It is not difficult for women to recover their figure after childbirth, as long as they grasp the three golden periods, health and thinning are not a dream

It is not difficult for women to recover their figure after childbirth. As long as you seize the three golden periods, becoming healthy and thin is not a dream

Having a perfect body is what every woman pursues, and many women need to experience body distortion after giving birth. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

For women, pregnancy and childbirth are a piece of happiness What happened, but the postpartum figure was out of shape, but it was miserable. Many people will say that they have not given birth to a child, and many people can tell at a glance that there are obvious differences in body shape. 

But this is not absolute. After giving birth, some women still have the same figure as before pregnancy, exquisite and light, like a girl. The reason for this is not only related to personal physique, but also Postpartum management of one’s body. 

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After giving birth to a child and after confinement, Lily also went to the hospital on time for a review after she felt that her body was almost recovered. The doctor said that everything was back to normal. 

In order to restore her figure quickly, she read some postpartum restorative yoga exercises from books and the Internet, and she insisted on exercise and restorative yoga every day while she was taking care of her children. With the passage of time, Lily’s figure gradually returned to its pre-pregnancy appearance, which made the friends around her very envious. 

In fact, as long as you seize the golden period of postpartum recovery, every mother can recover to her postpartum figure. 

Postpartum body recovery When is the golden period of China? 

1. Postpartum lochia discharge period

After giving birth, Baoma needs to go through a lochia discharge period. At this stage, all the lochia in the body needs to be discharged before the uterus will gradually return to normal. status. 

If during this process, the discharge of lochia is abnormal, the recovery time of the uterus will be relatively prolonged. This is because there are certain differences in the physique of each mother, so the time to clean up the lochia will be different. Some mothers will be cleaned up 2 weeks after delivery, while some take more than a month. 

If you want to know how the recovery is, you need to go to the hospital for a review 42 days postpartum to check the recovery of your body. If the lochia is still not clean after 42 days, you need to Explain the situation to the doctor during the examination. 

The uterus is a very important organ for women. It is the cradle of life and an important organ for women to excrete toxins from the body. Because the ovaries separate hormones and estrogen, they participate in The secretion system in the eight major systems of the human body passes the toxins in the body through the uterus and excretes them through menstruation. If the uterus does not recover well, the hormones in the body cannot be regulated normally, and the hormones in the body cannot be discharged, which makes the body There are some problems. 

2, within 6 months after delivery

During pregnancy, due to the continuous growth of the fetus, the pressure on the pelvic floor muscles will gradually increase. Under such pressure for a long time, the pelvic floor muscles are prone to relaxation This phenomenon affects the functions of many organs in the body. 

Therefore, when going to the hospital for a review 42 days after delivery, the doctor will also review the pelvic floor muscles. The results will be divided into 5 levels. If the results are below level 3, which is not ideal, the doctor will recommend Baoma to do it. Repair the pelvic floor muscles to avoid troubles in future life or hinder the mother’s body recovery. 

3. 6~12 months postpartum

As we all know, after pregnancy, due to the enlargement of the fetus and the need to pass through the pelvis during childbirth, the pelvis is greatly stretched. It is also one of the reasons why many mothers look out of shape after childbirth, because the enlargement of the pelvis will make the hips look very big, so the body will not look good. 

In the 6-12 months postpartum, it is the best period to restore the pelvis. If the pelvis can be restored, I believe that Baoma will be one step closer to a good figure. 

How to catch The golden period of postpartum body recovery? 

1. Insist on breast milk

Insist on breastfeeding, not only allows the baby to obtain sufficient nutrition, but also promotes the recovery of the uterus. This is because when the baby sucks the mother’s breast, it stimulates the brain The pituitary gland releases oxytocin, which accelerates the contraction of the uterus and the secretion of milk, helping the uterus to return to its normal size and state as soon as possible. 

2. Reasonable adjustment of dietary structure

In order to breastfeed their babies after childbirth, some mothers use chicken, duck and fish in their diet, not to mention weight control, but in fact, it is easy to eat too much high-protein food. Blocking the milk will not allow the baby to fully absorb it, so mothers can reasonably adjust their diet during the breastfeeding period. 

In the diet, in addition to eating something rich in protein, meat, eggs, vitamins, etc., you should also use unsaturated vegetable oils as soon as possible to control your calorie intake. You should also use dairy products when drinking dairy products. Low-fat milk. 

3. Do some aerobic exercises appropriately

After childbirth, Bao Ma can choose yoga, postpartum rehabilitation gymnastics, walking, etc. to do some aerobic exercises. In this process, the body’s blood circulation becomes faster, thereby To burn fat in the body, you should not rush for quick success, but take your time, persevere, and believe that a good body recovery is just around the corner. After a caesarean section, the confinement period is “three taboos” Pay more attention to the “Three Shou”, otherwise you will easily fall into confinement disease in the future

Although the progress of the times has caused the traditional way of confinement to be gradually replaced by scientific methods, there are still many things to pay attention to during the confinement period. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

I believe that most people have heard of confinement, especially some mothers who have given birth to children. The elderly will talk about confinement. , Otherwise it is very likely to fall into confinement sickness. 

When a woman gives birth, she usually chooses normal delivery or cesarean section. In fact, the things to pay attention to during confinement are different for different delivery methods. 

This is because the chances and types of complications caused by normal delivery mothers will be smaller, and it will be easier to maintain. And women who choose to have a caesarean section, because they have undergone an operation, they need to pay attention There will be more matters. 

Therefore, Caesarean birth mothers should pay more attention during confinement to avoid harm to their bodies. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

Three “taboo” behaviors are best not to be touched for confinement by cesarean section

1, “long-term bed rest” is not advisable

Women who have just had a cesarean section, the doctor will let you Bao Ma stayed supine on the bed and could not use pillows. This was to avoid the pressure that would cause pressure on the wound. 

After 24 hours, the doctor will help the mother to pull out the urinary tube and tell Baoma to get out of bed and walk around. 

At this time, Bao Ma must not choose to be lazy because she is afraid of pain, lying in bed and not wanting to move, this method is likely to cause difficulty in exhausting, or even failure, leading to intestinal adhesions and endangering her own life. 

This is because during the operation, it is very likely that the parturient will have local infection, inflammation or adhesions. Walking in time after delivery can effectively help exhaust gas and prevent intestinal adhesions. Conducive to the recovery speed of the uterus. 

2, “It’s too early or don’t need a tummy belt” is also not right

Some mothers are still living After the child is finished, I want to quickly recover my body. At this time, I usually use an abdomen belt. 

Although the abdomen belt can help lochia detoxification, relieve the pain in the abdomen, promote the recovery of the uterus and wounds, and accelerate the recovery of body shape. 

Because the mother of a C-section has a wound on the abdomen, the time of using the abdomen belt should not be too early, because premature use will increase abdominal pressure and cause Prolapse of the uterus even makes the pelvic blood flow poorly, which is harmful to health. 

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers who choose C-section delivery start to use the abdominal belt about 2 months after delivery, which can not only prevent the wound from being torn during the activity, but also make the wound faster Healing can also make the abdomen quickly recover. 

3, “The abnormal lochia is not on the heart” is wrong

After giving birth, women will have lochia, which has nothing to do with the way of delivery Therefore, Bao Ma needs to pay attention to whether her lochia discharge is abnormal during her confinement period. 

Under normal circumstances, for mothers who have a C-section, the color of lochia will change as the body recovers, and it will slow down from the bright red at the beginning. Slowly change to pink, and then to yellow-white, bright red lochia usually lasts for about 7 days. 

If Baoma finds that her lochia is red for a long time and the amount is large, she needs to seek medical treatment in time to avoid infection or risk. 

Cesarean section and confinement Three principles to be observed during the child period

1. Turn over early

Because the internal organs of Bao’s mother were displaced during the caesarean section, you need to take adequate rest and recovery after delivery. After 6 hours, you need the help of your family members to complete your turn as soon as possible. This is conducive to the recovery of abdominal muscles and uterus, as well as the return of internal organs and the recovery of functions, as well as the discharge of lochia as soon as possible. 

2. It is advisable to eat light liquid food after delivery

Because the intestinal tract is deeply affected after caesarean section, the peristaltic function of the intestinal tract becomes worse, and it is prone to abdominal distension. 

Therefore, after the exhaustion, Baoma finally chooses some light liquid foods, which can be more easily consumed. After 10 days postpartum, the intestinal function is restored, and then nourishment will be started. 

3. Defecation as soon as possible after the operation

After the caesarean section, Baoma’s intestinal function is blocked due to the movement of internal organs, so the bowel function will be poor, so you need to eat some Exhaust, digestible food to promote the recovery of bowel function, so as not to cause urinary tract infection. 

After women give birth Why confinement? 

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the joints of the human body are closed, and the pelvis will be fully opened during the birth process of women, which will cause the muscles and bones of the whole body to become loose, which makes it easy to be attacked by wind and cold and cause the root of the disease. . 

From the perspective of Western medicine, the hormone levels in women during pregnancy will change and lead to an increase, and will decline rapidly after giving birth. Therefore, mothers need to rest for a period of time for hormone regulation and use Changes in hormone levels in the body. 

In addition, due to pregnancy, the uterus is stretched to the maximum, after giving birth, it also takes a period of time to slowly “recover” the uterus. 

Therefore, after giving birth, women need to confinement to promote physical recovery. 

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