It is said every day that the baby lacks iron, but will you really “make up” it?

It is said every day that the baby lacks iron, but will you really “make up” it? 

Baby will start to eat supplementary food when he is 6 months old. If he does not eat supplementary food in time, it will easily lead to malnutrition. 

At this time, many parents will say that they should pay attention to iron supplementation to prevent the baby from iron deficiency anemia, and even buy iron supplementary nutrients for the baby. 

However, the knowledge of iron supplementation for babies is great. Not all foods containing iron are suitable for babies to eat, especially the following 4 points, which require more attention. 

Spinach is not the best choice

Many people do I know that spinach is rich in iron, and the stems and leaves of spinach are very soft and easy to eat. It seems to be a good food supplement for babies. 

But in fact, spinach is not suitable for supplementary food, nor should it be consumed too much, because spinach also contains a large amount of oxalic acid, which is combined with iron, which makes it unable to be absorbed by the body. 

You can choose egg yolks, black fungus and other ingredients for iron supplementation. They also contain high iron content. Usually, you should give your baby more fruit, because vitamin C is very helpful to help the body absorb iron. 

Animal livers can be eaten properly

Animal livers Contains a lot of iron, and it is easily absorbed by the human body, but many people think that the liver is the place for animal metabolism, which accumulates a lot of toxins, and is not suitable for babies to eat. 

This idea is wrong. As long as the liver is fresh and healthy, the baby can be safely eaten after processing and there is no danger. 

Moreover, the liver also contains a lot of vitamin A, which is very good for the baby’s physical development. But the liver is enough to eat 3-4 times a month. It is not necessary to eat too frequently. Too much may also lead to vitamin A poisoning. 

Pay attention to the preservation of iron supplement drugs

The body can absorb Iron is divalent iron, but it becomes trivalent iron after oxidation. If parents purchase iron supplements or medicines, they must keep them properly and seal them up carefully after use to prevent oxidation of the medicines. 

If the baby takes iron supplements, he may have black stools, which is a normal metabolic phenomenon. Parents don’t need to worry too much. The black substances are just excess iron elements that cannot be digested and absorbed. The food scraps were discharged together. 

Soup is not useful

in many areas The habit of boiling broth, I feel that after several hours of simmering, the essence of the meat will be melted in the soup. Drinking the soup is more nutritious than eating the meat directly. Some pig liver soup and duck blood soup will be made to supplement iron for the baby. . 

But in fact, no matter how long it is cooked, the nutrition of the meat will remain in the meat. The broth contains only salt, oil and a lot of purines. There is no nutrition. Parents should let their babies eat cooked meat and pork liver. , Duck blood, so as to achieve the purpose of iron supplementation. 

Only drinking the soup left over from the boiled meat will not only have no nutrition, but will also make the baby fat very quickly, and even suffer from gout at a young age. 

There are many ways to supplement iron for your baby For example, replace the non-stick pan and wheat stone pan at home with a traditional iron pan. When cooking, the iron ions on the pan will be fried into the dishes. If you can add some vinegar, it will be more conducive to the fried dishes are rich in iron ions. Up. 

Parents should not be too anxious to supplement iron for their babies. In fact, they don’t need to do anything specially, just add supplementary foods to the babies in the normal order. Professor Li Meijin: If you don’t want to “raise a waste” boy, it is best to teach him “4 abilities” before the age of 6

Compared with girls, boys’ physical and mental development are late. At the same age, girls Already more sensible, but the boy may still be naive. 

Ms. Li Meijin also reminded parents that raising boys should pay attention to the cultivation of abilities and habits. These abilities and habits will help him restrain himself when he is impulsive and naive. So if you don’t want to “raise” a boy, it is best to teach him “4 abilities” before the age of 6. 

The ability of emotional management

Due to physiological reasons, boys The “talent” of emotional management is worse than that of girls, and men are more likely to experience emotional out-of-control and violent behavior in their lives. 

Furthermore, traditional education methods believe that boys should be strong and strong, so parents often ask boys to “not cry” or “not be afraid”… As a result, many boys cannot manage their emotions. They are not holding back when they have emotions. It’s an outbreak. 

Actually, crying, fear, etc. are the most normal emotions for children. Parents don’t need to prevent their children from expressing them. It is more important to teach children to recognize and manage emotions than to prevent them from expressing emotions. 

The ability to bear family responsibilities

Now society treats boys The most basic requirement is responsibility. 

Especially in the current situation where the ratio of men to women is imbalanced, a boy’s sense of family responsibility determines whether his family life will be happy in the future. 

Parents need to involve boys in housework and take care of their mothers in a timely manner so that boys realize that men also need to do housework and men also need to take care of the family. 

Ability to focus

Ms. Li Meijin once said: “It is not IQ, but the child’s concentration that determines a child’s performance.”

Why girls generally perform better than boys in school? Concentration accounts for a large part of the reason. 

Ms. Li Meijin said in a lecture that if you want a boy to sit still, parents must make him accustomed to doing one thing for a long time. 

When sitting down to read picture books and play with toys, parents should not look for him for at least half an hour, and let him do one thing as much as possible. 

The ability to resist frustration

There is also the ability to resist frustration Ability, boys are actually very face-saving and competitive. If he does not cultivate his ability to resist setbacks from an early age, the boy will suffer a big loss in the future! 

Parents should first lower their requirements for boys, accept that boys will be vulnerable, fail, and experience setbacks, and guide boys to understand that setbacks and failures are an indispensable part of life. Only in this way can boys Treat setbacks with a normal heart, and start over! 

Before the age of 6, pay attention to boys’ personality and emotional intelligence Ability

To sum up, before the age of 6, parents should pay attention to boys’ emotional management, frustration resistance, concentration and responsibility training, and apart from concentration, they are all character and emotional intelligence capabilities. 

As the “Father of Emotional Intelligence” Daniel Gorman said: Success is equal to 20% IQ plus 80% EQ. 

To cultivate boys’ EQ, parents can use some EQ and personality picture books to guide boys to improve their emotional perception and learn how to deal with high EQ.

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