more bravely, so that children can show more self-confidence, which also makes children’s image more outstanding. 

3. Let children have more connotation

The inner world of children is rich in family education, and this is also very beneficial to the improvement of children’s external temperament. The upbringing enriches the connotation of the child so that the child exudes attraction from the inside out, and this is also something that any external conditions cannot easily disguise. 

What parents bring to their children is not only a strong inborn advantage, but also the acquired family environment impact. What kind of life attitude a child has and whether he can have a happy life is inseparable from the influence given by his parents. Do you share any views on the impact of parental upbringing on children’s image?

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