It is said that the son is the “little superman” of his mother. When he meets such a caring son, he will definitely accumulate virtue in his previous life

It is said that the son is the mother’s “little superman”. When he meets such a caring son, he will definitely accumulate virtue in his previous life.

Daughter is the little padded jacket of mom and dad, so what is a son? And it’s actually the little superman of mom, and it’s exclusive to mom. 

A large number of studies have proved that as long as daughters and sons grow up in a good family environment, they will be very considerate of their parents, and sons have a tendency to protect their mothers from childhood, and do not allow others to bully their mothers, or even Own father. 

Ms. Yao from Zhejiang has just given birth recently. Ms. Yao’s sisters and neighbors are very envious of him, saying that she has given birth to a little Superman. Then the lady’s child is very easy to take, not only is not easy to cry at night, not easy to wet the bed, but also very well-behaved, will not casually grab her mother’s hair, and will not cry. 

Just getting up at night is not troublesome, many mothers are envious, and they all say that Ms. Yao must have accumulated great virtues in her previous life and met such a good son. Good children actually have these characteristics. Does your baby have them? 

good What are the characteristics of children

1. Will love their mothers

Some sons will love their mothers since they were young, and treat their fathers and mothers differently, being more gentle with their mothers, and more rude and direct to their fathers. 

Such a child will love people from an early age, and it must be easy to bring along. He will not make his mother too troublesome, he will take care of himself if he is too worried, and he will have the consciousness of reducing the burden on his mother. 

2. Smart

Smart children are completely different from those who are not. Smart children are more likely to understand the instructions of their mothers and easier to understand the instructions of their parents. And smart children are good at learning by analogy, imitating after seeing things in the outside world, and seeing their parents do what they do. 

Children like this will learn faster no matter what they learn. Because they are smart, they will respond faster, and they will respond to their parents in a timely manner. Children who are more dull will respond more slowly. . 

3. Emotional stability

Some children are emotionally unstable, and cry loudly when they leave people. They can’t leave their mother at all. After a few steps away from themselves, they start to cry. 

My friend’s child is very stable, and will not easily be upset and unconcerned. It is easy to take with anyone, so that the mother of the child can safely give the child to others to take care of herself. The burden of parenting is easy for mother-in-law and husband. Children who are emotionally stable are very easy to take, and children who are emotionally unstable are very boring. 

4. Eating and eating are fragrant

A good-natured child eats fragrantly, and is not picky about eating, not picking, and not gluttonous. Such children have a good appetite and are easy to feed, while some children are very picky eaters, not eating this or that, but the parents are so anxious that they can find delicious food for their children everywhere. 

Later, the children gave them what to eat, the nutrition was balanced, the meat and vegetables were matched, the body would naturally be better, and the fragrant lid of the food would have higher immunity, and it would be less likely to get sick. It does not need parents Run to the hospital with his back on his back. 

5. It’s easy to sleep.

The most important thing about children is that they are not easy to fall asleep, and they are not easy to be coaxed to sleep by their parents, and the children sleep very well. It’s shallow, just a little bit, but some children sleep deeply and it is difficult to be awakened by external movements. 

Children who are easy to coax sleep will reduce a lot of burden on parents, and it is easy to wake up at night or crying children in the middle of the night to torture their parents. 

Bad belt

1. It’s easy to wake up in the middle of the night

Some children are hard to be coaxed to sleep since they were young. Not only that, but they are also easy to wake up when they fall asleep in the middle of the night. They cry when they wake up and look for their mothers everywhere. . 

Such children are actually very difficult to take. Not only should they be kept by their mothers at night, they should be kept away from their parents. 

And when I get up in the middle of the night, I have to breastfeed and feed my child at any time. It is difficult for mothers to sleep well, and it is also very hard for those who take care of the children. A baby who is easy to wake up in the middle of the night is simply a disaster in a disaster for the baby mother who has just given birth. 

2. Inattention

Children with concentration can learn everything quickly, such as learning to speak, learning to go to the toilet is actually easier to learn, language and mobility skills, and the ability to go to the toilet on their own The development of abilities is relatively early, and it will be much easier for mothers to take it with them. 

The difference between children who are attentive and the children who are not attentive in learning is so different that children who are not attentive become difficult children. 

I can’t concentrate and learn nothing, language development is also slower, learn to walk and stand learning is also much slower than other children to go to the bathroom to learn, mothers actually have a headache , Even collapsed because of this, feeling very desperate in life. 

Children who are good to take are simply a welfare gift given to their mothers by the ancestors. Children who are not good to take are simply torture for the mother, especially after the baby has just recovered well. , The parturient who has just been in the field, but also has a noisy child. 

Not only is the body recovering well, but the sleep is not good, and the food is not well eaten. You have to watch the child staring at the child at any time, and it will not be sloppy for a minute. So being a mother is not an easy task. Children’s psychological experiments, through color preferences to see their personality, children who like this color should pay more attention

Previously, the British Institute of Child Behavior conducted a psychological test specifically for 1479 The child has a follow-up survey for up to 1 year. The experiment process is very simple. Just put the small cards of each color in front of the children and let the children choose their favorite color. Even if the experiment is over, the follow-up will be the long-term information collection work. 

One year later, the institute analyzed all the information collected during the year, and finally found that children who choose the same color have similar personalities, although there are some exceptions Circumstances, but the overall accuracy rate can reach 71%, enough to play a greater role in psychology. 

Look at personality through color preferences, children who like this color should pay more attention to

1, red

The research results show that most of the children who like red are more enthusiastic and have a lively and cheerful personality. , I usually do things in a turbulent manner, and I am also very decisive in decision-making on issues. 

It’s just that these kind of children are more sloppy, and they are easy to lose in the details. Therefore, this is also to remind parents and friends that you can judge the child’s personality based on the color. Take red as an example. If your child likes red, then you must emphasize the details of the child more and guide them to be more meticulous. As a result, they will be more likely to succeed. 

2. Yellow

Children who like yellow are more sunny in their hearts and have a more outgoing personality. Even if they have negative emotions, they can quickly adjust them and will not keep themselves in Depressed state. 

Moreover, these children are very daring to try, they are very active in the activities they are interested in, and they are better at cooperating with other children and are a good collaborator. 

From another aspect, children who like yellow have a stronger thirst for knowledge. Correspondingly, because they dare to try, these children are also very innovative and have strong hands-on skills. This is theirs. Advantage. 

3. Blue

Some people say that blue is “blue” in English, and its other meaning is “melancholy”. There are also certain manifestations in children. The survey results of the institute found that those children who like blue are more silent and more introverted. 

If there is a choice, they would rather stay alone than participate in activities. This part of children also has a characteristic that other children do not possess, that is, they have strong self-thinking ability. 

Because I like to be alone and think about a lot of things when I am alone, I often express some philosophy of life that makes adults feel ashamed. 

On the other hand, children who like blue will also show more rationality. When dealing with difficult problems, they will not be as flustered or excited as children who like red, but calmly. , Treat calmly, this kind of character is hard to come by, because this character also helps them to better judge the development trend of things, and prescribe the right medicine. 

However, parents must pay more attention to this type of children, because if such children are too immersed in their own world, or too self-centered, then it is likely to endanger their children’s mental health , It is more detrimental to their growth. 

4. Green

It is said that green represents vitality. Similarly, the research institute also found that children who like green are also very energetic and often show inexhaustible energy. 

The social skills of these children are usually very strong, because they will show a strong affinity and will unconsciously turn strangers into their own friends. When such children grow up, If you make good use of this advantage, the workplace will be smoother. 

5. Black

Some parents may think that children’s preference for black is not a good symbol, and that black represents depression, gloom, etc., and they are worried that their children will be affected by these. 

In fact, this is not the case. Although there are fewer children who like black, it does not mean that it is bad. Because according to the survey results, those children who like black have a more calm and calm personality, and at the same time they are more mature than other children. 

The biggest difference between them and other children is that they have a strong focus. Once they start to do something, they will put in a strong focus. They rarely double-hearted and they hate it. Others do damage when they are focused, and they are more self-conscious. Such children will often learn better in the future. 

6. Pink

There are still many children who like pink. Pink is not the exclusive color of girls. In the experiment, many boys also chose pink. 

Children who like pink tend to be simpler, innocent, and relatively more clingy and squeamish. Most of these children are treated very tenderly in the family, and their happiness index is The highest of all children. 

Parents don’t have to worry. Children’s personalities are not static. If you think your children’s current personalities are not pleasing, you can try to guide them. As long as you put in greater effort, I believe your children will have Changed.

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